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Dad's Birthday, Pt. II

Author's Note: The first section in this chapter is partly featured in Beach Bonding 7, Part VI. I felt the need to reuse it here to give all readers an idea of what happened that night in order to progress the story. If you've already read Beach Bonding 7, the reused section is in blue, so you can decide whether to read it again or skip it. 



    A year ago, when my sons and Owen came over to our house for Thanksgiving, I witnessed the strangest scene of my life. It was the dead of night and I couldn't sleep. I'd taken two naps that day, like I often did after a huge meal. It resulted in me being restless all night and going to the living room to watch some TV. Around 3 AM, I went back upstairs to try to go to bed when I heard noises coming from Taylor and Rory's room. They were pretty loud as well, it sounded like they were wrestling or something. I was sure my wife couldn't hear them all the way across the house, but as I passed their door I decided to pop in and say hi.

    I opened the door without knocking, and what awaited me there was much crazier than I expected. The three of them were wrestling alright… but they were naked! Not only that, but Taylor and Owen were sporting wood, and Rory didn't seem to mind as they all play-fought. They were too busy to notice me and since I was intrigued by the scene, I closed the door most of the way, only leaving a gap big enough for me to peek through. 

    After a while, the wrestling stopped. What happened next was even more unusual. My younger son hugged Owen, cuddling him from behind, almost spooning. Owen, meanwhile, wrapped his hand around my older son's dick and started stroking it, like this was the most normal thing in the world. 

    "What the hell's going on?!" I wondered, unable to look away. I felt a flow of blood rush between my legs, as my cock started getting larger and tenting my pajama pants.

    Rory was now gently moving his hips, humping his brother-in-law. The movement was barely discernible in the dark, but I could make it out because of how focused I was. All the while, Owen continued stroking Taylor's cock without missing a beat. Watching his hand move up and down on my son's shaft, I took my rising dick in my own hand and started stroking it at the same tempo.

    Things only kept getting crazier! There was movement on the bed, and next thing I knew Taylor's dick was now in Owen's mouth, getting a blowjob. In my hand, my prick was now rock hard, watching my two sons and the muscle hunk cross the lines of "brotherly behavior." 

    I jerked myself off for a few minutes while I watched the show. Rory had now started kissing Owen's back, as gently as a lover. "Have they done this before?!" I wondered. Whatever my boys were up to in New York, it sure was a different world. 

    Another shift on the bed. My son-in-law was now sticking his muscular ass up in the air, while still maintaining his husband's cock in his mouth. Rory, meanwhile, was getting off the bed and standing right behind Owen's ass, as if he was about to go in. "Is he??!!"

    I almost blew my load in my pajamas as I saw my younger son's cock slide inside Owen's ass. "Holy shit!" I thought. Taylor was right there, and he didn't seem to object. The boys had had a bit of wine earlier, but not enough to say they were drunk or acting out of control. No, they… they enjoyed this.

    "Oh, fuck!" Owen shouted loudly as he took it up the ass. Since he was bigger and more dominant than Taylor, I always imagined that… Well, I always imagined that it was my son who took it up the ass in their relationship. So seeing Owen getting fucked by anyone was not what I expected, least of all Rory!

    Soon, Taylor's hard cock was back in Owen's mouth and the three men had found a rhythm, where Rory fucked Owen and Owen sucked Taylor's dick. I'd never done that with a woman and another man before, even though I'd seen it in porn plenty of times. I'd fantasized about it and here my sons were, living out my fantasies.

    "You like that, baby? You like serving two brothers?" my older son suddenly asked his husband. For the umpteenth time tonight, both of my heads felt like they were about to explode. I'd NEVER heard Taylor this way, and I never imagined his relationship with Owen to be like this. And then there was Rory in all of this. "Mhm," my son-in-law let out a submissive moan, as I gripped my cock tighter and rubbed it faster.

