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    "So, what did I miss?" Tucker's voice said from just a couple of feet away, but to me it sounded far in the distance.

    "Oh, not much," Taylor chuckled, his giggling echoing in my head. 

    I was drunker and higher than I'd realized. Now, in the midst of post-orgasmic clarity, I was starting to grasp the severity and perversity of my actions. I'd blown my load in this hot tub WHILE BRETT WAS IN IT!!! I needed to get out of here and sober up!

    "Tuck, before you get in, can you pass me my underwear, please?" I pointed at the neon green briefs lying by the tub.

    Tucker did what I asked. Before getting up from the tub, I put my underwear back on underwater. I struggled to fit my still-semi-erect cock in the tiny pouch, aware that Brett would catch a glimpse of it as I stood up. As modestly and as hurriedly as I could, I dashed out of the tub and into the kitchen, where I took out a bottle of water from the fridge and chugged half of it in one gulp. 

    The scene from the tub replayed in my head: Owen fucking Taylor right in front of everyone… Rodney and I stroking each other's dicks, lost in the moment… Brett and Juan watching in awe, probably doing their own share of action under the water…

    A minute later, wet footsteps announced the arrival of another person in the kitchen. I turned around and I saw Brett, wearing my old red jockstrap and nothing else, looking like a real-life Adonis if there ever was one. Even back when I let him have that jock, Brett had been fit. Now, he possessed the perfect combination of a cute adolescent face and the body of a 25-year-old athlete. 

    "Figured I could use some H₂O," he said with a smile, water still dripping down his chiseled muscles. He walked to the fridge and bent over, exposing an ass which was almost hairless. I caught myself staring and quickly turned away… but not before my cock gave a twitch in my briefs.

    "Listen, we need to talk," I said to Brett. "I'm sorry about what happened out there. I should've stopped Taylor and Owen. They can get crazy, and—"

    "Uncle Austin, it's alright," Brett said, placing a hand on my shoulder. "I mean, yeah, things got a bit crazy but hey, that's what big birthday parties are all about," he smirked.

    In comparison to many of the parties I went to, this one wasn't even that wild; I was surprised the hardest drug I saw being consumed was pot. The real crazy part was that I was here with Brett! To him it may be no big deal, since I was only his "Uncle Austin" – but he didn't know that I was really his biological dad. In my head, that made everything even more fucked up. 

    "Still," I added. "I didn't expect Taylor and Owen to just start…" 

    "Fucking?" Brett finished my sentence. "Hahaha, c'mon Uncle Austin, since when did you become such a prude? It's alright, we've all done it."

    I looked over at Brett, who just admitted to me that he and his boyfriend had indeed fucked. I knew my brother and Anne let the boys spend time in Brett's room with the door closed; I even knew they'd been caught by their coach in the middle of a blowjob in the locker room a couple of years ago. But up until this moment, I wasn't sure if Brett had gone "all the way," and I found myself wondering if he was usually the one on top or bottom.

    "Uncle Austin, can I ask you something?" Brett asked next. "Are you and Rodney in a… in an open relationship?"

    The question had come as a surprise, although it probably shouldn't have, considering Rodney and I were just out in the backyard making out with Tucker right in front of Brett. 

    "Yeah, we… hook up with other guys on occasion," I admitted. 

    "Cool," Brett shrugged casually. At his age, I didn't even know the term "open relationship," much less understand concepts like polyamory or throuples – terms that I had a feeling Brett probably knew thanks to the internet. "Juan and I have been talking about being in one."

    "What?" I asked, confused and still slightly light-headed.

    "Juan's asked me about being in an open relationship," Brett explained coolly.

    "And how do you feel about that?" I inquired.

    "I'm kinda curious. I think I'd be on board. I mean, I'm obviously still attracted to other guys," Brett grinned. "And Juan, well, he's a size queen. Not to brag, I'm pretty hung, but when he hears that someone's got an even bigger dick…"

    Brett didn't finish that sentence, but I didn't need him to – my mind was whirling after hearing him describe himself as "hung." At 7.5", I was quite proud of my endowment, and I couldn't help but wonder if he inherited it from me.

    "Anyway, Uncle Austin – I'm really happy we can talk like this!" Brett continued after taking a sip of water. With a huge smile on his face, he added, "I mean my parents are cool and all, but obviously I can't talk to them the way that I can with you. Thank you."

