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Fucking at The Fillmore

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Cowritten with: Tom R

MAY 2013 | RICKIE:

    Walking into The Fillmore with my dad and uncle felt very exciting – it was my first real rock concert! Okay, so maybe "rock" wasn't the right term, since this was some British pop star guy who had gotten big after winning a competition TV show. Uncle Ridge was a fan; he liked all the boy bands (and Dad was always teasing him about being a "perv" because of it). He'd bought three tickets, but his boyfriend Hank had to go out of town for work, so Ridge asked if I wanted to come along. Luckily, the show was all-ages, and for the occasion I'd gotten dressed in the coolest outfit I could assemble from my closet.

    My uncle had commented that this singer had a lot of gay fans. I'd recently come out, so I felt like I needed to look my best. Maybe this was where I would meet my first boyfriend?? Okay, not very likely, but one could hope. There were absolutely no dating prospects for me at school, and I really hoped that would all change when I started high school soon. 

    The crowd at the door of The Fillmore comprised of a lot of guys who looked gay (I was slowly starting to learn the subtle and not-so-subtle indicators) but they all looked to be guys in their 20s or older. There were a good number of teenage girls, a few of whom glanced at me and smiled. I grinned politely but tried not to seem like I was interested.

    Thoughts about boys left my mind for a moment as we entered the main concert hall. It was amazing! Giant chandeliers and ornate fixtures were everywhere, and there was a ton of energy in the space, with all the people gathered together waiting for the show. I'd been to see plays and musicals at some of the old San Francisco theaters but this felt much different. I could understand why this was one of the most famous music venues in the country. My level of excitement was ratcheted up as we found a spot to stand somewhat near the stage.

    Dad and Ridge got some mixed drinks and I had a Coke, feeling very grown-up sipping a drink alongside them, even if it didn't have alcohol in it. Glancing around, there were indeed a good number of hot men, some dressed in tight shirts and tank tops that really showed off their muscles. Lately, I'd been jerking off to mental and digital images of older, hairy guys with big pecs. That was one of many "types" that I found got me off, and it was fun to spot a few such guys in the crowd.

    The show started and it turned out that the headliner was a decent singer and cute in a goofy way. The music got people pumped and everyone around us was moving or dancing to it. At one point, I noticed two college-aged guys standing close, one with his back pressed to the other's chest. The taller guy in the back had his arms wrapped around his buddy, and I noticed that one of his hands was down the front of his shorter friend's pants! This close to the stage, everyone was pressed close together and I don't think anyone else besides me could see what they were doing. I felt my face flush and my dick start to get hard. The shorter guy was getting his junk groped right in the middle of the crowd and no one but me knew! It was a huge thrill and something I'd never really expected to see at a public place like this before.

    I turned my attention back to the stage but frequently stole glances back at the two guys, who I assumed were probably boyfriends. They remained in that same position, and the guy in the front looked very happy. At times, he would lean his head back into the taller man's shoulder and close his eyes. They were dancing slowly to the beat and it looked so sexy. I knew this wasn't "allowed" as far as public behavior went, but I wondered how common it might be. After all, plenty of things that weren't allowed happened all the time, especially at events like this, where you could spot pot-smoking and underage drinking all around.

    After a while, the crowd shifted around and I lost my view of the hot guys, but I knew I'd be jerking off to the memory of them later tonight. Soon, my hard-on went away, which was just as well because I really needed to piss and that was tricky to do with a boner.

    I told my dad I was headed to the bathroom (Uncle Ridge had stepped away a few minutes earlier to get more drinks). Dad let me go on my own but told me not to take too long. I pushed through the crowd until it thinned out toward the rear of the huge space, and followed the signs to the men's room. It was fairly empty and the music from the stage was being played at a low volume. Not wanting to use a urinal, I slipped into the last stall and got down to business. 

    As I was emptying my bladder, I noticed that the stall next to me was occupied. Whoever was in it seemed to have a lot going on – there was a lot of movement, which was unusual. After I was done pissing, I glanced down and I was shocked to see there were two people in the neighboring stall! I could see one guy's feet and then another man's knees on the floor right in front of him. Holy shit: some guy was getting a blowjob right next to me!

    The two guys were probably trying to be quiet, but now that I was paying attention I could hear the wet sounds of their activity and their heavy breathing. I heard a very softly spoken "Oh fuck!" and I wondered if that meant the guy getting sucked was cumming. In my pants, my dick began to rise once again. I thought about having a wank right here (I was used to jerking off in public bathroom stalls; I did it at school all the time) but I remembered I'd promised my dad that I wouldn't take too long. I didn't want him to worry, so I filed this memory in the spank bank for later use, and I went to wash my hands.

    As I finished up and stepped over to the paper towel dispenser, the door to the second-to-last stall opened and a guy around my father's age stepped out. I recognized his pants and I could tell that he was the cocksucker. A portion of his short beard was glistening with a white shimmer, and I wondered if it was jizz or if I was only imagining it. 

