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The Stolen Underwear


    "Hey, little bro. What're you up to tonight? Let's hang!"

    I read the text from Taylor while trying to button up my shirt. Deciding it's easier to talk than text back and forth, I gave him a call, which he answered on the first ring.

    "Since when do you call me 'little bro'?" I opened with a question instead of a hello.

    "I thought that might get your attention," I could hear my brother smiling on the other side.

    "Listen, I'm going to an art exhibition tonight," I said. Checking myself out in the mirror, I realized I didn't like the underwear I was wearing so I searched for something sexier. Who knows where the night might end up?

    "An art exhibition?" Taylor said incredulously. 

    "Yeah. My friend Gill from those Daddy & Me classes, he works at an art gallery. He invited us over tonight for an event they're hosting. Hey, it's free drinks and canapés."

    "Go off, Carrie Bradshaw."

    "You're welcome to come if you want," I said, taking off my boxers and putting on a pair of sexy briefs that I'd stolen from my brother back when I lived with him and his husband. "It's over in Chelsea."

    "Erg, of course it is. Is this Gill one of the gays?"

    "He and his husband are the gay couple I mentioned, yes," I said, adjusting my bulge in the mirror. These briefs made it look great! It was bound to stick out even with jeans on. It was one of those little "enhancements" I'd picked up from Taylor and Owen.

    "Are they hot?" my brother asked.

    "You know what, forget it! You're uninvited."

    "No no no, I'll be good! I swear I'll behave. I gotta get out the house. Owen is working tonight and I'm going insane."

    "Fine. It's at eight. I'll text you the address."

    I hung up, shot my brother a text, and continued to get dressed.

    "Hair up or down?" I thought to myself, playing with my long hair. Finally, I decided to put it up in a bun and I headed out. My roommate Ian was nowhere to be seen. Probably out getting dicked down again. Good for him. Thinking of that made me realize how horny I was feeling. I better get some tonight. After all, I was meeting a date.

    "Taylor, you remember Jordan?" I said to my brother when he arrived at the gallery.

    "Yeah! Will's sister, right?"

    My brother and I had met Jordan at our buddy Will's wedding in Hawaii recently. Since she went to college in New York, she and I'd hung out a few times since. She was a very responsible student so she didn't have a lot of free time; but she was fun, cute, and excellent in bed, so I would take whatever I could get from her. 

    "And this is my friend Gill. Gill, this is my brother Taylor."

    Gill and Taylor clicked immediately, in that way that gay men seemed to click with each other from what I could tell. Which was great, because it gave me more time to talk to Jordan. Every now and then I mingled, talking to my fellow young dads Payton and Cole, who were also there. The only member of the Dad Squad who was missing was Deacon, Gill's husband, who was still stuck at work.

    It's funny how quickly new friends can get you into new places. Even after all this time in New York, I'd still never been inside a single art gallery. But now I was here because of Gill, and I was really enjoying myself! I wasn't about to become an art snob anytime soon, but this exhibition seemed like a nice way to socialize and network.

    Even though the gallery wasn't very big, there were about a hundred people at the event, which meant the place was packed. When Jordan and I got separated from the group, I'd completely lost track of where everyone else was. 

    Without saying anything, Jordan reached for a loose strand of my hair and started twirling it around her finger.

    "Do I need to fix my hair?" I asked.

    "No. I like your hair down," she said seductively. 

    "Well, then..." I replied, and let my hair down completely. Jordan ran her fingers through it, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of having her long fingernails combing through my hair. The only thing that made the moment unpleasant was how much I needed to piss.

    "I gotta go to the men's room," I said reluctantly. "But I'll be right back!"

    The men's room was small; it only had one cubicle, one urinal, and one sink. The cubicle was occupied, but I needed the urinal anyway. While taking a piss, however, I heard a familiar voice coming from the stall.

    "Mmm, yeah. Fuck yes. Suck that cock."

    "That motherfucker!" I thought, biting my lip to hold myself back from laughing out loud. I could recognize my brother's grunts and moans anywhere.

    As soon as I was done pissing, I looked down and sure enough: I recognized both Taylor's and Gill's shoes.

    "Mmm, yeah! Fucking suck that cock, oh yeah!!" I grunted out loudly in a mock-porn voice. Next, I heard the two men in the stall burst out laughing.

    "Fuck off, Rory!" my brother yelled out, and I could tell he was smiling.

