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Do You Wanna Try, Son?

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    The first two days of Memorial Day weekend included some much-needed relaxation for all three of us, interspersed with charged bouts of sucking and fucking. My job had been kicking my ass all month and I knew Dylan and Brody were worn out from their respective school and work obligations. It had gotten so bad that we'd even fallen asleep without having sex a few nights this week! That was a rarity for us, and so we had some catching up to do once Saturday arrived. We didn't leave the apartment at all that day, and today was much the same.

    As the sun was making its way to the western horizon, I was lying in bed with one of my boys on each side of me. Brody had his head on my chest and his hand on my stomach. Dylan had his head on my opposite shoulder, and his fingers were intertwined with my son's, both of them idly playing with the hair on my abdomen. I'd deposited a load in both their asses within the last hour, and we were all basking in the sticky afterglow as the day turned to evening.

    Then, my phone dinged from an incoming text, and I reached over to lift the device slightly to see who it was from. I had to chuckle when I noticed the name. Messages from my old friend Brian were usually a preamble to a round of sexting. After reconnecting with him last year at the Folsom Street Fair, we'd been chatting on and off and I would often get pictures from him that showed off his wrecked man-cunt with the latest load (or usually: loads) he'd taken oozing out of it. That never failed to get me hard, so he'd receive some dick pics from me in return, snapped wherever I happened to be at the moment, whether it was my office or home, or the park or a BART train.

    This time, the picture from Brian was much the same – his cum-soaked, puffy hole, looking very freshly fucked – but the message was different:

    "Wanna come down to the south bay tomorrow and breed this?"

    Intrigued, I responded to see if he was serious. It turned out that he'd been down on the Central Coast for business and was taking the weekend to have some fun before heading home back east. He was planning a trip to a well-known bathhouse tomorrow and was hoping I would come join him. Another message followed: 

    "I'm sure you've got your two boys with you, you should bring them, too. I've got my own boy with me."

    Brian knew that Brody and I shared a boyfriend, and the four of us had enjoyed a pretty epic foursome at the Fair last year, with me flooding Brian's guts with cum while Dylan and Brody were on their knees enjoying his giant cock. I felt my own dick getting hard again from the memory, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by the same two young men whose hands were currently just inches away from my growing tumescence.

    "Damn, Dad," my son said with amusement, "who're you texting with? Seems like it's a pretty good conversation."

    "You guys remember Brian?" I asked, knowing full well that they did. I usually shared his pics with them, and I'd even sent Brian photos of me fucking Dylan and Brody's asses. I'd never explicitly told him that I'd begun fucking my son earlier this year, but the first time Brian saw an image of my cock buried in my son's smooth ass, I was pretty sure the combination of devil, drooling, and fire emojis meant my friend understood what he was seeing.

    "Yeah, I remember him. Why?" Dylan replied, sounding intrigued. Brody's interest was clearly piqued as well, and they both seemed to eagerly await my answer.

    "Wanna meet up with him tomorrow and have some fun?" I said, once again asking a question to which I already knew the answer.

    "What time do we need to leave?" Brody said with a smirk, and I felt his cock bone up as well as he pressed it into my side.

    The bathhouse, known as The Garden, was a sight to behold. The large property was a single building full of various guest rooms, play areas, saunas, and showers. A high wall surrounded a big courtyard, and its central feature was a gorgeous pool. The floor at the deepest part of the pool was only five feet below the surface, so it was perfect for a casual float, a relaxing swim, or a raucous, splashing sex party. A large sun deck and plenty of comfortable cabanas surrounded the pool and completed this oasis of male debauchery in the middle of Silicon Valley.

    Dylan, Brody, and I left our bags and clothes in the room we got for the day. It had a bed and could serve as a private space for two or more guys to play, but today it would probably only be storage for our belongings. My boyfriends and I – I was finally getting used to thinking of my own son as a "boyfriend" too – were all drawn to having fun in public places. Two years ago, I would never have dreamed I'd be at a bathhouse with my son. Now, I was looking forward to fucking him here in front of a large number of guys. But first, we needed to find Brian.