    A moment later, Uncle Ridge was the second man to emerge from the stall. He was the one who'd been getting his dick sucked! I looked down at his shoes and I was certain of it. Our eyes met and he looked just as surprised as I did. His expression gradually changed to one of sly amusement, and as he followed the other man out of the bathroom, he put his finger to his mouth in a "shh" gesture. I nodded quickly and resumed drying my hands.

    I made my way back into the crowd and noticed that Ridge was reclaiming his spot next to my father. Dad glanced at me to acknowledge my return, and then turned to Ridge, looking a little dejected.

    "Where the hell is my drink?" Dad shouted over the music, and I had to try hard to keep myself from laughing.



    It had been a couple weeks since New Year's Eve, or as I liked to think about it: the night when everything changed. My two boyfriends, who were father and son, had treated me to a scene ripped right out of my fantasies. I'd gotten to watch Brody suck his father's cock and swallow the cum that had given him life. The next morning, we'd shared Thorne's daddy cock, and I was treated to the same sight once again. The two of them had revealed to me that they'd crossed some lines with one another over the holidays while I was out of town. I'd joked that maybe I should leave town more often.

    In truth, many months ago, I'd tucked away any hope of this kind of thing ever happening. I figured I was lucky enough, getting to date a father and son at the same time; if I pushed them to do things with each other (which was my ultimate fantasy) they would get freaked out and break up with me. All things considered, I had no reason to be disappointed – being in love with Brody and Thorne was more than I'd ever dreamed possible for myself.

    But now that things had actually gone further between them, all of my pervy dreams and fantasies came rushing back to me. What was possible here? What were their limits? I still wasn't going to push them in any way, but I couldn't stop my mind from exploring many possibilities for our mutual future. My mind would sometimes drift back to that incredible night with Ben and Sam, when I'd been able to watch a son get fucked by his father while they were pressed up against a hotel window, visible to anyone who might have cared to glance into the fully-lit room. Was that something that I might get to witness again, or was that like hoping for lightning to strike the same spot twice?

    Regardless of what might happen down the road, there was plenty to enjoy in the present. Anytime we would all kiss, I was treated to the sight of Thorne and Brody locking lips and tongue-wrestling. They both had told me separately how incredible that felt and how much it got them going. Indeed, the makeout sessions with the three of us usually moved to full-on sex pretty quickly. Each of them had always been an eager lover, but now that we were all together, things felt even more intense and hot.

    Brody loved sucking his father's cock, and I'd cum just from watching that nearly every time. Sometimes, my loads went deep in Brody's ass while his father and I were spit-roasting him. Other times, I just used my hand and blasted my seed right onto Brody's face while his father's cock slid down his throat. The sight of me giving his son a facial usually made Thorne cum. Then, the taste of his father's seed would trigger an orgasm for Brody.

    The hottest part of it all was that they deliberately saved all of it for me. I would never dream of asking them to hold back when I wasn't around, but they both said it was something they'd decided together. I still got plenty of one-on-one time with each of them, and so I never felt threatened by their closeness. The fact that they both loved me enough to reserve that for me made me feel so lucky and sure of everything. Plus, they both enjoyed telling me about the occasional moments of sexual tension that came up when the two of them were home alone, which were only made hotter by the limits they'd established. So really, we all got something out of the arrangement.

    Although I loved nothing more than to stay at home and fuck with my two boyfriends, I still enjoyed going out on the town with them. A few months ago, Thorne had bought tickets to an electronic music show at The Fillmore. Brody and I had been surprised, since modern EDM wasn't usually Thorne's first choice, but he knew we liked it and it became clear that he was more interested in the overall vibe of the show than the music itself. The ads for the concert featured several nearly-naked studs, clearly positioning it as a gay event, and while it wasn't a full-on sex party I knew it would draw a similar crowd.

    I'd been to The Fillmore plenty of times, but never for an evening quite like this. There were a couple big-name DJs to serve as the main draw (and justify the ticket prices) and so a fair number of people were crowded up by the stage. However, the rest of the place was much more chill. People were clustered around in groups small and large, some sitting around and some standing. A good number of people had glowing bracelets, necklaces and other adornments, creating wild constellations of colors in the vast, darkened space. 

    Men outnumbered women at least ten-to-one, and it was nice to see guys of all ages spread around the room. It was always good to see some daddies in the mix, and I'm sure a good number of the younger guys present were vying for their attention. Of course, I was with one of the hottest older-younger pairings in the room, and I enjoyed the attention that both Brody and Thorne got with their tight tank tops and jeans. I was dressed similarly and had already felt a few swats across my ass from random guys as we passed through crowded areas.

    The three of us staked out a spot up against the back wall where we were mostly out of the way. The music was too loud so we couldn't have much of a conversation, but we were really here for the music and whatever other fun we might get up to. Even in the age of vaping, the smell of pot smoke wafted around the room, and Brody pulled out a joint which we all shared.

    After having a few drinks, a new music set began and we moved up toward the stage to dance. My mind immediately went back to the club on New Year's Eve, and it was clear I wasn't the only one of us remembering that night. Before long, we were all grinding against each other. It was incredible to watch Thorne and Brody let loose and be all over one another. A lot of the time I was up against Brody while he pressed his chest or back up against his father. Whenever I slid my hand down to their crotches I felt that they were both rock hard. My own cock was at full erection the entire time as well. Whenever I managed to slip in between the father and son I was in heaven, and I couldn't decide what arrangement of bodies I liked best. Luckily, we had plenty of time to experiment with them all. Brody and I were the ones that started kissing first, and after that things just became a blur of lips and tongues. There was plenty more making out and grinding on each other after that, until finally we decided to take a break and head back to our spot against the wall.

