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A Father-Son Moment


    The holiday season this year was unlike any before. With my wife nearing her due date, everything seemed to revolve around pregnancy and the upcoming childbirth. You would think that with this being my second child I would feel more relaxed and easy-going, but it was the opposite. When Girl Rory was giving birth, she and I weren't a couple so I wasn't around her all that much. This time around, my wife Jordan and I lived together and the constant exposure to every little contraction made me even more paranoid and jumpy than she was.

    Then, the day before Thanksgiving, my brother Taylor turned 30. Because he wanted a big party with all of his friends there, we decided to stay in New York. The party was lots of fun, and after it was over in the wee hours of the morning I ended up in bed with my brother and his husband Owen, where Owen and I took turns fucking Taylor's ass until we were all too exhausted to keep our eyes open anymore. Owen and I shot our loads in my brother's hole and we fell asleep all cuddled up and sweaty. 

    A few hours later, after barely any sleep, the three of us attended a Friendsgiving party with a few friends of ours. It was weird not to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, and I just hoped they wouldn't feel ignored or abandoned by their sons. As much as I loved them, we'd visited them just a few weeks before for my dad's birthday; and all the driving back and forth was getting both exhausting and expensive.

    Then for Christmas, Jordan and I went to visit her family in Columbus. Since she was on winter break from school, Jordan decided to stay for a while longer and have her baby shower there in the first week of January, while I went back to work in New York. It was a traditional all-female shower, so my mother was the only one in my immediate family who was invited. She chose to go and spend a few days in Ohio, leaving my dad home alone.

    "Wanna come to NYC for a few days while Mom is gone?" I texted my dad one day leading up to the shower. I knew that he wasn't used to having the house to himself, and a part of me still felt bad for not showing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Rather than text me back, my father called me and we had a brief chat. I told him he could crash at my place, since Jordan would be gone anyway.

    "My couch is not the most comfortable in the world but I'm sure you'll be okay for a couple of nights," I assured him.

    After making sure that he wouldn't be a hassle, Dad agreed to take me up on my invitation. He drove to New York on a Friday after work, and by the time he got to my apartment it was almost time to go to bed.

    "My back is killing me after that drive," Dad complained.

    "It's not the drive, you're just getting old," I teased him. "But listen, if you want you can take my bed and I'll crash on the couch."

    "No, I wouldn't want you to do that," Dad shook his head.

    "Okay, we'll both share the bed then," I suggested. "If it's big enough for Jordan and me, it's big enough for you and me as well. She's nine months pregnant so she's almost as big as you," I continued teasing my father (who was in perfectly decent shape for a man his age).

    Dad agreed, and I went to the bathroom to take care of my nightly routine. After brushing my teeth and washing up, I took all my clothes off and threw them in the hamper. It wasn't until I was in the bedroom, faced with my father, that I realized that it might be kinda weird to sleep naked if he and I were sharing a bed.

    "Um… You don't mind, do ya? Force of habit," I said, pointing out my nudity and scratching my balls for a quick second.

    "Nah, it's fine," Dad said. This wasn't his first time seeing me naked, not even as an adult. The last time it happened was on my wedding day, when Dad barged into my hotel room in the morning to find me stark naked, after which he helped me put my tux on.

    I waited in bed while Dad went to the bathroom to do his washing up. It took him longer than I expected so when he finally came out – just as naked as I was – I said,

    "About time. What, were you jacking off in there?"

    "None of your business if I was," Dad said as he got under the covers with me. I'd said it as a joke, but it seemed like I'd inadvertently hit the nail on the head.

    I feel asleep feeling my father's warmth in bed next to me. Seeing as I was chilly, I was simply drawn to it like a magnet. Although I didn't want to make it "weird," I just couldn't help but cuddling up to my pops and enjoying all that body heat.

    "What are you doing?" he asked in the dark.

    "I think it's called spooning," I chuckled, adjusting my body to get more comfortable. Even my cock found the perfect position as it lodged itself between my father's asscheeks. "Is it okay with you?"

    My father remained silent for a bit, and then he said,

    "Only if I'm the big spoon."

    With that, he turned around, and for a brief moment I felt our cocks clashing like two battling swords. Then, my dad put his hands on my upper arms and he swiftly flipped me over like a flapjack, until I was the one with my back turned to him.

    "That's more like it," Dad exhaled in my ear, making himself comfortable and wiggling his hips until I could feel his dick in the crack of my ass.

