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Public Cum Receptacle


    "Ready when you are," the text said. I smiled, put my phone down, and headed to the garage.

    There, I was treated to the sight of a hard dick pulsing and waiting for me to take it in my mouth. I walked up to it and dropped to my knees, before wrapping my fingers around its shaft and licking my lips.

    I had no idea who the cock belonged to, not even now. The oval-shaped hole it was poking through was 10 inches in height and 6 inches wide. I know, because I'd cut it out of the plywood myself, carefully sandpapering it until I was certain it was fully smooth. Generally, I thought it was safe to assume that most men would appreciate not getting splinters in their balls, even if some might enjoy it.

    It was this visitor's first time here. This morning, we'd exchanged precisely three messages each before he arrived. I never saw a picture of him, nor did I care to. Now, as I knelt in front of his cock and stroked it, I took a few seconds to observe and analyze. A white guy, probably. Cut dick, with a very visible circ scar. Shorter than average, maybe 4.5", but nice girth. His cock was surrounded by a forest of long, unruly pubes in black and gray. Likely in his 50s, if not older. A large gut was hanging above his cock. Just as I wrapped my lips around the aroused cockhead, the man's left hand reached down to adjust his low-hanging balls. And there it was. A wedding ring on his hairy finger. Although possible that he had a husband, I was willing to bet anything he had a wife and several kids at home, waiting for him right now. 

    I started to suck the stranger's cockhead while stroking his shaft. I heard him let out a loud exhale on the other side of the plywood wall. I wondered when was the last time he got his dick sucked. Days, months, years? There was a TV set to play porn on his side of the divider, but he either hadn't bothered to switch it on or he left it on mute. I unwrapped my right hand from around his cock and used it to play with his balls instead, as I moved my face forward and started to deep-throat him. It wasn't hard; he didn't even hit the back of my throat. I went fast; one of his three texts had said he didn't have much time. Maybe the missus wanted to go visit her parents, or his kids needed someone to drive them to soccer practice. I wanted a cock up my ass, but this man had said he wasn't "into that," besides, I doubt he would've been able to last more than a couple of minutes anyway.

    Indeed, a few moments later and he was already shooting his jizz down my throat. I didn't mind; sometimes I even preferred men who came quickly, if I was on a quest to take as many loads as possible. He may not have a big dick, but he shot out a HUGE load! As used as I was to swallowing, it still took me by surprise and I struggled to take all of it down, as the horny stranger kept shooting load after load after load of his cum down my gullet, his balls contracting in my hand. 

    After guzzling all the sperm, I waited a few seconds before slowly pulling back. With nothing but the tip of the unknown man's dick in my mouth, I sucked on it a few more times just to make sure he was all dry. He was barely out of my mouth when he started putting up his jeans and buckling up.

    "Thanks," was the one word I heard his husky voice say, before he let himself out without me laying eyes on him. I heard his car start in my driveway, and he was off.

    I walked a few feet to a door that led to the other side of the plywood wall. I always checked out the place after a visitor, to see what state they'd left it in. The TV was on, but there was no movie playing, it was just the start-up screen. The TV had a USB drive in it, full of pirated movies organized in four folders: STRAIGHT, GAY, BI, and TRANS. I wanted to cater to as wide of an audience as possible. I switched off the screen and looked around. The man hadn't touched any of the other stuff. The poppers were all still closed, as were the bottles of lube and water I left for people to use. No used tissues, either. I used to stock Viagra here as well, but some guys would steal it so I stopped doing that. At times I found tips here that people would leave me, even though that's definitely not what I was after and I never asked for it. Still, it was kinda nice and flattering to have someone do it. The most I got was a $100 bill, from a guy who fucked me through the gloryhole for over two hours. I made a donation to charity that week; I didn't need the money anyway.

