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Daddy's Cumming

Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 

Cowritten with: Joe


    My first week in the States was spent worrying about bureaucracy and going to interviews with Rachel, trying to prove that our marriage was legitimate. I thought it would be a piece of cake (we had a child, for fuck's sake!) but as it turns out, I'd have to wait fuck knows how long before getting my visa.

    Unable to get a job without it, I was put on daddy duty. Luckily, money wasn't an issue for now. Rachel already had a job lined up, and her parents let us stay in their apartment for as long as we needed, so at least that was taken care of. Sure, I was nervous as fuck to have to take care of J.J. all on my own, but that's the reason I'd moved here after all. I had a dad who was always there for me (which is more than some of my mates could say), and I wanted to be there for my son.

    And as it turned out, J.J. spent most of the day sleeping, which made my job much easier. I had plenty of time to deal with my paperwork, and have a wank whenever I needed a break. Which was several times a day. I had a pretty healthy sexual appetite, even for a guy my age; I could blow two or three loads during the day, and still have plenty of energy to fuck my girl's brains out a couple of times times at night. 

    Other than our son, that's the main reason Rachel and I were together: we were both fucking insatiable! We'd already managed to get on our neighbors' bad side by fucking loudly at all hours of the night. They would start banging on the wall, but that only made me fuck harder. I just hoped this wouldn't change once Rachel's brother Casey moved in with us in a few days. 

    After a particularly frustrating series of phone calls one day ("I'm sorry, sir, I don't have any update on the status of your request." "I'm sorry, you need to call this number for information on that." Christ, Americans were so bloody friendly when they were telling you to fuck off), I grabbed a beer from the fridge and needed to relax. I checked in on J.J. and he was sleeping peacefully. I came back into the living room and sat on the couch with a thud. I grabbed my phone and checked some of my usual porn sites, starting with the #1 trending video. 

    "Fucking my step-sister during dinner with our parents," I chuckled. What was up with all these "step" videos lately? I remembered the guy back home who paid my dad and me to watch us jerk off together. Apparently family content was more popular than you'd think.

    Of course, the video was fake as fuck, but at least the young actress was hot. I sipped on my beer as I watched the four actors pretend (badly) to be a family. The "brother and sister" kept playing footsie under the table, and the girl was spreading her legs open, flashing her pussy with no panties on.

    I was already in my underwear, which is how I usually walked around the house, and I started to grab myself through the fabric. As usual, I was hard in no time. I had a few more swigs of beer, and reached for my cigarettes. Smoking wasn't allowed anywhere in this building, but I sure as hell wasn't about to go outside.

    I got up and opened the large window so the smoke detector wouldn't go off. Across the street, a man was watering his plants at his window. We locked eyes, and I could tell he was staring at my crotch. We weren't so far from each other, so he could probably notice I was hard as I rock. I made my cock pulse in my tight underwear a couple of times, bouncing up and down. I swear, the look on the man's face was priceless! I smirked, and went back to the couch. I lit up, and continued with my video.

    The girl had now spilled water all over herself, making her white T-shirt transparent. Because her chair was wet, she went to sit in her "brother's" lap. (Yeah, sure, because that makes sense.) The storyline was ridiculous, but the girl kinda looked like Rachel, which was an added turn-on. The young man slipped his hand in between her legs, fingering her, while their "parents" sat across the table from them.

    "I wonder if I could do this with Rachael?" I pondered. Now THAT would be fucking hot, fingering her while having dinner with her folks. And she was just crazy enough to let me try something like that.

    I put my phone on the armrest of the couch. With my cigarette between my lips, I pulled my underwear down and my uncut dick sprung out. I grabbed my cock with one hand and tugged gently on my nuts with the other. My foreskin was moving up and down my head, making it more sensitive with each move. 

    The young actress was now discreetly pulling down the guy's shorts, leading his dick to her pussy. He put his cock inside her as she sat on his lap and started to bounce up and down, while still pretending to talk to their parents. I jerked my cock in tandem with their fucking. I was hard as a rock, and my precum was lubing me up, making me stroke faster. 

    Wrapped up in my wank, I didn't notice I was getting ash all over myself and the couch. I took a few deep inhales and finished off the cig, before going back to jerking off with both hands again. I was stroking faster now, getting close to that sweet spot. On screen, the camera was zooming in on the action. My head was spinning. And just as I was about to shoot, a loud wailing came from the bedroom.

    "Hold on, J.J.! Daddy's coming," I said, squirming. "Ahh, Daddy's cumming!"

    And with that, I shot a load high into the air, followed by another, then another, until finally my orgasm slowly started to subside, leaving me hazy and very content. I gave myself only a couple of seconds to recover, before getting back to daddy duty.


    The day after I moved to New York, I spent most of the day unpacking and getting as set up and organized as possible. I stayed in my room, trying to keep out of my brother-in-law's way. 

    I was avoiding Jaxon because I didn't want to bother him, but also because I felt weird around him. Not necessarily in a bad way, just... weird. He seemed to think walking around in his underwear was perfectly acceptable. Now I think about it, I'd known him for 24 hours and I was yet to see him put any proper clothes on. 

