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    Even though it might be "wrong," I'd be the first to admit I am a size queen when it comes to dicks. Some of my earliest memories include occasionally catching glimpses of my cousins' or uncles' pricks, admiring their endowment, and wondering if I'd ever grow to be that big. 

    The first time I saw a hard dick up close was in the sixth grade, when I sucked off a boy who was a couple of years older – and a couple of inches bigger – than me. It happened in the bathrooms at school, and I immediately assumed the blowjob meant we were now boyfriends. However, my "boyfriend" barely laid eyes on me after that, and began dating a cheerleader before long to prove to the whole school he was into girls.

    I wouldn't get my first proper boyfriend until four years later, shortly after my family moved from Texas to Minnesota. Brett and I hit it off instantly. The fact that we both played sports gave us a lot of time in the locker room together, and one of the first things that caught my eye – other than Brett's cute face and adorable smile – was the well-hung manhood between his legs. It wouldn't be long before I got a taste of it, and to my delight, I discovered it grew to 8 inches when aroused.

    The locker room after practice became our designated blowjob zone. That is, until we got caught by Coach Kovach and had to come up with a more private venue. Thankfully, Brett's parents were cool and they allowed us to hang out at their house (unlike my mom, who had a strict "keep the doors open" policy). It was in Brett's room that I lost my virginity. Now in our senior year, my boyfriend and I both felt ready to go out into the real world and have even more fun as adults.

    Brett's parents weren't the only people in his family that I really liked. I also had a bit of a crush on Brett's gay uncle Austin, who lived in Minneapolis and ran his own business – something that I wanted to do as soon as I was done with school. I'd only met Austin's fiancé Rodney on a couple of occasions, but there were many times when I wondered what he and Austin might look like while fucking.

    Then one day Brett had a shocking story for me: he'd caught his uncle and Rodney in the act! I made Brett give me every dirty detail over and over again. According to my boyfriend's estimate, Rodney's dick might be as long as 12 whole inches, which made me crave a glimpse of it at least once. Little did I know, I would get my wish soon enough.

     "How big is that thing? Cuz Brett thinks it might be 12 inches," I said to Rodney, who'd just walked in on me sucking Brett's cock in the shower. The three of us had spent the day working hard, setting up a gym for the home owners. Now, it was time to relax. 

    Rod let out a big laugh, amused by the exaggeration of his endowment.

    "Nah, it ain't that big. I can't give you a number. I've never measured," he said.

    "Well, I know for a fact Brett here is 8 inches. Why don't you come on over and compare?" I suggested mischievously, hoping that Brett wouldn't object. Although my suggestion was somewhat inappropriate, Brett's dick was still hard as a rock and throbbing within my grasp, even more so after hearing my idea.

    "Yeah. Come on over," my boyfriend said to Rodney. I couldn't believe my luck! Hung Rod stepped into the shower, his stalk swinging left-to-right. I reached over for it with my left hand, moving it slowly closer to Rodney's dick. My right hand was still fisting Brett's erection, stroking it up and down.

    Just as I made contact with Rodney's tool, Brett stood up from the marble bench he was sitting on. He and Rod were now face-to-face, with me kneeling between them, holding each of their dicks in one hand. As mesmerized as I was by the two tools, I looked up for a second to check out Brett's and Rodney's faces. They looked like two boxers facing each other before a fight, their noses only inches from each other. Rodney wasn't much taller than Brett, and I assumed they were staring right in each other's eyes as I stroked their cocks, making sure they were both fully hard.

    "So, step closer a little bit," I urged, my own dick leaking precum onto the shower floor as I pulled the two hunks closer together. Rodney put his hands on Brett's waist. At first, they were on the sides of Brett's torso, but then they slid backward until they were right on the small of my boyfriend's back. Brett put his own arms around Rodney, giving him a hug as I pressed their boners together, holding both of them with my two hands.

    "Sooo… if Brett is 8 inches… I'd say Rodney's is 9. Slightly bigger, but definitely not a foot-long," I said.

    My guesstimate was honest – I wasn't saying it to flatter my boyfriend. At best, Rodney's unit was 9-and-a-half inches in comparison.

    "Looked bigger to me," Brett said, his dick throbbing in my hands, still pressed up against Rodney's.

    "We always overestimate what other men have," Rodney replied. "Don't sell yourself short."