    I left the garage and went back up to my room. In the short while that I was gone, I'd received over a dozen messages. It was a Saturday, so lots of men were looking for release today. I advertised my gloryhole on multiple sites and apps that allowed that kind of stuff, and even though it occasionally had its slow days, I usually had no problem finding someone who wanted to unload. Some of them were regulars, and had been for years now. Some fucked me through the hole, others got an invitation to come up to my bedroom after. I'd made a surprising amount of friends this way, including other bottoms who occasionally joined me on my side of the wall, servicing a cock together with me.

    Alas, I had a busy weekend ahead, so I wouldn't be getting nearly as many loads as I wanted to. Next week was my best friend Kris's bachelor party, and as his best man I was the one in charge of it. I wasn't thrilled about throwing a straight bachelor party, but I was determined to make it the hottest thing Kris has even been to. Strippers, booze, cocaine; I went the whole nine yards. In a while, Kris would be coming over to my place to go through some things for the wedding. His fiancée and their wedding planner were handling most of it, but my buddy needed to make some decisions as well, which is when he turned to me. 

    "So what've you been up to this morning?" Kris asked an hour later, sitting in my kitchen and having coffee with me.

    "Not much," I replied. "Gave this guy a quick blowjob and sorta just putzed around until you got here."

    "What guy, anyone you know? Anyone I know?" Kris chuckled.

    "Nah, some random man online. A quick blow-and-go. Tasted good, though. Huuuge load."

    Kris knew all about my gloryhole. All of my closest friends did, but Kris was the only straight one. He'd seen my garage and was amazed by my dedication to it all.

    "I still think you should be careful about letting strangers in your house," my friend cautioned me for the umpteenth time. "Look at you, you're a catch! You ain't gotta hide behind a wall in order to score."

    "The anonymity is such a turn on, though," I said. "And it's so much easier to get guys to come when they know no one's gonna see them, not even me. Straight married men are by far my biggest demo."

    "Really?!" he asked, surprised.

    "Yeah. I mean, this is San Francisco, openly gay men have plenty of places to go. Straight and closeted guys on the other hand, guys on the DL, they love shit like this."

    "Well if they're getting sucked by you, or fucking you, they're not really straight, are they?" was Kris's reaction.

    "Maybe, maybe not. For most of them, I'm just a hole to unload in, and I love that. Being a public cum receptacle," I added, getting a little turned on to be talking like this to my best friend.

    Kris just shook his head and laughed. He was used to explicit sex talk, both coming from me as well as others. Kris's dad and older brother were both notorious playboys who loved talking about tits and pussies, so there wasn't much Kris hadn't heard before.

    Kris's family was our next topic of conversation. He confirmed that his older brother Josh was flying over from London for the bachelor party.

    "Good, cuz it's gonna be insane! I'm flying some of the girls out all the way from New York and Vegas," I teased, and watched my buddy's hand casually land between his legs.

    Kris ended up spending the rest of the day at my place. After we were done with the wedding planning, we played some video games and had a few beers, which led to ordering pizza and acting like two teenagers all evening. I'd recently turned 25 and Kris was about to follow suit soon, so it felt nice to experience a throwback moment of adolescence before losing my friend to married life.

    After switching from beer to scotch, our conversations started to get even raunchier than usual. Kris kept making jokes about my gloryhole, something he often did when he was drunk. He tried playing it off as banter, but a part of me wondered if he might be interested in it more than he normally let on. With his inhibitions down, maybe he was revealing something that he normally tried to suppress? I decided to prod and see if I could get my buddy to come out of his shell.

    "C'mon, admit it, you'd use a gloryhole yourself, wouldn't you?" I asked shortly after midnight.

    "What, as the one getting my cock sucked? Nah."
   Oh! Interesting.

    "How bout the one doing the sucking?" I said.

    "I don't know... Maybe," my friend replied and suddenly started to blush. I was shocked, but I didn't want to show it and scare him off. Instead, I just went to sit on the floor next to him and put my arm around his shoulder.

    As far as I knew, my friend had never had a sexual experience with another male, not since... that time. Kris and I were both 12. I'd been watching gay porn for a couple of years by that point and I knew what I wanted. I knew I was gay. I wanted to try a cock, and who better to ask than my best friend? Kris had let me do it. Since we were kids and it was our first time, it was gonna be awkward no matter what, but I enjoyed it. Kris tried to be cool, but he was probably freaked out by it. Soon afterwards, he started dating girls, and we never spoke of the blowjob again. I was just glad that I didn't lose my best friend over it. Now, to hear him say this all these years later...

