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Honeymooners, Pt. I

This story was available to  Gold Supporters  in September 2020

It takes place after My Boyfriend and My Two Dads, Chapter 40 and Beach Bonding 4


    "Goodbye, Daddy," I said while giving Sven the tightest hug I could muster.

    "See you soon, son."

    I still remembered the very first time Sven called me that, not long after we'd met. And now, it was finally official: I was their son-in-law!

    "Bye, honey. See you home soon," David told me while giving me a hug next.

    I said goodbye to Brady and Nathan and the four of them were off to the airport. Off to Boston. Leaving me alone in Maui with Eric. With my husband.

    "WOOHOO! Finally alone!" Eric and I celebrated alone in our room. It was wonderful to have everyone around for our wedding, but it was also emotionally exhausting being the center of attention all the time. Especially for me; who wasn't used to it.

    Instead of "going away" for our honeymoon, Eric and I were just going to stay in Hawaii for a few more days, just the two of us. We did have a honeymoon suite, after all. And we took advantage of it, multiple times a day, in between going to the beach and doing some of the more touristy things around the island.

    On day three of our honeymoon, we were downstairs at the restaurant for a (very) late lunch. We were eating out on the terrace, indulging in one of our favorite pastimes: looking at guys passing by and talking about how hot they were.

    "You know who's really cute, though? That guy sitting at that table by himself," Eric (my husband!) whispered to me, pointing at a man nearby. He seemed a couple of years older than us, and Eric was right: he was very cute. He had a neatly-trimmed beard and gorgeous eyes. The only thing kinda off about him was that he seemed to be talking to himself.

    "Is he okay?" I whispered to Eric. You didn't usually see people muttering to themselves at fancy resorts like this. My husband just shrugged, and we continued with our meal.

    A short while later, a loud noise startled us, as a large glass bottle fell off the handsome stranger's table, shattering into tiny pieces on the ground.

    "Mother-FUCKER!" the man yelled, before pulling himself together and starting to apologize to the server who'd rushed to clean it up.

    "You okay, buddy?" my husband asked the man.

    "I'm fine, thank you. Just fine. I'm getting married tomorrow, so... I'm all over the place," the man replied. He looked embarrassed for causing a scene, and I could tell he was doing his best to regain his composure.

    "Congratulations. We just got married a couple of days ago," Eric added, with his usual friendly smile.

    "Aww, congratulations," the stranger said, finally a smile appearing on his face as well. 

    "Why don't you join us while they clean that up?" Eric offered, pointing at an empty seat at our table.

    The man accepted the invitation, and introduced himself. His name was Elliott and he was from Toronto. He offered to buy our next round of drinks, and placed an order with the server.

    "Is it a big wedding?" I asked Elliott.

    "Not really. My fiancée and I have three kids, so it's more of a family-vacation kinda thing. Our closest family is here, and a few friends, but nothing major."

    We switched from talking about Elliott's wedding to talking about our own. I could tell Elliott needed a distraction, and we were happy to provide that, and assure him that everything was gonna be okay. After all, us newlyweds had to look out for one another. Next thing we know, we'd been talking for an hour and a half, and Elliott was getting multiple texts from his girl.

    "Time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner," he said. Turns out, they'd be having theirs at the same dining hall where we had our own.

    "Listen, we're here for a few more days," said my husband. "If you wanna exchange phone numbers and get together some time... I mean, we're at the same hotel and everything."

    "Sure thing, man. That'd be great!" our new buddy said, gave us his number, and then left.

    "You want him to fuck you, don't you?" I teased Eric as soon as Elliott was out of earshot. 

    Eric smirked.

    "Or I can fuck him, whatever."

    That evening, Eric and I decided to do something we hadn't done since coming to Hawaii: stay in and watch TV. We'd been going out every single evening, so we decided to get room service and stay in bed. 

    "Oh my god, I needed this," I said when we were done with our meal. We were cuddled up naked in bed, half paying attention to the TV and half scrolling through our phones, letting our food digest. 

    "Who're you texting?" I asked.

    "Oh, no one," my husband gave an enigmatic answer. A few minutes later, we were on top of each other, making out. My hands slipped from Eric's shoulder blades all the way down his back, cupping his ass cheeks when they reached them. With our tongues going in and out of each other's mouths, our cocks had started to get hard, and pretty soon we were donning full-on boners, rubbing against each other as we kissed.

     Knock knock, came from the door.

    "What's that?" I whispered.

    "One second," Eric answered with a smirk on his face. He knew something I didn't. My first thought was that he'd ordered us more room service, probably more champagne.

    He got up and headed straight for the door. I wasn't at all surprised that my husband would answer the door that way; not only completely naked but also with a raging hardon.

    "Hey, come on in," I heard Eric say a couple of seconds later. From where I was lying in bed, I couldn't see who was on the other side of the door.


    The voice seemed vaguely familiar...

