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A Martinez Family Thanksgiving



    "Fuck!" I thought to myself as I felt my throbbing morning erection waking me up. Blood pumped through my cock as my aching balls begged to be emptied. I couldn't do anything about it though, not now. Not with my wife and children lying in bed right next to me.

    Slowly, I tried to sneak out of bed without waking anyone up. "¿Papá?" my son stirred, reaching over and patting my bare chest with his hand, his eyes still closed. 

    "Shh," I whispered and gently moved his hand away. "It's early. Go back to sleep," I added before giving him a kiss on the forehead and getting out of bed. I threw on a robe and tiptoed out of the room.

    It was Thanksgiving morning, and the smell of food lofted all over my parents' house (and that was only the food that got started yesterday). I needed a shower, but I didn't want to use the en-suite bathroom and wake up my wife and kids, so I walked to the other bathroom on the second floor.

    Whenever we stayed here, the kids usually slept in my sister's room. This year, however, Mia had brought her new fiancé, Kris. Soon, we'd need a banquet hall for family Thanksgiving. So, my wife and I ended up sharing a bed with our kids. As if our sex life wasn't drying up fast enough.

    I walked into the bathroom and took the robe off, standing there in the boxer briefs I slept in and checking myself out in the mirror. Mostly, it was my morning glory I was looking at. Out of all my brothers I was the only one who wasn't gay, but even I loved staring at my own boner. I admired my body for a few moments, running a hand down my hairy stomach. Every year, I was more and more in shape. All my siblings told me so when they saw me. Now, if only my wife would notice it as well.

    I hooked my thumb into the waistband of my underwear and pulled down the front, making my erection pop out like a jack-in-the-box. I pulled back my foreskin, making precum ooze out the tip of my dick. Next, I grasped the shaft firmly, and started stroking it. "Finally," I thought, enjoying the sensation, getting lost in the pleasure, feeling it spread all over my body, until...

    "Morning," one of my brothers startled me when he walked in through the door which I'd failed to lock. It was one of the twins, and it took me a few seconds to recognize which one.

    "Jesus, Mario!" I said, quickly putting my cock back in my underwear. "Don't you knock?!"

    "I didn't think anyone was up," he said after yawning, lifting the toilet seat and releasing his stream of morning piss. Whether it was because they were gay or because they were twins, Mario and Mateo were the least modest out of everyone in the family. "Don't worry, I'll let you get back to jerking off in a minute."

    My little brother winked at me, then looked down at his own cock, with piss still streaming out of it. Instinctively, I looked down as well. Unlike me, Mario was cut. I remembered two years ago, his twin Mateo sharing the hot tub with me and being fascinated by my foreskin. So much so that he'd made me cum right there.

    "There you go," Mario finished up his piss and left the bathroom, leaving me to pick up where I'd left off. I locked the door, closed my eyes, and pulled out my cock again. This time, the image of Mateo jerking me off in our parents' hot tub replayed in my mind while I stroked, until I shot a huge morning load inside the sink and then hopped in the shower.



    Just like I'd expected, Kris and I were the main attraction during Thanksgiving dinner this year. Not even my cousin Antonio, who'd just recently moved to LA from Mexico, could steal our spotlight. 

    "So you guys met in college?" my oldest brother Miguel asked. Since he and his husband lived in Chicago, he was the only one in my family who hadn't met my fiancé yet.

    "Yes," Kris answered. "Mia was dating someone else at the time. What was his name...?"

    "Rory," I chimed in.

    "Rory, yes. But we were friends, and we kept in touch. Then bout a year ago when I came to LA for work we decided to meet up, and we've been together since."

    "And what're your plans after the wedding?" Miguel's husband Vaughn asked.

    "I'm moving to San Francisco," I answered. "That's what's easiest."

    "Is that where your family is, Kris?" asked Cousin Toni.

    "Yes. Kinda. It's where my dad and my younger brother are. My older brother's in London. We might go there for our honeymoon, actually," he smiled and squeezed my hand.

    From there we went on to talk about the wedding and honeymoon. All of mom's cooking was exquisite, as per usual. We chowed down the turkey and endless side dishes, until it was time for a break. I noticed my brother Manuel sneak out into the backyard, and I quickly followed.

    "Got some for me?" I asked when I noticed him leaning against a palm tree and sipping out of a flask. My parents knew I drank by this point so I didn't need to hide, but this was a little tradition between Manu and me.

