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New Stepdad, New Roommate


    "Oh my god, I'm so happy to see you!"

    I jumped in my friend Nevaeh's arms as soon as she answered the door. After a full minute of loud hugging, I finally stepped inside her loft.

    "I got something for us," she said, and hurried to the fridge as fast as her high heels would let her. Once there, she pulled out a bottle of expensive champagne. 

    "And I got this baby all on my own," she said, clicking her nails against the bottle, "'cause I'm 21 now, bitch!"

    She popped the champagne open and we both took a swig straight out the bottle, before pouring some in two glasses.

    "So, how was your summer?" Nevaeh asked after we'd sat down on her sofa.

    "Girl, I can't even. My mom's getting married."

    "What? To that hot guy half her age?"

    "He's not half her age," I corrected her. "But yes, him. Turner."

    "Well, cheers to them."

    "I ain't cheering to that!" I protested. "I don't like him."

    "Oh hush, Sky. You're just jealous cuz he's not fucking you instead."

    "Ew. Gross."

    "Don't front! I know how you like them muscle boys. And I've seen photos of him, he's fucking ripped."

    "And he's not above showing it off. It's like he doesn't own a shirt, he's always walking around half naked everywhere. And they live in fucking Seattle!"

    "Here's to your mama getting some good dick, and hopefully us stumbling upon some soon as well!"

    "Still gross… but I'll cheer to that," I smirked.

    "Have you met your new roommate yet?"

    "No, not yet," I answered. "I did meet my suitemate, though. A guy named McKenzie?"

    "Oh, Zie! I know him. He's a senior," said Nevaeh, who was a year older than me and a senior herself. "Isn't he gorgeous?"

    "You're feeling particularly thirsty today," I noted. "But yeah, he's pretty hot."

    I didn't want to admit out loud just how hot I found McKenzie. A 6'2" football player, he was already making me look forward to sharing a bathroom and a shower with him.

    A couple of hours later, I reluctantly left Nevaeh's loft tipsy, and headed to the dorm and my new room: Room 141. Standing in front of the door, I thought of its previous occupant, Aaron, and how he must be doing in London. I wondered if I'll always think of him as long as I'm living in his old room.[1]

    I used my keycard to open the door and I walked in the suite. To the left was McKenzie's room, Room 140. In the middle, there was a small shared bathroom. On my right, the door to Room 141 was closed, with loud rap music playing inside. That must be my new roommate. 

    I swallowed and opened the door, hoping for the best.

    "Hey, man! Fucking knock!"

    I was shocked to see my new roommate. He was even taller and bigger than McKenzie; over 6 feet of solid muscle. He was sitting on his computer in just his underwear. I could tell they were supposed to be loose boxers, but his thighs were so big, they looked like tight boxer briefs on him. His bulge seemed stuffed and I wondered if he has been jerking off, or if he's always that big.

    "I'm sorry, but I live here," I mumbled nervously.

    "It's alright," he said more calmly. "You just startled me. What if I was jerking off?"

    "What if?" I thought. I didn't say anything.

    "I'm Camron," the guy got up off his chair and offered me his hand. (Had it just been down his boxers?)

    "S– Skyler," I let him squeeze my hand.

    "Are you a freshman as well?"

    "No, I'm a junior. Wait, you're a freshman?!"

    Camron was so big, that he looked on par with most of the seniors around here. I couldn't believe he was younger than me.

    "Did you just get out of high school?" I asked.

    "Yeah. I'm 18. I know, I look older."

    "No shit. I thought you were someone's dad."

    For the first time, I saw Camron crack a smile, his white teeth contrasting with his dark skin. Fuck, he was cute when he smiled. All of a sudden, I felt much better. Maybe rooming with him won't be so bad.

    "Living with two straight jocks is fucking torture!! 😫"

    I sent Nevaeh a photo of my room, with Camron's worn underwear and socks all over the floor. The bathroom wasn't much better either. Currently, one of McKenzie's used football jockstraps was literally just hanging on the doorknob. 