    "Elliott?!" I said in shock when I saw who it was. Behind him, Eric appeared with an even bigger grin on his face.

    "Hey..." I said, looking at my naked hubby and our supposedly-straight friend who we'd met only a few hours ago. "Shouldn't you be at your rehearsal dinner?"

    From the way he was dressed, that's exactly where Elliott was before showing up to our room.

    "Yeah," he said nervously. "That's still going on. I'm headed right back, I just wanted to... say hi to you guys," he added, even more awkwardly. 

    Say hi to us?! While we are naked, just about to fuck?!

    "Elliott and I have been texting," Eric suddenly took over, walking back to the bed to rejoin me. "He wanted to watch us have sex."

    Eric's tone was nonchalant, very matter-of-fact. Meanwhile, his dick remained rock hard, probably even harder now that there was someone else in the room with us.

    "I've never seen two men do it," Elliott continued to stutter, "so– so I figured... Eric said it would be okay..."

    "Sure. Make yourself comfortable," I finally said. I saw now where this was headed.

    I leaned in closer to Eric, and he and I started kissing just as our guest sat on a chair next to our bed. In his formal suit, he looked several years older than when we'd met him this afternoon.

    Eric and I started making out again, probably being even louder than usual for Elliott's sake. I put my hand on one of Eric's nips and gave it a squeeze. A few seconds later, my lips were around it, sucking on it. But before I dove in, I looked at our voyeur, who seemed positively enthralled.

    I sucked on Eric's nipple as he moaned. Knowing that Elliott's eyes were on us, I wrapped my hand around Eric's dick and started to stroke it.

    "That... That must've been painful," I heard our guest say. I realized a second later that he was talking about Eric's PA.

    "Not really, only for a sec," Eric replied. "Wanna touch?"

    "I... I shouldn't."

    "That's not an answer to my question."

    And sure enough, I watched as Elliott's arm extended, reaching out. I was still jerking Eric's hard cock, and as soon as Elliott's hand touched mine, I guided it until his fingers were wrapped around my husband's cock. I put my own hand on top of his, and started leading it up and down, as if teaching him how to jerk someone else off. I had a very strong feeling that this was, indeed, his very first time touching another man's cock.

    For several minutes, we jerked Eric off this way, together. I watched as Elliott's fingers cautiously touched the tip of Eric's dick, playing with his PA. He was afraid to touch it at first, but when he saw that it didn't cause Eric any pain, he began to play with it more confidently.

    "It feels even better when you're doing that with your tongue," Eric continued teasing. Elliott and I made eye contact and I went down on my knees on the floor. With Elliott now behind me, I stuck my ass up in the air and made my hole pulse. Knowing that Elliott was getting a good view of my asshole made me even harder and start to drip precum on the hotel carpet.

    With my tongue out, I inched closer and closer to the tip of my husband's dick. I started licking it, with my head tilted to the side so our guest could see what was going on. Eric moaned, exaggerating every sensation. 

    After a while of teasing his cockhead, I started to take his dick inside my mouth. I moved slowly, almost in slow motion. I tried to look at Elliott while I was going down on my husband; specifically, at Elliott's crotch. There was no doubt: he was definitely hard by now. But he still wasn't pulling out his cock or even rubbing it through the fabric of his tight, elegant slacks. 

    I was in the middle of blowing Eric when Elliott's phone rang. He quickly reached for it and put it on silent.

    "Sorry. Gotta go back down soon," he said apologetically.

    We hadn't forgotten what he was here to do. Eric slowly pulled out of my mouth and flipped over, until his ass was now facing our way. Just like me, he made his smooth hole pulse, inviting to be penetrated.

    I got up and started stroking my cock while making eye contact with Elliott. I could feel how horny he was! He was about to witness his first male-on-male fuck, and on the eve of his wedding of all times.

    I placed my cock next to Eric's asshole, again, tilting my body to the side so Elliott could see. I was leaking so much precum, there was no need for lube.

    "Ahhh!" Eric moaned as I started to slide inside him.

    "FUCK!" Elliott said even more loudly. I'd seen so many guys fuck by now that the novelty had worn off. But for him, this must be mind-blowing!

    Elliott's phone vibrated again, and he declined the call. He wanted to watch us fuck: this was his priority now!

    Without wasting any more time, I started to thrust faster and faster into Eric, fucking him so hard that I couldn't tell if he was exaggerating his moans anymore. We filled the suite with our moaning, as well as the occasional "Fuck, that's hot!" coming from Elliott.

    "Do you wanna have a go?" I looked our guest in the eyes and I offered him my husband's hole. I knew Eric sure as hell wouldn't mind! And the devilish side of me was turned on by the idea of introducing Elliott to man sex while his entire family was downstairs, counting down to his wedding.

    But what he said next surprised me even more.

    "I... I want you to fuck me."


    I continued to thrust back and forth inside Eric, while having a conversation with our new buddy.

    "You ever been fucked before?" I asked.

    "N– No. But I wanna try."