    "Of course," he said, passing me the flask. "Cheers. To the latest marriage in the family."

    "Save your toast for the wedding," I replied, taking a swig of what turned out to be rum.

    We spent the next several minutes talking about marriage. "You're so young," my brother finally said.

    "Ha, that's rich coming from you. You were even younger when you got married."

    "True," he said pensively. "Maybe I could've used a bit more time as well."

    "Why? Everything okay with you guys?" I asked, concerned.

    "Everything's fine. Just... No, it's fine."

    "Let me guess: sex?" I said, taking another swig.

    "Exactamente," Manu admitted, asking for the flask back.

    "I feel like last year we were standing here talking about Miguel no longer having sex with his husband. And now it's you. It's like a curse."

    "It's not that we're not having sex. It's just... not the same."

    "Maybe you need some variety. Have you tried a threesome yet? I got a couple of girlfriends who've always had a crush on you."

    "Mia!" my brother pointed a finger and tried to sound stern, but I could tell he was suppressing a smile.

    "Ooh, or try it with a guy, for her pleasure. You can borrow Kris if you want."

    "Okay, I'm out of here," my brother shook his head and walked toward the house. "I thought the twins were bad, but you're even worse."

    "Yes, good idea, ask the twins! They'll say yes to anything," I laughed, feeling a little tipsy and finishing off the rum before heading back inside the house.



    "Miss you too, baby. Muah," my twin brother said to his boyfriend, then hung up the phone. Mateo and I were lying together in bed. The other bed in the room was occupied by our cousin Antonio.

    "Was that John?" Toni asked.

    "Yes," Mateo replied, putting his phone away. "He's with his kids for the holiday."

    "Aww. If you guys ever get married, you're gonna be a step-daddy," our cousin cooed. Toni was only 18 and honestly, he was so naive that it was adorable. He looked at Mateo and John's relationship as some lovely gay romance. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I regularly had threesomes with the two of them. Let him hold on to his innocence. He was gay himself; he'll learn soon enough. That romance bullshit only gets you so far, especially in Hollywood.

    "You know who's also really cute together?" Toni continued. "Miguel and his husband. What's his name, Von?" Our cousin spoke excellent English, but his accent came out every now and then.

    "Yeah, Vaughn. And Toni, you think every gay couple is super cute," I said cynically.

    "Well they are! They've been together for so long!"

    "Which is why they're not fucking anymore," I chuckled.

    "¡Nooo!" Toni gasped.

    "¡Sííí!" I gasped back sarcastically. "Listen, I'ma tell you a secret but you can't tell anyone, okay?"


    "Last year, Vaughn sucked my dick. Right here in this very room."

    "¡No manches, güey!"

    "I swear. So don't fall for their #gaylove cutesy Instagram shit. You never know."

    "Wow," was all Toni could say.

    "Great. Now that you've burst the poor child's bubble, we can go to sleep," Mateo said next to me, and slipped down his underwear. I did the same before switching off the light and getting under the cover. I could tell my shocked cousin got an eyeful when he realized Mateo and I were about to share a bed fully naked. If he only knew. This was just the tip of the iceberg.



    The day after Thanksgiving, the women and children of our family all went out for their annual shopping trip. I put on a pair of speedos that an Italian designer recently gave me as a present and went out to the pool for a few laps, to burn all those extra calories from yesterday. A short while later, Mia's fiancé Kris came out into the backyard.

    "Hey," I greeted him loudly.

    "Hey. Um... sorry, Mario or...?"


    "Mateo. Sorry," he laughed. He was wearing a wrinkly T-shirt and boxers I assumed he slept in. "I've met twins before, but you guys are... REALLY identical."

    "Except I've got the bigger dick," I joked. Working as a model and a gogo boy, I was surrounded by people who made crude jokes all the time, and I'd lost my ability to censor myself in front of anyone.

    "Oh, haha," Kris laughed uncomfortably. 

    "Wanna join me?" I asked from the pool. I expected Kris to say no, which is why I was so surprised when he immediately took off his shirt and said, "Sure, why not?" A second later, he was jumping in the pool in his boxers.

    Kris was a year older than my sister, which made him the same exact age as my twin and me. Yet somehow, he looked older than us. Maybe it was the fact that my brother and I waxed most of our body hair off, whereas Kris had dark hair covering his body. As soon as it got wet it clung to his skin, as did the boxers that he was wearing.