    Before I knew it, Brett was giving me a near-naked hug, our bodies sticking together and our bulges rubbing against one another. Just as I felt my cock begin to throb, we were interrupted by loud laughter as Tucker, Taylor, and Owen entered the room. While our host's tighty-whities stuck to his obscenely large bulge; surprisingly enough, the two New Yorkers were fully dressed. 

    "Our cab's waiting outside," Owen explained. "But we're in Minnesota until Monday, maybe we'll catch you guys for brunch over the weekend."

    Brett and I walked over to them to say goodbye. While I chatted with Owen, I noticed Taylor's hands landing on Brett's bare asscheeks, giving them a strong kneading and even spreading them apart. With the tips of their noses an inch apart, they were talking too quietly for me to hear, but it was clear to me that they were being flirtatious. Before exiting the house, Taylor smacked Brett's left asscheek, shot me a wink, and took his husband's hand to walk to their cab.

    "Wanna head back to the tub? I have something special," Tucker announced. He headed to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of champagne, asking Brett for help in carrying five flutes. The two of them led the way out, and as I followed, I couldn't help but feel mesmerized by my nephew's – (my son's!) – flexing glutes. I knew that going back to the tub was dangerous territory, but didn't Brett just say how much he appreciated this closeness that he could only have with me and no one else? 

    Back outside, Rodney and Juan were sitting on the edge of the hot tub, naked. Apparently, each was a bit turned on by the other, judging by their semi-hard cocks. In front of me, I stared as Brett bent at the waist while pulling down his jockstrap. I noticed Tucker staring at Brett's ass while pulling down his own underwear. I didn't want to be the only one, so I quickly shucked my briefs as well. I watched as Brett stepped into the hot tub, his muscled teen body rippling.

    "WOAH!" cried Juan the size queen, finally noticing Tucker's donkey dick flopping in between his legs as Tuck walked to the hot tub.

    Juan sank into the water next to Brett and managed to grab Tucker's hand, pulling him over to sit next to him so he was sandwiched between his boyfriend and his hung new friend. Before I could join my fiancé, Juan had either arm around their shoulders. Though I couldn't quite see, I was willing to bet he had one leg over each of their laps as well. The champagne flutes were passed around and filled, and the four of them toasted to my birthday. 

    After a little while, Rod took our glasses and set them aside before pulling me in for a birthday kiss. I allowed my drunkenness to take over again, letting go of all of my worries until later. Soon, Rod and I were full-on making out and his dick was once again rock hard. Even though I'd already shot my load here in the tub, I could feel myself getting turned on. The boys didn't seem to be paying attention to us and it sounded like Tucker was flirting with the two teenage hockey players. 

    I leaned back and enjoyed the sensation of Rod sucking on my neck. Across from me, Juan began kissing Brett, while pulling Tucker's head closer. Tucker joined the teens, their three tongues dancing together in a threeway kiss, just like I did earlier with Tucker and Rod! I couldn't help but laugh at the fact our host had now kissed every man that was currently in this tub. 

    When the three detached, Juan whispered something in Brett's ear. Brett nodded enthusiastically and said "Go for it!" Next, Juan turned back to Tucker and pulled him in for a one-on-one kiss while visibly reaching for Tucker's cock under the water. The teens were kickstarting their open relationship right in front of my eyes!

    Tucker gladly accepted the attention from Juan and kissed him back eagerly. Juan whispered something again, this time to Tucker, who grinned mischievously as he lifted himself out of the water to sit on the edge. His massive cock, bigger even than Rod's, was easily ten and a half inches. Juan eyed our host's package like a kid on Christmas. The teen's eyes glistened with lust and excitement. Juan gently kissed the tip of Tuck's dick, before swallowing over half of its length without difficulty. I realized the boy must have a lot of cocksucking experience under his belt, probably from servicing Brett.

    Next to them, Brett was smiling, almost like he was proud of his cocksucker boyfriend. It was obvious Brett was jerking himself off underwater. Tucker moaned softly and encouraged Juan to try and take all of his cock down his throat. Brett used his free hand to tease Juan's ass, sticking the tip of his index finger inside Juan's hole right in front of us. The whole scene was driving me insanely horny… and I wasn't the only one.

    "C'mon, babe, let me fuck you," Rod growled in my ear, getting one hand in-between my legs and searching for my hole. 

