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The Dad Squad


    I sat on the floor with my shoes off, my butt getting stiff after being in this position for an hour. Holding Phoenix, I looked around the circle of two dozen dads with their infants, sitting on the colorful, foam-tiled floor. It was an interesting mix of guys for sure. A few of them were even younger than me, maybe even teenagers still. Others looked to be in their 50s. There was a gay couple with their adopted twins, a boy and a girl. Some men mentioned their wives; others talked about being single and juggling dating and fatherhood.

    As the only new person in this "Daddy & Me" class, I'd introduced myself and my son in the beginning. We'd then gone in a circle, clockwise starting from me, and everyone said their and their kid's name. All in all, I'd quite enjoyed the class and could certainly imagine myself returning in the future. 

    By the end though, I was happy to get up off my sore ass. I had my eye on the coffee station at the back of the room. I hadn't slept that well the night before (courtesy of Phoenix's crying), so I made a beeline for the paper cups before I'd even slipped my shoes on, while the rest of the "regulars" were still sitting and chatting with each other. As I was filling my cup, I heard a voice behind me.

    "You're smart to be first in line... we do run out," a guy around my age said to me with a smile. I tried to remember his name, but it was impossible after being bombarded with so many new names today. Luckily, he reintroduced himself as Payton. We shook hands, and I let him get his own fix of caffeine, before we walked back to my spot so I could put my shoes on and get Phoenix into his stroller.

    Payton had his son with him, currently dozing in his baby carrier. As we chatted about our kids and the class for a few minutes, many men on their way out came up to Payton to say goodbye. He seemed like an outgoing guy that could draw people in quickly. Looking at him, he didn't strike me as a regular "dad." His T-shirt was tight and showed off his impressive pecs and broad shoulders. The sleeves of tattoos on both his arms were extremely detailed and I had to stop myself from staring at them too long. He wore tight, low-rise jeans; if I didn't know better I might assume he way gay, but he'd mentioned his girlfriend while speaking earlier.

    The crowd in the room was thinning out and I stuck close to Payton. We walked to his spot in the circle where he casually slipped his flip flops on and picked up the baby carrier.

    "Listen, Rory, a few of us get together for coffee after class usually. You're welcome to join if you want to," he invited me.

    "That would be great, thank you!"

    We walked together to a hole-in-the-wall place around the corner. There were only two tables outside on the sidewalk, and sitting at one of them I recognized three men from the class. They waved at us when they saw us, smiling invitingly.

    Two of the men were the gay couple in class, Gill and Deacon. They looked to be in their late 20s or early 30s. Deacon got up to pull up a chair from the neighboring table when he saw I was joining them. Both of them dressed in expensive-looking casual clothes, and their double stroller was a fancy European brand (I noticed this type of things now). Gill's ears were pierced in a few places, and he held one hand on the stroller and another on his husband's lap. Deacon's colorful shirt was unbuttoned almost all the way down to his navel, which might look ridiculous on some but he could pull it off, with his muscular, hairy chest exposed underneath. 

    The last man at the table was Cole, whose daughter was sleeping beside him. Cole had a similar look to Payton, with tattooed arms and a tight T-shirt. He hadn't spoken in class and he seemed quieter than the rest of the men at the table. With time, though, he'd opened up and I'd learned that he was 24, just one year older than me. 

    "Cole's also a single dad," Gill said, causing Cole and I to make eye contact and smile at each other in comradery. Later, Cole mentioned his "ex-partner" a couple of times, giving no indication of whether that person was a man or a woman.

    "What should I get?" I said, checking out the one-page menu at the table.

    "The coffee's good. Just don't get the panini, they're horrific," Payton said.

    "And stay away from the quinoa bowls as well," Gill added.

    "Isn't this your usual spot?" I laughed. "Why do you go here again?"

    "Because it's the only place in the neighborhood with a changing station in the men's room," Cole winked at me.

    "Ah, yeah. The things that matter now," I chuckled.    

    We all sat and talked for over two hours. I wasn't sure if that was how long the guys usually spent here, but the conversation never stopped flowing. And the best part was: we didn't even talk about our kids the whole time! Of course that was in there, but Deacon had a pretty interesting job, Gill was hilarious, and everyone wanted to hear about my trip to Hawaii. When I mentioned I'd met a girl there who now lives in New York, it was followed by a teasing "Oooh, nice!" from the group, which made me feel like I was back in high school with my buddies. 

    "So, how well did you get to know each other?" Payton enquired playfully.

    "Let's just say we spent the night together," I answered slyly.

    "Meeting girls at weddings, man, I'm telling you. That's how my girlfriend and I met, five years ago," Payton said. 

    "How old are you now?" I was curious.

    "26. She's 30."

    "A cougar, huh?" I was happy to tease along.

