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    "You okay?" my brother asked, noticing me staring out the window absentmindedly.

    "I'm fine."

    I should've known better than to think I could lie to my twin. Mario saw right through me.

    "No, you're not. What's up?"

    "It's just… I think I'm being ghosted."

    "¡¿Qué?! No lo puedo creer. A sexy piece like you?! What is this world coming to," he said sarcastically.

    "Stop! It doesn't feel good. Is this what other guys feel like when I do it to them?"

    "Who's ghosting you? And why are you even interested in someone with such horrible taste?"

    "This guy from downstairs. We went on a date the other day, and I thought it went well. I wanted to do something with him for Valentine's Day, but now I don't think it's gonna happen."

    "So?! You could lit–er–al–ly have any guy in LA. Who cares about this one?"

    I kept quiet. I wasn't used to being rejected.

    "I know what's gonna cheer you up," my brother said, and jumped on top of me. "Come, let's take some pics."

    Sitting on the couch in just our underwear, the light from the window was hitting us perfectly. My brother took photos of us hugging in our designer white briefs, looking like we're about to kiss; the type of pics that drove all of our Instagram followers wild.

    "Now one like this," Mario said, and put his hand on my bulge without hesitation or asking for permission, cupping my dick and balls.

    "What're you doing? It's gonna get flagged," I reacted.

    "Oh, this isn't for the Gram. It's for this guy I'm sexting with."

    "The guy that got a lap dance from us, and then fucked you in the garage downstairs?"

    "The very same," Mario smiled. He took my hand and positioned it on his own bulge, forcing me to grab it.

    "And he's into the whole twins thing, huh?"

    "Who isn't?!" Mario laughed, coming closer and sticking his tongue out until it was right next to my lips.

    I wasn't particularly interested in sexting this guy, but I humored my brother and let him have his way. Which Mario took full advantage of, slipping a hand inside my briefs and still snapping pics with his phone.

    "Take these off," he instructed me.


    "C'mon. It's nothing we haven't done before," Mario moaned, pulling my underwear down and taking his off right after.

    We continued to cuddle, touching each other's dicks and balls in front of the camera, until my brother told me to turn around and started kneading my ass. He went down and gave my asscheek a small nibble, before turning me around again and putting his tongue right next to the tip of my dick, making it look like he's about to start sucking me off.

    "Okay, that's a good tease," he said, sending the photos to his new fuck buddy. "Listen," he continued, "I'm setting up a sex date with this guy and his boyfriend. Wanna come?"

    "Nah, I'm not in the mood."

    "You sure? He's hot. And Australian. Every time he says 'cunt' to me, it makes me jizz my pants."

    "That's… a weird fetish."

    Mario raised his eyebrows at me.

    "Says my brother who literally built a modeling career with me based around the concept of twincest."


    "Listen," he said, standing up and grabbing his briefs off the floor, "you can stay and mope around. I'm gonna go get some dick."

    He walked away, leaving me alone in the room with my phone, that I instantly reached for. Still no new messages.



    "Welcome," Zach said as soon as the opened the apartment door, naked head to toe and with his uncut dick hard as a rock already.[1]

    Next, he reached around me and pulled me in for a kiss, kissing me passionately as if we were long-separated lovers. He didn't even bother closing the door as he did this. We could hear people moving around in the hallway of the building.

    "Hope you don't mind we started without you," he smiled, finally allowing me in and closing the door behind me.

    "Not at all," I said, licking my lips. From what I could taste, I had Zach's boyfriend's precum all over them.

    "This is Riley," Zach led me to the elegantly-furnished living room, introducing me to his boyfriend. "Riley, this is Mario. One half of the Taste twins."

    "Oh, is that what we're known as?"

    "It is in this household," Zach winked at me.

    I walked over to Riley, who was just as good-looking as his boyfriend. He was an attorney and he got up to shake my hand with all the formality you'd expect of a lawyer. Instead, I reached over and buried my tongue in his mouth, kissing him just as passionately as I had done with Zach at the door.

