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    Growing up, I was close to my dad and my uncle in different ways. My father Charles was always there for me, driving me to hockey practice and encouraging me to get better. I had the typical suburban only-child experience: I was treated like royalty.

    My uncle Austin was there when I needed to talk about some things that I couldn't talk to my parents about. He was the first person I came out to, at age 13, when he caught me snooping through his underwear drawer. Since he was gay as well, we immediately built a bond. He was the definition of a "fun gay uncle," and a big part of the reason why I decided to go to college in Minneapolis, to be closer to him.

    My parents had no problem with my sexuality. They allowed my boyfriend Juan to come over and stay in my room with the door closed when we were in high school. Juan even slept over every now and then, and of course my parents must have known that we were having sex. Dad walked in on us several times; I'd noticed that whenever Juan was over, it was always my father who would come up to my room and not my mom. I guess they figured that being caught by Dad was less embarrassing. 

    And then, the most shocking revelation came when I found out that Uncle Austin was my biological father, who acted as a sperm donor so my parents could have a baby. To this day, it still felt a bit confusing – who was my father and who was my uncle? I continued to think of Charles as my dad, and Austin was still my "Uncle Austin." However, in the back of my mind things got murkier sometimes… especially when Austin and I did something sexual together.

    By now, we'd broken quite a few taboos. I'd sucked Austin's cock, and he had sucked mine. While sucking it, I couldn't help but think "This was the cock that made me." It was dirty, and wrong… and so fucking hot. Just like me, Uncle Austin was a freak. Now that I was finally an adult, living in the big city, I wanted to let my freak flag fly as well. 

    On Thanksgiving, it was time to return to my parents' house for a few days – a place which always felt quaint but boring to me. One of the LAST things I expected was to walk into my old room and see Charles and Austin sitting on my bed bare-assed. Both brothers had their dicks out, and they were fully fucking hard! Austin was completely naked, possibly fresh out the shower judging by the wetness in his hair. Charles had his pants and underwear around his ankles, his eyes shut in pleasure while his younger brother manually polished his prick.

    Holy shit! Uncle Austin was jerking my dad off! Just recently, I'd found out from Austin that he and Dad had jerked off a few times when they were boy scouts, camping in the same tent. But Austin didn't tell me that he had ever given his brother a handjob. Was this their first time?

    I stood in the doorway, looking into my childhood bedroom, feeling both flabbergasted and turned on. My dad and my uncle didn't see me; Charles had his eyes closed, and Austin's attention was directed at his big brother's cock. Austin's left hand pumped up and down Dad's dick, while his right massaged Dad's hairy balls and even hairier taint. Dad was writhing in pleasure, as if this was the first handjob he ever got. And then, he erupted, shooting cum all over both of them.

    "Shit!!!" Austin yelled, right in the midst of his brother's cumshot. That was when Austin and I made eye contact. He saw me standing there, my hard cock throbbing in my gray sweatpants.

    "Brett?" Dad said, opening his eyes and noticing me in the doorway. Both brothers were clearly shocked. Interestingly, Austin's left hand still slid up and down Charles's dick, giving it some post-orgasmic polishing. 

    "We thought you'd be at Juan's house," Uncle Austin said, maintaining eye contact with me while still stroking my dad's cock.

    "He and his mom got in a fight, so he drove me here," I said, before adding, "I see the two of you are… having fun."

    "This was the first time this has happened," Dad blurted out guiltily.

    "Well, judging by the size of that cumshot, looks like you really needed it," I said without thinking too much, my cock continuously throbbing in my sweats.

    "Austin, could you give Brett and me a chance to talk?" Dad asked.

    Finally, Austin released his brother's cock and stood up. He took some clothes from his backpack and said, "I'll be downstairs."

    I walked into my old room and closed the door behind me. I went to sit next to my father, who pulled his pants up. I realized I was disappointed to see him tuck his dick away. Seeing the glistening drops of fresh cum on Dad's black sweater made me leak some precum, forming a wet patch on my sweatpants, since I wasn't wearing underwear.

    "I mean it, this was the first time anything like this has happened," Dad assured me. "Your uncle has never… jerked me off before."

    "I know," I said. "Although, he did tell me you two would sometimes jerk off in the same tent when you were boy scouts."

    "Yeah, well, that's different," Dad blushed. "We couldn't even see each other in the dark. I'm sure a lot of boys do it at some point."

    "I think so too," I agreed, before asking, "Do you think a lot of brothers do it?"

    "Maybe. Especially if they're close in age, or if they grow up sharing a room," Dad replied.

    "Do you think any fathers and sons do it?" I asked daringly.

    "Do what, jerk off in front of one another? Son… what are you insinuating?"

    "I'm just… kinda horny, to be honest. Juan and I were gonna hook up at his house, but now I've got blue balls. I was gonna jerk off… but you can stay if you want."