    The conversation about weddings continued. Gill and Deacon shared that at the last wedding they'd gone to, they were both flirting with someone independently, and were later amused to find out it had been the same guy, a 19-year-old aspiring model. The night had ended with a hot ménage à trois in their hotel room. Payton said he and his girlfriend had once gone to a wedding where they barely knew anyone, and ended up having a foursome with the best man and maid of honor. We all agreed that story took the cake. It's funny: here we were drinking coffee after a Daddy & Me class; but if we had been drinking beers instead this would've felt like a typical "night out with the boys."

    As we were getting ready to leave, the conversation had turned to the little ones again. All of the guys assured me that they try to make it to class every Sunday, and asked if I planned on returning.

    "Yeah, I think I will, yes," I nodded, smiling. "This was really nice."

    "C'mon, you have to. You're in the Dad Squad now," Payton said.

    "That's what we call ourselves. I tried to veto it, but they outvoted me," Gill added.

    Gill, his husband, and Cole all got up and left, but not before giving me a hug and saying how nice it was to meet me. Payton, meanwhile, was digging through his diaper bag for a book on fatherhood that he'd mentioned earlier, that he offered to lend me.

    Bending down in front of me, his low-rise jeans had slid down, exposing a bit of Payton's crack, as well as several inches of the colorful underwear he had on. It reminded me of something I might see on my brother or Owen.

    "There you go!" he came up with the book finally. We exchanged a hug, waved at each other's sons, and I headed out to a nearby park to meet Phoenix's mom.

    Walking for a couple of blocks, I suddenly realized I'd been smiling the whole time. After over a year in New York, I'd really only made one close buddy here, Ian. But today, it felt so... nice. Nice to be around people you have something in common with; an almost-automatic way to make friends in a city that put you through the wringer sometimes. "The Dad Squad," I chuckled to myself.

    Rory and her girlfriend Laetitia were sitting on a bench at the park. As usual, they completely ignored me while saying hello to Phoenix first. 

    "You look happy," Rory finally said when she looked up. "How did class go?"

    "It went really well. Yes. Thanks for the recommendation. I think we'll be back."

    "Good. Happy to hear that."

    Laetitia had started to push the stroller away from us, and Rory and I were left alone for a second.

    "Seriously, Rory," she said. "You look great! Whatever it is you're doing, keep it up."

    "Thanks," I said, and gave her a tight hug before saying goodbye. Feeling too excited to go back to an empty apartment just yet, I decided to check what my brother and Owen were up to. 

    My brother-in-law was the first to reply in our group text, saying they were heading out to dinner in about an hour if I wanted to join them. I strolled around aimlessly for a bit, enjoying the autumn Sunday as afternoon became evening, and then headed downtown to meet Taylor and Owen.

    The restaurant was nicer than I'd expected, since my brother and his husband usually preferred a more low-key vibe. Even Owen had a shirt with a collar on at this place, I noticed when I spotted them sitting at a nearby table, talking to the waiter. As I approached them I realized the waiter looked familiar. It was Sawyer, Taylor and Owen's good friend who I had fucked. Twice! That explains why they picked this place.

    Sawyer gave a big smile when he saw me and reached out to squeeze my upper arm. I had a feeling he would have given me a hug but this wasn't the place for it, not while he was working.

    "You okay, Rory?" he asked informally, which contrasted with the very formal suit he was wearing. "It's been a while."

    "Yeah, been alright, thanks. Life's been kinda crazy lately, but I'm finally settling down," I said as I sat down at the table.

    "I can imagine. It's good to see you again, Daddy," he winked at me with a smirk.

    "Yup, that I am," I chuckled, blushing. "How's Brock?" I asked about Sawyer's boyfriend, and he and I talked for a couple of minutes before he took our orders and disappeared to the kitchen.

    "What?!" I asked my brother when I noticed he was grinning, looking at me across the table.

     "Nothing. You're just adorable, hearing you talk to Sawyer."

    "Well, I know you're both used to running into guys you've fucked everywhere you go, but it's a pretty unusual occurrence for me," I replied.

    Sawyer returned with an empty wine glass for me. The bottle of red wine at the table was almost empty.

    "Can we have another one, please?" my brother asked. Judging by his mannerisms and how rosy he was in the face, I assumed Taylor was the one who'd drunk most of the first bottle.

    Our first topic of conversation at the table was the class I attended this afternoon, as well as the guys I'd met afterward. Owen seemed very interested in it and had a lot of questions. My brother, on the other hand, seemed distracted. Every few minutes, he'd scoot even closer to Owen and kiss him on the neck or rub his chest. This wasn't anything unusual for them, so I didn't didn't put too much thought into it.