    Then, he gave Brett a reassuring smack on the ass, kinda like Coach did to us after a well-played game. I could feel both hard dicks vibrating, as if both of them were about to shoot their load. For a moment, I really wished they would, even if that was pervy of me. I mean, Rodney and Brett were family – or at least they would be after Rodney married Brett's uncle. It was a miracle they'd both agreed to take things as far as they did. While still holding onto them, I began to cum on the floor of the shower, hoping they couldn't see it. I bit my lower keep, fighting to keep quiet as my teen seed spilled on the floor. 

    Finally, Rodney took a step back… and stepped right into a puddle of my cum. Whether he could sense it or not I'm not sure, but he looked down at me and smiled. Nothing escaped that man. No matter how I tried to hide it, he could tell I was cumming while still holding on to his dick.

    "C'mon, you've had your shower," he said to us. "My turn now."

    I stood up and gave my boyfriend a hug, letting go of Rodney's dick but still holding on to Brett's as the two of us left the shower and got dressed.

    That Sunday, I started following Rodney on social media before I'd even arrived back home from the house we were working in. To my great pleasure, he often posted sexy pictures of himself, although it was never anything X-rated. Many of his posts featured an equally sexy Austin. My favorite pic was of the three of them and a guy who seemed to be a good friend of theirs. They were at some lake, all three of them rocking skin-tight speedos that left very little to the imagination. For a size queen such as myself, the main thing that got my attention was their friend's bulge, which seemed even more stuffed than Rodney's. The guy was tagged in the photo as @tucker.untucked, and I tried going to his profile but it was set to private, so I was deprived of an opportunity to creep on him some more.

    Rodney and I started DM-ing after that. It was mostly small talk, "how you doing," asking him for workout tips and such. A couple of weeks later, I was in the locker room, waiting for Brett to finish his talk with Coach Kovach, and since I had nothing to do, I thought I'd text Rodney and see if he had any plans for the weekend.

    "Yup. Throwing a surprise party for Austin's 40th 🤫🤫," he texted back.

    "I thought that was in 2 weeks??" I replied.

    "That's the party for the whole family. This weekend I'm surprising him with a party at our friend Tucker's house."

    The name rang a bell and it got my interest. 

    "Why at a friend's house?" I texted.

    "Easier to throw a surprise there. Austin thinks we're just going to watch a movie, but all of our friends are gonna be there."


    "What's with the crying emojis?" Rodney asked me.

    "I thought we were friends. And we never got an invitation," I pointed out.

    It took Rodney a couple of minutes to reply after that. Just as I started chastising myself for maybe being too forward, I got a text from him that said,

    "Fine, you guys can come. Just don't tell Austin! I'll text you the address."

    "What's got you smiling so wide?" Brett's voice suddenly said as my boyfriend walked into the locker room and saw me grinning at my phone.

    "We just got invited to a party," I said. "And I think it's gonna be a good one."



    As much as I tried to keep cool, my excitement grew exponentially as it got later in the day. Tonight, I would be attending my first ever adult party. I'd been to plenty of high school parties, but I was sure this would be a lot different (and knowing my uncle: a lot gayer). After showering, I put on a pair of regular briefs, some light-wash jeans and a navy polo. I didn't have much beyond athletic wear and casual clothes, but this should do. I was lacing my shoes when I could hear my mom calling from downstairs that Juan was here. Thirty seconds later, my boyfriend was in my room with the door closed, his arms around my neck, and his tongue down my throat. He'd always been a highly sexual person, but ever since he got to see – and touch – Rod's massive cock, Juan had become insatiable.

    "Well hello to you too," I smiled when he finally detached from me. He was dressed in the tightest fitting jeans he owned and a loose mesh tank top that fell just above his waistline. This exposed the start of Juan's happy trail and the V of the obliques he'd developed thanks to Coach's and Rod's workout tips. As always, my boyfriend looked sexy as hell. 

    "Is that what you're wearing?" he asked, looking me up and down. "Cuz, you look like your dad."

    "What's wrong with this?" I exclaimed, looking at myself in the mirror hanging from my closet door.

    "This isn't a parent-teacher conference," Juan laughed and started rummaging through my chest of drawers. He pulled out a black tank top that I hadn't worn since freshman year. "Here, put this on."

    "No way, it's way too small!" I protested, but pulled off my polo nonetheless. I struggled to tug the tank top down over my torso; the thing was skin tight.

    "That's the point," winked Juan. "And I imagine you're wearing boring underwear, so I grabbed this jockstrap from your drawer."

    Juan tossed me the red jockstrap my uncle had given me when I was thirteen. I kicked off my shoes, unzipped my pants and pulled them down to replace the current briefs I had on.