    "Good night, Dad," I said with a smile and closed my eyes. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought I could feel something… wet sticking to my asscheeks. In a daze, I wondered if Dad had failed to wipe off all of his cum after jacking off in the bathroom. 

    The following morning, Dad and I went to have brunch at Taylor and Owen's. When Taylor was younger, he and Dad used to collect baseball cards. This year for Taylor's 30th birthday, Owen had bought some pretty valuable cards on eBay and given them to my brother. So now during our Saturday brunch, Taylor and our father spent some time in the bedroom going through Taylor's card collection, giving Owen and me some time to chat alone in the kitchen.

    "So how's everything with your dad?" my brother-in-law asked me, sounding a bit more earnest than usual.

    "Everything's cool," I replied while chowing down a muffin.

    "So everything's… normal with him?" Owen continued.

    "With him: yes. With you: not so much. What's up with all the weird questions?" I said.

    "Oh, nothing. Just making sure he wasn't upset or anything," Owen answered while looking down at the table.

    "What would he be upset about?" I asked.

    "I dunno, just cuz you missed the holidays this year, that's all," Owen mumbled, still avoiding eye contact. I had a feeling he was hiding something, but just then my father and Taylor joined us in the kitchen and derailed the conversation.

    Once we were done with the food, Dad offered to help Owen with the cleanup, and my brother turned to me.

    "Come with me," Taylor whispered. We both got up and I followed him to the bedroom, where he shut the door behind us.

    "What's up?" I asked. Rather than answer, my big brother just got on his knees and placed his hands on the waistband of my joggers. 

    "I've been extra horny this morning," Taylor said. "I already sucked Owen off when we got up, so now it's your turn."

    "With Dad in the next room?!" I asked. Sure, Taylor and I had had sex at our parents' house while our folks were there, but that house was much bigger and more soundproof than this little apartment, where the bedroom door didn't even lock.

    "It just makes it more fun," my brother shot me a devilish wink while pulling my pants down. I wanted to fight him off, but when my dick popped out in a state of semi-erection already, it was clear that I was just as horny as my brother. And Taylor was right: there was something about the riskiness that made this feel hotter.

    My brother tucked my sweats under my nut sack. Since I was going commando, there was no underwear getting in the way. I closed my eyes, relaxed, and let Taylor's mouth do the rest. I felt him kissing on my cockhead, coaxing some precum out of it and swallowing it all down. Before long, I was fully hard and shoving my boner down my brother's throat, forcing Taylor to keep his gagging to a minimum so we wouldn't be overheard by our father. Then, just as I was close to cumming, Taylor decided to tease me so he pulled away. As my dick dripped precum onto the floor, my brother crawled around me and pulled down the back of my joggers as well, exposing my ass and burying his tongue between my cheeks. For a moment, I remembered how it felt last night to go to sleep with my father's wet cockhead right in between my asscheeks, just like Taylor's tongue currently. My brother ate my ass for a couple of minutes while I stroked my cock, when we suddenly heard our father's voice bellowing from the kitchen.

    "Boys!! We're ready to go out! Are you coming?"

    "Ahh! I'm cumming. I mean– We're coming!" I yelled back at the same time as I started shooting my load. The first wad landed all over the floor. When he felt me cumming, my brother took his tongue out of my asshole and hurried back around, returning my hard cock to his mouth, where I shot the rest of my load. 

    A mere second – a mere fucking second! – after I'd tucked my cock away and Taylor was off his knees, our father burst into the bedroom.

    "Did I leave my phone in here?" he asked. "Aha, there it is!"

    He walked past us toward the desk. Since he'd taken his muddy boots off earlier, he was in his socks, and happened to step right into my puddle of jizz that was on the floor.

    "Eww, the floor's wet!" Dad complained, looking down at his socked foot.

    "I… spilled some water earlier," I lied. I immediately realized that I wasn't holding any water, so I rushed to change the subject. "Let's go out! Where do you wanna go first?" I said to Dad, who now had a suspicious expression on his face as he looked at my brother and me.

    For the remainder of the afternoon, our father was indeed acting kind of… weird. I couldn't quite place my finger on it, but he was kinda awkward around Taylor and me. Normally I may not even notice it, but in combination with Owen's uncanny questions earlier in the day, it was all starting to freak me out.

    That evening, my father and I went back to my apartment. Now that it was just the two of us, I decided to broach the subject that was on my mind.