    Soon, the tempo had changed. It was even more intense; I could feel it as if I were in there with them. There were no more words exchanged, but I could tell by the grunts and the moans and the thrusting of Rory's hips that he was nearing the edge. I brought my cock to the edge as well, feeling like I might blow any second. Suddenly, Rory and Taylor's simultaneous grunts let me know they were both cumming inside Owen, from opposite ends. I couldn't believe this scene and unable to take it anymore, I pulled my hard dick out of my pajama pants and shot my load in my hand. I bit my lower lip to hold myself back from making any noise, although my sons weren't as discreet. Owen was also moaning, audibly enjoying the cum he was getting. Cum from two brothers, my sons…

    As soon as I was done cumming, I knew that I had to leave. What if one of the guys got up to go to the bathroom or something? I closed the bedroom door completely. Looking around and realizing I had no tissues and no way to get rid of the spunk in my hand, I did something I hadn't done in years: I brought it up to my lips and swallowed it.

    The following day, I went to see my best buddy Neil O'Hara. Neil and his wife Tiffany were a similar age as me and my wife, and they lived just a few doors down on our street, Stag Meadow Lane. Many, many years ago, before Rory was even born, back when my wife and I were a lot more adventurous, she and I used to have sex in the same room as Tiffany and Neil. We never swapped partners, we just fucked side-by-side. It was a big part of why I felt so close to Neil.

    Over the years, we now no longer engaged in our sexcapades, but we always talked about sex very openly. We'd exchanged all of our dirtiest stories, and I knew that long ago, before the O'Haras moved to Stag Meadow Lane, Neil and his brother had fucked Tiffany together. The thought blew my mind at the time (and still did to this day). Apparently, Neil's brother was just as handsome as Neil, and it was Tiffany's birthday. Her wish was to get fucked by the two O'Haras, and Neil, being the open-minded man that he is, agreed to it. 

    I walked down the Lane to #9 and I knocked on the O'Haras' door. Neil answered it with a smile. He was barefoot, wearing pajama pants and a Christmas sweater with a reindeer on it. I knew the O'Haras had a tradition of gifting each other kitschy Christmas clothing on Thanksgiving Day.

    "Nice outfit," I said sarcastically as I walked into the house.

    "Watch this," Neil said and he pressed the reindeer's large red nose. The tune of "Jingle Bells" started playing in a pitchy tone. 

    "Lovely. Where's the missus?" I asked as we walked to the living room.

    "It's Black Friday, so she's out shopping. Can I get you a drink?" my buddy offered.

    "I'll have whatever you're having," I said, pointing at the mug Neil was holding.

    "Coffee with bourbon it is."

    A couple of minutes later, my best friend and I were sitting on his couch. I took a sip of spiked coffee and got to the meat of the matter.

    "I wanted to talk to you about something," I said awkwardly. "About… the time you and your brother had sex with your wife."

    "Oh, wow!" Neil laughed. "Way to bring up the past. What made you think of that of all things?"

    "I'll let you know in a minute. But first I wanna ask you: How was your relationship with your brother after it happened?"

    "You know, it was surprisingly normal. I don't know if I ever told you, but we did it two or three times after that."

    "No," I shook my head. "I was under the impression it only happened that once, on Tiff's birthday."

    "Oh no, happened a few times after. She fucking loved it! It was fun all around, but after a while the novelty wore off. As for my relationship with my brother… I dunno, it was same as always. At first when we got together we would make little jokes and innuendos that went over everyone else's heads. But as time went by we forgot all about it. Our mother died some time after that so we had bigger things to worry about."

    "So it didn't… ruin your relationship with your brother?"

    "Hell no! He and I are good to this day. But where the hell is all of this coming from?"

    "Well…" I said, preparing to fess up the truth. "Last night I caught my sons… fucking Taylor's husband."

    "Oh wow. So similar scenario to what happened to me," Neil said, taking a sip of his drink.

    "That's right. Except they're all guys. And I don't know what to do. Like, do I bring it up?"

    "Do they know you saw them?" Neil inquired.

    "No. No, I was… spying on them," I admitted.

    "Then you definitely don't need to bring it up! It's none of your business, let them be."

    "Yes but, I'm worried about…" I started, but I couldn't finish the sentence. 

    "Worried that they're doing something weird and stupid? Stephen, they're young. They're still in their 20s. Remember the type of shit we did in our 20s? How many times did we fuck our wives in this very living room? And then we grew old, got different priorities, raised our families. We're perfectly boring and normal now… for the most part," Neil O'Hara said with a smirk.

    "So you think… Taylor and Rory will be alright?" I asked.

