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The Webcam Model and His Dads, Pt. II

    "Why don't you travel somewhere, Ken? You got all week off work."

    "No. Travelling just makes me feel more tired. I'll stay here. Maybe go to the beach." 

    As my sister continued to talk to me on the phone about their recent vacation, I was hardly paying any attention. Looking out the window, I'd just spotted my new neighbour come out to their backyard and light up a cigarette, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. Seeing him in the daylight for once, I noticed he had large tattoos all over his arms and torso. Even though he was older, he reminded me of Jaxon, which gave me an instant boner. I loved that he was brazen enough to go out smoking in just his underwear… This wasn't really the type of neighbourhood where people did that.


    "Huh? Sorry, what?" I mumbled.

    "I said, you can come stay with us for a few days if you want."

    "I'll be fine on my own, Margaret, I'm not a child. Listen, I gotta go. We'll talk next week."

    Hurriedly, I hung up and headed downstairs. Before going out to my own backyard, I looked at my reflection in the glass door: a short-sleeve shirt, khaki shorts, barefoot. Spontaneously, I unbuttoned the shirt and took it off, then went out to the yard, pretending to tend to some flowers.

    "Hi there," I heard a greeting from the neighbours' yard. Bingo! Just what I was hoping for.

    "G'day," I replied, acting surprised that someone was there. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Ken," I walked over to the waist-level fence between the yards and stuck out my hand over it.

    "Zach. Nice to meet you, mate," the man mumbled with the cigarette in his mouth, shaking my hand.

    Luckily, the sun was behind me, which made Zach have to squint, whereas I got a perfect view of his nearly-naked body. Fuck, he was fit. From what I knew, he had a wife and kids, but that didn't stop me from lusting after him. Especially as my eyes wandered down to the bulge in his boxers…

    "You and your family moved here a couple of months ago, didn't you?" I asked.

    "Nah, that's my brother. I live in LA, I'm just here visiting."

    That explains why I haven't seen him around here before! I definitely wouldn't forget a body like that. And a handsome face as well. What was he, 35? I couldn't tell; he had a good amount of wrinkles on his face that made him look older, but in a good, more mature way. I wouldn't be surprised if he worked some sort of manual job, exposed to the sun all day. Again, I thought of Jaxon.

    "Oh. But you sound like you're from around here?" I said to the man.

    "Yeah, grew up in East Sydney. Went to California on vacation a couple of years ago and met my partner, so I ended up moving there."

    "Partner?" I thought. Straight men don't really say "partner" to refer to their girlfriends, do they? Now I was even more intrigued by this stud.

    "Hot day today," I said. "Would you like to–"

    Just as I was about to say "come in for a drink", Zach's smartwatch started vibrating. He glimpsed at it, and I did as well. I saw "Riley ❤️" flash upside down on the small screen.

    "Sorry, I gotta take this," Zach said. He quickly put out his cigarette and rushed inside.

    "No problem," I mumbled after him, left alone, wondering if Riley was a man or a woman.

    Fortunately, as soon as I walked back into my house, there was something to cheer me up: a message from Eric, the porn model I'd been following online. He and I had been messaging more and more lately, and I was driven absolutely wild thinking about him and his two dads. I didn't even need to see them; in my fantasies, they were just as hot as their son.

    Turns out, reality was even hotter than fantasy in this case.

    "A few pics from a couple of years ago 😛," Eric's message read. Attached were several photos taken at a beach.

    "FUCK!" I said out loud, and had to sit down. Even just looking at the thumbnails got my heart palpitating. I put my phone down and took a few deep breaths, trying to make this moment last as long as possible.

    "Let's see," I said, and picked my phone back up. My thumb shaking, I tapped on the first photo.

    Right there, there was enough jack-off material to keep me going for life. I expected to see the men in the photos wearing some skimpy speedos. I almost came in my shorts when I realized two of them were completely naked.

    "Fuck!" I sighed again, my incest-obsessed mind in overdrive. I closed my eyes and I was at the beach with them. I could smell the ocean. I could hear the other people. And I could see this beautiful, beautiful family right in front of me.

