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    Even though I hadn't planned on it, it always made sense to me that I came out to my uncle before coming out to my parents. After all, Uncle Austin was gay as well, and he had the whole "cool uncle" vibe going on. I appreciated how close he and I were, and I think my parents did as well. My folks had given me the sex talk when I was 12 or 13, mostly focusing on avoiding pregnancy. So after I came out a few months later, they probably asked Uncle Austin if he could give me the gay version of the sex talk, since he was more qualified.

    So around that time, during a weekend I was spending at my uncle's apartment in Minneapolis, he sat me down at the kitchen table and told me he wanted to talk about sex. It was thankfully not very embarrassing, even though it was obviously an awkward topic. 

    "Now, when most people think of two men having sex, they think of anal," my uncle said, ignoring the giggles I was trying to suppress. "But that's far from the only thing you can do, especially when you're first starting out. Handjobs, blowjobs – there's a lot of things that are both safer and simpler."

    Compared to my parents, Uncle Austin was certainly more candid about this. Mom and Dad tried to use more censored, medical terms, which kinda made the conversation with them weirder at times. With Uncle Austin, it felt like I was talking to a friend.

    "Do you watch porn?" he asked me next.

    "Yes," I admitted bashfully.

    "That's… okay, I guess, but it can also be problematic," Uncle Austin shook his head. "You should really know that's not a good representation of real life. Average people don't look like that, they don't sound like that, they don't fuck like that. So don't expect sex to be anything like what you see, especially at first. That's why you should really not be watching that stuff until you're older."

    "Did you watch porn when you were my age?" I asked my uncle.

    "When I was your age we didn't have the internet, at least not at my house," he chuckled. "Back then it was all magazines and VHS tapes."

    "Wow. Where would you get those?" I asked curiously.

    "Well, straight porn and magazines with naked chicks were pretty easy to get. The older kids at school would trade them and pass them around, they probably nicked them from their dads or whatever. I had a couple of tapes that I would watch when I was home alone, and I just focused on the guys more than the women. Now, magazines with naked men were a LOT more difficult to find. At the time, we had this neighbor who lived on his own, a single man in his 40s. Everyone assumed he was gay but no one really talked about it at the time. One day I broke into his house –"

    "You broke into his house?" I gasped.

    "Yeah, not my proudest moment," Uncle Austin laughed. "He left a window open while he was at work and I snuck in. Well, I hit the jackpot in his bedroom. There were DOZENS of gay magazines, all stacked neatly in chronological order. So I figured he wouldn't even notice if I helped myself to a few of 'em. I grabbed a handful and I ran out. God, I must've gone through them so many times. I still have them to this day," he said nostalgically, before going back into sex-ed mode and asking, "Now, do you know what lube is?"

    Two weeks after Uncle Austin's party at Tucker's house, was my uncle's actual 40th birthday, which he celebrated with the whole family. Unfortunately, this time there was no naked fun in the hot tub or jacking off in front of one another. After that, I didn't see Uncle Austin or his fiancé Rodney for over a month. I focused on school and hockey, as well as my relationship with Juan. 

    Finally, on Thanksgiving, Austin and Rodney drove over from Minneapolis and stayed at my grandparents' house, where we all gathered for a large family meal. All the adults were getting a bit tipsy and I had a hankering for a beer, but I knew my parents would never allow it. Thankfully, I figured that's what cool uncles were for. I walked over to Austin and mouthed "Hey, could you sneak me a beer from the kitchen?" to him.

    "Go upstairs," he whispered back with a smile. "I'll bring it to you there."

    Trying to act casual, I trotted upstairs when no one was looking and I waited just out of sight in the hallway. A minute later, I heard footsteps and Uncle Austin saying something about showing Rodney his old room. When the two of them appeared, I noticed they each carried three bottles of beer.

    "Looked like you were thirsty, nephew," Uncle Austin joked as he brandished the bottles. "Follow me."

    He led us down the hallway to the last door and gently pushed it open. Inside was a perfectly preserved gay teen's room from the '90s. My grandma was fond of keeping memories alive, and to this day the walls of Uncle Austin's old room were covered with yellowing posters of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and *NSYNC; as well as a bunch of shirtless guys whose names I didn't recognize (probably B-list actors from that era who piqued my uncle's interest with their washboard abs rather than their acting skills.)

    There was a small desk off to the side with an ancient computer and even a landline telephone, made of clear plastic so you could see all the wires inside. All in all, the room made me chuckle, thinking about the contrast between Uncle Austin's teenage self and his current discerning-interior-designer taste. 

    "Go ahead and take the desk chair, Brett," Uncle Austin suggested as he hopped up onto his bed. "I used to have an inflatable love seat in here, but that finally died a couple years ago."

    Rodney joined Austin on the bed and I pulled out the small swivel chair. On the desk in front of me, I noticed a small calendar from 1999, with images of San Francisco for each month of the year.

    "Wow, you think it's time to get a new calendar?" I chuckled.

    "Yeah, this room is a time capsule, ain't it?" Uncle Austin laughed as we all cracked open our beers. "You know, I was considering moving to San Francisco after high school. Back then it seemed like the best place to be gay."

    "Wow. You might've met Uncle Rafe's brother if you did that," I said. 

    Austin's adopted brother Rafe had just recently discovered that he had a twin brother named Gabe, who was gay and until recently lived in San Francisco. I'd met Gabe last month at Uncle Austin's birthday, and I kinda wished he was here with us now – the more gay family members the better! – but unfortunately he and Rafe lived in South Dakota now and were spending Thanksgiving there. 