    We swam for a little while before getting out of the pool and sitting down in the sun. It was a lovely, sunny California day. And just as lovely was the view between Kris's legs. His wet boxers left VERY little to the imagination now.

    "So Mia tells me you're seeing someone as well," he said. I wondered if he'd noticed me looking between his legs. Just to be fair, I spread my legs open as well, giving him a good view of my bulge in my very tight swimwear.

    "Yeah, I have a boyfriend. His name's John."

    "How long have you been together?"

    "Almost six months now."

    "Ever talked about tying the knot as well?

    "Oh, god no!" I laughed out loud. "WAY too early for that."

    "I mean, your sister and I haven't been together for much longer than that."

    "Yeah, but you guys are straight. I don't even know what that's about. John and I are just having fun."

    "You live in Hollywood, right? Must be lots of fun."

    "It is! A ton of hot guys."

    "Well not that it matters, now that you're with someone, right?" 

    I smirked.

    "Who said John and I are exclusive?"

    "Oooh," Kris finally caught on. "So you...?"

    "Play with other guys? Occasionally. Like, it's no big deal."

    Kris, who was sitting with his legs spread open, probably hadn't noticed that his cock was now hanging out of the leg of his wet boxers. For a second, I could swear I saw it stirring. Or maybe I was just seeing what I wanted to see. Either way, it made my cock and my bulge even bigger.

    "I see just thinking about him has an effect on you," Kris said, and pointed down between my legs. He chuckled nervously and I smiled, to assure him everything was okay.

    "Yeah," I reached down and cupped my bulge. "I'm getting quite horny, I'm not gonna lie."

    "I know what that's like," Kris nodded, treading a fine line of what was appropriate conversation between two people who were about to be brothers-in-law.

    "You don't mind if I...?" I said, making eye contact and reaching inside my speedos.

    "What? Oh. Oh, no. I mean... Sure. Go for it. Or whatever. D'you want some privacy?"

    "You can stay," I said, amused by the fact he'd asked instead of just walking away.

    So I licked my lips and pulled down the front of my speedos. My cock was half-hard by now, and quickly growing harder. My audience member licked his own lips and instead of looking away, his eyes seemed glued to my crotch.

    I had no idea if Kris had ever seen another guy's cock before, much less seen someone jerking off. He'd said he had two brothers so maybe he did. Either way, I was all too happy to give him a show. Even though he was about to marry my sister in a few months.

    "Mmm," I moaned, closing my eyes and enjoying the sunshine while stroking my cock. Even with my eyes closed I could tell Kris was watching attentively. "This feels good," I narrated, pumping my cock with one hand and stroking my abs with the other. I knew Kris admired my body just as much as he admired my cock, if not even more. Tons of guys would kill to look like this, even if they'd never admit it. I ran my fingers through the ridges between my abs, before moving my hand up and giving one of my nipples a pinch.

    "Mmm, fuck," I continued to moan, opening my eyes for a second just to check if Kris was still looking at me. Which, of course he was. I looked down between his legs and I saw that his cock was still poking out. It was now hard and dripping precum onto the ground underneath. Kris wasn't jerking himself off, not here. But I knew as soon as we were done, he'd rush inside and rub one off thinking about this moment. Well, let's give him something to think about.

    "AH, fuck yes!" I shouted, feeling the cum building up inside my balls. I sped up my stroking and spread my legs even wider, moved a bit closer to Kris, giving him a prime view of the action until I....

    "AH! Yes. FUCK!" I started to cum. My jizz shot out of my cock and went up in the air before coming down again. I looked at Kris's face to see he was in absolute awe.

    "Fuck, man, I needed that," I said to him, still feeling the orgasm tingling through my cock.

    "Nice," he said, and then he winked at me. We took a few moments to catch our breath before we both got up. Kris's cock was still hard as a rock and unconfined by his loose boxers. He grabbed his T-shirt and used it to cover up his crotch before going inside the house. Once he was back in, he rushed straight to the bedroom. I had a pretty good idea what he was about to do. 



    I've always had a thing for older men. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I never knew my dad, or that it was so hard to meet other gay teenagers. But from the moment I saw my cousin's husband I knew: he was just my type.

    My cousin Miguel was 36, which made him old enough to be my dad, and his husband Vaughn was even a few years older. Most people in LA went for guys like my cousins Mateo and Mario: young, smooth, muscular; the perfect thirst traps. But Vaughn was different. He was chunkier, hairier, and SO fucking cute! He was like a giant teddy bear to keep you warm at night. Too bad he was already married.