    Brian had a son as well, not much older than Brody, and he had heavily insinuated in the past that they were very open and "close" with one another. When he'd said that he had his "own boy" with him, I'd wondered if he meant his actual son Jesse or if he was just referring to a younger fuck buddy. He'd never sent me a picture of his son but I knew he was tall and muscular like his father. Brian said they worked out together often.

    Once we got to the courtyard, we strolled around looking for our friend. There were several naked men getting some sun on the loungers, and a few more in the pool. A burly bear was getting orally serviced as he sat at one edge of the pool, and I saw several other groups of two or three men engaged in various carnal activities in the nearby cabanas. The largest of the tents had a big group of guys crowded around some action, and before we even got close I had a pretty good idea who was going to be right in the middle.

    Just as I suspected, once we were able to peer over the shoulders of some onlookers, I was treated to the sight of Brian with three cocks in him. He was sprawled on a pool lounger with a bigger man underneath him, their chests pressed together. Brian was impaled on that guy's cock, and another dude was positioned between their spread legs, also balls-deep in my friend's stretched fuckhole. From our vantage point, we could see both cocks thrusting in and out, sometimes alternating and sometimes slamming into him right at the same moment.

    Brian moaned as they abused his ass, but his sounds were mostly muffled by the cock sliding in and out of his mouth. It belonged to a towering bodybuilder type who looked like he was about to blow the load of his life down this slutty dad's throat.

    "Holy shit," I heard Brody whisper. I reminded myself that although my son had been to sex parties in San Francisco before, this was his first trip to a real bathhouse. The sight before us looked like it was right out of a porn scene. Like many of the men around us, the three of us had towels around our waists, and Brody was already reaching through the folds of his to play with his hardening cock. This was going to be a fun day!

    We watched as Brian's holes continued to be roughly used, and I had to start stroking my own hard-on when I saw an older guy step up close to Brian and blow a load right onto his face. My old friend never slowed down as it happened, sucking the cock in his mouth eagerly as one side of his shaved head was coated with jizz.

    Soon after that, he was swallowing another load, and then the two guys fucking him both started unleashing their DNA deep inside him. I knew Brian had been here for about an hour already, and I suspected these two loads were far from the only ones that had been deposited inside him so far. As they recovered, the three men pulled their cocks out of Brian and I was amazed at how long the one in his throat was when its head finally appeared. Brian leaned forward to catch a pearl of cum that was still oozing from the tip, and licked his lips as he looked at us and smiled. Then, he stood up and walked the few steps over to us.

    "Thorne!" Brian said with all the charm and friendliness I remembered so well. "It's good to see you, buddy!" He pulled me into a hug that lasted several seconds, and then proceeded to greet Brody and Dylan in the same way. The side of his face still had a fair amount of cum running down it, some dripping from his jaw down onto his smooth and muscular chest.

    We chatted for a moment, mostly a quick catch-up. He told us he was pleased to see that our "arrangement" (as he called it) was still going strong, and that he was grateful we could join him.

    "But here... you gotta meet Jesse!" he said, looking over to the pool area and beckoning us to follow. I smiled, glad to know that it was indeed his son here with him. My smile got bigger when I realized that Jesse was one of the hot guys laid out by the pool, displaying his physique to everyone. His body hair, what little there was, was closely trimmed. Brian was smooth all over, and seeing the two of them standing together was even hotter than I expected. Even if Brian hadn't (discreetly) introduced Jesse to us as his son, it would have been obvious. They had the same nose and jawline and, as we quickly observed, the same contagious laugh. I wondered how many of the bathhouse patrons had guessed or at least suspected they were related. For a brief moment, I found myself wishing that Brody and I looked more obviously like father and son, if only for the kinky aspect of it now that we were lovers as well.

    Though not as endowed as his father, Jesse's cock was still quite substantial, and the silicone cockring he was wearing was keeping it plump. I noticed Brody's eyes darting to it repeatedly while everyone was introduced, and it reminded me of the way he had eyed Brian's package when we'd run into him at Folsom. I knew before the end of the day, my son would probably have had both the father's and son's cocks in his mouth, and the thought made mine chub up.