    "Of course. They'll act a fool for a few more years and then they'll slow it down, becoming ugly old farts like us."

    I laughed, since I knew Neil was being sarcastic. Neither of us was particularly ugly, especially him, with his ginger hair and beard speckled with elegant grays, and piercing green eyes that could look into your soul. He was a neurosurgeon and led a healthy lifestyle, leaving him fitter than some men my sons' age.

    "Now, tell me about this fuck fest you were spying on last night?" Neil smirked at me conspiratorially. It'd been a while since he and I had exchanged sexy stories.

    "Well, it all started with a wrestling match, as far as I can tell," I said, and gave Neil the full story of my sons spit-roasting Owen, ending with my elder son's cumshot in Owen's mouth as his younger brother bred Owen's ass. Telling the story made me pop a boner on Neil's couch, and my buddy just sipped his drink while eyeing my growing bulge. Ultimately, I came out with the final detail and admitted I was jerking off while acting like a voyeur the night before.

    "Oh shit, for real? So you came?" Neil asked, adjusting his own bulge. He was tenting in his pajama pants just like I was.

    "Yes. Right after my sons blew their loads. I came in my hand and I… lapped it up," I smiled.

    "Man. You should've saved it for me this morning," Neil said, and then he winked at me. Many, many years ago… my buddy sucked my dick once. It happened at the hospital while my wife was giving birth to Rory. In order to calm me down, Neil took me to a small office and helped me relax by having me blow my load down his throat. We'd never done anything like it since. Now, decades later, my handsome friend seemed keen on proving we were more than just "ugly old farts," apparently.

    "I mean… I got more where that came from," I said, rubbing my crotch. There was no more teasing necessary. Neil put down his mug and dropped to his knees in front of me. I'd worn my pajama pants here, and Neil had no trouble taking out my dick and teasing the glans with his tongue until my member was fully hard. I laid back, exhaling deeply and running my hands through my friend's full set of hair, getting flashbacks of the day of Rory's birth.

    "That feels real nice, buddy," I said to Neil. 

    "Mmm," he moaned and took my prick out his mouth so he could speak. "I'm glad to hear that, man. You just kick back and relax. Remember the last time we did this? Damn, those were the days," he said nostalgically and smiled before burying his face in my crotch again and sucking on my hard dick.

    Before long, I was hard enough to hit the back of my buddy's throat with my tool. Neil wasn't an experienced cocksucker – as far as I knew he'd never sucked anyone's cock but mine – but he did a good job, made even better by the intense connection I felt with him. I think the kids call it "bromance" these days.

    It'd been a few weeks – or maybe even a few months – since I'd last gotten a blowjob, and I started fucking Neil's face like there was no tomorrow. Even though I'd just shot my load a few hours earlier, I was ready for another deposit down my best buddy's throat. I held onto his head and fucked it the way I'd seen Taylor fuck Owen's mouth last night. Flashbacks of the kinky scene including both of my sons replayed in my mind; I could hear their grunts and moans as they shot their spunk inside my son-in-law. My son-in-law, who was a slut for two brothers' cocks just like Neil's wife.

    "Oh fuck, buddy, I'm gonna cum!" I warned Neil, who made no effort to get off my dick. On the contrary, he only went harder and sucked me until I felt my cock blast inside his throat, shot after shot of cum spraying out of it. Taylor and Rory's little siblings slid down my buddy's gullet and ended up in his stomach, and I continued to hump and thrust until every last drop was drained out of my balls.

    "Yum. Now that's something to be grateful for," my friend said as he wiped my jizz off his lips. We made eye contact and he said "Gobble, gobble" as he swallowed my cum, making me laugh out loud.

    After Thanksgiving, my sons and Owen returned to NYC, making it easier for me to forget about what happened that night. Whenever my wife and I went to New York we stayed at a hotel, so I had no idea if anything sexual ever happened between Rory, Taylor, and Owen again. Not until my 54th birthday the following September.

    Once again, my sons and my son-in-law came over to our house for my birthday. Once again, they stayed in Rory and Taylor's old room. Once again, I was awake in the middle of the night. My birthday party had gone on pretty late. When I saw my wife tidying up the kitchen afterwards, I told her to go to bed and that I would take care of it. She had been a good hostess, tending to all the guests all night, the least I could do was clean up.