    But apparently, even guys like him and Miguel couldn't make it work always. I was shocked when Mario told me that Vaughn had sucked his cock last year. It was bad enough that Vaughn would cheat on his husband, but to cheat with his brother-in-law?! Then again, like Mario said: "You never know." Maybe the two spouses had some sort of arrangement?

    When I woke up on Saturday, the twins were still asleep. I crept down to the kitchen where I saw Vaughn, shirtless and in a pair of basketball shorts. It was still early and he seemed to have just woken up.

    "Morning," I said. "How did you sleep?"

    "Oh, okay," he yawned. "Just my shoulder's a bit sore from sleeping on that couch."

    "Yeah, I'm sorry about that," I said. Since I came to stay here for Thanksgiving, I'd taken the bed that Vaughn and Miguel usually slept in, so now they slept on the pull-down couch. 

    "Don't be silly, it's not your fault. You won the coin toss fair and square," he smiled, massaging his shoulder.

    "Here, let me do that for you," I offered instinctively, standing behind him and giving him a shoulder rub.

    "Mmm. Ahhh, that feels so good," Vaughn closed his eyes and immediately started relaxing. "That feels so fucking good."

    I blushed to hear this man who I barely knew say that. As if he could see me blushing, he added, "Sorry. But it does feel very nice."

    It felt good to be complimented, especially by someone like Vaughn. I smiled, and I kept going with the massage. I did both shoulders, before continuing down his spine. It wasn't easy to give someone a back massage while they were standing up, but I didn't want to stop, and Vaughn never asked me to either. Before I knew it, the "quick shoulder rub" had exceeded 15 minutes.

    "Where's Miguel?" I asked to break the silence.

    "Out for a hike with Manuel. They left really early this morning."

    "Maybe they had something to talk about."

    "Maybe," Vaughn said, but he sounded disinterested. It was as if he didn't want to talk about his husband. Which was weird, because they looked so... normal, when everyone was around.

    I continued the massage for five more minutes, until I'd reached the waistband of Vaughn's shorts. They were loose and slung low, exposing the tip of Vaughn's asscrack. It turned me on like crazy, until I realized he was married to my cousin and I really shouldn't be having thoughts like this. So I did something even sillier: I moved to the front and started giving Vaughn another shoulder rub, this time facing him.

    Now that I was looking at his handsome face, the sexual tension was extremely intense. Vaughn had his eyes closed and he was enjoying himself. For some reason, it JUST hit me that for almost half an hour I'd been touching his near-naked body. I started to pop a boner in my sweats and I prayed that he wouldn't open his eyes and see it.

    But he didn't. He never opened his eyes. Instead... he opened his lips. It was weird. Because he opened his lips and then moved his head forward, as if... As if initiating a kiss. But that couldn't be what he was doing. Could it?!

    Sweat ran from my forehead down my entire body. I could feel Vaughn's breath on my face. He'd just brushed his teeth and he smelled... sweet. I continued to rub his shoulders, as if this was the most normal thing in the world. I moved an inch closer. Vaughn was taller than me, and his lips were at the same level as my eyes. Feeling weak, I let my hands slip from his shoulders down to his chest. I felt both muscle and fat beneath my fingers, and I squeezed his pecs together as if I was squeezing a woman's boobs. Vaughn never said anything. Instead, he just moved his head a bit closer still.

    I couldn't hold it in anymore. I opened my mouth and planted a kiss on my cousin's husband's lips. A second later, I felt his large tongue invade my mouth and start wrestling with mine. His scent filled my nostrils and sent goosebumps down my entire body. I continued to squeeze his large, hairy chest. This was... it was my very first kiss. 

    With his eyes still closed, Vaughn's large hand reached down between my legs and grabbed my hard cock.

    "No. No, no, no. ¡Ya no!" I suddenly broke away. "S– Sorry."

    Vaughn opened his eyes and immediately took a step back. 

    "Sorry," he apologized right back. "I thought... I hope I didn't..."

    "I'm gonna go take a shower," I said and quickly ran upstairs. I knew I shouldn't have done this. Yet, it didn't stop me from jerking off and shooting my load in the shower, still feeling Vaughn's tongue inside my mouth.



    With my sister and the twins being so much younger than me, it was no wonder that I was only ever close to my brother Manuel. On our last day in California, I was thrilled to accept his invitation to go out for a hike early in the morning. Usually, I hiked together with my husband. This year, for the first time, we'd somehow skipped that tradition. 

