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    One Saturday evening, my husband Rodney and I were hosting Brett and Juan for dinner at our apartment. In between stuffing their mouths with as much food as possible, the boys were telling us about their astounding victory in last night's hockey game.

    "You should've been there. 7-0!" Brett bragged.

    "We were… busy," Rodney said slyly. Last night was one of those nights when we got high and fucked for hours: he bred my ass four times. "But I'm happy you boys won."

    "And then after the game," Juan said, "we went to our room for some celebratory sex when Brett's dad showed up."

    "Wait, my brother was there?" I asked.

    "He didn't just show up out of the blue, he called me beforehand," Brett explained. "He was drunk after the game and he needed a place to crash."

    "Hm. He never called me," I said. "We have a guest room here. Charles has used it plenty of times."

    "Well, I dunno. He called me and I told him he could crash in our dorm room," Brett continued after swallowing a large chunk of steak. "It's totally against dorm rules but whatever. And I expected him to give me another call when he was outside the building so we could buzz him in, but somehow he got into the building and he knocked on our door just as I was balls deep in Juan's ass."

    We all laughed, awaiting the rest of the story.

    "Thankfully, Charles passed out immediately," Juan added. "So we were free to keep fucking in the other bed."

    "Y'all sure he didn't hear you?" Rod asked. "He might've been awake but too embarrassed to say anything."

    "I don't know, I think he was asleep," Brett said. "But honestly, we were so horny we didn't even care."

    "Ha, I know what that's like," Rod chuckled, before turning to me and asking, "Babe, remember when Charles walked in on us fucking?"

    "When did this happen?!" Brett asked immediately with interest in his eyes.

    "Um, a couple of years ago," Rod replied. "He was actually using our guest room. And in the morning we completely forgot he was here, so we started going at it in the living room. Then Charles came out just as I was slamming my dick in and out of Austin's ass at top speed."

    "And what did my father do?" Brett asked. I assumed he was referring to Charles; although he could've been referring to me as well.

    "Charles got all red in the face and he just stood there for a moment, before turning around and going back to the guest room," Rodney said. "We just laughed about it. It was funny. But I did continue fucking your uncle until I was done."

    "Uncle Austin, have you and Dad ever… done anything?" Brett asked me out of the blue.

    "What do you mean?" I asked for an explanation, even though I had a pretty good idea what Brett meant.

    "I mean, growing up together and stuff," he said. "Did you ever jerk off or whatever?"

    Little did Brett know that just a few months ago, at his graduation party, my brother and I had spent some time upstairs, jerking off side-by-side and simultaneously shooting our loads in the toilet. However, for some reason, something held me back from sharing this story with Brett. It kinda felt like an invasion of Charles's privacy. Instead, I decided to share a true story from when Charles and I were younger. It had happened a long time ago, so it felt more appropriate to share.

    "When we were boy scouts…" I began, and both Brett and Juan's eyes immediately got big. They knew they were about to hear a salacious story. "When we were boy scouts, Charles and I shared a tent when we'd go out camping. That was about the time when boys learn about masturbation, so it was always on our minds. So every night, we'd kinda… jerk off in our sleeping bags, side-by-side. We never talked about it, we never got to see each other in the darkness, but we knew what we were doing."

    "Wow. I wonder if Dad ever did that with any of the other boys," Brett said. "Like, any of his friends back then."

    "If he did, I never found out about it," I said truthfully.

    "You should ask him, Brett," Juan suggested teasingly.

    "I don't know about that," Brett blushed. He didn't blush often, but I could understand his reaction. After all, for all of Brett's life, I was his "cool uncle," so it was easier to open up with me. However, Charles had always been a father figure to Brett. It's normal that talking about sex would be more awkward between them.

    After dinner, Brett helped me load the dishwasher, and I used the opportunity to ask him, "How's it going with the toys I gave you?"

    "You mean the dildos and stuff? It's going great," he said with a smile. "Juan and I have been practicing, and I've been doing some of it on my own as well. I can really feel my hole getting more receptive."

    "I'm happy to hear that," I told him.

    "Thanks, Dad," Brett said with a smile, which motivated me to put down the plate I was holding and pull him in for a big kiss right in front of the dishwasher.

    When we were done, we went to look for our partners and we found Rod and Juan stark naked, lying on the bed in the master bedroom and beating off to some porn playing on the TV. 

    "Care to join us?" Rod asked us with a smirk.

    Brett and I looked at each other, donning identical smirks on our faces. We undressed while we walked into the room. In unison, we climbed onto the bed and straddled our respective partners. I started kissing Rod at the same time as Brett and Juan were locking lips. At this point, no one was paying much attention to the porn playing on the TV.