    "See, it'll go nicely with the tank top, just in case you lose your pants," Juan joked. He licked his lips, staring at my junk, and I could see the lust in his eyes. The well-worn jockstrap was at least comforting; I'd worn it dozens, probably hundreds of times.

    I finished getting dressed and we were out the door. An hour later we ended up in a suburb north of Minneapolis with some pretty nice houses. Although our host's house was nowhere near as nice as the mansion where we'd set up a gym two weeks ago, it was still a very decent home for someone who lived on his own. All I knew about this Tucker guy was that he and Rod went to high school together and that he was some sort of tech bro. 

    We had to park down the street a bit as there were already a dozen or so cars parked out front. We stood on the doorstep and rang the bell, which was muffled by the sound of music playing indoors. I rang the bell again and a minute later, a man opened the door. He looked a little nerdy and his brown hair was a bit disheveled. His face lit up in a smile as he welcomed us in.

    "Welcome! I'm Tucker. You must be Austin's nephew, Brett," he said, looking at me, and I nodded. "Which makes you the nephew's cute boyfriend, Juan?"

    "That's us!" Juan replied while shaking Tucker's hand.

    "Enjoy yourselves, boys," our host said, and left us to mingle. 

    Looking around, the furnishings were modest but modern and photography lined the walls. The living room, dining room, and kitchen were all one giant great room with cathedral ceilings, and a sliding glass door led out to a large patio with a hot tub. The dining table was full of snacks and appetizers, and there was a wet bar set up on the island in the kitchen. There were probably 40 people scattered inside and out, mostly gay men judging by appearances. Most seemed to be in their 30s with some younger and some older. By far, we were the youngest at the party. There was an air of cheerfulness with lots of laughter and light-hearted conversations. 

    Juan and I grabbed a soda each and made our way outside to the patio, where the crew seemed a bit rowdier. It was a well-lit space with torches and paper lanterns. Another wet bar was set up off to the side, and these party-goers seemed to be hitting it hard already. A speaker was set up playing pop music and we both spotted a guy wearing nothing but a pair of black briefs, athletic socks, and high-top sneakers. Juan and I stared as the guy's hips gyrated to the music, making his bulge bounce. My boyfriend grabbed my hand and pretty much dragged me to go introduce ourselves.

    "I didn't know this was an underwear party," Juan said to the handsome scruffy stranger.

    "It might turn into one later, these parties usually do. I'm just getting a head start," the man replied, spinning around to shake his ass for emphasis.

    "Hey boys," said Tucker, who'd just appeared behind us, putting an arm around our shoulders. "Meet Taylor. He and his husband Owen are here visiting from NYC."

    Tucker gestured to a blond muscle hunk standing near Taylor. He was absolutely ripped, and the tight muscle tank he wore did nothing to hide that. His physique looked like it could give Rod's a run for his money. I'd never seen so many tattoos on someone, either. One arm was a complete sleeve and he still had more on the other. I was both in awe and slightly intimidated by this sexy couple from New York. Tucker explained that he, Rodney, and Owen all went to high school together.

    "I sooo wanna go to New York!" Juan exclaimed. "Maybe next summer after we graduate? We could go for Pride!"

    "You should definitely do that!" Taylor added. "We can certainly help you out with a place to stay if you decide on it."

    Juan looked like he was going to jump in excitement. He turned to Owen and asked him, "So, what was it like moving to New York from Minnesota?" While we talked, Taylor continued dancing and grinding on his husband. At one point, while the two of them were making out, Owen reached down and slid his big hands down the back of Taylor's underwear. From the moans Taylor made, it was obvious Taylor was getting fingered. Juan, turned on by the scene, started making out with me as well. He even unzipped my jeans but we were interrupted by Tucker telling everyone it was almost 9 PM and to hide as Austin and Rodney would be arriving at any moment. 

    We turned the music down, dimmed the lights, and managed to surprise Uncle Austin when he walked in the door. Rod just stood back and watched, smiling, as Austin went around greeting all his closest friends. When Uncle Austin got to me and Juan, his eyes teared up a little and he pulled me into a tight hug.

    "Happy birthday, Uncle Austin!" I cheered, hugging him back just as tightly. He pulled Juan into a similar hug and then held a hand up to my cheek before continuing through the crowd. Rod was on Austin's tail and stopped to give us both hugs as well.