    "Are you tryna tell me what you'd be open to sucking a cock?" I asked, my arm still around my buddy's shoulder.

    "Possibly," he admitted. "I mean, you DO make it sound fun."

    "Well maybe you should! And hey, the gloryhole might be the perfect solution. The anonymity might make it easier. And I'll be there to coach you, if you want me to."

    "Oh my god, you're serious?" Kris tried to feign a laugh, but I could tell you he was interested as well. "I dunno man, I'm getting married."

    "Which is precisely why you should do it before the wedding! Isn't it better for everyone for you to go into married life knowing as much about your sexuality as possible?"

    Frankly, I only half-meant what I said. The other half was my horny, pervy side, getting turned on by the idea of teaching my best friend how to suck a cock.

    "You're crazy, man! Time to go to sleep," Kris said and patted my bare knee. He got up and I heard him taking a piss with the door open before going to my guest room and passing out.

    The next day, Kris slept in and I didn't want to wake him up, so I had breakfast alone. Like every Sunday, I was inundated with messages from prospective gloryhole users who needed their balls drained. I wasn't interested in inviting anyone over, not with Kris in the house, until I got a text from one of my favorite regulars.

    M had been coming to (and cumming in) my garage for three years now, almost every Sunday. He'd lost his wife and two young kids in a car crash a few years back, and he drove past my house on his way back from the cemetery. I only ever knew him by his first initial. I'd never seen his face, but I'd heard a lot of his voice. After fucking a few times while barely exchanging any words, we started to chat more and more through the gloryhole. Sometimes, I would leave a bottle of wine on his side of the plywood wall. I would have one on my side as well, and we'd spend a couple of hours, post-coitally, just talking and connecting and laughing together. It made for the weirdest dates I'd ever been on, but I loved it.

    M was driving by my house today as well, and texted to see if I was free. With Kris still asleep, I figured I might as well. Fifteen minutes later, I was in my garage with M's cock buried balls-deep in my ass. He had a skinny but long cock, and he knew just how to use it! I moaned out loudly as he drilled my ass, hitting my prostate with each thrust. My yells probably echoed around the entire house, possibly even waking Kris up, but I didn't care about that right now. I was too far gone. I wanted to make M cum and give him the "highlight of his week," as he often put it.

    After a while, M pulled out of my ass and used a tissue to wipe the lube and ass juices off his dick. I knew that this was a sign for me to go back down on my knees and suck him off some more. We often went back and forth like this. I took that beautiful hard dick in my mouth again, gently holding his smooth-shaved ball sack. And then...

    "Hey," the door behind me opened and a voice said softly, almost whispering. It turned to see Kris, in nothing but the gray boxer briefs he wore to sleep, pitching a tent with his morning erection. For the first time in over ten years, I had my best friend standing with a boner in front of me.

    "Hey," I smiled, M's cock still half in my mouth. "Wanna join?"

    I knew Kris wasn't here to ask where I kept the cereal. He'd probably heard my moans of ecstasy and thought back of last night's conversation. Maybe he was even a little drunk, still.

    On the other side of the wall, M shifted suddenly, probably surprised to hear another person walking in here.

    "Hey, I got my buddy here. Do you mind if he joins us?" I asked M.

    "Sure," he replied briefly through the gloryhole.

    Slowly, Kris moved closer to me.

    "Don't be nervous," I encouraged him, and a couple of seconds later Kris was on his knees on my right, watching me suck a cock up close. 

    "Wanna try?" I pulled the cock out of my mouth with my right hand and offered it to my friend, as if offering him to share a popsicle. For some reason – maybe because of our history – Kris made me feel like a playful child again.

    "Okay," Kris's eyes seemed to say. He reached over with one hand and wrapped it around the hilt of M's dick. 