    Alone in the kitchen, I couldn't help but wonder what might be going on up in my sons' room. Were they asleep or were they engaging in some illicit behavior? Somehow, I had a feeling I knew the answer to that. 

    Unable to contain my curiosity, I left the kitchen and I crept up to the boys' room. My plan was to do what I did on Thanksgiving: open their door without knocking and try to stealthily peek in. Fortunately, they were too busy to notice me, and it was no wonder no one was paying attention to the door. Just like I'd thought, there was another spit-roast taking place in the room, but this time… IT WAS TAYLOR IN THE MIDDLE??!!!

    I stopped dead in my tracks. I expected to see my two sons fucking Owen again, but… but… but now TAYLOR was the one getting fucked. He was on all fours on the floor, taking his husband's cock up his ass while SUCKING ON RORY'S DICK?! Holy shit! My son was blowing my other son. MY SON WAS BLOWING HIS BROTHER!

    My heart beat so fast, it felt like it was gonna bust out my rib cage. Taylor was really sucking Rory's dick. My little boy. Both my boys! And I was once again still as a statue behind their door. And I was once again getting hard as a rock as I watched.

    Owen drilled my elder son's ass, finally displaying to me what I always assumed: Owen was one manly, macho fucker. And Rory, younger and skinnier though he was, he was still going hard on Taylor's throat as well. His big brother's throat. Holy fuck, how could this be real? I was drunk from the party, my head whirling. Without thinking about it, I put my hand in my pants and grabbed my dick. I started pumping, feeling precum coat my fingers. And then…

    "Yeah, he needs it," Owen grunted, making eye contact with Rory.

    "Fucking yes, he does," my younger son agreed. "He was made for this shit. Look at him take both our dicks. Yeah, you love this, bro, don't ya?" Rory addressed his older brother while mercilessly fucking his throat. 

    "Mhm," Taylor nodded, choking on his younger bro's dick. Meanwhile, I was manhandling the cock that made those two boys, feeling myself getting close to the edge. I tried to slow down, but this fucking scene was surreal. And it only kept getting crazier!

    "Time to switch," Owen said. At that moment, I literally feared for my life. My heart beat so intensely that I was genuinely worried I might be having a heart attack. My son-in-law and Rory switched positions, walking around Taylor. Owen placed his monster cock in Taylor's mouth. And Rory… Rory… Rory shoved his dick – even longer than Owen's! – inside his brother's gaping asshole!!!

    "Fucking hell. Fucking hell," I grunted quietly like the biggest perv in the world. I couldn't hold it in any longer. As I saw my younger son's dick going inside his big brother's hole, I blew my load in my hand, almost falling down and passing out on the floor. I swallowed down my cum off my hand and remained rooted to the spot, watching as the three young fuckers in the room got closer to losing their nut. I never remained hard after an orgasm, but this time my cock wasn't going softer at all. 

    Moments later, Rory yelled, "Ah, fuck bro, I'm gonna cum." I quickly wrapped my fist back around my dick and started pumping.

    "Do it! Breed his ass. Fucking cum inside my husband's ass, bro. Fucking breed your brother's hole, man!" Owen encouraged my boy TO NUT INSIDE BIG BROTHER. At that moment, I blew a second load, cumming in my hand just as my son came inside my son.

    "This can't be happening," I thought, feeling like a character in some bizarro movie. I needed to get away but I couldn't move. Holy shit, was this all real? Licking my cum off my hand, I looked up… and made eye contact with my son-in-law, looking directly at the gap through the door. Fuck!

    I ran to the living room as quietly as I could, putting my dick away as I rushed down the stairs. I went straight for the liquor cabinet and poured a glass of scotch, forgetting myself and letting it overflow the glass. I spilled some of it in the sink and took a hearty swig.

    My hands were shaking, making my drink spill all over the counter. And then, I almost dropped the glass when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I turned around and it was Owen, walking into the kitchen stark naked. 

    "T– Taylor and Rory…" I muttered, stuttering.

    "They're upstairs," Owen said. "I told them I was gonna take a shower. They don't know…"

    We looked at each other's eyes for what was maybe five seconds, maybe five whole minutes. Finally, I looked down, dickstracted by my son-in-law's humongous dong hanging obscenely between his legs. Even though it was no longer fully hard, it still looked like a baby's arm, waving at me.