    Although to be fair, if I looked like him I would probably show off as well. His body was phenomenal, and his tattoos drew even more attention to it. I needed to get a grip and control my staring. We were living together now, and I couldn't be drooling over my own brother-in-law!

    I didn't venture out of my room until the evening, when I heard my sister get back from work. I walked to the living room and caught Rachel in the adjoining kitchen, pouring herself a glass of water.

    "How's it going?" she asked, and she sounded sincere.

    "Pretty good," I replied. Granted, spending the day in my room wasn't exactly thrilling, but I was about to start school soon, which would change everything.

    "Chinese for dinner?" Rachel asked next and threw me a takeout menu. After a day of unpacking and starving myself, Chinese food sounded incredible! It was delivered quickly, and pretty soon the three of us were sitting in the living room, watching some stupid TV show that Rachel had picked, and eating our food. 

    I watched as Rachel and Jaxon sat on the couch together, Jaxon using his fork to scarf down his food as he watched the TV, and Rachel casually eating her dinner while constantly checking her phone. I had placed my plate on the coffee table in front of me and was eating as delicately as was possible in the situation. 

    After a while, we all relaxed into our seats, Rachel and Jaxon on the couch, and me on the armchair next to them, all pretty absentmindedly watching the TV. It wasn't long before the two of them snuggled up closer together. I mindlessly scrolled through my phone as the sound of the TV sort of faded away. 

    A little bit later, I looked up and noticed Rachel and Jaxon were now kissing. To be expected of a new couple that had just recently moved in together, I guess. I kept looking at my phone, trying to ignore them, even if the sound of them making out was getting louder and louder. 

    I couldn't help but look up from my phone again, and saw them going at it pretty heavily. Their tongues were in each other's mouths, and their hands were slowly starting to roam all over each other. I felt awkward; I didn't know if I should leave or if that would make me more noticeable. I tried to ignore them and keep looking at my phone, but it was easier said than done. I saw Jaxon putting his arm around Rachel's waist and pulling her in tight. They continued to kiss and it continued to feel more and more passionate. Jaxon reached for her breast and grabbed it gently, his thumb moving to seemingly massage her nipple. I felt my dick start to rise. 

    "Mmm," I heard a soft moan, and Rachel and Jaxon started to whisper to each other and giggle. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I could only imagine. 

    "Are you kidding me?!" I thought. This was gross! Yet somehow, I couldn't look away. I was hypnotized by what Jaxon was doing. His hand continued to creep lower, reaching around my sister's waist, and they started making out again.

    I was completely hard by now. Jaxon was still in his underwear and I kept trying to catch a glimpse of his crotch, to see if he possibly had an erection. Unfortunately, because of the way he was leaning against my sister I couldn't see, but after all this kissing and petting, I wouldn't be surprised if he was hard.

    Jaxon's hand slipped lower, to Rachel's ass, almost right between her ass cheeks. He started to kiss her neck now and move lower, his lips landing further and further down her cleavage with each kiss. I would be afraid he would catch me looking if he wasn't so absorbed in what he was doing. And then, Jaxon's hand slipped further down, until it was right between her legs.

    "I have to pee," I said suddenly, as if they were paying any attention to me, and I practically ran into the bathroom. I closed the door and leaned against it, breathing. What was wrong with me?! This was my brother-in-law! And that was my sister. My mind flashed again to Jaxon's hand floating down his wife's ass. His heavily-tattooed fingers stood out against the white shorts Rachel was wearing. NO! Get these thoughts out of my head.

    But my next thought was of Jaxon and me. Standing close to each other in that tight elevator yesterday, after he'd left the apartment in just his underwear. Seeing him sweat right next to me. Being able to smell him. The tight boxers he was wearing. Suddenly, I looked down. His boxers! The same gray boxers he had been wearing the day before were now lying on the bathroom floor.

    My dick strained in my shorts painfully. I picked up my brother-in-law's boxers as if in a trance. I just looked at them, as my hand absentmindedly went to my dick. I saw the stains on them, took in the size of them. And then I smelled them.

    I took the crotch of the boxers to my nose and inhaled as much as I could. My senses were in a frenzy as I imagined the sweat, the cum, and the piss that all had to be mixed onto this fabric. I breathed in as deeply as I could. I felt high.

    My dick was out and I was stroking it without really even realizing it. I felt like I was on the verge of cumming for what felt like an eternity. I continued to smell his underwear, feeling it pressed against my face, almost making it difficult to breathe. The only air I could take in was filled with Jaxon's scent. I felt my body start to get closer and closer. I held the underwear against my chest. And then, I pressed the crotch of Jaxon's boxers against my own dick. Feeling the place where his cock had been, now against mine, I started to feel dizzy. I felt the power of his cock against me.

    I stifled a moan and breathed heavily. I came in the toilet, with my brother-in-law's underwear rubbing against my cock. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me. It was the most intense orgasm I had had in my life. My knees buckled and I had to catch myself.

    I placed the boxers carefully down, as exactly as I could, trying to bring them as close to the position they were in as my fevered brain could remember. I buttoned up my pants, took a deep breath, and opened the door. "I will never do that again!" I told myself. But I did. Many, many times.

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