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Grand Opening, Pt. II:
I Really Need to Get Fucked


    After years of saving money and working on the project, I was finally opening my own gym. It was happening several months later than planned, but that was mostly due to my perfectionism and a very specific idea of what I wanted in my head. Other than the fact that I wanted the place to be useful and practical, I also wanted it to be SEXY. The list of clients I'd accumulated before opening were like 90% gay men, and I wanted to provide a place to pump some iron and then dump a load in someone. The showers were all open-plan, and it took weeks to find the proper lighting for the sauna that gave off just the sultry vibe I was after.

    After all that, it was time to open the doors! The opening party was on a Friday night, complete with a DJ and cater waiters. The gym would be open for business the following Sunday morning. 

    The Friday night party included about a hundred people, which I was thrilled to see! Although my parents couldn't make it from Minnesota, Taylor's parents drove up from Pennsylvania. Curious passers-by peeked in from the street and some of them even asked to sign up as members. In a way, I was proud to say "I'm sorry, the gym is invitation only for now, but you can get on the waitlist" (one of the most New York things I'd ever said in my life). Since I already had quite a few clients and space was limited, I was actually turning people away! "Holy shit, this might actually work out," I thought to myself excitedly.

    Among all of the excitement, my husband and Rory still managed to distract me with their sexy stories and uncontrollable boners. In the shower-room-turned-nightclub, the two brothers got their dicks hard by talking about Rory's latest sexcapades, before retreating to their parents' hotel room for some privacy. When the two of them returned, I immediately made time from talking to some of my investors so I could go find out what happened at the hotel.

    "Let me show you," Rory said and handed me his phone. On it, I saw a video of the two Johnston brothers making out and jerking each other off, before picking up a pair of underwear from the bed and sniffing it like two hounds.

    "Those are our dad's," Taylor explained. "He'd left them on the bed after wearing them today."

    "Fuck!" I said and I looked at Stephen – Taylor and Rory's dad – who was attending the party and standing just a few feet away from us. I turned my attention back to the video to watch Stephen's two pervy sons continue to jerk off while sniffing his boxer briefs, until finally my husband took Rory's dick in his mouth on screen and gave him a blowjob to completion. 

    "You guys are fucking mental," I said, handing the phone back and adjusting my bulge with my other hand. I was hard as a rock but unlike them I couldn't afford to sneak away to blow off some steam, considering I was the center of attention at the party. 

    About an hour later, Rory came to say goodbye before heading home to his wife, who wasn't attending the party. Quite a few people were leaving by this point, and I got a chance to talk to my husband one-on-one. I pulled Taylor aside and asked,

    "So, you and your brother… You're sucking his dick now, huh?" 

    "I guess," my husband laughed. "I mean, after everything that's happened, is that really a surprise?"

    "Not really," I replied. "I just… I guess I never knew just how far you guys might push it."

    "So do you mind?" Taylor asked. 

    "What I mind is that I wasn't there with you," I said and I pulled my husband in for a kiss.

    "How about… I invite Rory to our place in a few days. And you can watch me suck his dick then?" Taylor gave me a naughty, flirty smile and another passionate kiss.


    My relationship with Jordan was the most fun and most intense relationship I've ever been in. Even though we were married and about to have a baby, we were both young and wanted to have as much fun as possible, and that included lots and lots of sex. We didn't see marriage as a reason to get tied down in monogamy, at least for now. We continued to have threesomes or foursomes, at least until Jordan's more advanced pregnancy started to get in the way. We knew that no matter what we would be in for at least a few rough months after the baby was born, so we wanted to enjoy ourselves as much as possible before that happened.

    I'd told Jordan everything about my sexual exploits with my brother and his husband. She didn't judge… as a matter of a fact, she was turned on and made me fuck her while telling her the story of all of the crazy shit we'd done together. Against all odds, my sex life continued and my wife was a part of it… just as much as my brother and his husband.

    That Sunday morning, Owen's gym was officially open for business. I got up early in the morning and made my way there since I wanted to be one of the first people in. Owen was beaming in a way I'd never seen him do except on his wedding day, maybe. He was clearly very happy, and I was just as happy for him. 

