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The Condo

    "Kevin, Owen! Welcome! You finally made it!"

    "We did indeed. Nice to see you, Jeff," Dad greeted his buddy loudly enough to be heard even through the noise of thousands of passengers rushing around JFK. 

    "Owen! Is New York all you thought it would be?" Jeff gave me a hug next.

    "Um, well, so far all I've seen is the tarmac, so yeah, it's pretty much how I expected."

    Jeff smiled at me and hugged me a second time, even tighter. It was good to see him again. Ever since he came out as gay, I felt like he was "on my side." On my team. Which, I guess he was.

    Out of Dad's buddies, Jeff had been the most reserved and discreet one his whole life. I never thought of us as being particularly friendly before. Coming out as gay made him come out of his shell as well. Even the little details I noticed: he smiled more, wore brighter clothing, spoke louder and more confidently.

    "Mitch wanted to come to the airport," Jeff started talking about his boyfriend, as the three of us started to slowly make our way through the busy airport to get to the train, "but he's busy with his nephew. The boy's moving to Europe soon, so there's lots to do."

    I walked behind Dad and Jeffrey, following them without even paying attention to what they were saying. I was too busy gawking at everything around me, trying to soak up as much New York as I could. I was hardly some hick boy who'd never left the farm before; the town we lived in was a decent size, plus I regularly went to Minneapolis and traveled to other cities as well. But New York… New York was something else.

    One AirTrain and two subway trains later, we were finally in Manhattan.

    "This commute is taking longer than the flight," Dad complained, trapped in the sweltering subway.

    "Well, we could've taken a cab," Jeff said, "but I figured you'd like a more authentic New York experience."

    Dad rolled his eyes, but I loved this! I felt like I could ride the subway 24 hours just people-watching. More than anything, it was the sexy guys that caught my eye. I wondered how many of them were gay, standing right next to us trapped on this train, wearing little clothing and showing lots of sweaty skin. 

    After being confined to a small-town high school, New York felt like an all-you-can-eat of potentially gay hunks. Like the young guy standing next to us shirtless, even though we were on a packed train. His shirt was hanging off the waistband of his shorts, and the only thing on his back was his backpack. I inched closer and closer to him just to get a look, and maybe a whiff of his sweaty body. I kept my sunglasses on, trying to be discreet, but I absolutely admired his body and his nerve to go half-naked in such a public space. He was just a few years older than me, and I could see myself like that when I was his age...

    A couple of blocks from the subway station and three floors up with no elevator, we were in Jeff's condo, where two people were already waiting for us.

    "Mitchell!" Dad said loudly . "Hello. So nice to see you again."

    "Thank you, Kevin. Welcome to New York. Remind me, have you been here before?"

    "I have. But it's Owen's here first time," Dad patted my shoulder.

    "Hello, Owen. Welcome," Mitch greeted me. "Here, I'd like you to meet my nephew Ben."

    "Hi," a young man a few years older than me showed up.

    Ho-ly shit! This boy was fucking gorgeous! I mean, I have a pretty high self-esteem when it comes to the way I look; but fair's fair: this guy was next level. 

    I smiled back at Ben and shook his hand. (Softer than anyone's I can remember.) For the past two years, I'd been the only "young" guy crashing my dad and his buds' parties. It was nice to have some backup in Ben this time.

    "When's everyone else gonna be here?" Dad asked as we made ourselves comfortable. As he spoke, he took his shirt off to change into a fresh one, showing off his burly body.

    "C.J. and Scott are flying in tomorrow," Jeff answered. "Mark's picking them up and they'll be staying at his place."

    That's right; I'd almost forgotten that Mark lived in New York as well.

    "We could've all just gotten a hotel," Dad said, still leaving his fresh shirt unbuttoned. In this heat, I couldn't blame him for wanting to wear as little as possible.

    "Nonsense," Jeff shook his head. "Mark has a guest room for two, and you and Owen are crashing on my couch."

    Jeffrey came holding as many beer bottles as he could carry. He passed them around and we all sat and chatted. Jeff's boyfriend Mitch was curious to hear all about dad and his buds' annual get-together trips.

    "Sounds amazing... So many men in one place," Mitch smirked.

    ("Oh, you have no idea," I thought to myself and smiled at Mitch.)

    Being close to the same age, Ben and I were naturally attracted to talk to each other.

    "So, I heard you're moving to Europe soon," I said, taking a swig of beer. "You going by yourself?"

    "No. I'm going with my boyfriend," Ben replied.

    Hearing that made me like him even more. I now assumed he was also gay, until he casually mentioned he had a kid with his ex-girlfriend. This guy packed one surprise after the other!

    Soon, it was dinner time and we all sat around the table.

    "Hold up, for the first time, gays are in the majority!" I said, looking around the table.

    "Haha, I guess you're right. I better call in some backup," Dad said.

    I looked at him and wondered: what was the gayest thing my father had ever done? Growing up, I thought of him as "super straight." In the past couple of years, I'd witnessed just how close he was to his buddies, and wondered if every man has somewhat of a gay side to him.

    When we were done eating, Jeff turned to Ben and came up with a suggestion that I was very much down for.

    "Ben, why don't you show Owen around the city without us geezers bothering you?"

     "Sounds good," Ben looked at me. "Wanna go?"