    "How are things with you and Vaughn?" Manuel asked as we hiked shirtless on a nearby hill. (Sometimes I still couldn't believe I left this weather for Chicago.)

    "Good," I lied, before realizing that that's what I was doing. "Well, no, kinda bad, to be honest. It just feels... off. We just feel distant."

    "You seem pretty happy online," my brother said.

    "I know. Everyone loves our dog, and the shirtless pics, and the fancy restaurants. But... you know that's not what it's about."

    "I know," Manu said as we walked up the hill slowly.

    "Do you ever... do you ever wish we were more like Mario and Mateo?" I asked.

    "What do you mean?"

    "I don't know. Just, not giving a fuck."

    "I mean, they're still young. Give 'em time to grow up."

    "Yeah, but it's not just that. I know a ton of guys my age who are like that," I said.

    "Really?! Oh my god. 'Cause I don't know anyone else. And that's probably for the best."

    We both laughed.

    "Granted, the guys I'm talking about are all gay, so maybe it has to do with that," I said. "I just... Sometimes I feel like we all have roles in this family. And they're the young, careless ones. And I'm the stuck-up firstborn. The responsible one. The boring one."

    "Do you feel boring? Or bored?" my brother asked.

    "I never used to. I loved going to school. I love my job. Being married. But lately... it feels like there's something missing. Is this what a midlife crisis is?"

    "Ha. I don't know, you tell me. You're the oldest." 

    We walked in silence for a couple of minutes before Manuel continued, "You know what you said about everyone having roles? I feel that way too, sometimes. I feel like I'm just... the average one. Typical middle-child complex, I'm sure, you don't even need to tell me. But you're the one who went to school and got a kick-ass job. And the twins are... well, the twins. Mia's the only girl, so she doesn't compare to anyone. And I'm... the average straight dad. I should probably stop going to the gym and grow a beer belly and be proud of it."

    I put my arm around my brother's shoulder and we continued walking. We were both sweaty, but I didn't mind.

    "I think you would look great with a beer belly," I said and I rubbed his tummy. "But you look good either way. And Manu, you are NOT average."

    "I am, and you know it. And that's fine. At least I have one thing the twins don't."

    "What's that?" I asked, and my brother smirked to himself before answering.

    "I don't even know why I just thought of this. You know how we're not circumcised but they are?"

    "Yup. Mamá y papá's final step of assimilation."

    "Well, I think the twins are totally jealous of it. Or at least fascinated by it."

    "How the fuck do you know that?" I laughed, as I continued to walk with my arm around his shoulder.

    Manu thought about it for a second before confessing.

    "So, two years ago, Mateo and I were in the hot tub. It was for Thanksgiving as well. We were naked," – I rolled my eyes when I heard that – "and Mateo started asking me about my foreskin."

    "What's there to ask?! You either have it or you don't."

    "Well... he wanted to see it up-close."

    "Oh, for fuck's sake. How close are we talking?"

    "REALLY close."

    We'd stopped walking and we were now facing each other. Our bodies were so sweaty, we looked like we were just out the shower.

    "And what happened then?" I asked, feeling a tingle in my shorts. My uncircumcised cock was finding this conversation interesting.

    "Well, he asked me to get hard so he could see it."

    "Ay, Manu, tell me you didn't," I said, but in reality, I was hoping he'd do just the opposite.

    "Haha. Well, I did. I showed him and all."


    "What?! As an older brother, it is my duty to educate."

    I rolled my eyes again but then, I realized my cock was quickly getting hard.

    "See, this is what I'm talking about," I said. "That's the kind of shit Mario and Mateo do. No sense of being inappropriate or not. Like, who asks something like that? Especially from their BROTHER? They're so damn impulsive."

    I sounded critical, when in fact, I was jealous. Manuel seemed to have sensed that, because he said, "Well, we can be impulsive as well."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Wanna rub one out?"


    "C'mon, right here," he said with a devilish grin I'd never quite seen on him. "I can tell that you're excited after that conversation."

    He pointed down at my crotch and I started to blush.

    "Manuel, we're in public. And there's people walking their dogs and shit this time of day."

    "C'mon," he persisted. "Be. Impulsive."

    And in the most shocking move yet, my straight brother reached over and cupped my bulge. "Whip it out," he demanded.