    Looking down, I noticed Riley's dick was hard as well. Instead of shaking his hand, I went for the "gay handshake" instead, giving his dick a few thugs.

    "Told you he's a naughty one," Zach chimed in, walking toward the kitchen area. "Can I get you a drink?"

    "Red wine?" I asked, noting the two glasses that were already on the table.

    "Sure thing, mate," Zach answered, filling a glass for me while I continued to make out with his boyfriend in the living room, until I was every bit as hard as my two hosts.

    Zach walked over with my drink, set it on the table next to theirs, and came over to join in on our make-out session. The three of us kissed together; my tongue going left and right, from one mouth into another.

    "Cheers," Zach finally said after about five minutes of insatiable kissing and dick-tugging. The three of us took a break and raised our glasses. "To new... acquaintances," Zach winked at me naughtily, squeezing his boyfriend's ass as we all took a sip.

    We sat down; Riley and I on the sofa, and Zach on an armchair across from us. He played some music and we chatted for a bit, while all three of our boners stood up like totem poles.

    While Zach and I talked, his boyfriend took the initiative and knelt down on the floor, taking my dick in his mouth, and starting to give me an exceptional blowjob. I smiled, thinking back of getting fucked by Zach in the parking garage, and happy to see his partner was just as promiscuous as he was.

    "Should we take this to the bedroom?" I asked.

    "Hope you don't mind if we stay here," Zach said from his armchair, sitting on it like it were a throne, proudly watching his boyfriend suck my cock. "The bedroom's a mess."

    "Still messy from your last threesome?" I flirted, my hands combing through Riley's hair as he went deeper and deeper, the tip of my dick hitting the back of his throat by now. 

    "Nah," Zach replied. "I'm flying to Sydney soon, and let's just say I'm not a tidy packer."

    "Oh," I said, feeling a pang of disappointment. Even I was surprised by my own reaction. "Are you staying there long?"

    "I hope not, but no idea. My brother needs me to sign some papers for the family business, so no clue how long that's gonna drag out for. Could be weeks."

    I tried to remain unaffected, but Zach must've noticed I looked let down. 

    "Which is why," he got up and started walking toward the couch, "we need to make the most of today."

    Standing over me, he presented me his uncut boner, which I was all too happy to take in my mouth. I sucked Zach while his boyfriend sucked me, and Zach tilted his head back and started moaning.

    "Fuck me," I whispered, begging Zach while stroking his dick, enjoying his foreskin moving back and forth right in front of my face.

    "We had something else in mind first," Zach said, and waited as Riley got up off the floor. The couple started kissing and looking at me, until I turned around and presented my hole to them.

    It was Zach's turn to get down on his knees. He sucked Riley off for a bit, before moving his attention to my hole. Zach buried his tongue in it, giving me an amazing rim job while he stroked his boyfriend.

    I moaned out loud in ecstasy as Zach's rough stubble scratched my asscheeks. He ate my ass like a pro, opening me up and making me yearn for more.

    Soon, Zach's tongue inside my hole was replaced by a finger, then two. I moaned out even louder, leaning against the back of the couch, my eyes shut. Before I knew it, a wet cockhead was pressing against my hole, waiting to go in.

    "Ah-ah-ah," I panted, as the tip of the dick went inside me, followed by an inch of shaft, and then two, and then three…

    I yelled out loud, unconcerned about who could hear me. This felt amazing! I lost myself in the pleasure, enjoying one phenomenal fuck.

    I opened my eyes, and was surprised to see Zach back in his armchair, stroking his dick. All this time, it was Riley who'd been fucking me.

    I looked up and noticed Riley's mischievous grin. From the little I knew about them, I could already tell he and Zach were perfect for each other.

    As good of a fucker Zach was, Riley definitely gave him a run for his money.