    There were around 20 people at the gym – all guys, for now – but because it was a small space I would say this was the perfect amount of clients to have at one time. I saw my brother on the gym floor hanging out with his buddy Sawyer and a guy I'd never seen before. Taylor was known for his revealing gym outfits, but now that he had a carte blanche to wear whatever he wanted, he was here in nothing but a wrestling singlet which didn't even cover up his nipples. The thing was so tight that it clung to my brother's ass like Saran Wrap, giving him a wedgie as well as outlining every detail on his dick perfectly. If he got hard or even popped a semi, there would be absolutely zero hiding it.

    Taylor and Sawyer introduced me to the guy they were with, who turned out to be Sawyer's older brother named Kurt. Kurt threw my gaydar off a little bit; he gave me the impression he was straight if not for the fact he was wearing neon-pink booty shorts with a white waistband and seams. He also had his nips on display, seeing as he wasn't wearing a shirt.

    "Nice shorts," I said to Kurt playfully.

    "Thanks. My brother picked them out for me," he said and put the dumbbells down so he could start flexing and posing while Sawyer took photos of him.

    While the mini photoshoot took place, Taylor filled me in on the whole story. Apparently Kurt was indeed straight, but he had a fan page where he posted self-made porn online, and most of his followers were men. His gay brother Sawyer was basically his manager and photographer. I shook my head in amusement and grabbed a bench so I could get started with my workout. 

    The four of us spent over an hour lifting and chatting, with some picture-taking on Sawyer and Kurt's behalf as well. We attracted a lot of attention from fellow gym-goers, especially my brother in his singlet and Kurt with his shirt off. Owen came over to talk to us (and smack my brother's ass) as much as he could, whenever he wasn't manning the desk or talking to other clients. 

    After an exhaustive workout, we were all ready to hop in the showers. I headed to the locker room with Taylor, Sawyer, and Kurt. Since there weren't a lot of lockers, all of us stood close by as we got naked. I saw that my brother wasn't wearing anything under his singlet, which had been pretty obvious with it on as well. Kurt dropped trou and I was surprised to see he was freeballing as well; a thick, cut dick plopping right out of his fuchsia-colored shorts as soon as he pulled them down. Kurt had a good amount of bushy pubic hair and it took me a moment or two to notice he was also wearing a large metal cockring. 

    As if he could tell that's what I was looking at, a naked Kurt grabbed at his crotch and started adjusting his ring.

    "This thing is too tight, Sawyer," he said to his younger brother. "Next time you need to get me a size up."

    "It's the largest one they had at the store!" said Sawyer, who was clearly Kurt's (very) personal shopper. "But I'll check online. For now, this'll have to do for today's video."

    "Oh, you guys are shooting a video today?" I asked as I pulled down my briefs and sat down on the bench to take off my socks, which were the last item of clothing I still had on.

    "Yeah," Sawyer replied with a mischievous smirk. "We were gonna shoot in the showers here. Pun intended."

    Sawyer was the first guy I ever fucked, so obviously there was no reason for shyness between us. Besides, I think having people shoot amateur porn in the shower room was precisely what Owen had in mind when planning on opening his own gym.

    "Umm, we're not gonna be in the frame, are we? Cuz I was gonna go take a shower as well," I said to Sawyer. He was the only one who wasn't fully naked by now; he still had his short shorts on.

    "Don't worry, you're not gonna be in the video unless you wanna be," he said to me and Taylor. "I'm only gonna film Kurt jerking off in the shower. You guys okay with that?"
   "Sure," my brother and I agreed, and we all headed from the locker room into the open shower area, which housed eight shower heads by the walls – four on each side – plus two Bradley group shower poles in the middle of the room with five shower heads each. These Bradley showers were the ultimate in no-privacy… which is exactly what the gym owner wanted. There were no partitions or curtains anywhere.

    Kurt stood next to one of the Bradley columns in the middle of the room and started soaping up. His brother – who still wore his shorts – walked around and filmed Kurt's seductive shower. Taylor and I, meanwhile, took two shower heads on the side of the room, away from the camera.