    While drinking and gossiping about various members of our family, Uncle Austin continued to dig through his old possessions in the room, until suddenly he shouted "No way!" and unearthed a box from the bottom of his closet.

    "What is it?" I asked curiously. 

    "Something that will interest you, I think," Uncle Austin hinted with a smirk, pulling out what looked like old magazines. "Remember a few years ago, when I gave you the sex talk and I told you about breaking into a neighbor's house when I was young? Well, this is what I found," he said proudly, passing me a mag and another to Rodney.

    The front cover showed the title Just Men with two ripped dudes in speedos and spiky hair. All of us started flipping through the pages, giggling at the articles and sexy photos. Rodney and Austin kept laughing at the old hair and clothing styles, trading stories about their own fashion mistakes. I skimmed through articles about body hair trimming, dildo reviews, and even a douching guide. 

    As I got further into it, the pictures of the guys became more and more revealing. The guys were all hot and beefy, their obvious fake tans and thong tan lines notwithstanding. Before I knew it, I was starting to chub up in my pants while looking at the vintage porn. When I got to the end of the issue I was holding, I noticed a bunch of the pages were stuck together and I carefully tried to pull them apart.

    "Ohhh, be careful with that," Uncle Austin warned. "That used to be my favorite."

    "That explains why the pages are stuck together," Rodney laughed. "Did you use jizz glue on 'em?"

    We all laughed but knowing my uncle's sperm coated the pages sent even more blood rushing to my crotch. I took another magazine and opened it to a random page and gasped. The two guys looked almost identical to Austin and Rodney!

    "Look! It's you!" I exclaimed, showing them pictures from the photoshoot.

    "Oh, wow! They really do look like us, huh?" Rodney noted.

    I flipped through the pages so we could all see. The two lookalikes were gradually becoming undressed and more hands-on with one another. I could easily tell that Rodney was getting turned on by this. His tight khakis were getting even tighter as his dick began to grow firm and snake down one pant leg along his inner thigh. Both Uncle Austin and I stared at Rodney's tool. My own cock seemed ready to split the seams of my pants. Rodney, spurred on by our wandering eyes, started rubbing his palm up and down his meat until he was clearly fully hard.

    Uncle Austin and I made eye contact and shared a knowing smile. I grabbed at my crotch and bit my lower lip. My uncle understood exactly what I was thinking. Ever since his birthday party and the morning after, when I'd confessed to spying on him getting fucked by Rodney, I felt so much more comfortable around them. Now, feeling emboldened, I stood up and immediately dropped my pants to let my dick spring free.

    Not to be outdone, Rodney quickly followed my lead and pulled down his pants. I wasn't surprised to see he was going commando. The tip of his dick was already glistening with precum. Then, both Rodney and I turned to Uncle Austin, waiting to see if he would join us.

    "Alright, fine," Austin gave in after a moment of contemplation and slid his jeans down.

    The three of us diverted our attention away from each other and back to the dirty magazines. We sat there, stroking ourselves in silence, occasionally trading the mags. As the time went by, Rodney and I kept making eyes at each other and we'd check out each other's dicks, while Austin mostly kept his gaze firmly set on the pictures.

    Then out of nowhere, Rodney knocked the magazine out of Austin's hands and swiftly took my uncle's cock into his mouth. If I was surprised, Austin was downright flabbergasted. Rodney wasted no time at all, deepthroating Austin and nestling his nose in his trimmed pubic hair. Rodney was already moaning and slurping, trying to get a rise out of Austin. My uncle looked down at Rodney, then at me, as if asking whether I was okay with this turn of events. 

    In silent response, I spread my legs a little more, ditched the magazine, sat back in the chair, and slowly jerked myself. I had to admit, it was so fucking hot seeing beefy, macho Rodney slob on my uncle like a total cock-whore. This felt like that time I watched Rodney fuck Austin, but this was so much closer and more personal! I almost wanted to ask Rodney to take a turn on my dick, too. That might've pushed things too far. He was basically family by now, but fuck, his lips looked so sexy wrapped around my uncle's meat.

    I always took Rodney to be the dominant top, but this was a whole different side of him. He swallowed Austin's cock from tip to base with ease as he bobbed his head up and down. With his free hand, Rod fondled my uncle's balls, gently rolling each one between his fingers. His fingers were soon creeping down towards my uncle's taint, where I hoped he would soon be teasing his hole. Austin gasped and moaned, and I knew Rodney had found his pucker.

    Rodney pulled his hand back to suck on his middle finger, getting it slick with spit. He went back down on Austin's dick, his hand burrowing between his legs. He used the saliva-covered digit to finger-fuck my uncle right in front of me! Austin was leaning back, propping himself up on the mattress with his elbows, trying to suppress his moans of pleasure. His breathing got heavier, and Rodney's mouth continued its relentless hoovering. Uncle Austin was starting to make a face I'd seen recently: the face which meant he was about to blow. 

    "Oh fuck! I'm... I'm gonna, I'm cumming!" Austin gasped, his head falling back as he shot his load down Rodney's throat. I watched the movement of Rodney's Adam's apple as he swallowed every drop of my uncle's jizz right in front of me.

    Next, Rodney sat upright and pulled his pants off from around his ankles. He spat into his palm and started working the saliva up and down his pole. He was smiling devilishly at Austin and grunted, "My turn now. Flip over and show me your hole."

    I could hear in his voice he wasn't really asking – he was commanding. My eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets, with Uncle Austin looking just as shocked.

    "But..." Austin stuttered, motioning towards me with his head.

    "What?" Rodney asked nonchalantly. "Nothin' he ain't seen yet. C'mon, lemme fuck you."

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