    "So, Dad," Jesse said when a relaxed lull found its way to the conversation. "What's your count so far?"

    "Just got numbers five and six, and swallowed another one," Brian said in a cocky tone.

    "Fuck... you're such a slut," Jesse said proudly, sounding excited by the words. He looked around at all of us with a sly grin, and then turned back to his father and added, "Go 'head then, show us your cunt."
   Brian just grinned and looked at us all briefly before turning and bending over across the pool lounger that his son had been lying on a few minutes earlier. He kept his knees far apart and arched his back, giving us the best possible view of his ass. 

    "Oh, fuck..." I heard Dylan whisper. Brian's destroyed and dripping hole was a sight to behold. The edges were thick and puffy, with one side seeming to hang down a little from its own swollen weight. It was gaped about half an inch open and showed no sign of twitching or tightening. The pink tissue glistened as the sunlight hit it, and a thick glob of cum suddenly appeared and slid across the distended lower edge of the sphincter. As it dripped down the back of Brian's heavy nutsack, I was reminded of a similar sight that I saw over a decade ago, the morning after I first met Brian. He'd been naked (save for an apron) in my kitchen and making breakfast for my son and me. He'd gotten down on the floor to pick up a dropped utensil, exposing his freshly fucked hole and squeezing some of my cum out, just like he was doing right now.

    Now, I took in the sexy sight, and Brody and Dylan did the same thing. Jesse stepped close to his father and swatted him across the ass, causing his cheeks to clench and squeeze out even more of the cum that had just been deposited inside him.

    "Fuck, look at that..." Jesse said as he gazed with admiration at his father's dripping man-cunt. He moved his hand and traced one edge of the opening with two fingers, eliciting a hissed intake of breath from Brian, who closed his eyes and looked lost in a wave of bliss. Then, Jesse looked up at Dylan, who had a hungry look on his face that I knew well. It usually preceded Brody getting an intense fucking. But right now, my boyfriend had his eye on this magnificent orifice in front of us.

    "You wanna give it a try?" Jesse asked, and Dylan whispered an enthusiastic acceptance. I loved the idea that Brian's son was here primarily to pimp out his father's ass to anyone who was interested. I wondered just how long they'd been doing this sort of thing together.

    Jesse, Brody, and I watched intently as Dylan slid his hard cock into Brian's slick hole, going balls-deep without any kind of resistance.

    "Holy shit... He's tighter than I thought, once you go in," Dylan said with surprise and glee. I smiled, remembering that same feeling the last time I fucked Brian. As Dylan grabbed the older man's hips to get started on some serious fucking, Jesse turned his face to me and smiled.

    "So, my dad says I owe you a blowjob," he stated matter-of-factly, and I recalled the words Brian said to me after my son had sucked his sock last year:

    "Maybe I should have my son suck your cock sometime..."

    At the time, I hadn't been sure if he was cracking a joke, but clearly he'd meant it, and he had even informed Jesse of it.

    "Well, I'll happily accept payment now if you're offering," I replied. Jesse looked at me with a mischievous expression and then crouched down. He took my cock in his hand and stroked it a few times before bringing it to his mouth. Starting off slowly but with careful attention to my entire head and shaft, the muscular young man began licking and tasting me, occasionally teasing me by briefly taking the whole thing in his mouth and then pulling off again. He seemed to enjoy looking up at Brody as he worked, and clearly got off on the fact that it was my son standing there watching us. After a few minutes, he removed my cock from his mouth and stroked me slowly while he spoke to my son.

    "You really wanna get down here and join me, don't you?" Jesse asked, waving my hard-on in Brody's direction.

    "Fuck yes," was my son's only reply, and in a flash he was crouched down next to Jesse. Brian's son clearly relished the chance to feed my cock to Brody, and he was using his other hand to stroke my son's cock while it happened. Soon, they transitioned to sharing my cock between their mouths, and several times I had to focus on holding back an orgasm, knowing that we still had a lot of time and fun ahead of us. Plus, I wanted to add my load to Brian's ass (and his total count for the day).