    "What… What you saw… I'm sorry," said Owen.

    "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been…"

    I couldn't find it in me to continue.

    "Stephen, are you okay? Please sit down," my son-in-law said with genuine concern.

    Instead of taking his advice, I put my drink down and almost ran to Owen, putting my arms around him and giving him a big hug like a child.

    "Shh, it's okay," Owen patted my back. Old enough to be my son, he comforted me like he was my father instead. 

    "Stephen… I know this looks fucked up," he continued, "but we're all okay. Taylor and Rory are okay. We know what we're doing."

    "Take care of my boys," I begged of Owen, squeezing him tighter.

    "I am!" he said in my ear, resting his head on my shoulder, taller than me as he was. "Stephen, they're my everything. I adore the ground they walk on. I would never hurt them, and they would never hurt each other. This thing between us… it happened little by little and now we're here. Rory's wife knows about it as well. Once again, I know it looks fucked up but please have faith in us."

    "Owen…" I said and I pulled away so I could look him in the eyes. "Please stay up with me. I can't go to sleep tonight, not like this. And I don't wanna be alone."

    "Okay. Here's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna go back upstairs and check my phone, and tell Taylor and Rory that I need to have a late-night phone call with my parents in Minnesota. I'll tell them to go to sleep, and I'll come down here with you. We can spend all night talking if you want. Or we can just sit in silence and drink. Is that okay?"

    "Yes," I nodded and I finally found it within me to smile. While Owen was upstairs, I poured a second drink and took the two glasses to the living room, where I sat on the couch.

    Owen showed up a few minutes later, having convinced my sons to go to sleep. Interestingly enough, he was still fully nude.

    "Do you wanna talk?" he asked as he sat down next to me.

    "I just wanna sit for a while," I said. I took a few sips of whiskey and my silence lasted less than a minute.

    "So you're all happy?" I blurted out loud.

    "Yes, I promise!" Owen replied. "We lead normal lives. We don't hook up all together that often, but when we do… Well, it's amazing. I love both of your boys, Stephen. In different ways, of course. Taylor's my husband and he'll always be my number one. But Rory is like a brother to me, and so much more on top of that. I have deep love for him as well, and the bond the two of them have developed over the past couple of years is amazing. Obviously, they're horrified at the prospect of you and their mom ever finding out. But what they have is special, I swear."

    I could tell Owen was opening up his heart and being honest with me, so I decided to be honest in return.

    "Last year on Thanksgiving… I watched as the three of you had… I watched as my sons fucked you," I admitted. "Just like tonight, I was spying on you through the door."

    "Oh. We didn't see you," said Owen.

    "And that time, just like tonight… I was jacking off while I watched you."

    "I didn't see that either."

    "It… It did something to me. I felt like I was having a heart attack for a minute there. I felt this rush of adrenaline. I was scared, and confused, but I was also… horny, and turned on by what I was seeing," I came out with the truth, feeling I could confide in my son-in-law.

    "I see. Stephen, if I may ask," said Owen, "have you ever done anything with your brothers or your dad? Anything sexual?"

    "No! Never," I shook my head. "And when the boys were growing up, we were fairly open when talking about sex, but we never… did anything. Obviously. This is all a shock to me."

    "I can imagine. This is extremely shocking. But I do…" Owen hesitated. "I do find it interesting that your reaction was to jerk off while watching us."

    "I shot two loads tonight!" I admitted. "Within minutes! That's never happened to me before."

    "When… When did you blow your load?" Owen asked, and he adjusted his large penis between his legs.

    "First when… when Rory's dick went inside Taylor's ass for the first time. Then when you all came as well."

    "They've only started doing that recently. Fucking, I mean," Owen told me. "In the past it used to be just jerking off or blowjobs, or both of them fucking me."

    "You… You really get up to a lot of shenanigans up in New York," I tried to lighten up the atmosphere.

    "We do do so wherever we go," Owen winked at me. 

    "I feel like such a perv," I finally admitted.

    "Stephen, I promise, compared to us you are the most normal person in the world!" Owen smiled.

    "I just shot two loads while watching my sons fuck each other," I stated.