    "I've got something for you and your boyfriend in my pocket," Rod whispered into my ear. Instantly my mind went into the gutter and assumed he was making a dick joke. I had a flashback to Juan pressing my erect dick against Rodney's as we compared lengths. Next, Rod smiled and pulled out a wad of cash from his pocket.

    "The homeowners from the job you helped me with left a generous tip," he explained, splitting the cash in halves and handing Juan and me each a stack. "Here's your share."

    "Wow, thanks, Rod!" Juan exclaimed, giving him another hug and kiss on the cheek. I was still lost in my sexy memory, I barely managed to croak out a thank you. Rod left us but returned momentarily with three beers, handing one to me and then Juan. I looked at the bottle hesitantly, since I was driving and didn't want to risk it.

    "Don't worry, I won't tell your dad," Rod winked. "Besides, it's your uncle's 40th birthday, he deserves a toast!"

    I figured one beer would be okay so I accepted the drink. The three of us clinked bottles and took a swig before making our way back outside to the patio. Taylor was still dancing in his underwear and had by now managed to get his husband's shirt off. Fuck, Owen's body was amazing! I could see Rod nodding appreciatively at his old high school friend. When Rod went over to give the two New Yorkers a hug, Taylor immediately began tugging at Rod's shirt, who needed no convincing in shucking his clothes. Taylor even tried to pull down Rodney's jeans, but I heard Rod say "Hahaha, not yet. I'm still too sober for that." However, even though he left his jeans on, Rod kept them unzipped. 

    The three of them started dancing again, and Juan and I joined their little circle. Before long, I'd finished my beer and set down the empty bottle. Taylor noticed and grabbed another from a nearby cooler, handing it to me. Again, I wasn't sure I should have another, but Juan nodded encouragingly, taking a sip from some cocktail he'd managed to procure. Once again, I finished the beer and someone just replaced it with a fresh one. The alcohol was definitely starting to hit me and I was feeling buzzed. I told Juan and I needed to use the restroom and he followed me inside. On our way we bumped into our host Tucker.

    "You two having a good time?" he asked.

    "Yeah!" I said, probably a little too loudly. "Though, your friends keep giving me beer and I'm a bit worried about driving home."

    "Oh, don't worry about that," Tucker replied. "I have plenty of room here, you two can take one of the guest bedrooms."

    "Really? Thanks!" I gave him a hug in gratitude. Juan followed suit and I couldn't help but notice Tucker's hands lingering on my boyfriend's waist. I left the two to go to the restroom and text my parents that we'd be staying overnight. 

    When I returned, Juan and I found some food to eat, as neither of us had had any dinner earlier and it was fast approaching midnight. Gradually guests started to leave, but those that stayed seemed to get more and more free-spirited, much like Taylor and Owen outside. All around us, shirts came off as guys coupled up, sometimes tripling up, dancing, making out, and rubbing each other's butts or growing bulges. I even saw one pair sneak upstairs, likely to fuck in an empty room. Back onto the patio, Juan and I found Uncle Austin, Rodney, Tucker, Taylor, and Owen in a circle, passing around a couple of joints. 

    "Hey boys," Taylor called out. "You wanna join us?"

    Juan and I joined their circle, with me standing to the left of Uncle Austin. I'd never smoked weed before, but I knew Juan had done it a bunch of times. I was kind of nervous to be smoking in front of my own uncle, but he also didn't rebuke Taylor for inviting us. Taylor passed a joint to Juan, who gladly accepted and started taking puffs off it. Next, Juan looked at me, offering the joint. When I declined, he gave it back to Taylor.

    "Go ahead if you want," Uncle Austin told me. "I won't tell your parents."

    "It's just, I… I've never really done this before," I mumbled.

    "A virgin!" my uncle cried out. "I'll tell you what, we'll start you out slowly. Have you ever tried shot-gunning?"

    I shook my head, but Juan nodded excitedly.

    "So, what you do is have one person inhale and they blow the smoke into your mouth," Uncle Austin explained. "Here, I'll show you. Who wants to go with me?"

    "Me!" Juan shouted, immediately coming to stand in front of my uncle. Uncle Austin seemed a tad taken aback by my boyfriend's swift reaction, and he looked over at me as if asking for my permission. I nodded, and Uncle Austin shrugged and went for it. He took a deep inhale on the joint he was holding, stood in front of my boyfriend who had his mouth open, leaned and exhaled the smoke as Juan breathed it in, their lips grazing together.

    "See, easy!" my uncle said to me.

    "Okay, that doesn't seem so bad," I agreed.

