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    "Charles, this has gone on long enough!" I shouted into my phone. "We need to tell Brett the truth NOW!!"

    The sound of the sliding door opening and closing behind me startled me. I turned around… and saw a naked Brett walk in.

    "Tell me the truth about what?" he asked.

    I dropped my phone, which fell flat on the hardwood floor with a loud noise that made it clear it was shattered.

    "Shit. Fuck! The screen's completely cracked," I said upon crouching down and checking it. "I knew I should've gotten the extended warranty. Now I'm gonna have to get a whole new phone. FUCK!" I continued to shout in frustration, probably less upset about my phone than about everything else that had happened tonight.

    "I'm sorry about your phone," Brett said sympathetically, "… but what is it that you and Dad need to tell me?"

    "I can't tell you! Not without your dad here," I yelled at Brett more aggressively than I'd intended. "It's a surprise."

    Ha! That was putting it mildly. The "surprise" was that Brett wasn't my nephew like he thought – he was my biological son. We'd always planned on telling him the truth eventually, but we kept pushing it back, mostly at my brother's behest.

    "What kinda surprise?" Brett asked softly. We were both naked and I was still crouching down, my eyes at the same level as his still-semi-hard cock just a few feet from me.

    "A surprise for your birthday," I said the first thing that came to mind.

    "But my birthday's not for another two months. Besides, when you were on the phone you sounded… upset," Brett could tell something didn't add up. "Are you okay?"

    "I'm fine. Just pissed off about my phone breaking," I replied, finally standing up.

    "I thought it might have to do with what happened in the hot tub just now," Brett nodded his head in the direction of the backyard. There, in my friend Tucker's hot tub, my fiancé Rodney, Tucker, and Brett's boyfriend Juan were probably still laughing and having a good time.

    "What happened in the hot tub tonight was too much!" I said sternly. "After all, you and I are family, Brett. There have to be some boundaries! You can't be fucking your boyfriend and sucking my friend's dick in front of me."

    Brett looked like he was almost about to cry. It was an expression I hadn't seen on his face since he was a little kid. It didn't match his present-day manly physique and athletic build.

    "O– Okay," he stuttered, before adding, "I'll go get Juan. We should probably head home."

    "No! You'd both had too much to drink. You're spending the night here, like we'd planned," I said firmly.

    "Fine. Then I'll have Tucker show us to our bedroom," Brett said and he turned his back to me. As upset as I was, my eyes still darted to his magnificent glutes and admired them as he walked away.

    The following morning, I woke up feeling like shit… and it wasn't just the hangover. I knew I'd been unfair to Brett last night. The guilt was eating me up and I couldn't go back to sleep, even though it was barely past 7 o'clock. Next to me, Rodney and Tucker were both still asleep in Tucker's large bed. Without waking them up, I snuck out of the bedroom and walked naked to the bathroom to take a quick shower and brush my teeth.

    After washing up, I wrapped a small towel around my waist. Downstairs in the kitchen, I realized I wasn't the only early riser. Brett was sitting at the table, drinking coffee and reading something on his phone. Unlike me, he was dressed, wearing a pair of gym shorts that he must've borrowed from Tucker.

    "Good morning," I said. "I didn't think you'd be up this early."

    "Force of habit, I guess," Brett shrugged. "There's more coffee if you want some."

    "That sounds great," I said, helping myself to a cup and sitting down across from him. "Listen… about last night… I wanna apologize. I was kind of a dick to you."

    Brett looked up and made eye contact without speaking. Finally, he said, "I'm listening."

    "Well, when we were talking about what happened in the hot tub, I made it sound like it was somehow your fault," I said. "If anything, I was responsible. I'm older, I should know better. I think that's why I got so upset. I wasn't mad at you – I was mad at myself."

    "Uncle Austin, I don't want you to be mad at yourself," Brett said, and then added with a smile, "Last night was the most fun I've ever had! And if you don't think it should happen again, then fine. But as far as I'm concerned: I didn't mind having you there. If anything… I'm kinda glad we got to share that moment. Made it feel more special."

    Under the table, my cock began to throb as I tried to wrap my mind around what I was hearing. Having sex in front of me made it feel "more special" for Brett?

    "I found out something last night," I said after taking a long slurp of coffee, which was still hot. "Rodney told me that… that you watched us have sex at out apartment, last time you were there."

    Brett blushed.

    "Yeah, so I guess it's my turn to apologize now," he said. "I'm sorry for that, Uncle Austin. But yes, I spied on you guys. It was the middle of the night and… I guess I wasn't thinking straight."

    "Too horny to think?" I chuckled. "Yeah, I've been there."

    "And c'mon, you know you and Rodney are both super hot. Given the opportunity, I don't think anyone would be able to look away," Brett smirked. "Do you hate me now?"

    "No, of course I don't. I'd be a hypocrite if I did."

    "What do you mean?" Brett asked with perked interest. "Have you ever spied on anyone?"

    "Yes, I have," I admitted.

    "Oh my God, was it a family member?!" Brett laughed. "C'mon, you gotta tell me."

    "It was your uncle Rafe," I said. Rafe was my adopted brother who lived in South Dakota. "I stayed at his house once and I watched him and his wife do it."

    "Did you jerk off while watching them?" Brett asked mischievously.

    "I plead the Fifth. Why, did you jack off while watching us?" I said.