    "Okay, maybe you are a perv. Especially because… Well…"

    Owen pointed at my crotch, and I looked down to see that I was once again getting hard. The image of Rory fucking Taylor was playing in my mind and having this effect on me."

    "I'm going to hell," I said as I felt more blood rushing to my penis.

    "Don't worry, we'll be there too, it'll be fun," Owen said, grabbing his own growing tool. And fuck, it was growing fast!

    "How about we have a wank and go to sleep, huh? Would that help you calm down?" my sexy son-in-law asked.

    "Okay. But we can't tell Rory and Taylor!" I insisted.

    "I don't like keeping secrets from them. But considering everything that's happened… I think it's for the best for now," Owen agreed. The next time I looked down at his crotch, his dick was standing at full mast like a flag pole. 

    I pulled out my own rod and started working it. "Breed his ass. Fucking cum inside my husband's ass, bro. Fucking breed your brother's hole, man!" Owen's words replayed inside my head. Within moments, I was on the verge of a third orgasm. I tugged on my balls, feeling my son's husband's gaze on my dick as I pulled up my shirt and blew my load all over my hairy belly.

    "That was nice, Dad," Owen said. He called me that word every now and then, but to hear him say it in this situation felt completely different. I watched him as he worked his cock, obviously able to last longer than me. In a weird way, I was ashamed of shooting prematurely in front of him; a part of me wanted to impress him with my sexuality. 

    In a moment of spontaneity, I took things to new extremes. As I watched my son-in-law working his extra-large rod… I put my hand on it and slowly started to stroke him.

    "That's okay. Keep going," Owen reassured me.

    "Yeah? This okay?" I asked nervously.

    "That's perfect, Dad," he moaned and he spread his legs wider, bumping into my knee with his. This muscle hunk took up more than half of our sofa, especially as he rested his hands on the back of his head and he relaxed. Not that long ago, he'd emptied his balls down my elder son's cocksucking throat. Now, he was getting ready to empty them in front of me, with his potent dick in my hand. 

    I gripped Owen more firmly, feeling my nervousness fade away. He'd promised to take care of my boys and I knew he meant it. Maybe this was my way of saying thank you. I brought my hand up to my lips and spat in it before wrapping it back around Owen's trunk and stroking up and down.

    "Mmm, that feels nice, Dad," he moaned with his eyes closed. He spread his legs as wide as they'd go, and I placed my other hand on his thigh, stroking his skin gently with my fingertips.

    We kept going and going. With every minute, my fingers ventured higher up my son-in-law's thigh, until they were grazing his shaved ball sack. Throwing caution to the wind, I took his nuts in my hand and gave them a squeeze and a tug, helping bring the sexy stud closer to the edge.

    Owen opened his eyes and looked at me. "May I?" he asked, and I wasn't sure what he was referring to. I realized he was looking down at my belly. My shirt was still pulled up, and my cum was still sticking to my furry stomach.

    I wasn't 100% sure what Owen wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted to let him. I nodded my head and watched as he reached for the cum on my stomach, getting it on his fingers and then bringing it up to his lips. While making eye contact with me and having me stroke his rod, Owen sucked my essence off his fingers.

    "That's it," I said. My other hand let go of Owen's nuts and came down to my stomach to collect some cum. Then, I brought my fingers up to Owen's mouth so I could feed him. 

    "That's it," I cooed as he licked my cum off my fingers. "The jizz that made my sons. The jizz that made Taylor and Rory. Swallow it down."

    "Mm, FUCK!" Owen let out a grunt with my digits still in his mouth and he started to blow his load. My pervy words had pushed him over the edge. His dick sprayed out like a fountain, and my hand gripped it even tighter, milking it for all of the cum he could shoot. Considering he'd recently blown a load down my son's throat, Owen's cumshot was more than impressive. I watched in awe as he came all over his legs and his torso, getting a good amount of it on my arm as well.

    "Fuck, Dad!" Owen let out a final moan as his orgasm started to subside. I made sure to hold onto his dick until every last drop was out, at which point I released him. It was safe to pull down my T-shirt now, there was no more cum on my belly. My son-in-law had lapped up all of it.

    "Let's go to bed, Son," I said as we headed up the stairs together.

    54 was off to one hell of a start. 

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