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My Boyfriend and My Two Dads


Bachelor Party Debauchery, Pt. II


    By now, it wasn't unusual for me to see a stranger bent over my boyfriend's lower body, hard at work giving Eric something he'd asked for. But on this occasion, it was a butch lesbian bent over him, focusing on his upper thigh. We were inside a Vegas tattoo parlor, and Eric was getting a tattoo.

    This morning, Eric had woken up energized and surprisingly not hungover.

    "I have an idea!" he'd said in bed. "I wanna do something for my dads, to thank them for everything," he pointed at the lush hotel suite we were staying in. 

    "What do you wanna get them?" I asked.

    "Well, it's something I wanna get for myself. But it's also for them. I wanna get a tattoo."

    "Oh." I wasn't expecting to hear that, but I guess after getting his dick pierced this wasn't such a big surprise. Besides, getting a spontaneous tattoo was such a Vegas thing to do. 

    "I want it to say 'Daddies' Boy,'" he'd said and reached for his phone. "Let's find a place. I wanna do it today, before the wedding. What do you think?"

    It sounded to me like Eric was trying to make a statement of identity. A reminder of his eternal bond with the men who had given him life and raised him. And he wanted to do it today, before entering the next phase of his life which was marriage. 

    "I think that sounds great," I'd replied and given him a kiss.

    And here we were. We'd told Eric's family we were going out for breakfast alone, and we'd found a tattoo studio on the Strip. 

    "Are you sure that's the proper spelling?" the tattoo artist had asked a couple of times. We assured her that yes; there were two daddies in question here. "Fine by me. Where do you want it?"

    Eric's first idea was to get it done on his ass, but I'd dissuaded him from that. Eventually, he decided to go with his hip, right above his thigh. That way it would be covered by normal shorts or trousers, but visible when he was in a speedo or briefs.

    The tattoo took a little over an hour, and I killed time on my phone. I was mostly texting back and forth with my sister Jordan. At Eric's suggestion, we'd decided to invite her to the wedding. She'd found a semi-affordable flight (no easy feat when flying from NYC to Hawaii) and I'd promised her we'd find her a free place to stay. So it turns out: I'd have at least one person from my side of the family at the wedding.

    Moving in with David and Sven was by far the biggest change in my life, ever! It wasn't just a change of scenery: it was a completely new lifestyle. It'd changed my opinion on so many things. Family. Love. Acceptance. And ever since then I felt like a Will 2.0. Like this was a new chapter in my life, wholly separate from the old.

    Jordan's unexpected visit in Boston had changed that from me. It was a reminder that there was no Will 1.0 or 2.0. There was only one Will, and whether I liked it or not I'd be the same person forever. Sure, I've changed and will continue to change, as will the people around me. But maybe I didn't need to cut everyone off just to prove a point. Maybe, instead, the key was to bridge the divide between the different chapters of my life, and only then I would fully accept myself.

    One thing I was certain of: no matter what I ended up doing, Eric would be there by my side. And not just Eric; his two dads as well. And for that, I was immeasurably grateful.

    "What else do you guys have planned for your bachelor party?" the tattoo artist woke me up from my thoughts when she asked us a question over the buzzing of the tattoo gun. 

    "My dads are throwing us a party tonight," Eric said.

    "Yeah. And knowing them, it's gonna be a big one," I added. Eric's parents were always up to no good. Mix that with a bachelor party at the largest gay club in Sin City... It was gonna be epic.

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    "Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for THE BACHELORS!"

    Thiago had lived up to his promise about this party. The club was packed with a diverse crowd from all over the world, and hundreds of people cheered as my son and his fiancé got up on stage.

    Thiago MC-ed the whole thing. He asked the grooms-to-be a few questions and they played a couple of silly games on stage, taking body shots off each other while the audience egged them on.

    "Now, for our next game," Thiago announced in his microphone, "BRING OUT THE STRIPPERS!" 

    The crowd roared, and colorful strobe lights flashed in all directions. My husband and I sat at a VIP table close to the stage along with Brady and Nathan, enjoying the show.

    "Each of you will select your favorite stripper," Thiago addressed Eric and Will, "from our group of ten!"

    The crowd cheered again as a group of ten hot men in various kinds of underwear got up on stage. 

    "BUT," Thiago continued, "you will not be picking with your eyes. You will be deciding WITH YOUR HANDS!"

    More cheers, as two of the dancers blindfolded my son and Will. 

    "And remember everyone: it is our policy that no photos or videos are allowed during the performance," Thiago reminded the crowd. "Remember: what happens in Vegas, STAYS IN VEGAS!"