    What I didn't mention in the text, was that the messiness wasn't what was getting to me: it was constantly being exposed to two muscle studs like Cam and Zie. It made me think of sex non-stop; and I had no one to turn to to relieve the pressure. 

    To make it that much fucking worse, neither of them bothered with wearing clothes too much around the suite. It was still summer, so the boys walked around in just their underwear or basketball shorts, almost always shirtless. Turns out, Camron's dick was indeed as large as I'd suspected, and I had to try my best not to stare too overtly whenever he changed around me in our room. 

    Even though Room 140 was a double as well, McKenzie had the room all to himself. Whenever he'd get lonely, he'd come hang out in our room instead. He and Camron quickly became friends. I often sat on my bed doing homework, listening to them talking about sports and broing out. 

    One thing I found weird was Camron's tendency to keep his hand in his pants, or even his underwear if that was all he was wearing. Yes, we all need to "adjust" occasionally; but he would just leave it there, playing with his dick and balls casually while doing whatever. Whatever it was, it must've been contagious, because pretty soon McKenzie started doing it as well. I felt like an anthropologist observing them, wondering if this was some way to express manliness to each other.

    As Cam and Zie got closer, their conversations shifted from sports to girls. Camron spoke about his girlfriend back home, and how he missed fucking her. McKenzie talked about being happily single, and how handy having a room to himself was. Indeed, Cam and I heard him having loud sex at least a few times a week.

    "Fuck yeah! Take that dick. Fuck yeah!" came from the neighboring room one Saturday morning, accompanied by the moans of whatever girl McKenzie was currently banging.

    "He's at it early this morning," Cam said from his bed, letting me know he was awake as well.

    "Yeah," I got out of bed with my back turned to my roommate, so he wouldn't see my morning wood in my underwear. "I'm gonna go grab a shower. I'm meeting my mom and her fiancé later."

    I quickly got to the bathroom. Even the sound of the shower running didn't drown out the noise of McKenzie fucking. I rubbed one off as I listened to him bang this girl, feeling jealous of the fucking she was getting. I came all over the shower, like I usually did; the only place in the dorm where I could get some privacy. When I got out, McKenzie was still going at it, louder than ever.

    "Yo, Sky, can I ask you something?" Camron asked me back in our room, still lying in his bed. 

    "Sure," I said, taking the towel off from around my waist and quickly stepping into a fresh pair of underwear. I was usually quite shy about nudity, but I didn't mind flashing my ass to my roommate. After all, he may have a big dick, but I had a bubble butt that deserved to be shown off.

    "Is it rude to… ask a gay guy if he's a top or bottom?" Camron (who usually spoke quite confidently) asked awkwardly.

    "Um, I guess so, if it's out of the blue, yeah. If you're friends and stuff, it's alright."

    "Are we friends?" he smiled.

    "You're asking me if I'm a top or bottom?" I asked, while the sounds of McKenzie fucking ("Fuck yeah, baby! Fuck!") continued from the neighboring room.

    "You see," Camron sat up, "my girl and I have this agreement. She doesn't want me fucking other girls, but she's said it's alright if I wanna fuck a guy, 'cause she knows I'm straight and shit. So I was just wondering…"

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I'd been fantasizing about my roommate and his huge cock all semester, dropping loads in the shower daily. Then this happens?! It was so unexpected, that my initial reaction was shock.

    "Cam, I'll stop you right there," I blurted out nervously. I was fully dressed by now, and grabbed my jacket. "We… We'll talk some other time."

    I sprinted out and shut the door behind me. 

    "Fuck yeah!! Oh, baby. Ah, there's so much cum. Ah, fuck!" McKenzie yelled out from his room, probably shooting his load inside that girl. I stood in the hall, and his grunts and moans echoed even louder. 

    "What the fuck is happening today? Did everyone get together and decide to rub sex in my face?!" I thought, and ran out.