    As we lathered up, we couldn't help but watch Kurt, who was obviously the center of attention. I don't know how long he'd been making porn for but he was REALLY good. He was looking at the camera just the right way while soaping his hairy pecs and his growing dick, acting sexy without overdoing it. He turned around and poked his ass out as well, at which point Sawyer squatted down to get a closeup of his brother's hairy ass crack. Kurt continued lathering up, spreading his cheeks open and winking with his manly hole, which I could clearly see from where I was standing.

     When Kurt turned around next, he was fully hard. His blood was rushing to his dick, trapped there by the tight cockring he had on. His dick was fucking impressive, and I could easily see why people paid money to see him play with it. On my right, I looked at Taylor and realized that my brother was boned up as well, looking at Kurt's member and lusting over it. Taylor was dickmatized; I could see it in his eyes. 

    My brother was never one for lusting after someone and not doing anything for it. Without saying a word, he stepped forward and joined Kurt under the group shower. For a moment, cameraman Sawyer was surprised to see someone else walk into his shot, but he continued filming since it was clear Taylor was okay with being in this video.

    Side by side under the shower, Taylor and Kurt started playing with each other. Taylor was reaching down and stroking Kurt's monster cock, basically worshipping it. Kurt was more held back and mostly stroked my brother's back, occasionally twisting his nips as well. Watching the scene play out made me pop a boner as well. These guys were HOT! My brother wasn't small but Kurt was even bigger. He was a proper muscle monster just like Owen, the biggest difference being that Owen was usually smooth while Kurt's body was covered in hair. 

    Taylor used clean water to wash the shower gel off Kurt's body, before squatting down on the floor. At first I thought Taylor was going to start sucking Kurt's dick, but what he did next was bury his face in Kurt's fat asscheeks, eating his ass while Sawyer zoomed in on the action.

    "Fuck," I mumbled as I watched and started playing with my hard-on. After a minute or two, Taylor turned Kurt around and quickly swallowed up his cockringed tool, taking it balls-deep in his mouth in one single move regardless of its elephantine size. There wasn't any talking, but there were plenty of grunts and moans by this point. Sawyer tried to focus on his job as cameraperson, but I noticed his hard dick poking out through the leg of his shorts as he watched his big brother getting a blowjob from my big bro.

    "Fuck! You're fucking good," Kurt's deep voice said to Taylor. No surprise there, my brother was an expert cocksucker, as I got to experience less than 48 hours ago. He deepthroated Kurt's prick like he was being paid to do (which, he might be if Kurt and Sawyer offered him a portion of the video profits). Meanwhile, Sawyer and I jerked off while watching our older siblings in the shower, completely ignoring the fact that we were in public and that someone might walk in any second. With Owen's hand-picked "selection" of customers, I had a feeling no one would object to a blowjob being recorded in the shower room, especially when the participants were as hot as Taylor and Kurt.

    For a good ten minutes, Kurt fucked my brother's mouth. I almost came several times just watching them and I had to lower the temperature of the water so the cold shower would keep me from cumming too fast. Finally, Kurt placed both hands on the back of my brother's head and really went to town, fucking Taylor's throat with no inhibitions and no mercy. Kurt looked at the camera as if to let his viewers know "I'm about to cum, guys." Seconds later, he was pulling his gigantic dick out of my brother's mouth so he could show everyone his massive cumshot, which landed on Taylor's handsome face. My brother opened his mouth wide and caught as much of the semen as he could, lapping it up and swallowing it down. 

    "Fuck," I heard Sawyer moan discreetly and realized he was also shooting his load all over the tiled floor. He jerked himself off with one hand while carefully trying to capture his big brother's jizzshot on video. 

    After emptying his balls on my brother's face, Kurt winked at the camera and started speaking to it.

    "Well guys, there you go, my first video at my new gym. If you're in New York City DM me for details. This place is invitation-only, and I guarantee you'll have lots of fun."

    With that, Sawyer finally put his phone away and took his shorts off. He took a quick shower and he and Kurt left the gym, saying they wanna upload the video as soon as possible.