    Noticing my pleasure, Zach said, "Sometimes bottoms make the best tops."

    I looked up at Riley, and Zach continued. 

    "Riley's usually the one bottoming. But today, I wanted to watch him fuck you."

    Knowing this was a turn-on for Zach made me even hornier. I let Riley pound me until I completely lost track of everything else. When I opened my eyes, it was already dark outside, which meant I'd been here for hours.

    I was absolutely in awe of Riley's ability to go for so long without cumming; as well as Zach's, who's been jerking off to us this whole time. As for myself, I was proud to show them what I good and greedy little bottom I was.

    Zach stood up again, walking my way. His dick swinging up and down hypnotized me. I thought he might ask Riley to let him take over. What Zach had in mind was even better, though.

    Zack sat next to me, his uncut dick pointing up in the air.

    "C'mere," he said to me, beckoning me to sit on it. I did not need asking twice! 

    Riley pulled out of me slowly. As soon as his dick was out, my hole started to pulse greedily, asking for more. I scooted over and sat on Zach's dick, facing him. It took his cock a mere second to go up inside me.

    "Aaah!" Zach moaned out. I was happy to see the pleasure on his face.

    Then, he looked at Riley and nodded his head. "C'mon."

    It finally dawned on me what they were about to do.

    "Can you take two?" Zach asked me gently, our noses touching.

    "There's a first time for everything," I replied, eager to give this a go.

    Riley reached for the lube that was on the table. So far, we had no need for any, but two dicks was a lot, even for me.

    "Aaah!" I moaned out as I felt Riley's dick start to enter my hole, next to his boyfriend's.

    "Shh," Zach reassured me, holding my face in his hands. "You can do this, babe."

    I shut my eyes and opened my mouth. Next, Zach and I started kissing. He put his arms around my neck and pulled me in closer. It all helped me relax and open up wider.

    "Mmm," Zach moaned as we kissed. "There we go. I knew you could do it. Greedy little cunt!"

    SMACK! Zach's hand slapped my ass loudly. He had realized Riley was all up in me even before I had.

    "Oh my fucking god," I laughed, feeling proud of myself.

    Zach and Riley both started fucking me faster, their dicks rubbing against each other inside of me. Riley bent down and gave Zach a kiss, before kissing me as well. The three of us did our best to kiss all the the same time again. It wasn't the easiest while in this position, but it felt wonderful.

    "I could never go back to just one dick after this," I thought.

    As my hole relaxed, Riley and Zach pumped inside it harder and harder. I could only imagine how good the friction between their dicks felt.

    "Fuck, I'm getting close," Zach said.

    "I want you to cum at the same time," I said bossily. The thought of these two hunks breeding me simultaneously turned me on beyond belief.

    "I think we could do that, right, babe?" Zach told Riley, who picked up speed and started fucking me even faster.

    A few minutes later, both of them started to pant "I'm close," and did their best to synchronize their thrusts. By now, my hole was completely used to taking two dicks, and I was in heaven.

    "Aaah! Grrrrrr, FUCK YEAH!" Riley started to cum first, a split second before Zach started to blow his load as well.

    "Ah yes. Ah yes. HOLY FUCK!" I yelled louder than the both of them. I could feel every drop of their sperm mixing in my hole. It was un-fucking-believable. 

    Zach took my boner in his hand, while they were still both cumming inside me. It took me a literal two seconds to start shooting my load right away, landing it all over Zach's body.

    "Holy fuck, babe! Ah, that feels so good!" Zach grunted. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or Riley… or maybe the both of us.

    The two men continued to dump their cum inside me, until Riley slowly bent down. Just as we were all done shooting our loads, we shared another threesome kiss; more passionate and electrifying than ever. 

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[1] Zach is the narrator of the audio story You've Got One New Voice Message and appears in Obsessed with Incest: "The Webcam Model and His Dads"

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