    "Not until I wash my hands first," I decided to tease them for a minute. My brother seemed happy to play along; he now started moaning even louder, not refraining himself. 

    "You kids have fun!" I said before leaving the restroom and going back to Jordan.

    "What's so funny?" she said when she saw me smiling.

    I thought about it for a second. Should I tell her the truth?

    "Well, first off, you know that my brother's married," I said. "But he and his husband, they're in an open thing, like, they hook up with other guys occasionally."

    "Oookay," she said, sounding confused. "I mean, I'm okay with that, I'm just wondering where this is going."

    "I just caught my brother getting a blowjob from Gill in the bathroom," I said, laughing.

    "Oh my god, that's hilarious!"

    PHEW! That's the reaction from her I was hoping for.

    "Isn't Gill married as well?" she asked, still laughing.

    "He is. Speaking of," I said, facing the door, "see that man that just walked in? That's Deacon, his husband."

    The exhibition progressed, and my brother and Gill came out of the bathroom. I shot them a shit-eating grin and watched them talk to Deacon. Meanwhile, I was hoping to get some action myself. I was sporting a semi in the tight briefs I was wearing, and the gallery was about to close soon.

    "Do you wanna come over to my place?" I asked Jordan. She'd already been there twice before, and I was hoping we were in for a repeat.

    "I'd love to, but I can't. Not tonight. I got a study group early tomorrow."

    "Oh, okay," I tried not to look too disappointed.

    "I probably need to leave now. But if you want, feel free to stay with your friends. We're taking different trains anyway."

    "I will, for a bit. Thank you for coming."

    "Thanks for inviting me. I had fun," Jordan said and gave me a passionate kiss. I loved it, but the only thing wrong with it was that it made my erection even worse.



    Lately, my husband was taking on as many clients as he could, in an effort to prop up his savings account. He'd somehow gotten the idea that he might open his own studio some day. I tried being supportive, but what this meant was a lot less time spent together. And lately, I'd been feeling hornier than ever, so this wasn't exactly good timing for me.

    Luckily, my brother was still around to hang out with, even after he moved out. Tonight, I'd come to meet him in a gallery in Chelsea, which quickly led to me getting my cock sucked in the bathroom by the person organizing the event. I'd blown my load in the cocksucker's mouth, and as soon as we went out I was introduced to his husband. 

    The whole scenario got me even more turned on, and in record time I was ready to go again. Unfortunately, the gallery was about to close, and the married couple was about to go home and relieve their babysitter. So I looked around the room, wondering if there was anyone else I could take home. But I didn't notice anyone other than my brother.

    "You okay?" I asked Rory. "Where's your girl?"

    "She left. Had a thing in the morning."

    "Aww, that sucks," I said sympathetically, noticing how bummed my brother seemed. I put one hand on his shoulder and gave him a little rub. I could tell Rory was a little drunk, as was I. "This place is about to close, huh? Wanna come over to ours? We can wait for Owen and watch a movie or something?"

    "Yeah. Thanks. That seems like a good idea," Rory seemed a bit cheered up.

    We walked around to say goodbye to all his friends, and a short cab ride later we were back in my apartment, sitting on the same couch that he crashed on for almost a year. After a moment, we both realized that we weren't really going to be comfortable until we got out of the nice clothes we had on. I was reminded of the times when we were kids and we'd get home from some dressy event and rushed to undress as quickly as possible.

    We both stripped down to our underwear and plopped back down on the couch, much happier than we'd been a few minutes before. We hadn't exchanged any words but this was one of those brotherly moments when we didn't need to. He was probably remembering the same thing I was. 

    I got up to make us some drinks, switching off the kitchen light when I was done so we could enjoy the light of the city coming through the windows. When I returned and handed Rory his glass, I noticed that the underwear he had on looked really familiar.

    "Are those... are those mine?" I asked him, already knowing the answer. My brother got a big, drunken smile on his face.

    "Yup," he replied shamelessly. "I was out of clean underwear once and grabbed these out of your drawer. I realized they looked better on me, so I never gave 'em back." He put a faux-cocky expression on his face and sipped his drink, looking right at me.

    "You fucker," I replied, sitting back down and giving him a gentle shove with my shoulder, though not hard enough to make him spill his drink. "Just for that, I get to pick what we're watching."