    The music got louder, and the club got darker until the strobe lights hit the stage. One by one, the strippers started to grind on Eric and Will, who ran their hands all over the hot men's bodies, touching every inch of them. 

    The guys were doing an excellent job. Although they weren't allowed to showcase any frontal nudity, they got away with as much as they could. They bared their asses (and allowed Eric and Will to squeeze them), showed off their pubes, and rubbed their bulges. Every man on that stage looked half-hard. Some of them let Eric and Will lick or suck their nipples as they danced.

    At the end, my son had picked a short Latino guy who was probably one of the best dancers up on that stage. Will's favorite was a tall ginger fellow, whose abs were to die for. 

    "Let's give our dancers a little break. Don't worry: they'll be back," Thiago went on with the show. "But first, one of our grooms' parents are here. Let's bring them out!"

    More roars from the crowd, as David and I climbed on stage.

    "Well will you look at that: TWO DADS!" Thiago acted surprised, and people cheered loudly. 

    My husband and I walked up to where Eric and Will were sitting. Since there were only two chairs we looked around, wondering if someone would bring out two more.

    "Here, take a seat," Eric said quickly, and I went to sit in his chair with him on my lap. Next to us, David and Will did the same.

    "Well," Thiago said. "We are going to play a game, and it seems like you've divided yourselves in teams already.

    The game was "How Well Do You Know Me." Thiago asked us questions about our partners. For every wrong answer, we had to take a shot. A few minutes later, the score was a tie.

    "Team Eric and Sven," Thiago said, "this is the very last question. If you get this one right, you two will receive a special prize. If you get it wrong, our winners are David and Will. Eric, this question is for you: What was the name of Will's last roommate before the two of you moved in together?"

    My son bounced on my leg nervously, trying to remember. I slipped my right hand inside Eric's T-shirt, stroking his bare back, slightly sweaty from all of the action. Suddenly, he shouted out.

    "KRIS! His name was Kris!"

    Will nodded, and the crowd cheered. My son and I gave each other a celebratory hug and a quick peck on the lips. 

    "Congratulations! David and Will, you can go back to your table. And Eric and Sven," Thiago said, "stay right where you are, because here comes your prize!"

    The two strippers that Eric and Will had picked earlier came back on stage. The music got louder again, and the lights were dimmed. The two dancers made their way over to us and I realized what Thiago's plan was: we were about to get a lap dance, while my son was sitting in my lap, in front of the whole club.

    "You okay? Comfortable?" I said in Eric's ear as his weight shifted from my right thigh to the center of my lap. I stroked his leg, careful not to touch the sensitive area where his new tattoo was. "Daddies' Boy"... he got that right! He'll always be our little boy, no matter what.

    The dancers did an excellent job dancing and teasing us, as well as giving the whole audience a show. Luckily, the club was so big that most of the crowd members couldn't see us that clearly. I appreciated the fact that no one was allowed to take pictures. Here, with these two studs grinding in my face and my son sitting on my lap, I was starting to get a hardon.

    "Hey," Eric turned around and winked at me, discreetly reaching back and giving my boner a squeeze through my pants. I was wearing jeans and it was becoming painful how hard I was. As if he could read my thoughts, my son reached back with both hands and pulled down my zipper, releasing my cock from the confines of my pants.

    The two strippers continued to dance for us, dressed in skimpy G-strings. If they'd noticed what Eric was doing to me they didn't react. They were Thiago's employees, and I'm sure he'd warned them that with us things might get a bit... spicy.

    I ran my hands down the two dancers' bodies, while my son lowered the back of his own shorts. I felt bare skin against my cock and realized it was Eric's ass, grinding up against me, making me even harder.

    "Can I really do this?" I asked myself as the music and the crowd kept getting louder. The strobe lights were disorientating, making it hard to see. We'd promised our son an unforgettable bachelor party... and he was about to get one.

    Quickly, I adjusted my dick and pushed it right against Eric's asshole. The music made me think back of all the techno clubs in Europe where I'd fucked someone right on the dance floor. My son knew what I was doing and sat up just for a second, before sitting back down and swallowing my cock with his hole.

    "Fuck!" I moaned in Eric's ear. There were hundreds of people in the room. And none of them had any idea that I was fucking my own son on stage.

    To everyone, it just looked like Eric was sitting in my lap while the two strippers danced. Here we were, exposing our kinkiest side in front of a sea of strangers, who had no clue what was happening. It was beyond any sexual thrill I've ever experienced. A level of excitement where my brain, my heart and my cock felt in overdrive. I was connected to my son in the deepest way right now, sharing the same innate desire — to take things past the limit, to push the boundaries of intensity. I felt my son's body squeeze my cock, making my eyes roll in the back of my head.