    Rod was kissing my neck while I watched Brett move down to gently flick Juan's nipples with his tongue. Juan seemed keen for more, so he pushed down on Brett's head and shoved his cock into Brett's mouth. Seeing Brett more submissive with Juan wasn't something I got to witness all too often. Normally, Brett was the macho type who would sit back and let Juan go down on him, but this time was different. 

    Next thing I knew, Rod was flipping me around so we were in 69 position. Brett looked at me from the corner of his eye while I eagerly swallowed my husband's massive cock. Brett and I were basically head-to-head and blowing our partners. Brett's eyes widened while he watched me deepthroat Rodney's monster dick.

    Rod wrapped his arms around my waist to get his face in-between my asscheeks. Just as I was getting my nose down to his balls, I felt his tongue start jabbing at my hole. He was already getting his tongue past my sphincter, and I knew he was trying to get me ready for fucking.

    By now, the sounds of slurping, lip-smacking, and moaning were louder than the noise coming from the porno. Once I was sure that both my hole and Rodney's dick were sufficiently coated in spit, I sat upright to ride Rodney's face for a moment, knowing he loved to be practically suffocated by my ass. I moved forward and straddled my husband's waist, lining his cock up with my hole in reverse cowboy position. I noticed Brett licking up and down Juan's shaft while keeping both eyes on me. 

    No matter how many times we've had sex, my eyes always started to roll back as my husband's meat stretched my hole. Even though he had the biggest dick I'd ever seen, I was able to take it all easily – straight down to the hilt. Brett, who struggled with bottoming himself, was in absolute awe at this feat. It was fun to show off in front of him, and I hoped it reassured him that one day he'll be able to do what I was doing. After all, I was his father.

    "I wanna do that, babe," Brett suddenly said to Juan. "I wanna sit on your dick."

    "Are you sure?" Juan asked, though I could hear the excitement in his voice.

    Brett and I made eye contact and I nodded in encouragement.

    "I'm sure," he responded.

    I popped off Rodney's cock to get some lube and poppers for Brett. After I handed them to him, we both began straddling our partners, facing toward them. I quickly sat back on Rodney's cock, happy to feel so full again. Brett looked like he was about to do the same, but I didn't want him to go as quickly as I did and hurt himself.

    "Lube his cock, and then take a hit of poppers. Take a deep breath, relax your hole, and slowly lower yourself," I explained calmly. 

    I continued to guide Brett through the process, step by step, until he was finally able to take all of Juan's dick. Brett smiled at me, looking proud of himself. I rubbed his shoulder to show him I was just as proud of him. After all, taking a dick for the first time was no easy task. My hand moved down his muscled arm until eventually we were holding hands.

    Following my lead, Brett and I began to bounce up and down on our partners' cocks. Rodney's dick was already hitting my prostate and it looked like Juan was doing the same, as Brett was drooling precum. A few minutes later, when Brett got more comfortable and used to it, he started riding Juan more aggressively, almost matching my tempo.

    Juan looked like he was in heaven. If this was Brett's first time truly bottoming, then this was Juan's first time topping. He was probably doing everything he could to keep from cumming too soon. Rodney on the other hand, was thrusting upward in time with my slamming my ass down. It felt like my guts were getting rearranged and I fucking loved it. 

    Suddenly, Brett let go of my hand, only to grab onto my cock instead. I mimicked him and soon we were jerking each other off while our holes were getting stuffed. Without thinking about it, and as if we both had the same intention, we leaned into each other and began kissing. It was gentle at first, just our lips grazing. After a particularly strong pump from Rodney, our faces pushed together more and I opened my lips. Brett responded by pushing his tongue into my mouth. A jolt of electricity shot through my body as I started making out with my biological son, enjoying the grasp of his fist around my rock-hard cock – the cock he had shot out of.

    Seeing Brett and I kiss must've been the final straw for Juan. He grabbed tightly onto Brett's hips, forcing him down to the base of his cock as he shot off inside him. At the same time, I felt Rodney's hot seed unleash, flooding my hole. Brett and I kissed even more passionately as we got bred and loaded with cum side-by-side. 

    "This feels amazing… Dad," Brett whispered in my face.

    "Yes it does son," I nodded. "Fuck, I'm so full of cum."

    "Me too, Dad. And I'm getting ready to cummmm."

    Just as he finished that sentence, Brett shot his nut all over my hand and Juan's belly. Seeing that pushed me over the edge, and I blew an equally large load. In the midst of our orgasms, Brett and I continued kissing, milking each other's dicks for every last drop of our family DNA, continuously bouncing on our partners' cocks, our asses full of cum.

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