    Dylan was going to do it first though, which was obvious by the grunting and moaning he was doing as his thrusts into Brian slowed and then stopped. The look on Brian's face made it obvious that he was getting more and more wound up as he took my boyfriend's load.

    When Dylan pulled out, Brian let him know he wanted to use his mouth to clean off the cock that had just bred him, a need Dylan was happy to oblige. This left Brian's hole empty, a state that I knew was not its preferred one. Jesse seemed to be thinking along the same lines, and he gently nudged me in the direction of his father's backside, as he and Brody stopped the work they'd been doing with their lips and tongues.

    I could feel the warmth of Dylan's cum around my cock as I slid into Brian, and then I took a moment to enjoy the soft but firm grip of his muscles as I got deep into him. Opening my eyes after a moment. I leaned forward and made out with Dylan as we both thrust into Brian from opposite ends. As we pulled back from one another, I noticed Dylan looking over my shoulder. I turned to see what had his attention, and I was just in time to see Jesse's long dick sliding into my son's ass. Brody let out a long groan of pleasure as Brian's son slowly pushed deeper into him. As Jesse finally entered him balls-deep, my son looked at me, and I could tell he was having the time of his life.



    The Garden was amazing. I'd always thought of bathhouses as being totally indoors, dark and cavernous with slings and leather benches in mirrored rooms. And they had all of that here, inside the building. But the outdoor space was far better than anything I'd expected, and truly I preferred to have sex in the open air anytime I had the option; preferably with other men around to watch.

    Although getting it on in this location didn't have the same transgressive feel as sex in an "inappropriate" place (this being a bathhouse and all), the fact that so many other men were openly watching and playing was an incredible turn-on. Some of them maybe even suspected that in our group of five, there were not one but two father-son duos!

    When Jesse started fucking me, I found it an unexpected thrill, getting railed while both Dad and Dylan were watching me. I was no stranger to them seeing me like this of course, but usually it was one of them plowing my ass while the other looked on. Now, I was showing off my bottoming skills to both of them, and it filled me with a sense of pride. While I was sure that Brian was treating their cocks to some incredible sensations, I could also see in their eyes that they envied Jesse for getting to drill my ass.

    Jesse started going at me ever harder after that, and my thoughts lost focus for a while. I could hear Brian whimpering next to me, his voice still made softer by his mouthful of Dylan. This was all so fucking hot, and such a departure from anything I'd done up to this point. I already knew I wanted to come back to this place again, where so many eyes could be on me and I didn't need to worry about getting caught or being exposed. Then a loud voice brought me back to reality.

    "Hey Thorne!" Jesse suddenly said as he pulled my ass back into his hips and ground his cock deep into me. "Wanna switch places?"

    The thought of Dad fucking me in front of all these people made me even fucking hornier! I wanted to show them all how deep our love went, even if they didn't know we were father and son. But Jesse DID know, and he made it clear he wanted to see what our limits were. And of course, at the same time he was proposing that he fuck his own father as well. There didn't seem to be any limits between the two of them either, and that knowledge got me even more turned on.

    My dad must have responded nonverbally because I felt Jesse's cock leave my ass a moment after he spoke, and I sensed him and my father trading positions. My eyes were closed the whole time – I was just waiting to feel that perfect and familiar sensation of my father's cockhead pressing up against, and then past, my twitching hole. When it happened though, I made sure to open my eyes. I wanted to see every single face watching us. I wanted to know how many people were witnessing my own father fuck me.

    We kept going like that for uncountable minutes. It was heaven! The times I looked over at Dylan, he looked in awe of what was happening to him and to me. I wasn't sure if he'd even gotten soft, since Brian had started sucking him just a few seconds after his cumshot. But clearly Dylan was now back to full hardness, and he was enjoying holding Brian's head with both hands and fucking the older man's face in rapid spurts.

    "Fuck, Brody," I heard Jesse say in between breaths, "it's so hot to finally meet you. Not everyone can get how Dad and I are cool with all this. And I see you guys are as well. This is something special that most guys will never get to experience."

    "Mhm," I grunted, unable to say much else while my father fucked me so well.