    Brett blushed even harder. Just as he was about to answer my question, his phone rang and he said to me "It's Juan's mom" before picking up. "Morning, Mrs. Rodriguez… Yes we're all good… Juan's still asleep so his phone's probably on silent… Okay hold on."

    Brett mouthed to me that he was going upstairs, and he left the kitchen. His shorts had sagged down enough that I could see the waistband of that red jock I'd given him so long ago. Knowing Brett was wearing my underwear did nothing to help my morning wood, thankfully hidden from view under the kitchen table. This wood chair, however, wasn't at all comfortable after a night of drinking. I took my coffee to the living room to relax on the couch. 

    My dick was clearly tenting my towel by now, but there was no one around I needed to worry about. A horny memory flashed through my mind: the night I spied on my brother having sex. What I'd avoided telling Brett was that I had indeed jerked off while watching Rafe bang his wife. Now, my hand went straight to my meat as I played back the memory in my head.

    Rafe and his wife had just bought the house after their first kid. It was sometime around the holidays, and they let me crash in one of their guest rooms. I had just gone through an ugly breakup and needed to get away for a while. On my first night there, after my baby nephew had gone to sleep, the three of us stayed up having drinks and catching up. Rafe and Vanessa were so in love and their energy was infectious – I couldn't wait to be like them.

    The night was winding down and they were canoodling on the couch, so I went to bed. I had stripped down to my underwear and brushed my teeth. On my way back from the bathroom, I heard the two lovebirds going at it in the living room. From the top of the stairs, I could see a large mirror on the wall, giving me the perfect reflection of the action. 

    On a whim, and disinhibited by the alcohol, I pulled out my dick while Rafe fucked his spouse. His legs were spread enough I could easily see his heavy ball sack swinging to and fro as he bounced off her ass. They barely made a sound other than the noise of skin slapping on skin, clearly wanting to keep it down, thinking I was already asleep. I remember wishing it was me getting railed instead of her. 

    I sat at the top of the stairs, my underwear down around my ankles, and jerked myself off as they fucked. I was recently single, so it didn't take me long to get close to cumming. It seemed the same thing was happening to Rafe as he started thrusting faster and faster. With a muffled groan, Rafe pulled his bare cock out of her and started jerking. He shot rope after rope of his hot seed all over her ass and lower back. Picturing he was cumming all over me, I shot my load, angling it up towards my stomach. Before they could see me, I flew back to my room.

    Now, as I sat on the couch in Tucker's living room, I thought next about Brett spying on Rodney and me. It wasn't all that long ago, and judging by Brett's reaction, I got the impression he had indeed jacked off while watching us. I wondered if he blew his load while he witnessed me getting bred by Rodney. Watching his uncle getting bred… or so he thought! He had in fact been watching his own dad unknowingly.

    I closed my eyes, wrapped my hand around my cock, and thought about my teenage son peeking in through my bedroom doorway as I bounced up and down on Rodney's massive dick. I heard a noise coming from the stairwell and turned to see Brett spying on me once again, holding onto his mug of coffee. I sprang up from the couch, my dick flopping, and he turned away to hide. 

    "It's okay," I called out. "You don't have to hide. Come down here if you want."

    I don't know what came over me to say that. I was clearly too horny to think straight, but Brett started coming down the steps slowly. His eyes seemed to scan my nudity, but in this moment, embarrassment was the last thing I felt. Mere seconds passed, but it felt like hours, until Brett stood before me with a prominent bulge in his loose shorts. 

    He set his mug on the coffee table that was the only thing separating us and looked straight into my eyes. Acting on auto-pilot, my hand went back to my dick and I started stroking. Brett's hand subconsciously grabbed at his package. My gaze trailed down to his tented shorts before we made eye contact again.

    "Maybe we uh... take care of these while everyone's still asleep?" I suggested, and Brett merely nodded in response.

    Brett tugged at the waistband of his shorts and they fell to the floor. Interestingly, he kept the red jockstrap on and pulled his dick and balls out from the side of the pouch. Father and son – though Brett didn't know that – stood face to face as we jerked ourselves off. I've done some wild things in my life, but this might just top it all. I looked at Brett's teen meat feeling a combination of pride and lust. He had an amazing cock, and now I was seeing it even more up-close than last night in the hot tub. 

    "I didn't really get a good look at it last night, but your dick looks great, Uncle Austin," Brett admired.

    I blushed and mumbled a "Yours too," stopping just short of saying, "Looks just like mine when I was your age."

    "It gets the job done," Brett said, trying to sound humble, but his smile showed he was visibly proud of his 8" tool. "Juan sure loves it. He's such a size queen, though. Did you see how crazy he went over Tucker's huge dick last night?"

    "Sure did," I smiled back, although most of my attention last night had been aimed at Brett rather than Juan and Tucker. 

    I watched as Brett started stroking faster and faster, completely mesmerized. He was definitely getting close. I sped up my pace to match his, totally absorbed by the look of pleasure on his young face. I could feel the pressure building inside me as I watched his balls tense. Brett let out a deep groan and then shot his teenage seed all over the coffee table. That sent me over the edge and I joined him in a strangled moan, spraying his brothers and sisters to land on top of his load. The last rope even landed in Brett's coffee mug! Finally, we both laughed and sighed in relief.

    "Looks like you're gonna need a fresh cup of coffee," I pointed out.

    "No need," Brett grinned, picking up the mug and taking a large sip of it, imbibing my sperm with a smirk on his face.

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