    All three of us had shed our tops and collectively we were a sweaty mess. Together we emptied about four bottles of water and we all leaned against the wall to try and relax a little. Thorne was standing in the middle, and his son and I were resting our heads on his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around us and before long we were in yet another passionate three-way kiss. A few passers-by cheered us on, which only got us more excited. Hands pinched at nipples and slid down the backs of pants, and when I felt Thorne fingering my hole, all I could do was gasp with pleasure. After that, I leaned in and sucked on his nipple, getting him to moan over the sound of the music. When I opened my eyes, I realized I wasn't the only reason why Thorne was moaning so loudly. Brody was also hard at work opposite me, pinching his father's second sensitive nip softly between his teeth before licking it and covering it with his lips.

    The sight was more intoxicating than the weed I'd smoked, and I stepped back and moved in behind Brody, grinding my hard-on into his ass through our jeans. He moved to stand upright as well, releasing his father's nipple and putting them face-to-face again. We both took turns kissing Thorne, with him leaning over his son's shoulder to lock lips with me. It was during one of those moments that I felt Brody's hands reaching back and undoing my fly, his chest still pressed up against his dad's. Before long, my bare cock was in Brody's skillful hands and he got it slicked up with the precum that had been oozing out steadily the whole time.

    Excited to be enjoying a handjob with all these people close around us, I thrust my hips slowly so Brody could jerk me off more easily, since our positions limited his movement to some degree. After a moment, he let go and I figured we'd be moving on to something else. What I didn't expect was to feel his naked ass against my cock. Damn! Brody had slid down the back of his pants, and he grabbed my cock again so it nestled right in between his exposed cheeks. My kiss with Thorne broke off at that point and he pulled his head back to face his son.

    Before diving back in to swap spit with his father, Brody turned his head to look back at me and mouthed the words "fuck me" with a mischievous grin. No longer giving any heed to the hundreds of people who might see us, I bent my knees slightly so that the tip of my cock could find Brody's quivering pucker, and then I was sliding up into him. I heard his groan of pleasure over the music, even though it was muffled by the deep kiss he was sharing with his father.

    Although we'd spit-roasted Brody several times, fucking my boyfriend while he made out with his father somehow felt even more intimate and transgressive. Plus, we were doing it with a bunch of other people around, some just a few feet away. I slid my hands down Brody's stomach to the waistband of his jeans, aware they were already undone since he'd slid the back down to grant me access to his ass. I expected to find his hard cock mashing up against Thorne's crotch… but instead I found the older man's hand there. I was pleased to discover that both of their hard dicks were out and currently being squeezed together in Thorne's palm. He was jerking his cock as well as his son's all while they kissed deeply.

    I moved one hand lower to tug on Brody's balls and brought the other one to the top of Thorne's fist. Whenever I felt their cockheads I made sure to rub them with my fingers, which quickly became slick from a mix of their juices. They both moaned into one another the first few times I tickled the sensitive knobs with my fingertips, and I felt them both thrust a little harder into Thorne's hand. I synchronized my thrusts into Brody's ass with their motions, and the three of us seemed to melt together into one writhing mass of pleasure.

    The excitement of doing this in front of everyone quickly got us all to the brink. Brody's insides squeezed my cock tightly and I felt myself start to cum, breeding my young boyfriend while he shared an incestuous kiss with his father in the middle of a crowded music hall. As I kissed Brody's neck, I glanced at the father and son who both had their eyes closed and seemed lost in one another. When Brody felt that I was cumming, he started making whimpering sounds and thrusting even faster into his father's grip. My hand that was down there felt Brody's first blast of cum, and I immediately began using it to enhance his climax, making sure it became part of the lubricant around their two cocks.

    A few seconds later, Thorne's load was being added to the mix, and suddenly there was so much cum that I started rubbing it onto their bellies. I smeared it across Thorne's hairy stomach with one hand and over Brody's smooth skin with the other. After that, I knew they probably wanted to taste the results of their hard work, so I brought a few cummy fingers to their joined lips. I immediately felt their two tongues lapping it up, and they both donned satisfied smiles on their faces. They opened their eyes at the same time and I shared an intense moment of eye contact with both of my boyfriends, full of love and male horniness.

    As we came out of the climatic daze, each of us reached down to refasten his pants, trying to be subtle even though there was probably no doubt about what had just been happening. I glanced around and saw a few other guys watching. One raised his plastic cup when he noticed me look at him. Another had clearly been jerking off, facing the wall to conceal that to some degree. I caught a glint of wetness on the wall right in front of the guy's cock as he was putting it away. On the other side of us, two men were making out up against the wall, lost in their mutual passion like we had been just moments before. After downing some more water, my boyfriends and I went back toward the stage to dance some more, cum drying on all three of us.

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