    Usually, I listened to music or podcasts while walking, but not today. My mind was too full of thoughts, mainly revolving around Cam's proposal. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to hear a straight man, a mountain of muscle like him, say "Hey, I got my girlfriend's blessing to fuck guys, so wanna go?" If this were porn I'd drop on my knees instantly ("Twink bttm fucked by BBC," I could see the video title already) but in real life, I didn't know what to do. This was my roommate! Was it worth taking the risk? Or was this exactly the perfect setup?

    Without really thinking, my feet led me to the nearby hotel where my mom was staying. Since it was my birthday next week but I had to stay in school for an important exam, she had decided to come visit me instead, and bring Turner with her.

    When I got to the hotel, I pulled out my phone to check what room Mom was in. I headed up and knocked on the door.

    "Oh for fuck's sake," I thought when the door opened.

    My mother's 33-year-old fiancé stood there in his underwear, a pair of tiny black briefs made to accentuate his manhood. He was the only straight man I knew who'd wear something like this. The black underwear matched his dark hair, and he grinned when he saw me standing at the door and looking at him.

    "Hi. Is my mom here?" I walked past him to let myself into the room.

    "Good morning to you too, sonny boy," Turner teased. He shut the door behind me. "She's downstairs at the gym."

    "Don't call me that," I rolled my eyes.

    "Why not? I'll be your new stepdad soon," he shot me a shit-eating grin.

    "I'll give Mom a call," I changed the subject, and dialed her number only to get her voicemail. "Her phone's off."

    "She's probably in the shower or sauna by now. She'll be back soon," Turner said, stretching. As he did so, his muscles flexed. From what I could tell, he was naturally hairy but trimmed most of his body hair to show off his muscles and Mediterranean complexion. As he stretched, I did notice he had hairy armpits, though, as well as a trail of hair going from his belly button down to his dark, bushy pubes, which stuck out of his low-cut briefs. 

    "I'll… I'll just wait for her here," I said, taking a seat on their bed.

    "Suit yourself."

    I tried to distract myself on my phone, without any success. Being cooped up in a small hotel room with Turner parading around in his underwear, I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Fuck, Nevaeh was right: he was fucking ripped. And he knew it. He strutted around, probably fully aware of the fact I was looking at him. He continued to stretch and show off for me, bending down and showing me his ass, with just a hint of crack peaking out; and reaching inside his briefs and "adjusting" his balls. "God, grant me the serenity," I recited in my head.

    "I'm gonna go hop in the shower," Turner suddenly said from behind me. When I turned around to face him, I realized his briefs were off! He stood with his back turned to me, completely fucking naked, looking at me over his shoulder with a shit-eating grin if there ever was one. 

    He then flexed his glutes, knowing that's exactly what I was staring at. I was proud of my own ass; but damn, his was fucking phenomenal! It all lasted too short. I blinked and Turner was off in the bathroom, abandoning his underwear on the floor. That fucker knew exactly what he was doing, teasing me like this. I found him repulsive and attractive at the same time. How the fuck is that possible?!

    As the shower started running, I got up and slowly walked to the spot where Turner's briefs lay on the floor. I could hear him humming under the shower. That smug bastard was probably amused by all this. I walked to his worn underwear, unable to keep my hands off. I picked them up, and before I knew it, my nose was buried in them, inhaling my mom's fiancé's musk. My new stepdad…

    Just then, I heard the door open.

    I quickly stuffed the briefs in my pocket, feeling panicked.

    "Sky! Honey, what're you doing here!" my mom smiled when she saw me and came to give me a hug. "Sorry I'm all sweaty," she apologized, pink in the face.

    "That's fine. Turner told me you were at the gym. Your phone was off."

    "I put it on airplane mode when I'm working out; I don't want any distractions. I was gonna call you right after and see if you want to go for lunch, just the two of us."

    "Sounds perfect."

    "Okay. Just give me half an hour to shower and get ready. I didn't feel like doing it downstairs."

    "I'll go back to the dorm then, wait for you there," I said, reluctant to spend any more time alone with Turner, scared of my own feelings for him.