    "It's my friend's first time, so I'm gonna be coaching him," I said to M before speaking to Kris again. "Now, the most important thing is to watch your teeth. Make sure you use your lips to cover them."

    My buddy looked both nervous and excited. He took half of the cock in his mouth and started sucking on it. I realized that just moments before, M's dick had been up my ass, and now it was my best friend who was tasting it.

    For an amateur, Kris wasn't bad. He sucked M's cockhead while stroking his shaft, before taking more and more in his mouth, almost burying his nose in M's neatly trimmed pubes. I put my right hand in my buddy's hair and stroked it, like praising a puppy who was doing a good job. When I thought he could take more, I gently pushed Kris in until he gagged on the dick, and then I let him come up for air. We did this several times, each time going deeper, until Kris was getting his throat properly fucked by M.

    "Mmmm!" M moaned in pleasure on the other side, and I saw Kris crack a smile. M started to thrust more aggressively, and I held Kris's head back, pushing him in. He would occasionally gag and drool all over himself, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. I was proud of my friend. So proud, in fact, that I was even willing to let him have M's sperm, which I normally looked forward to taking up my ass or down my throat every Sunday.

    M started to hump faster, and I could tell he was getting close. Kris gagged, saliva and precum running down his chin. 

    "You gonna swallow?" I asked, still holding his head, and he nodded. "Good boy."

    M fucked Kris's face faster, and when he started to moan out loud I knew he was shooting his load down my friend's throat.

    "There you go! Swallow those babies," I whispered in my buddy's ear while running my fingers through his hair. "Taste all that sperm and feel it go down to your stomach."

    While listening to me talk, Kris reached down between his own legs and grabbed his bulge. Just one squeeze, and I could tell that he was cumming inside his gray underwear. The load made its way through the fabric and started dripping on my garage floor. 

    "Good job, buddy!" I congratulated Kris after he was done, talking M's cock out of his mouth a few seconds later. 

    "Thanks, guys," M said from the other side. He was less verbose than usual, probably because there was another person here. He got dressed in silence, and a few seconds later he was out of the garage, leaving just Kris and me.

    "Well, first blowjob done," I said, patting my friend's sweaty back. "Wanna try it again someday?" 

    "Yeah, maybe," he smiled and nodded, smacking his lips. "This... this is the first time I've tasted another guy's spunk," my buddy said. "Tastes good!"

    That Friday was Kris's bachelor party. After weeks of planning, I would be happy to get it over with. It was a pretty big event for a bachelor party, with around 50 guys invited, most of which I didn't even know. It included Kris's dad and his older brother, as well as some cousins and uncles. The two dozen strippers would be getting fully naked, but bachelor parties seemed to be that kind of "anything goes" events where apparently it wasn't weird to have a woman's tits all up in your face right in front of your father.

    I was the first to arrive at the private club, and walked around with a checklist on my phone. I chatted with the girls and bartenders, and an hour later some of the guests started to arrive. I recognized a couple of them, guys that Kris and I went to school with. Kris himself arrived soon thereafter, accompanied by his family.

    I went to say hi to Kris's dad and brother. I noticed one guy in their party who was exceptionally handsome – tall, with a beautiful smile surrounded by a trimmed beard, wearing a dapper suit. Kris showed up a few moments later and went to introduce me to the handsome stranger.

    "This is my cousin Matthew," he said. "Matt, this is my friend Victor, the one who organized all this. So if you need anything he's the one to ask."

    "Nice to meet you, Victor," the gorgeous cousin said while shaking my hand. "Thanks for organizing everything. The place looks great!"

    As I shook his hand, I got the weirdest sensation of déjà-vu. Did I know this man?! Impossible, I wouldn't forget a face like that. No, it wasn't his face... IT WAS HIS VOICE! This was M! The man who I'd been fucking with for three years now. The guy whose sperm Kris swallowed just a few days ago...

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Kris makes an appearance in A Martinez Family Thanksgiving (2020) and An American Dad in London, Chapter 12: "Curiosity Killed the Cat"

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