    "Dad… Is everything okay?" I asked as we sat on the couch with a glass of wine each. "You seemed okay yesterday, but this afternoon it kinda… switched. Plus, Owen's been asking about you. He seems concerned, and I have no idea why."

    A few years ago, my father had a significant illness and it was now my biggest fear that it might be back.

    Whatever it was, Dad sighed deeply, and I could tell that he was getting ready to confess the truth.

    "Do you remember when all of you came to visit for my birthday?" Dad asked earnestly.

    "Yeah, back in September," I said. "That was the last time I was home. I'm sorry I didn't visit for the holidays, but with Jordan's pregnancy and going to see her family–"

    "It's okay," my father interrupted me. "Just let me speak. When you came over in September, I… saw something. Something… I wasn't supposed to see."

    "What?" I asked, feeling utterly confused.

    "I saw you and your brother and Owen… while you were… having sex. All together."

    I felt like the whole world was crashing around me. I was stunned; I had no idea what to say. Thankfully, my dad continued speaking.

    "Owen knows I saw you. He and I talked that night."

    "There was that night when Owen didn't go to sleep…" I reminisced out loud.

    "That's because he was up talking to me all night. He… he wanted to assure me that everything was okay. That YOU were okay. You and Taylor both. That you knew what you were doing."

    "Dad…" I said, putting the wine down since my hands were too shaky. I felt the need to apologize; but apologize for WHAT? Finally, I said, "I'm sorry you had to see that."

    "No, I'm sorry for spying on you! I gotta be honest, Rory, that wasn't the first time I saw you three doing it. The first time was for Thanksgiving, over a year ago. That time it was Owen who was… getting fucked," Dad said awkwardly. "So I tried not to dwell on it. But then this past September…"

    "You saw me fucking Taylor," I concluded.

    "Yes. And before you ask: no, I didn't tell your mother! I think we can all agree it's best if she doesn't know."

    "Dad… I don't know what to say," I admitted.

    "You don't need to say anything. You and Taylor and both adults. Neither of you is forcing the other to do anything. Both of your spouses know. It's none of my business, so I try not to interfere. But then this morning, when you and Taylor went to his bedroom and I walked in, I realized afterwards that you were probably…"

    "Taylor was sucking my cock," I said. Since my father was being honest the least I could do was the same in return. "You could tell that wasn't water on the floor. You stepped in a puddle of my cum."

    A part of me felt mortified to be talking about this to my own father. But another part felt weirdly… relieved. The truth was finally out, at least when it came to Dad. I'd always been worried what he might do if he found out. Get mad, yell? Disown us? Thankfully, there was none of that. He seemed confused but cool with everything.

    "Owen's been a huge help," my dad said. "He and I have been talking on the phone a lot lately."

    "He… never mentioned anything to us," I said. 

    "I asked him not to. I knew I had to bring this up to you at SOME point, I just wasn't ready to do it when it happened."

    "I understand. It must've been a shock to you."

    "Oh, it was!" Dad chuckled. "My whole reaction to it, it was nothing like I ever expected."

    His last sentence stood out to me, so I decided to prod for more.

    "What was your reaction like?" I asked my father.

    "Well… when I saw you fucking your brother, I… I popped a boner," Dad turned to me and smiled, placing his wine glass down on the table next to mine. 

    "Wow! The surprises just keep on rolling today, huh?" I laughed, unsure how else to react.

    "Yeah. Sorry," he said with a small smile.

    "Sorry for what?"

    "For making it even weirder," Dad explained.

    "I mean… it's only as weird as we make it, I guess," I said. "Besides, I understand. When I first moved in with Taylor and Owen, I would hear or see them fucking all the time, and more often than not it would make me pop a boner as well."

    In that moment, I reached down to my crotch to adjust my balls, and coincidentally at the exact same time my father did the same, adjusting his own bulge next to me. Then, I thought to ask something I'd never asked my dad before.

    "Dad… have you ever hooked up with another guy?"

    My father pondered for a few seconds before answering.

    "Yes, yes I have. A couple of times."

    "With who?" I asked. I felt my cock give a few stirs and I realized my hand was still on my bulge.

    "With Neil O'Hara," Dad confessed.

    "With your neighbor?" I said in surprise. "Way to go, Dad! Handsome and a doctor," I winked at him. 

    "Yeah, yeah. Maybe if I'm lucky he'll invite me to the prom," Dad rolled his eyes.

    "So… what is it you and Mr. O'Hara have done, Dad?" I asked, now discreetly rubbing my bulge with my hand. On my right, my father was still holding on to his own crotch.