    As time went by, even after we got our food, Taylor seemed unable to keep his hands to himself. He kept reaching for Owen's leg under the table, and I saw him squeeze his bulge a couple of times. While this wasn't exactly out of character for either of them, there was a different energy than usual. This place was way too formal for games like this, and even Owen himself looked a bit uncomfortable. When Taylor started rubbing his husband's cock at the table, Owen reached for Taylor's hand and removed it from between his legs. "Slow it down," I heard Owen whisper. Taylor reluctantly gave up, rolled his eyes, and reached for his glass of wine instead; and I chalked up his behavior to him being buzzed.

    By the time Sawyer returned to ask us about dessert, my brother was way past "buzzed," and made a joke about needing something cream-filled a little too loudly. Owen looked at him, disapproving of his bad joke, and said we'll pass on dessert and if we could have the check instead.

    With my brother being so tipsy, Owen figured they better take a cab home. I'd left my headphones in Taylor's bag on our way back from Hawaii, so I decided to horn in on their cab ride home so I could grab those before heading back to my place. Out in the street, Owen was much more comfortable with PDA, and he let my brother kiss and grab him all over while I hailed us a cab.

    A minute later, a car pulled up in front of us and I watched my brother tumbling into the back seat, followed more gracefully by his husband. I walked around and went to sit in the front. The driver was a kind-looking man, probably in his fifties. I saw him smile a little as he looked over his shoulder at Taylor snuggling up to Owen, and then we were on our way.

    Predictably, my brother started to get even more handsy as the ride went on, and I was able to see some of what they were doing in the rear-view mirror. My brother was basically accosting Owen, now that Owen wasn't putting in any resistance. I could hear them kissing loudly even over the soft music that was playing, and Taylor was already working on unbuttoning his husband's shirt so he could reach in and stroke Owen's chest. The driver, who for all I knew had been an NYC cabbie his whole life, had probably seen it all before and didn't seem affected. 

    "Mmm," my brother and Owen moaned as they made out in the back. From there, things escalated quickly and soon I could see my brother's fingers sliding Owen's zipper down.

    "Hey," Taylor said suddenly to the driver, "you don't mind if we... you know, let loose back here?"

    "You boys go right ahead," he said with a chuckle. "I appreciate you asking." 

    He looked over at me and we both shook our heads, as he smiled and turned his eyes back to the road. I stared out the window for a minute but then found that I couldn't help but look back in the mirror at what was going on in the back. 

    Owen was sitting in the center of the seat with his legs spread wide open and my brother's head bobbing up and down on his lap. Owen's hand was in Taylor's hair, pushing and pulling as he fucked his face. Whenever Taylor's head bounced up, I could see Owen's impressively thick erection sliding between my brother's lips. Meanwhile, Taylor moaned out in pleasure more and more loudly, which was no surprise coming from a dedicated cocksucker like my big brother.

    Owen stretched his arm out and I saw his hand snake down the back of Taylor's tight jeans, pushing them lower and exposing the waistband of his underwear. The sight made me think back to seeing Payton's underwear earlier, when he was bending down on the sidewalk with his jeans sagging. 

    "Ah, fuck!" I heard my brother gasp as his head had come up for air. Taking a moment to breathe, he used his hand to keep stroking his husband's hard cock, giving me a view of the action in the mirror. I had to hand it to them: life with these two was like living in a porn movie. I smiled, and realized I was getting hard myself. I put one hand in my lap discreetly, giving my cock a few pleasurable rubs as the cab drove on.

    I noticed the driver's eyes looking in the rear-view, then checking out my lap before making brief eye contact with me and smiling. I had no idea if this man was gay or straight or whatever, but what I knew was that he deserved one hell of a tip after this.

    "Make sure you swallow everything when I cum," Owen instructed my brother, not even trying to keep his voice down. That was the encouragement Taylor needed to dive in face-first again, and let Owen's cock slide down his throat. Owen put his hand back on Taylor's head and pushed it down even further, making my brother gag. Next, Taylor let out a muffled but loud moan. He pulled his head up slightly and I watched with fascination as the visible part of Owen's cock pulsed rapidly. Taylor kept up his satisfied moans and I knew my brother was getting a thick load of cum ejected into his throat. Owen let out a long breath, and even though I couldn't see his face in the mirror, I was very familiar with the satisfied expression I knew he had at that moment.

    Taylor kept his lips around Owen's cock for another minute, nursing on it. For the first time all night, he looked incredibly content. He sipped the cum out gently, keeping only Owen's cockhead in his mouth, sucking on it like it were a pacifier. I stared at my brother in the mirror and then he opened his eyes and looked right at me. A surge ran through me right then, and while I didn't cum, I could feel the warmth of some precum spread against my inner thigh as I gave my hard cock another squeeze. I closed my eyes and briefly slipped into that almost-sleep state that can happen when riding in a car. I realized I was tired, but that was to be expected after a day like this. 

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