    Taylor and I decided to go to the sauna by ourselves, even though we were overheated from the action in the shower room. Both our dicks were pointing forward like arrows and we didn't bother covering them up as we walked to the small sauna next to the showers.

    "Well that was… hot," I said as my brother and I sat down.

    "Yeah. Fucking hell, that straight man's jizz is delicious," Taylor smacked his lips.

    "You still got some of it on your face," I pointed out.

    "Mmm, yum," my brother scooped up the semen on his face and licked it off his fingers.

    "Nice of them to give the gym a shoutout as well," I said.

    "Oh yeah. Owen gave Kurt a free membership to promote it on his porn page. Basically he wants to turn this place into a pervy playground for horny men from all over the city."

    "Yeah, I can tell," I chuckled, looking down at my brother's and my hard cocks and starting to stroke myself while sitting in the sauna. "So you okay with them posting that video of you on Kurt's page."

    "Yeah. I've never told you, but I've actually been featured on his page before, sucking his dick. They paid me to do it but honestly I just did it for fun."

    "Wow," I said, my hand pumping up and down my cock as precum leaked out of my piss slit. I didn't think my brother had any more ways of surprising me, but there was always something new with Taylor.

    "I wish he would fuck me already," Taylor said next. "I should've asked him today. I really need to get fucked."

    After saying that, Taylor grabbed his own hard rod and started working it. We sat side by side, jerking off for a couple of minutes, until he said,

    "Owen wants to watch me suck your cock. You should come over to our place someday soon."

    "We can do that," I smiled, jerking off with my boned-up big brother in the sauna. I loved Owen, and I wasn't opposed to giving him a show.

    "Too bad he's not here right now," Taylor said, and mere seconds later he was leaning down in my lap and taking my hard cock in his mouth in one swift move, just like he did to Kurt not that long ago.

    "Fuck. Fuck," I moaned as I felt my dickhead hitting the back of my brother's throat. Sweat was running down my body, and only a few minutes later I was so overheated that I had to interrupt, no matter how much my cock was enjoying this.

    "Taylor. Mmm, Taylor, I need to get out of the sauna," I exhaled.

    My brother took my dick out of his mouth. Holding it, he led me out of the sauna like he was holding my hand. A minute later, we were under the Bradley shower enjoying a cold stream of water. 

    "Mmmmm, nice," I moaned out. Even though the water was cold, it didn't have an effect on our raging boners, which remained hard and throbbing throughout.

    Next, my brother came in for a kiss and then went back down in a squatting position, tonguing my circumcised cockhead and reinserting my tool in his mouth. I began to fuck Taylor's face just like I'd seen Kurt do; like it'd seen Owen do countless times. My brother was in his element like this, doing an excellent job not only on my dick but also my balls and my taint, which he was pressing up against with his fingers. I wanted to show Taylor a good time as well, this wasn't all about me. And then I remembered what he'd said earlier. "I really need to get fucked…"

    "Get up," I said to my brother who did as he was told and came up for another kiss. A moment later I was turning him around and placing my bone between his asscheeks.

    "What're you doing?" Taylor asked. 

    "I'm gonna fuck you," I announced.

    My brother's head turned around to look at me. For a moment, his eyes seemed to say "are you sure?" but he knew I wouldn't be doing this otherwise. I had fucked Taylor's husband. I had fucked Taylor's throat. And now it was time to fuck Taylor.

    I pressed my boner further into the crack of my brother's ass as we kissed over his shoulder. Reaching down, I adjusted until my cockhead was poking right at Taylor's bullseye. I pushed forward as my brother interrupted our kiss to take a deep breath. My intention was to go in slowly, but Taylor's hole had something else in mind. Suddenly, it started to suck me in, pulling my dick in like some sort of trap. My brother's ass lips slid along my tool, squeezing it firmly. My eyes rolled, and before I knew it I was balls deep inside of Taylor's ass.

    "FUCK! Man, you just sucked me right in," I said, impressed.

    "Fuck yeah, bro. After all this time, us fooling around and everything… I don't think I can wait any longer," Taylor panted and parted his lips again. My tongue went inside his mouth just as my dick probed deeper inside his asshole.