    "Let's just say Mr. O'Hara is good with his hands… and his lips," my father winked at me. By now, it looked like he was slowly rubbing his bulge as well.

    "He's given you a blowjob?!" I asked with a huge grin on my face.

    "Yup. It happened the day you were born, actually. At the hospital," my father laughed.

    "Ha, no way!" I said. "You're not gonna believe this, but the day Phoenix was born, Owen gave me a blowjob at the hospital as well."

    "Ha. Owen's a good guy," Dad noted.

    "He is. Good cocksucker as well," I added.

    "Oh, I don't doubt that," my father laughed.

    All of the manual stimulation on my crotch was by now making my dick hard. I wondered if I should go to the bathroom and take care of that, but sitting here with my dad seemed to be working so far. He no longer seemed shy and his hand was picking up speed, probably making his own cock harder as well. I couldn't help the temptation to look down between my father's legs, where I spotted an unmistakably hard bulge.

    "Looks like we're both…" I said, pointing down.

    "Yeah. Now how did that happen?" he chuckled, still rubbing himself.

    "We're sharing a bed again tonight?" I asked.

    "We better take care of these before going to bed, then," Dad said, looking down. I was glad he was the first one to say it, because I'd been thinking the same exact thing.

    "You said you popped a boner when you saw me fucking Taylor," I said. "Did you do something about it then?"
   "I did. I… took care of it. I ended up cumming, as a matter of a fact," my father said with a smirk. When I heard those words, I pulled down the front of my sweats and I let my hard cock come out. I figured my dad had already seen me use to it to fuck Taylor; so watching me stroke it wouldn't even be that big of a deal in comparison.

    "You wanna go for it?" Dad asked me, looking at my eyes while slowly pulling on his zipper.

    "I'm up for it if you are, Dad," I replied, already stroking up and down my shaft and touching the precum that was starting to ooze out my cock. "So we made you cum? I mean– Watching us made you cum?" I said to my dad.

    "Yeah. I figured if you boys could perv out, so could I. So I jerked off just like this," – I looked down to check my father beating his meat – "while I watched you fucking your brother. I couldn't take my eyes off you boys! My two sons. I mean, I always wanted you two to get along, but I didn't think you'd take it THIS far." 

    After that, Dad and I jerked off without saying anything for a while. At times I closed my eyes, but when they were open I was looking down at my cock right alongside my father's. 

    "I'm impressed, son," Dad said, looking at my endowment. "Whoever you got that gene from wasn't me."

    "Ah Dad, you're not that far off," I winked at him. The energy between us in that moment was sexual just as much as it was friendly. Getting to do stuff like this with Taylor had definitely made the two of us closer than ever. Now, my relationship with my father felt just like that, on a whole 'nother level of intimacy.

    "Dad, I'm gonna cum," I suddenly panted. "I'm getting close. I'm gonna cum soon."

    "Do it, son. Empty those balls, c'mon," my father encouraged me, spreading his legs wider and getting a tighter grip on his cock. He increased the speed of his stroking, as if trying to catch up with me.

    I slowed down, edging myself a little longer. After a couple of minutes, Dad seemed to be close to the edge just like I was. I could tell even before he'd said,

    "I'm getting close too, son. I'm gonna blow as well."

    "Should we do it together?" I suggested.

    "Wait for it. Wait for it… Here it comes," my father said, closing his eyes and scrunching his face in a pre-orgasmic grimace. A couple of seconds later, a loud moan announced the arrival of his cum fountain, shooting out of his cock and landing all over Dad's shirt. 

    "AHHH!" I shouted, blowing my own load in a similar manner. I looked down at our two cum-spewing cocks, and when I looked up again I noticed that Dad had his eyes open now, looking down at our tools. 

    "Attaboy!" he said as I used two hands to milk my cock. Aware that my father was looking, I thrusted my hips and put on a little performance. My right knee pressed against Dad's left, we continued jacking vigorously, making cum rain all over us for almost a minute. 

    Finally, after we were done, we remained like that with our cocks still out, just catching our breath. The wonderful silence was interrupted by Dad's phone.

    "A text from Taylor," he said. "He's wishing us a good night."

    Just then, I realized that we would have to tell my brother all about this. I wondered how he might react. Knowing Taylor… you never know what to expect of him.

    "Let me get up and get us a towel," I said, bringing my cum rag for Dad and me to use.

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