    "Ever had anything up your ass?"

    "Yes. I've... tried some things."

    I imagined him practicing at home with a phallic vegetable, or whatever it was pseudo-straight men used to get anal pleasure.

    "Hop on," I said, pulling out of my husband.

    Elliott unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down to his thighs. He was wearing a clean, black pair of boxer briefs, filled with a nice boner. A second later, the underwear was down and his dick was finally free.

    "Nice," Eric and I said in unison. We watched as our new friend got on his knees on the bed, and stuck his ass up in the air as much as he could, constricted by the suit he was wearing.

    I got behind Elliott, as my husband crawled on the bed and put his dick in our visitor's face. "Wanna try?"

    Hungrily, Elliott reached for my hubby's dick and took all of it in his mouth. I watched the back of his head as it bobbed up and down on Eric's dick. If this was his first time, he wasn't doing a bad job at all.

    I reached over to the nightstand quickly to get some lube on my cock. I wanted to make this as painless as possible for Elliott. After lubing up my dick, I put my fingers on his asshole and rubbed some lube on there as well. Unlike my husband, Elliott had some hair on his ass, especially around his hole. I got it as wet as possible, before going in.

    "Here we go," I announced, and started to slide the head of my cock inside.

    "Umpf!" Elliott squirmed, but he seemed to be doing okay. He had Eric's cock inside his mouth, and he never took it out to protest or complain.

    "Okay, then," I thought and continued to slide in. 

    "Mmmmmm," Elliott continued to moan, but he didn't fight me. His hole was tight, but it was trying to relax.

    "Nice job, buddy," I gave Elliott a well-deserved pat on the ass. It took us a couple of minutes until I was all in, but pretty soon the three of us were rocking in sync, as my husband and I spitroasted our guest.

    "Our first threesome as a married couple," I said to Eric.

    "I can't think of a more romantic way to spend our honeymoon," he said and blew me a kiss.

    Just as we were getting into the groove of things, and I felt Elliott's hole really start to relax, his phone started to vibrate again. Eric and I looked at it to see a photo of Elliott and his bride-to-be on the screen, her name on the caller ID.

    "Answer it," Eric said, pulling his cock out of Elliott's mouth. 

    "No," Elliott shook his head, but Eric continued to push it.

    "Answer it, she's called you so many times," he said, then picked up Elliott's phone and tapped the green button, before handing it on to him.

    "Fuck," Elliott muttered before speaking up. "H– Hello? Honey, yeah, hi."

    "Oh my god, finally! Where are you? Is everything okay?" the phone's volume was so high that we could clearly hear everything that she was saying.

    "Y– Yes," Elliott tried not to moan while I pounded his ass. "Yes, honey. Ah. I just met up– Mmm. I met up with a couple of guys that are also here to get married and we– Ahh, mm. We were having a... nice chat."

    Eric and I grinned at one other, as I continued to thrust inside the groom-to-be, feeling his insides squeezing my cock.

    "Phew. I was getting worried you might've left me. Stood me up at the altar and everything," came through the phone.

    "Of course not, honey. You know– Mmm! You know how much I love you."

    This dialog was just what I needed to start going even harder on his ass, fucking him so strongly that I was surprised he wasn't screaming at the top of his lungs by now. I wondered if the phone caught the sound of my balls hitting Elliott's thighs while I fucked him.

    "Hold on, the kids wanted to say something," his fiancée said, and then an even louder girl's voice came through the phone. "Daddy, where are you?!"

    "Hi, sweetie. Daddy's still at the hotel. I'll be right there, I'm just– Mmm. I'm just taking care of some business."

    My husband and I continued to smirk at each other, as he moved on the bed and put one arm under Elliott's belly, reaching for his cock and starting to milk him.

    "Dad, you gotta come quick!" a boy's voice said. "Grandpa says he's about to make a speech."

    "I'll be right there, champ. Daddy's coming. MMM! Daddy's coming!"

    I saw Eric's arm moving faster and faster. I fucked even harder, close to the edge myself.

    "Daddy, hi!" a second girl's voice came. "We're waiting for you. I love you!"

    "I love you, too," Elliott said loudly, almost shouting, unable to control himself anymore. Eric's arm was milking him like crazy. "MMM! I love you! I love you. I'll see you in a bit. I'm coming."

    Elliott shot his load. Even though I couldn't see, I could feel his hole clench my cock even tighter, which drove me over the edge as well. I started to unload inside him, filling his guts with my seed. 

    Elliott tossed his phone aside. We were both absolutely spent! I continued to thrust inside him a few more times, before pulling out very carefully. Once I was out, I leaned in until I was face-to-face with the groom-to-be, and I said to him while looking him in the eye.

    "Tomorrow morning, all your family and friends will watch you walk up the aisle and get married. And as you do so, you will have my seed inside your guts."

    "Fuck, yeah!" he grunted, pulled up his pants, and went back down to his rehearsal dinner.

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