    I put my hands around my brother's torso and grabbed hold of his nips, pinching them while fucking his hole. Taylor was right: we'd been "fooling around" all this time, ever since I moved to New York. I got to watch Owen fuck my brother as soon as I started crashing on their couch. I witnessed their dom/sub dynamic. I was there through the good and the bad, the fights and the fucking. I was a married man now as well, soon-to-be father-of-two. Out of everyone in my life, Taylor was literally there since day one. 

    I pulled my dick out of my brother's ass until only the cockhead was left in, and then I thrusted forward aggressively, ramming my tool in and poking Taylor's prostate. I could tell I'd done that because it made my brother squeal in pleasure, filling the shower room with his moans. I picked up speed and went even rougher, fully aware that that's just how Taylor liked it. His hole clenched around my dick but then got loose again; his ass lips sliding back and forth as I fucked him. And then…

    "What's going on over here?" a voice said. I turned around to see my brother-in-law standing at the edge of the shower room, looking at me fuck his husband.

    "Fuck!" Owen barked. He was dressed in the short shorts and tank top with the gym's logo on them. Seconds later, his cock was out through the leg of his shorts, quickly growing into a semi. 

    "Fuck. You're really fucking him," Owen said while looking in my eyes.

    "Fuck yeah, man. And it feels so fucking good," I narrated for my brother-in-law's sake. I started thrusting back and forth slowly, giving Owen a good view of his hubby's hole being drilled by my dick. The next time I looked at Owen's cock, he was already rock hard.

    "You were taking your time in here so I just knew you were up to no good," Owen said while stroking his cock.

    "You know it," I smirked, thrusting back and forth inside a moaning Taylor.

    "Are you gonna breed his ass?" Owen growled at me, still making eye contact.

    "I dunno. What do you say, bro? Should I cum inside of you?" I asked Taylor.

    "FUCK YES!" he shouted, sounding almost angry that I would even ask. The question was more rhetorical; I knew well what my brother's answer would be. I knew that he wanted my babies inside his guts. He wanted to feel his baby brother breed him; wanted me to shoot our DNA deep inside him. And now we were about to do it all right in front of Taylor's husband. 

    "Fucking flood his ass," Owen commanded, going harder and harder on his dick. He was still standing to the side, not wanting to get his shoes wet, giving Taylor and me enough space to experience our first mutual fuck ever. We all knew there would be plenty of opportunities in the future for Owen to join in, but for now it was just me and my big brother, my dick in his ass on the verge of an orgasm.

    "Fuck… Taylor, I'm gonna cum inside you," I whispered in my brother's ear, just loudly enough for him to hear me over the running water. 

    "Do it, Rory. Fucking breed my ass. Please," Taylor whispered back.

    And he got his wish.

    "AAAAAARRRRGHHHHH, FUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!" I shouted as I felt my cock erupt inside my brother's bowels. Spurt after spurt of cum came shooting out of me, filling Taylor's hole and giving it a taste of his little brother's semen. I held onto Taylor's shoulders like a rein while emptying my balls inside his ass. Behind me, I could hear Owen bust his nut as well. He actually shot out so far that I saw his jizz hit the floor right next to us, from several feet away. 

    I thrusted deeper and deeper inside Taylor while breeding him. Hitting his prostate made my brother start cumming as well, blowing his load on the tiled floor hands-free. Just as I was done depositing the last of my swimmers inside Taylor's guts, I grabbed his face by the chin and pulled him in for another kiss, this time more tender than our previous ones.

    "Aaaah… Aaaah… Aaaah…" all three of us breathed deeply. The shower had stopped running so I could hear all of us trying to catch our breath. 

    "I gotta go back to the front desk. But… I love you guys," Owen said to us. Then, ignoring the fact he had shoes on, he walked up to us and gave each of us a kiss. That was to be followed by a threesome kiss that he, my brother, and I indulged in. 

    Owen left, and I pulled my dick out of Taylor's hole finally. 

    "Did you get the fucking you needed?" I asked facetiously.

    "All that and more, little brother," he smiled. "All that and more."

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