    "Rod, you do it to Brett now," Juan suggested giddily. 

    A moment later, Rod stood in front of me, holding eye contact just like we'd done two weeks ago when we compared our dicks. My heart was racing as he took a deep breath on the joint. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes as he leaned in closer. I felt a hand on the back of my head push me forward and Rod's lips met mine. A swath of smoke entered my mouth and I inhaled deeply. I even felt Rod's tongue touch mine briefly. I was shocked by the kiss, and in combination with the smoke, I was coughing like crazy. I opened my eyes and could tell it was Juan who had brought our faces together. The group, including Austin, all laughed at the wild look on my face as I took it all in. Uncle Austin patted my shoulder like a proud dad who just watched his son ride a bike for the first time.

    For the next half hour, the joints kept getting passed around. I got more used to it and was able to take some hits on my own. Juan was more interested in giving me shotguns in front of the group, which also ended with his tongue in my mouth. It was definitely getting chillier, and I no longer envied Taylor who was still in only his underwear.

    "Why don't we get in the hot tub?" Taylor suggested. Judging by the state of his nipples, he was definitely feeling the chill.

    Without waiting for anyone else, Taylor slipped his shoes and socks off and stepped into the hot bubbling water. Owen, a step behind him, had his own pants down in a flash, revealing matching black underwear. He joined his husband in the tub, putting one of his muscled arms around his shoulders. Taylor nestled into his husband's chest. Tucker and Rodney were soon down to their skivvies and joined their friends. Uncle Austin looked at me and smiled while unbuttoning his shirt and pulling down his pants. He was wearing a pair of skimpy neon green briefs that sank in a deep v in the front. In the back, the material went up in between his cheeks. Not quite a thong, but still showed off his very generous ass. I was transported back to when I watched him get fucked by Rod. My mouth watered a bit, thinking about those juicy globes bouncing as Rodney slammed into him.

    "C'mon, let's do it!" Juan whispered excitedly as he took off his clothes down to his underwear and followed Uncle Austin into the hot tub. Everyone was now urging me to get in. I took a deep breath and pulled off my tank top and started to unbutton my jeans. I paused, remembering I was wearing a jockstrap, but it was too late now. I took a deep breath and let my pants fall. As I stood up, I heard Taylor wolf whistle and eye me up and down while biting his lip. Uncle Austin stared at me as he sank into the water, a smile and a look of recognition on his face when he spotted the red jockstrap. 

    I finally got in the hot tub, which was not easy. With seven of us, it was a tight squeeze and everyone was pressed up against their neighbor. I sat in between Taylor and Juan, who was sitting next to Tucker, with Uncle Austin and Rod across from us. Drinks and joints were passed around and the sounds of laughter eventually quieted as all of the couples started making out. Tucker, not to be left out, was pulled into a three-way kiss with my uncle and Rod. Juan and I were speechless!! While Taylor and Owen were really getting into it directly next to me, my eyes were drawn to Uncle Austin. My mind was hazy from the beer and the weed, but FUCK, my uncle looked hot making out with two hunks at the same time! The sight of it set my dick raging.

    My boyfriend had his hands all over me to get my attention, and it worked. Juan was rubbing my chest and gently pinching my nipples while stroking the back of my head. His hand slid down to my stomach and he cupped my bulge. I gripped firmly on the hair on the back of his head and made him kiss me. Our tongues wrestled and we were soon moaning into each other's mouths along with the other couples. Our moans competed with the music now dulled by the churning of the frothy water and gasps coming from someone in the tub whose partner had found their sweet spot. It felt like we were all in there kissing for hours until we were interrupted by a couple guys clapping and cheering. The last of the party guests were leaving and Tucker stood up to get out and say goodbye. He was wearing a classic pair of tighty-whities that were now completely sheer. We could clearly see his massive pecker, even bigger than Rod's, straining to be released.

    "Fuck, his bulge looks fucking huge," Juan exclaimed as the others chuckled. 

    "Let's just say I've seen him hard and... he makes me look small in comparison," Rodney smirked.

    "And he sure knows how to use it. I've seen him fuck," Owen chimed in.

    Everyone laughed. I was surprised by how open everyone was in this group. I was used to raunchy talk in the locker room, but that was always my buddies and teammates talking about high school girls. This was my first time having a talk like this with a group of gay men, and I was loving it.

    It didn't take long for us to get back to making out with our partners. Taylor was straddling Owen and sitting on his lap. Suddenly, Taylor stood up, and with his husband's help, pulled down his briefs and threw them to the side.