    "Masturbation's nothing to be ashamed of, son," Dad said matter-of-factly.

    "That's exactly what you told me the first time we had 'the talk,'" I noted with a smile, pulling out my dick and making my father's eyes go wide.

    "Damn, son. It... well, it kinda looks like Austin's," Dad said, his eyes glued to my erection. "But yours is even bigger. No wonder Juan always sounds so happy when you're fucking him."

    A surge of precum dripped from my cockhead when I heard my father talk like this. I also realized he was right. I was a bit bigger than Uncle Austin; and judging from what I saw, I was significantly bigger than my father, too.

    "You've heard me fuck Juan?!" I asked with a hint of embarrassment, though I couldn't stop my proud smirk. Without even realizing it, I'd also started idly stroking myself. Dad noticed, however, and I could see the inner battle of him wanting to watch me jerk off while also being respectful of our father-son boundaries.

    "Oh God, countless times," Dad laughed. "You two were never very discreet. I think I even remember your very first time. Your sophomore year, right? You and Juan had been dating for a couple of months and you were already having sleepovers. Your mother and I had gotten back from our date night – I don't think you knew we were home. Anyway, Juan was making one hell of a racket and asking at you to go slow. Mom actually put earplugs in and went to sleep right away. But I couldn't help but stay up and listen for a while. Sounded like you guys got the hang of it eventually."

    "Wow, you stayed up to listen to us?" I asked, feeling my cock grow even harder in the grasp of my hand. The idea of my dad eavesdropping on the night I had sex for the first time turned me on like crazy. I stroked up-and-down, my father's eyes switching between looking at my boner and making eye contact with me.

    "I wanted to make sure you were okay," he said caringly. I was thankful for his concern, as well as his openness in letting me and Juan explore each other. Then, Dad continued with a more recent anecdote: "And then there was that night a few weeks ago, when I slept over in your dorm room after your hockey match. You fucked Juan in your bed right next to me."

    "You heard us? You were awake that whole time?" I asked, still jerking off and remembering how hot that night was. I thought my dad had passed out after all the drinking he did with the other hockey dads.

    "Yes, I was awake," he admitted. "As I recall, it sounded like maybe you were trying something new that night?"

    "Well, it wasn't our first time, but yeah, Juan was fingering me. It felt really good, actually, but I knew I wanted to fuck him," I admitted. 

    It was wild talking to Dad about sex so openly. I realized it was also… really fucking hot! I noticed that my dad's dick still seemed to be hard, despite blowing that huge load not too long ago. I wondered just how far this conversation could really go.

    "Looks like you still need some attention down there," I commented, my eyes darting to his crotch to emphasize my point. "Why don't you join me?"

    My dad looked at me with surprise. I tried to keep my face serious, so he knew I wasn't joking. For good measure, I tugged my sweatpants all the way off and then resumed jerking off in front of him. Truthfully, I really wanted to see his cock again.

    After a moment of silence, Dad finally obliged and pulled down his pants. He stood up to let them fall to the floor and pushed his underwear down as well. He sat back down and started stroking, almost matching my pace. His cock was maybe an inch and a half shorter than mine, but it still looked pretty fucking hot, especially seeing up-close like this. I noticed Dad kept staring at my cock as well. I slapped my shaft against my palm with a loud thwack, causing a string of precum to go flying and almost landing on my father's thigh. 

    The man I'd looked up to, the man I respected and obeyed, the man I called my father all my life, was now sitting next to me half-naked with a hard cock. My heart was racing as we jerked off side-by-side. Part of me wanted to grab hold of it, just like I'd seen Uncle Austin do, but I held back. I didn't want to freak him out, and I was just about ready to blow. Judging by the increase in my father's pace, he was close, too.

    "Let's cum on each other's dicks," I said suddenly, surprising even myself with my suggestion.

    Dad merely nodded and stood up. I did the same, facing him. Then, I aimed my cock at his, with him mirroring my action. A few seconds later, as if on cue, we both started cumming and groaning at the same time, covering each other's shafts with jizz. His cumshot was impressive, considering he'd blown a load just recently. My cumshot was absolutely insane! I was so horny, that my cum came down like a waterfall, drenching my father's penis. I kept stroking and stroking, eager to impress him. 

    "Good boy!" he said, in awe of my large load. He sounded proud, which in turn made me feel amazing. Making my dad proud was always one of the best feelings in the world. "Attaboy! Whoa, keep going," he encouraged me, even after he was done cumming. I continued for a few more seconds, until my nuts were finally empty. Then, Dad smiled and said, "Wow. I don't think I've ever blown a load that big, son."

    "Thanks," I replied. Then, I noticed that some of my father's jizz had ended up on my hand with which I'd been stroking. I brought my fingers to my lips, and while maintaining eye contact with Dad, I licked and swallowed his nut.

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