    I clicked on the TV and flipped through a bunch of channels, the light from the screen illuminating the otherwise dark living room. I eventually settled on an episode of American Ninja Warrior. Rory and I both liked this show, mostly because it was filled with fit athletic bodies wearing very little, often falling into water. We'd always joked that it would be better if they made the competitors wear only thin white fabric, so you'd get to see everything when they got wet. I kept the volume very low. We weren't watching this to hear the commentary.

    As we watched the male and female contestants push themselves to the limit, we were both adjusting our cocks frequently. Rory caught me glancing over at one point as he groped himself again and made a sound somewhere between a laugh and a groan.

    "I've got fuckin' blue balls tonight," he admitted out loud.

    "Me too," I said, eliciting another sound from my brother, this time a groan of disbelief.

    "Whatever, Taylor," he said, shaking his head. "You get blue balls if you don't cum three times a day."

    "So what?" I retorted. "You say that like it's a bad thing." After a moment of silence, we looked at one another and had yet another brotherly moment. We both reached with our hands and pulled down the front of our briefs, each grabbing our hardening cocks. With no words being exchanged, I started stroking and so did Rory. I couldn't help but smile.

    We'd shared a lot of wild moments, especially in the past couple of years. But we'd only ever done this once before.

    "Remember when you got that porn DVD from your friend at school?" Rory asked, as if he'd been reading my mind.

    "Yeah I do," I replied, thinking back to that afternoon alone at home when we were teenagers. "That was the first one you ever watched, right?"

    "Mhmm," he murmured, continuing to stroke his cock. "I was sooo fucking excited. I remember that one girl had such huge tits."

    "Heh," I chuckled, vividly recalling the scene he was talking about as I felt some precum spreading around the end of my dick. "I think I was more focused on that dude's massive cock that she was sucking."

    "I remember that too," my brother said. "I was imagining that it was my cock she was sucking on, and hoping mine would get that big one day." My eyes were closed as we talked, and I felt sure Rory's were too. The faint sound of the cheering crowd on the TV was a strange noise to hear in the background as we jerked off together.

    I opened my eyes for a quick second and, not for the first time, admired just how well-endowed my little brother was. I moved my leg up against his, nudging him with my thigh and hip in a teasing way.

    "I think you'd probably give that guy a run for his money now, Ror," I said. We both laughed and he nudged me back with his hairy leg in the same way. We kept our legs gently pressing against one another, which made it all a little more intense for me. My cock was so hard as I stroked it faster and faster.

    "I remember how cool it was to watch that guy shoot his load. And then see you shoot yours right after," my brother said, his voice a little quieter.

    "Mmm, if I recall you blew a pretty good one yourself too," I said, matching his volume. Then I laughed a little bit. "You've seen me blow a lot of loads more recently, I guess."

    "That's for damn sure!" he laughed out loud. "You're such a slut! If I'd taken a peek, I would've seen you blow a load just earlier today, in that gallery bathroom."

    "Maybe you should have," I replied quickly, feeling my cock throb in my hand.

    We were both quiet for a moment, and the wet sounds of our hands on our cocks were the loudest thing in the room.

    "Remember when I stayed the night after Pride this summer," Rory said, returning to the hushed tone again. I couldn't help but let out a moan when he said that. That memory was still so vivid to me. And special.

    "Yeah," was all I could respond, and I heard my voice crack a little as I said it. We'd never talked about that. I didn't even know if he remembered it, since he'd seemed half-asleep. I pressed my leg against his more firmly, and he pushed back with the same force.

    "That was nice," he whispered. And my heart swelled as I remembered how he'd touched my face and pulled me close while my husband's cock was deep inside me.

    "Yeah it was," I agreed, suddenly feeling that surge building. I opened my eyes and turned to look at my brother. I wasn't surprised to find him staring right back at me.

    "Thanks for being such an awesome little brother," I said as we looked one another straight in the eyes. He seemed like he was about to say something, and then his face changed and he started breathing fast. I was right there too. Still making eye contact, our legs pressed together and our hands were moving fast.

    I felt myself cumming as Rory started gasping. Between his breaths, I could hear his load splatter across his stomach. Mine was oozing out of my cock and covering my hand, dripping down onto me as I kept jerking, not wanting this moment to end. We were looking into each other's eyes until we both finished shooting our loads.

    Rory and I sank back into the couch, and toward one another. My head came to rest on his shoulder. We both let out sighs of exhaustion and satisfaction. As we recovered from the effect of our orgasms, I knew we both had smiles on our faces.

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