    My brother knew my sex life with my husband wasn't what it used to be. And I had a feeling he and his wife were going through something similar. Was that why he was insisting on this? Either way, with his hand on my bulge, my cock went fully hard in seconds. I couldn't deny my horniness anymore.

    "Okay, but we gotta be quick," I said, pulling down my shorts and whipping out my cock. My brother did the same and I was surprised to see he was half-hard himself.

    "I... can't remember the last time I saw your cock," I admitted out loud.

    "Probably when we were kids," he said. "Remember, you taught me how to jerk off?"

    "Oh god, I had no business doing that," I said as I started to stroke my cock out on the sunny hill where we stood.

    "I showed all my friends the very next day. They all owe you their thanks," Manuel stroked as he spoke as well, and by now he was just as hard as I was. His cock, although hairier and a bit smaller, still resembled mine. You could definitely tell we were brothers.

    I looked around nervously, worried about other hikers. Everything seemed quiet, though. My brother and I took a step closer to one another and then did something very unusual: we put our left hands on each other's shoulders, while continuing to jerk off with our right.

    We both looked down, bumping foreheads for a second. We were looking down at our cocks, the tips of which were almost touching now. The foreskin was pulled back on both of them. My brother had more of a mushroom head, which looked good on him. 

    "Do you think the twins ever do this together?" he asked suddenly, his hand sticking to my sweaty shoulder.

    "I bet they have," I answered honestly. "Wouldn't you? Growing up, if you had a twin and you were both just figuring stuff out?"

    "Yeah, but I mean... I think they might STILL do it."

    "You think?!" I asked, feeling my cock pulse as I heard that.

    "Aha. See, that day in the hot tub... Mateo, he... he jerked me off until I came. Right there in the tub. I blew my load right there."

    "Holy shit, Manu!" All my blood pumped straight to my cock. Sweat was gushing from my armpits by now, and it wasn't only because of the sun. 

    "Yeah. And he was really casual about it as well. So I think... I think he and Mario do it. Maybe they do it regularly, I don't know."

    "Do it? You mean jerk each other off?"

    "Jerk, suck, I don't fucking know. Would you put anything past them?"

    This moment was reaching new heights of perversion. Not only were we here, in public, jerking off while touching each other, but we were talking about our younger brothers' potential sexcapades. Feeling under the influence of something I couldn't control, I let go of my cock and reached over to take Manuel's dick instead. Simultaneously, he did the same and grabbed mine.

    I'd been nervous earlier keeping an eye out for passers-by, but I'd completely forgotten about it by now. I was WAY too horny. Caught up in the moment, nothing else seemed to matter. I stroked my brother's cock faster and faster, and he did the same to mine. This was our first time doing it to each other. We were away from our spouses, away from our family, away from everyone but each other; and we were closer than ever.

    "Fuck, that feels good," my brother moaned. I felt exactly the same. I stopped for a second to spit in my hand and I immediately continued. A second or two later, my brother imitated me and spat in his own hand before wrapping it back around my cock. I felt the weirdest burst of fraternal pride; it felt like I was still teaching my little brother new tricks.

    "Ay, Miguel, that feels so good," my brother continued panting. I wondered when was the last time that his wife did this for him, or the last time that he got to cum at all. Secretly, I hoped it had been a while. I wanted him to spurt out the biggest load he's ever shot. Thinking about that, I clasped his cock even tighter and kept going.

    "Fuck, you're gonna make me cum," my little brother said. Encouraged by his words, I accelerated. He did the same on my cock and I felt myself close to the edge as well. Closer, and closer, and closer, until...

    "AH!" Manuel shouted and started to shoot his cum. Incredibly, it shot all the way across and landed right on my cock. When I felt it there, I started to shoot my own load. Our cum dripped down onto the ground, creating a puddle of brotherly jizz beneath us. My brother was wearing sandals, and looking down, I noticed some of my cum had also landed on his foot. 

    We were both still holding each other's shoulders, digging our fingernails in passion. Finally, as our orgasms started to subside, we looked up. We were face-to-face, less than a foot apart. We were as sweaty as if we'd just run a marathon. There was a post-orgasmic glow on Manuel's face, and I had a strong feeling mine looked the same. 

    We started to laugh, and the next thing we did was come in for a hug. Our cocks were still out and we let go of them, wrapping our arms around each other and patting each other on the back. We stayed like that for a good minute or two before letting go, tucking our dicks back in, and heading home for a much-needed shower. 

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