    As much as I loved getting fucked by Rod, I wasn't about to do that in front of Brett! That'd be taking things way too far, even with everything that's already happened tonight. I didn't say anything, just shook my head no. In an attempt to make it up to my fiancé, I grabbed his dick and started jerking him off, hoping that would suffice. He tried to kiss me but I guided his mouth to my neck, unable to take my eyes off the three men we were sharing the hot tub with. 

    That's when Brett stood up… and my jaw dropped at the sight of the eight-inch tool hanging below his waist. Unabashedly, Brett spit on Juan's hole, lined up his cock, and drove himself deep inside his boyfriend. At that exact moment Rod bit my neck and shoved a finger into my hole. Juan and I echoed each other's moans. 

    "Please, baby," Rod moaned softly in my ear. "I wanna give you my load right here."

    "Later, babe," I promised, stroking his dick while keeping my eyes on Brett. In Brett's eyes, I was his "cool uncle," and he clearly thought that made it okay for him to have sex in front of me. However, I was always aware that I was in fact Brett's father; and for me to allow Rodney to fuck me in front of my son was way too much. 

    While enjoying the handjob I was giving him, Rod turned to look across the hot tub. We were both mesmerized by Brett's bouncing ass while he plowed Juan. By now, Juan was entirely deep-throating Tucker, which was quite an impressive feat. Tucker was leaning forward and spreading Juan's cheeks for Brett. Tucker and Brett met in the middle, their lips locking together. Juan was being thoroughly skewered by these two studs… and my pervy mind was loving every minute of it!

    The trio shifted so Tucker could stand on two feet. Juan had his hands glued to the back of Tucker's thighs, not wanting to take even an inch of Tucker's dick out of his mouth. Brett lifted one leg to rest on the inner seat of the hot tub to get better leverage. He kept both hands gripped on Juan's hips and slammed into Juan's juicy ass with loud slaps. Juan's ass could almost put mine to shame! They sure made a hot fucking couple. I felt Rodney's muscles tense and relax as I continued jerking him off – he was getting close to cumming. My dick was also responding. Between the spit-roast I was witnessing and Rod finger-fucking me, I felt like I could shoot my second load of the evening any second now. I hated myself for how much I enjoyed this, but I couldn't help it!

    "Oh, fuck...oh, fuck!" Brett suddenly gasped as his pace increased. "I'm gonna... I'm... Fuck, I'm cumming!!"

    With one final slam, Brett deposited his seed inside his boyfriend. A few seconds later, Brett pulled out his cum-covered dick and Juan spun around quickly to clean up Brett's load. At the same time, Juan reached back behind him, grabbed hold of Tucker's dick, and pushed his hips back to take all 10.5" inside his loose teen hole, which was already dripping with Brett's cum. Tucker needed no further spurring. He grabbed Juan's hips and viciously plowed into his well-used hole. After four or five thrusts, Juan's dick shot out ropes of cum as Tucker glided across his prostate. 

    In my hand, Rod's cock spasmed and he unleashed his pent-up sperm, shooting it in jets into the water. Tucker pulled out of Juan, remnants of Brett's cum covering his dick. Juan turned to face Tucker and Tucker used both hands to push both Juan and Brett onto their knees. He started jerking his cock faster and faster while Juan and Brett looked up at him with puppy dog eyes, their mouths open and tongues sticking out. 

    Tucker finally let out a torrent of his salty spray, aiming it first at Juan's mouth and then Brett's. The teenagers lapped it all up, their mouths meeting at the head, making out with Tucker's cock in between them. As I watched my nephew – my son! – hungrily swallow my friend's load, my cock erupted again, hands-free, sending a second load of Brett's brothers and sisters into the hot, bubbling water.

    As Tucker and the boys shared a final kiss, Rod leaned into me and whispered so only I could hear.

    "I don't know why you wouldn't let me fuck you in front of your nephew, babe. He's already seen us do it. I caught him spying on us at your place a few weeks ago. I guess you two are even now."

    That's when my head began to spin and my stomach dropped. I felt light-headed and dashed out of the hot tub, this time without even bothering to put my underwear back on. I hurried back inside the house, overridden with guilt. I found my phone and tried to text my brother, but my hands were shaking so badly that I couldn't type. Opting for an audio message instead, I tapped the little microphone and I shouted into my phone,

    "Charles, this has gone on long enough! We need to tell Brett the truth NOW!!"

    The sound of the sliding door opening and closing startled me. I turned around… and saw a naked Brett walk in.

    "Tell me the truth about what?" he asked.

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