    The music changed and the two strippers turned around. With impressive synchronization, they turned to face the audience and twerked their asses at us. Unable to resist, both Eric and I reached out to cop a feel. Then the strippers turned around, raised their arms up and each of them straddled one of Eric's legs. They shook their bouncing pouches for us as the crowd got to admire their rears. Once again, my son and I reached out for some touching. This time, the Latino boy returned the favor and groped Eric's crotch. The stripper smiled and raised his eyebrows as he felt my son's impressive hardon through his shorts. Eric's cock responded to the touch and I could feel the muscles move inside him. It was incredible.

    The show continued. I watched each of the dancers grind himself onto my son's crotch. At certain moments I'd clench my ass muscles to push my cock deeper into Eric for a moment, which then pushed him up into the stripper's ass.

    On his second or third time on my son's lap, the redhead reached behind and slowly pulled Eric's cock out of his shorts. The audience's view was blocked by the dancer as he deftly handled my son's erection without even turning his head back to look. The dancer held on to Eric's cock and rubbed it in between his ass cheeks as he gyrated backward at us.

    Looking down, I could see Eric had his cockring on, the one his father and I gave him for his birthday. While I couldn't quite see my son's face, I sensed he was having the time of his life. Being fawned over by two hot guys, sitting on stage in front of a crowd with his cock out, and his daddy's dick up inside him. An exhibitionist's dream come true.

    As this all continued, Eric's cock was getting more attention from the strippers' hands, ass cheeks, and other body parts. They took turns blocking the audience's full view of what was really going on. The Latino guy was clearly getting pretty turned on himself, and he'd occasionally spend a few seconds rubbing his fabric-covered erection up against Eric's naked, throbbing one. As he stepped up to face us again, he pulled down the front of his pouch and grabbed both their cocks in his hand, stroking them together while looking at Eric intensely from just a few inches away. I could see the head of my son's cock glistening with precum right then, the stage lights reflecting off the liquid as well as Eric's piercing, which he'd gotten to be just like me.

    The dancer shot both my son and me a devilish grin, before tucking his dick away and turning around to keep grinding his ass on Eric's cock again. Always wanting to push things to the limit, I slid my hand down and grabbed my son's hardon to hold it steady, aiming it right for the stripper's hole that was barely covered by the thin material of his G-string. I rubbed the tip right onto his pucker and I saw him look back at us over one shoulder with a naughty grin. The dancer reached back with both his hands and spread his cheeks, which I think was more of a showman-like gesture to get a reaction from the crowd. It worked, and they cheered louder. 

    I knew the dancer had to be careful; the audience needed to think he was only twerking in Eric's lap, not getting fucked. But the guy moved back and allowed few inches of Eric's cock to slide into his ass. I bounced my hips up and down, penetrating my son's insides deeper and deeper with my cock. This ended up forcing more of Eric up into the athletic dancer. The strobe lights went crazy (probably at Thiago's behest), helping us hide the dirtiest details from the crowd at the club. 

    The dancer in Eric's lap extracted himself, pulling off of my son's cock but continuing to twerk on his lap. Eric shouted out a few obscenities and I knew he was about to cum. The dancer also must have sensed what was about to happen. Careful to remain right in front of us, blocking the audience's direct view, he wrapped his hand back around Eric's cock and started to jerk him off, while his ginger coworker danced in front of us, distracting the audience. After a few moments, I felt Eric's ass clench my own cock tightly as he started spraying the dancer's back with his load.

    That was all I needed as well, and I began releasing my own cum inside him. Eric could feel what was happening, and I think he might have rolled directly into a second orgasm. It seemed like a fresh set of spurts was jetting out of his cock, stronger than the ones before. We both let out loud moans, drowned out by the even louder music. My lips were at Eric's ear and I whispered to him, in between moans.

    "I fucking love you, son," I said, remembering the last time I'd said that to him when I fucked him. Last year, in that hotel room, I'd pulled out and showered Eric with my load before he'd closed his lips around my cock and swallowed the rest.

    This time, I was balls deep in my boy, filling his ass with my seed for the very first time. Holding him tight. Giving him all I was, and doing it in front of hundreds of people. It was the most thrilling, perverse and mind-blowing moment of my life.

    I kissed the side of Eric's head and kept holding him in my arms. As our orgasms subdued, the stripper in Eric's lap carefully tucked my son's cock away. I watched my son's cum run down the dancer's back, mixed with his own sweat. While he still shielded us from view, I took my cock out and put it away in my jeans, as Eric pulled his shorts up. We'd promised him a bachelor party he wouldn't forget. And I think we delivered. 

It's Eric and Will's big day!
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