    "Of course!" I jumped up as if waiting for a single second might get him to change his mind. Going out in New York with one of the hottest guys in the city wasn't something I wanted to miss out on.

    Even though I wasn't old enough to be served alcohol, that didn't seem to be a problem at the gay bar Ben took me to. I don't know if it was the fact I was so ripped and looked older, or because the server had a crush on me, but I managed to down one beer after the other, all paid for by Ben, while chatting with him about his life in New York and checking out all the other guys around us. [1]

    By the time we left the bar, I was definitely tipsy. Ben walked me to Jeff's condo and got in a cab to go to his boyfriend's. Jeff had given me the keys so I let myself in silently, in case they were already asleep.

    The apartment was dark and quiet. Yup, everyone was in bed alright. Dad's snores from the pull-down couch clearly let me know he was asleep.

    I went to the bathroom to wash up (and sober up) before lying next to Dad on the couch. Once there, I closed the door behind me and put down the toilet lid so I could sit down.

    "Fuck!" I said to myself, feeling dizzy. I was drunker than I'd realized. It was all starting to hit me.

    My clothes felt itchy all over, so I took everything off. I sat back down, casually diddling with my cock. I realized shooting a load was exactly what I needed to help put me to sleep.

    I started to stroke my dick until I was hard. Feeling stuffy and hot in the tiny bathroom, I opened the window. That's when I realized: I wasn't the only person still awake.

    Jeff's bedroom was next to the bathroom, and the windows were right next to each other as well. Jeff had his bedroom window open; which was probably necessary, considering it was a hot night and he wasn't alone in bed. 

    I heard the noise of Jeffrey and Mitchell in bed, having sex. They weren't being too loud, but they were so close to me that I could hear them clearly. 

    I smiled, starting to stroke my hard cock faster and faster. The thought of two adult men fucking so close to me turned me on. Fuck, what I wouldn't do for a peephole in the wall to peek through! 

    I closed my eyes, straining to hear every detail. Jeff and Mitch weren't verbal, but there was a lot of moaning and other noise. That is, until I heard Mitch say "Fuck me."

    I opened my eyes in surprise, then closed them again quickly and jacked harder. So Jeff was a top, huh? His shy demeanor always made me think of him as bottom. Goes to prove you never know.

    "Yeah? You want me to fuck that hole?" I heard Jeff grunt confidently.

    Holy shit! I opened my eyes again. This was Jeff unlike I'd ever heard him before.

    "Huh, you fucking slut?" Jeff grunted again, followed by a loud smack that I imagined landed on Mitch's ass.

    My cock got even harder hearing all this. My imagination was running wild with thoughts of what was going on in that room. Lil ole Jeff: a manly, rough fucker. Mitch's moans rang out the window; making me wonder if he was moaning out in pleasure, or pain, or both.

    I quietly spit on my hand and jacked off even faster. Fuck, I was going so fast now, it was a wonder I hadn't cum yet, especially with how horny I was feeling. 

    One final, loud moan from Mitch let me know Jeff's dick was definitely all up in his hole now.

    "There you go!" Jeff said aggressively. "Fucking take it."

    From there, the dialog was replaced with rhythmic thumping. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I heard the noise of the two bodies fucking and the bed rocking. I imagined Jeff's balls smacking into Mitch's ass. Mitch's legs shaking as he was being fucked doggy style. Jeff grabbing Mitch's arms pulling them behind his back roughly, making Mitch moan out.

    I began to jerk off with the same rhythm as the two men fucking. I started thrusting my hips, fucking my hand, imagining that I was also fucking a horny, hungry hole. My own large balls bounced back and forth as I did so, slapping my hand and adding to the noise.

    "Mmm, yeah," I started to moan out loud, pinching my right nipple with my left hand. 

    "Fuck yeah, baby," I heard Jeff say from the bedroom.

    "Yeah, yeah," Mitch's voice was muffled, his face probably buried in a pillow.

    "Fuck yeah!" I grunted in return, a little bit louder this time.

    The horny couple's thrusts and moans and grunts accelerated and got louder. They were too turned on to care if anyone could hear them. Coincidentally, so was I.

    "Fuck yeah!!" I repeated, twisting my nipple harder and stroking my cock faster.

    "You ready to cum?" Jeff asked.

    I had no idea if he was talking to his boyfriend or to me. I didn't know if they could hear me through all the noise they were making; but still, I replied:

    "Fuck yeah, I'm ready. I'm gonna cum. Fuck. Fuck! I'm cumming."

    "Aaargh, yeah. Fuck yeah! Take that. Take that load!" Jeff ordered Mitch, cumming inside his asshole. Judging by Mitch's moans, he was all too happy to oblige.

    Simultaneously, Jeff and I shot our loads. I looked down while hearing him grunt. My load had landed all over the bathroom floor. The pearly-white puddle was clearly visible on the dark-gray tiles.

    Breathing heavily, Jeff and Mitch fell onto the mattress. I imagined them cuddling until they fall asleep. I grinned, still looking at my large load on the floor. I turned around and headed out the bathroom, wondering who'll be the first person up in the morning to see it. Without bothering to put any clothes on, I went to sleep next to Dad. 

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[1] More on Owen and Ben's night out including Owen's first NYC sexperience in Model Dad: Trophy Boy, Chapter 6: "Cumming and Going"

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