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Dad's Watchful Eye


    On Sunday morning, my naked husband walked into the living room with a phrase nobody really wants to hear.

    "Honey, we need to talk," Owen said earnestly as he sat next to me on the couch. I was nude as well and hoping to get laid, but that didn't seem to be the direction this was going in.

    "Uh-oh. What's wrong?" I asked.

    "Nothing. Not really. It's just… We need to talk about your dad."

    Now I was even more surprised. I wasn't sure how to respond, but I was spared from having to do that as my phone rang at that very moment.

    "Can this wait for a minute? It's my mom calling," I said to Owen and he nodded.

    My mother was in Columbus, where Rory's wife Jordan was having her baby shower. With her due date any day now, I was surprised by Jordan's decision to travel so far away but it was none of my business. Still, a part of me worried that she might go into labor any moment, so I didn't want to ignore my mother's phone calls.

    "Hey, Mom. What's up?" I asked after picking up the phone.

    "Hi, Taylor. Just wanted to let you know I'm coming to New York for a few days," my mother said.

    "Why, is everything okay?"

    "Everything's fine. It's just that Jordan can't fly, obviously, and her friend that was supposed to drive her to New York had an emergency. So I'll be driving her there today, and I'll be staying with her and Rory for a little while. The baby's expected to arrive any day now and I wanna be there to help out."

    "Oh, okay," I said, reaching for my husband's cock and gripping it. I could tell that Owen wasn't in a particularly sexy mood, but his dick looked too damn thick and juicy to ignore, and he let me have my way with it. 

    "So listen," my mom continued as I stroked my husband's tool. "You know how your father hates being alone in the house? He has some time off work, and I was thinking he should stay in New York as well. Give him a chance to bond with the baby as well. It would feel wrong with all of us there except him."

    "Aha," I said, tempted to drop to my knees and start sucking Owen's hardening prick.

    "But I don't think Rory's couch is big enough for two," my mother carried on. "So maybe your dad can crash with you and Owen."

    "Crash with us?" I asked.

    "Yes, on your couch. Better than him staying in a hotel room all by himself."

    "Let me check with Owen. Babe, you don't mind if my dad crashes here for a few days, right?" I said, making eye contact with my hubby.

    "Ummm… Yeah sure, fine," he nodded.

    "He says it's okay," I repeated into the phone.

    "Great," my mom replied. "Listen, Jordan and I are about to leave soon. It's a long drive and we're taking a break midway. So we're expecting to be there tonight."

    "Okay. I'll talk to dad and have him move his stuff here. Bye, Mom."

    By the time I hung up the phone, Owen's cock was fully hard as a result of my stroking. I yearned for it more than ever, but I remembered there was something he wanted to talk to me about.

    "My mom's coming to New York and she'll be staying with Rory and Jordan for a few days, so Dad will be crashing here," I filled my husband in, reluctantly taking my hands off his cock.

    "Well, he's the one I wanted to talk to you about. Your dad knows about you and me and Rory."

    "He knows what?" I asked Owen.

    "About us… hooking up. Having sex," Owen said, looking me in the eyes.

    I was in shock while Owen explained how my father had seen us all fucking at my parents' house – not once but twice! Owen had noticed him the second time around, and the two had had a long conversation about it.

    "I'm sorry I kept this from you all these months," Owen said apologetically, "but your dad wasn't ready to talk to you and your brother about it so I thought it was best to respect that. Now, he seems to be ready cuz he and Rory talked about it last night. I just got off the phone with Rory, who told me about it."

    For the next half an hour Owen told me everything, and assured me that my father was okay and respectful of our decision and our actions. It was so weird, having a serious conversation like this while Owen's dick was rock hard, but over time it lost its erection. In a weird twist of fate, I was the one growing hard now, as I imagined my father spying on me getting spit-roasted by my husband and my younger brother.

    "Listen, I gotta go to the gym for a few hours, but are you okay?" Owen checked in with me. "It sounds like your father will be here tonight, so if you want we can all talk about this then."

    "Yeah, I'm fine. You go," I said and I gave my husband a kiss, which only made my cock harder. I was tempted to take care of it and jerk off… but I decided to save it for tonight.

    That evening, however, something happened that distracted all of our attention. Just as my mother and Jordan arrived in the city, Jordan began having contractions. My mother drove her straight to the hospital, and Rory went to join them there. My father got in a cab and came to our apartment, where he and I sat with Owen (this time fully dressed) around the kitchen table, drinking coffee and talking about babies and how we hoped everything would be alright.

    Shortly before midnight, Rory called to tell us everything was fine and not to worry.

    "We'll be spending the night at the hospital," my brother said. "The baby might come any minute. You guys can visit tomorrow if you want."

    "Okay. Try to get some sleep," I told him. "We're going to bed."

    With that, Owen, my father, and I got down to our underwear and walked in and out of the bathroom, brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed. By the time I was done, my husband was already tucked in, his underwear lying discarded on the floor. I went into the bedroom… and a voice inside of me told me to leave the door cracked open. And that's precisely what I did.

    I slid my underwear off and climbed onto the bed next to my husband. He was relaxed but not yet asleep, and lifted his muscular arm enough for me to cuddle up to his chest so we could be face to face. As I'd expected, he was naked; I could feel the heat of his cock pressed up against my hip. It was already swelling with anticipation, as was mine.