    There were four men in the photo: Eric and the boy I assumed was his boyfriend (now fiancé). Next to them were two older (but gorgeous!) men; Eric's dads, blond and blue-eyed like their son, all three of them a spitting image of one another.

    "My dads took us to a nude beach in Spain two years ago," Eric's caption read. "It was our first time 🙈🙈 and… we had a lot of fun."

    "I bet," I thought, sooo tempted to touch the boner in my shorts; but I knew if I did, I'd shoot immediately. 

    Eric, and one of his dads, whose body was shaved completely smooth, were naked; whereas the other two wore speedos that didn't leave much to the imagination either.

    I got harder than I'd thought possible, thinking about an all-male family vacationing at a nude beach like that. From what I could make out around them, this wasn't only a nude beach, but clearly a gay one as well.

    I never knew where my obsession with incest came from. I didn't want to go with my real father to a beach like that, and definitely not with my sisters. But the thought of a family – another family – doing it, especially amongst the men, drove me wild. And now here it was: a real family that lived like that. And it was even hotter than I'd ever imagined!

    I stared at the photo like it was a work of art, and I an art critic assessing it. I zoomed in as much as possible, analysing every pore on these men's bodies.

    On the left, lay Eric's naked dad, lying on his stomach with his AMAZING ass in the air. Holy fuck!! How did anyone have an ass like that, especially a man that seemed to be around 50?! Next to him was his son, a big smile on both of their faces. I knew Eric had a gorgeous butt as well. Now I wondered if he worked out, hoping to get it as big as his father's. How often did Daddy show off his ass in front of his boy?

    Eric had his arm around his boyfriend, a handsome young man, who I hoped knew how fortunate he was to be in this situation. On the far right, Eric's other dad lay on his back, wearing the tiniest little speedos imaginable, his pubic bush peeking out.

    I moaned and grabbed my crotch, unable to control myself any further. As I scrolled to the next photo, I started to lose my breath.

    Some people think sex is always better than masturbation. For me, this right now, was hotter than sex with anyone in the world. Well, maybe except the men in these photos. 

    In the second photo, Eric's naked dad had turned around, and put his arm around his son. "FUCK!" I shouted, and I closed my eyes, trying my hardest not to cum! 

    The man's body was… incredible. But more than that, his dick… His dick was gorgeous! It was fucking HUGE, uncut, with a large Price Albert piercing at the tip. Two other metal rings, almost as big, hung from the man's large nipples. 

    The fact Eric got to see his own father's dick like that… his huge balls… I knew one of the two men was Eric's biological dad, and even they didn't know who it was. So to have them pose in a photo, like this… And to know this was a casual occurrence in their family…

    "My dads and I might have some free time this weekend," the photo's caption said. "Maybe we can finally do that cam session? And you can let us know if you have any special requests 😉😉."

    "Yes! Yes!!" I shouted, quickly pulling my dick out my shorts, anticipating for it to shoot cum any second now.

    I went back to the photo and zoomed in, right on the daddy's monster cock. As I zoomed in, I realised the tip of his dick was gently grazing Eric's thigh, brushing up against his own son's leg…

    "Yes! YES!!!" I continued shouting, starting to shoot my load all over myself. I dropped my phone and gripped my cock, stroking it up and down, shooting cum everywhere like a fucking fountain. 

    I curled my toes and closed my eyes, mentally going back to that beach, smelling the ocean, lying with Eric, watching his own father's dick touch his body, picturing them rubbing lotion all over each other's naked bodies…

    I kept on cumming for a full minute, until my balls were completely empty. Fuck, this felt good! "Yes. Yes," I continued whispering to myself, still stroking.

    Finally, I opened my eyes and lifted my head to look at the mess I'd made. Fuck, that's a lot of jizz! And then… I saw Zach, back in his backyard, looking my way. We made eye contact through my glass door, and he smiled and lifted the beer bottle he was holding, as if to say "Cheers, mate." I smiled back, and finally unwrapped my hand from around my cock to give him the thumbs up.

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