    "No one minds, right?" he asked while sitting back down onto his husband's lap. 

    A moment later, Taylor started biting Owen's neck as Owen slid his hands down Taylor's back, disappearing in the water where I imagined they were kneading Taylor's ass. I could sense someone watching me as I stared at the tattooed couple next to me. I turned and made eye contact with Uncle Austin, who cocked an eyebrow. It was weird being in a hot tub with a naked man as well as with my uncle, but I was so relaxed that any awkwardness melted away with the steam and pot smoke.

    Juan was sucking my neck and it took my attention. Once again our lips met. He was kissing me softly, sensually, with one arm around my shoulders while the other was under water. With his right hand, he was now softly stroking my growing hard-on through the pouch of the jockstrap, occasionally snapping the straps against my ass. Whenever his lips moved away from mine, they were gently kissing my jawline and neck, giving me chances to steal glances at my uncle. I watched as he fiddled under the waterline and then his hand emerged with Rodney's underwear, tossing it onto the patio. The next underwear to go was Owen's, and then Uncle Austin's. Juan and I were the only ones still wearing anything. 

    Next to me, Taylor was now blatantly jerking off his husband. Owen had both his arms resting against the edge of the hot tub, his eyes closed, and his head tilted back in pleasure. I know Juan and I liked to do things in the locker room or in parking lots – public places like that – but I'd never been around other guys who were so brazen and open about going at it in public like this! It was a wild experience, made even crazier by the presence of my uncle. 

    Nobody said anything to stop them, so Taylor and Owen just kept going at it, getting bolder and bolder. A short while later, Taylor suddenly cried out: "Ahhhh fuckkkkk."

    Since he was still under the water from waist down, I couldn't quite see what was going on, but that was definitely the sound of someone taking a dick up their ass! A big dick, at that. I couldn't believe they were fucking right here in front of us in the hot tub!!! Taylor's hole must be pretty good at taking Owen's cock if he could manage that underwater with no lube. Juan must've noticed it too. Turned on by it, my boyfriend fished my hard cock out of the jockstrap pouch. Then, Juan sank lower into the water, submerged almost to his shoulders… and started jerking me off. He was under the water so much you couldn't even tell his arm was moving. His hand felt sooooo good, and I was already so worked up by all the action going on around me. 

    Owen got Taylor to stand up and bent him over the side of the hot tub so he was facing outwards. In one swift motion, Owen plowed his dick back inside Taylor's waiting ass. Taylor whimpered as his hulking blond husband took hold of his hips and slammed into him. I saw that Rod and Uncle Austin had stopped kissing to watch the show. Both had their hands underwater and I can only imagine they were stroking each other like Juan was doing to me. 

    Rod and Juan both had their eyes glued on the couple fucking in front of us. Rod looked like he was watching a good porno while Juan had his mouth open, slightly awestruck. Meanwhile, Uncle Austin and I kept looking at each other. It seemed like he was scanning my face to see how I would react. All I could think about was well he could take Rod's cock, and as perverted as it was, I kind of wished they would start fucking, too. I knew it would drive Juan crazy to see that, and I wouldn't mind seeing my uncle's juicy ass again, either, filled up by Rod's massive cock. Caught up in my inappropriate thoughts, I realized the weed and beer must be hitting me REALLY hard.

    "I'm gonna cum. Oh, fuck. I'm gonna cum!" Taylor panted, loud enough for everyone to hear. 

    "Fuck yeah, baby. You want my load?" Owen grunted while Taylor started to push his hips backwards to meet his husband's thrusts, making the slapping of skin-on-skin even louder. 

    Both Taylor and Owen moaned and cried out. I saw Taylor shoot his load over the side of the hot tub as Owen deposited his seed deep inside his husband's hole. A few moments later Owen pulled out, his dick glistening. Owen's cum instantly started leaking from Taylor's worn hole and plopped into the water. At the same time, Juan was pumping my dick faster and faster until I spewed underwater in the hot tub. I watched, entranced, as my wad of cum rose to the top of the water and drifted towards Uncle Austin. I thought I could see more cum in the water over by Rod and my uncle, and I figured it could be anyone's by this point. Owen and Taylor settled back down and kissed softly just as Tucker re-emerged from inside the house.

    "So, what did I miss?" Tucker asked, subconsciously scratching his balls and emphasizing the size of his bulge.

    "Oh, not much," Taylor giggled as he rested his head on Owen's chest.

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