    "You ever fuck your dad's ass, Brody? Cuz if not, you gotta try, man. It's soooo fucking good," Jesse continued while thrusting inside his own father.

    That put the thought into my brain, one that I rarely indulged in. Not just topping – which was a rare thing for me to do on its own – but topping my father. That was rare for Dad, too. In fact, I knew my father's last time bottoming was sometime before I had been born. Not even Dylan had gotten to fuck him yet! Dad was a total top, and I never questioned that. But now, watching Brian getting fucked by his own son seemed to put some novel thoughts in Dad's head as well.

    "Do you wanna try, Son?" I heard my father's voice say from behind me, and I felt his hands grip my hips tighter at the same time. Was he serious? Dad sometimes joked around but this didn't seem like a time where he'd be teasing. Did he really want me to fuck him?!

    "Yeah, if... if you do," I replied, taking a moment to glance over at Dylan as well. His cock still sliding almost all the way in-and-out from between Brian's lips, he looked at me with an eager and encouraging expression that nearly made me laugh. Dylan didn't say anything out loud, but his eyes seemed to tell me "Go for it!"

    I felt Dad pull his cock out of my ass. Then, his hand was on the small of my back, pushing me partway into a standing position. I was a bit in awe as I watched my father get down on all fours in front of me and turn to expose his ass to me. Dylan looked at us with excitement. His two boyfriends: about to break new ground!

    I got behind Dad and grabbed his waist, wondering how well he would be able to take me this first time. My cock was pretty thick, nearly as thick as his. But as it turned out, he didn't need any help at all. My cock slid into his hairy hole, slowly but steadily, and it took less than a minute for me to get in all the way. Dad was... REALLY tight. For a few minutes, it was right up to the point of things being uncomfortable. But then, something seemed to click, or perhaps he was just remembering how to relax himself in just the right way. In a flash, there was less resistance, and more frequent moans of pleasure from my father. I took it all to mean that I was doing well. I hadn't topped anyone since I was in high school, and I wanted to make sure I was hitting Dad right where he needed it the most. My efforts were successful, and my father was soon moaning loudly and pushing back against me as I thrusted.

    When I glanced up at Dylan again, he was fixated on the two of us and was slowing down his thrusts into Brian's face. I could tell what was about to happen a few seconds before it did. My father's eyes were closed as he focused on the feeling of my cock in his ass. So he was a little surprised when the wet head of Dylan's cock suddenly pressed up against his lips. Dad opened his eyes, and a smile spread across his face right before he opened his mouth to suck on our boyfriend's cock.

    For the first time, Dylan and I spit-roasted my dad. It was probably the last thing I'd expected to happen today, but that only made it so much more thrilling. The five of us together had what seemed to be an infectious intensity. The dozens of men around us were also going pretty vigorously in groups of two, three, or more. The "chill pool party" vibe had shifted. This was now a full-blown orgy, with us in the center.

    It all got to be too much for my brain, and my climax rushed up with unexpected speed. Before I knew it, I was breeding my father's ass! I kept fucking him, gripping on to his hips for balance, since my knees were feeling shaky. It was only as things started to subside that I realized Dylan was cumming as well, dumping his second load of the day down my father's throat. My eyes met Dylan's and we exchanged a loving stare as we both started to breathe normally again.

    Brian and Jesse started to cum nearly at the same time, and we both turned our heads to watch another son seed his father's hole. It was truly an honor to see it, and an amazing experience to share in. Dad had blown his load too, and the amount of cum in and around us all was a little staggering. Brian's hole had semen literally pouring out of it for a couple of seconds after Jesse withdrew his cock, and when he stepped around to put that cock in front of Brian's face, his father treated him to the same eager cleanup service that Dylan had received earlier. I knew we'd all be taking at least a few minutes to recover, and I also knew that even if I spent the rest of the time here dozing on a pool lounger, it would still be one of the top sexual experiences in my life (pun intended). As for Brian, it was clear to me just from looking at his face that he wasn't done. He was going for a high count, after all. With his son's sperm in his asshole, Brian got up and moved to the next group of eager breeders close to us, while Jesse got to lie back and watch his father be the cumslut that he loved.

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