    "Okay, honey."

    Just then, Turner came out of the shower, a white towel wrapped low around his waist, water dripping from his black hair all over his muscular body.

    "Hey, baby," he walked up to Mom and gave her a big kiss and an ass squeeze right in front of me.

    I looked away and grabbed my jacket to leave. 

    "Hey, honey!" Mom yelled out after me. "Make that one hour."

    I shut the door behind me, fully aware they were about to fuck. I now knew exactly what I wanted to do.

    I rushed to my suite, slamming the keycard against the sensor as if that's gonna make the door open any faster. 

    On my left, the door to McKenzie's room was wide open. He was out, probably with his latest fuck buddy. I stormed into my own room, glad to see Camron was still here.

    "Hey," I said, all out of breath.

    "Sky. Listen, man, I just wanted to apologize. It was a weird fucking thing to say, I hope we're alri–"

    "Fuck me," I interrupted him as soon as I'd caught my breath.


    "You said you're allowed to fuck guys. You asked if I'm a bottom. I am. Fuck me."

    "Are you… sure?" he gave me a hesitant look.

    "Under one condition."


    "We start right now," I looked him dead in the eyes.

    Camron licked his lips, considering it for just a second. Then, he got up and walked toward me, dressed in nothing but the same boxers he was wearing the day that I met him. As soon as I saw him stand up, I started pulling my clothes off.

    I could've set a world record for how quickly I was naked. I lay on my stomach on my bed, flashing my ass to my new roommate.

    "Fuck man, you got a nice ass," I heard Cam say while stroking his dick.

    I closed my eyes, and felt Camron's massive body climb on top of me. Fuck! It wasn't easy to take, but I loved feeling all that weight on top of me. Both my hands instantly reached for his bulging biceps, squeezing them, unable to believe how fucking big they were.

    He might've been younger than me, but he sure as hell felt like a real mean! Even Turner, my mom's big and tall fiancé, was nothing in comparison to the size of my roommate. I'd never seen Turner's dick. I wondered how it measured up against Cam's, as I felt Camron's huge dick starting to penetrate me.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck," I moaned loudly. I couldn't escape even if I wanted to, squashed under his strong body. As much as I could, I reached for his biceps, his shoulders, his chest; touching every muscle I could. 

    I was a fairly experienced bottom, but even I had trouble taking a dick as big as his with ease. Still, being as turned on as I was seemed to loosen up my hole. I thought about Camron and how quickly we'd gone from roommates to fuck buddies. I thought about our suitemate, and the sounds McKenzie made while fucking all those girls, probably aware that we could hear him, maybe even showing off for us. I thought of Turner and his constant teasing, walking in front of me in barely any clothing, and then letting it all drop…

    It'd been a couple of months since Cam saw his girlfriend, which probably meant it'd been a couple of months since he'd last had sex. He seemed as eager as I was, and gave my ass a good pounding. It wasn't the same as usual, when I had sex with gay guys. This time, there was no kissing, no pretending we were into each other more than we were (although, admittedly, I was really fucking into him). Just a few minutes ago, I'd stormed into our room from outside; and now, here he was, with his huge dick up my ass, fucking me with no puttering around.

    "Ah, fuck me," I begged, as Camron went faster and faster, pushing my head against the pillow and muffling my moans. He arched his back and fucked me harder, eager to shoot his load. 

    "Can I nut inside you?" he spoke for the first time since we'd started fucking.

    "Mmm, yeah," I said, struggling to talk with my head in the pillow.

    "Ahh, fuck. Fuck yeah. Oooh. Fuck!"

    I closed my eyes, and felt my roommate's cum flood my insides, completely filling my ass and starting to leak out. I clenched my hole, trying to preserve all of the straight cum in me. This squeezed Cam's dick even harder, making him continue to shoot more cum inside me. We went for several minutes like this, panting and cumming.

    "Fuck, man," said Camron, when we'd finally started to slow down. "We shoulda done this earlier."

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[1] Aaron's story: Room 141

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