    Owen kissed me deeply, and we caressed one another while making out for a little while. I wrapped one leg around his hip and reached down to position his dick so it was pointed right at my hole. He got the message and thrusted upward, pushing the cockhead rapidly into my ass and following it with about four inches of the thick shaft. I gave a stifled yelp and grabbed onto my husband's shoulder tightly, while also forcing my lower body to relax so he could begin to go deeper. We fucked like that for a few minutes, but this position didn't allow him to go in all the way, and tonight that was precisely what I needed.

    I pulled off of him and we separated our bodies. Then, I got onto my hands and knees to give Owen a better angle, and after getting up on his knees behind me, he re-entered me quickly, positioned now to go even deeper. I soon felt his entire cock fill me and he just pressed in for a while, making sure I was totally open for what he was about to subject me to.

    We got going really good, and I stopped caring about keeping quiet. I'd left the door open for a reason, after all. Would my father do what he'd done before, and step up to the doorway and watch me get fucked? Thinking about it made me super horny and it made Owen's cock feel even better up my ass. And then…

    I looked over at the bedroom door and saw my father there, partially in the shadows. I could see his eyes and I also noticed the motion of his hand, lower down between his legs. The fly of his boxers was spread open and I could see the root of his cock coming out. The rest of it was concealed by his fist and by the door. My father was jerking off, all the while watching me – his firstborn son! – take my husband's thick cock up my ass. From where he was standing, Dad could see everything.

    In the past, I'd been lucky enough to enjoy the cocks of both Owen and his dad Kevin at the same time. They'd sat side-by-side on our very couch, while I took turns sucking on their tools. On that pervy occasion, I felt serious envy for the closeness the two of them had, and their openness to sharing intimate experiences together. Owen and his dad had a long history of shared sexcapades. Now, for the first time, I was seriously wondering if something like that could be possible between me and my own father.

    As I got fucked, Dad was literally opening the door to something more between us. He took a step closer and watched me openly, without even concealing that he was jerking off. 

    "Fuck me harder," I moaned, putting a little extra desperation in my voice. "I want to feel you big cock slamming my ass."

    "Fuck yeah, babe," Owen grunted, granting my request and picking up the pace.  He was so focused on my ass that he hadn't noticed yet that we had an audience, so he asked, "You wanna be fucked hard with your dad on the other side of the wall?"

    I smiled.

    "You want my dad to hear his son getting fucked like a whore?" I asked my husband, thrusting back against him as he pounded himself deep into me. "Or maybe he can watch us through the door like he did when we were with Rory."

    I heard Owen groan in aroused agreement. He fucked me for a few more moments, picking up the pace and slapping my asscheeks, until his pace suddenly faltered for a few seconds. I didn't even have to look to know that my husband had glanced at the door and noticed my dad there. Then after a brief break, Owen slammed his pelvis against my ass, going even harder than before!

    My husband slid one hand around my hip and stroked my cock a few times, enough to feel that I was both rock hard and dripping precum like a leaky faucet.     "You're getting off on this big time, aren't you?" Owen asked me before returning his hand to my hip. "You like getting fucked like the slut you are, right in front of your daddy?"

    "Mmm yes," I moaned while making eye contact with my father. He'd opened the door a little more and I now had an unobstructed view of him jacking off. This was so depraved and unexpected, my head was whirling, and I felt almost drunk with perverse lust. I could feel my cock throbbing and knew there was precum dripping from it. I hoped my dad could see how fucking hard all this was making me.

    "I'm gonna breed your pretty ass soon," Owen declared, "but first I want to make sure your dad sees how much you like getting fucked. I'm gonna make you cum, boy."

    "Fuck yes, Daddy. I need that load in me," I whimpered, both in response to Owen and directly to my actual father while we maintained intense eye contact. I'd already felt like I was on the verge of cumming a few times, but had been able to hold back. However, I knew once Owen had his mind set on this, he'd make it happen no matter what. He had that special way of...

    "Yeah!!" I shouted as my husband pressed his cock right onto that spot inside me, sliding the fat head past it firmly on every thrust. "Oh fuck, just keep doing that..." I cried out.

    "Bust that nut now, son," Owen said, and he grabbed my thigh and lifted my leg up off the bed, exposing my throbbing member so my father could fully see it. I saw my dad's eyes fixate on my hard-on bobbing up and down, and that's all it took to make me start shooting all over the bed.

    "Fuuuuck," I moaned out, feeling my load splatter onto my chest and arms and all over the bed. Lifting my leg had also caused my ass to clench tighter, and that was all it took to trigger Owen. He began thrusting a little slower and I felt his seed start bursting deep within me. I loved feeling his cock throb in my belly like this, and loved that my father was getting to witness me at my absolute happiest.

    I looked at dad and could see that he was cumming as well, catching his load in his hand as it spilled from his piss slit. From what I could see of my father's hard cock, he was decently hung. In the dark and from a few feet away though, it was tough to make out much detail. I hoped that I'd be able to get a closer look at some point soon.

    For now, I took immense pleasure in the fact that I'd helped my own dad get off by putting on a hot fuck show for him. Even as we all started to come down from our mutual peak, he stayed in the doorway looking. Owen and I gently moved so that we were on our sides, the whole time keeping his cock buried to the hilt in me. We were positioned so that my dad still had a clear line of sight to my stretched hole. I could feel some of Owen's cum oozing out around his cock. The wetness always tickled my sensitive ass lips when that happened. I felt my cock pulsate again, still hard and throbbing right in front of my dad's watchful eye.

    My father and I made eye contact one last time and he just smiled at me, even though he looked a little embarrassed. He disappeared back into the shadow of the hallway, and I closed my eyes and relaxed back into my husband's chest. Owen's arm wrapped around me and we fell asleep like that, his cock still in me.

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