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My Son, the Sex Pig


    "Good morning, son."

    "Mmm, morning."

    I felt a gentle kiss behind my ear.

    "Time to get up."

    "No," I mumbled. I wanted to stay in bed forever like this: naked, cuddled up, a little spoon to Dad lying right behind me.

    "C'mon," he tightened his grip with both his arms around me. "Look at it this way, the sooner we get out of bed the sooner we'll be naked at the beach."

    "Mmm, that does sound tempting," I stretched and turned around, putting my lips on his.

    I loved going to the nude beach with Dad. I got to show him off and I felt hundreds of eyes on us, from the moment we arrived till the time we left. I always took my time rubbing sunscreen all over his body in front of everyone, making sure to cop a good feel of every single one of his muscles. We kissed, stroked each other's bodies and sometimes… took things further than that as well.

    But more than that: we weren't the only hot guys at that beach. There was always plenty of eye candy for us as well, from handsome daddies to pretty twinks. As possessive as I was with Dad's body, lately… I've had an eye for other men as well, and I was increasingly curious about all the options that existed for Dad and me as a couple.

    Just a couple of days ago, Dad and I indulged in our first foursome; with Eric (an old fuck buddy of Dad's) and an employee at the hotel where Eric was staying. Even though I once was mad with jealously to even think of Dad with another man, slowly I was starting to learn that there's fun in sharing as well. 

    In bed, the San Francisco sun shining in on our naked bodies, Dad and I continued to cuddle and make out for half an hour, as my hands roamed from his muscular back down to his large ass, which I could barely hold onto without it overflowing out of my hands.

    "Be right back. Gotta take a piss," he whispered, and got out of bed.

    Leaving the bathroom door open, I heard my father's piss stream hit the toilet (something unimaginable with my step-dad growing up). I smiled to myself, before reaching for my phone and checking my messages.

    "What's up?" Dad asked, slipping back in bed a couple of minutes later.

    "Not much. Just an email from school and a text from Brady. They're on their way back to Boston."

    I had no idea what I was signing up for when I invited my roommate Brady to come to San Francisco with us. He ended up bringing his two boyfriends and their entire crazy family, and in an even crazier twist of events, their son turned out to be Eric. Spending time with all of them definitely helped me… let loose a little bit. I realized I was looking at my relationship with Dad in a pretty conservative way (which is very ironic, considering he's my fucking father, for fuck's sake!). I expected it to be just him and me, always and forever. Talking to Eric and his family, and hearing stories about all the different men they often hooked up with (yet they remained in functional, loving relationships) made me realize there's more than one way to "be together" with someone.

    "What's the email from school say?" Dad asked, putting his arms back around me in bed.

    "Oh, just a newsletter. They keep spamming me with job offers and internships for the summer."

    "Well what are you gonna do? Are you gonna apply for any of them?"

    "I don't know," I breathed in deeply, then sighed. "Is that bad? That I don't know yet?"

    Dad gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

    "I don't wanna pressure you. But it is about time to make up your mind."

    Reluctantly, I opened the email and scrolled through the positions. I'd never spent a full summer working. I was just done with my first year of college, so Dad was right: it's about time. And I wanted to do it, I really did. I'd already applied at quite a few places weeks ago. However, I'd gotten an email saying "unfortunately, we are unable to offer you…" from every single one of them, at least the ones who'd had the decency to reply. The more I thought about it, the more filled with anxiety and dread I felt. Until…

    "Wait a minute," I said wakefully, and sat up.

    "What?" my father asked.

    "One of these internships is here in San Fran. It starts later this summer. I bet if I go there in person it'll look much better than just applying over email, right?"

    "Of course, if you want to do it…"

    "I do, I really do," I jumped, filled with sudden enthusiasm. "Can we go there today?"


Two Days Later



    "There we go! One ice-cold beer!" I took two bottles out the cooler and used my keychain to open them. "Now, careful," I said, handing one to Sam, brushing off some of the sand which was already sticking to it, unavoidable here at the beach. "Don't get caught. It'll be ironic enough not to go to jail for fucking my son, but for serving him alcohol before he's 21."

    "I don't know, Dad. You never know which of these guys might be a cop in disguise," he smiled, pointing at all the stark-naked men around us. 

    "Cheers. To your new internship, baby," I said.

    Earlier this morning, Sam had gotten an email from the company here in San Francisco. He was right: showing up in person must've given them a good first impression, and he was offered the position.

    "Thank you. To a summer in San Francisco," he clinked bottles with me. "Now the hard part starts: finding a place to stay."

    The Airbnb we were staying at was booked for another two days. After that, the plan was to go back home: him to Massachusetts and me back to LA. Since my son had changed his mind, though, he now had next-to-no time to find another place to stay here. "Ha, good fucking luck!" I thought, knowing the San Francisco realty market and just how little Sam's internship was paying him. Which is why I had another surprise for him…

    "I've been thinking," I said, looking out at the ocean and the beach filled with naked hotties. "What if I stay here with you?"

    "WHAT?!" Sam jumped up to face me.

    "I have quite a few friends here in San Fran. Since we were only here for two weeks I didn't have time to see any of them; I wanted to spend time with you. But if I stay here for the summer I can catch up with them as well. And I can rent us a place to stay. What do you say?"

    "I… I…" he stammered. "Can I have that?" he reached for my beer bottle.

    "Sure," I said, confused. I handed him my bottle and watched him stick it in the sand to the side, next to his own. "What're you doing?" I asked.

    "This!" my son replied loudly and jumped on top of me. I started to laugh, taken aback by his action. He straddled me, pinned me down against the sand, and started kissing me. "Muah, muah, muah, muah," he covered every inch of my face. "Have I told you I love you lately?"

    "You may've mentioned it once or tw—" I started to say, but was interrupted by Sam's tongue going inside my mouth. He started to kiss me passionately in front of all of Baker Beach. Both of our eyes closed, I could feel every bit of happiness and gratitude my son felt at that moment.

    The hot kiss, and the friction of our two naked bodies against each other was starting to do the trick. My dick was starting to pulse, and I had to reach down to readjust it and get more comfortable. When he noticed me do it, Sam started kissing me even more intensely, and I could tell his own dick was chubbing up as well.  

    Men doing this at this particular beach wasn't unheard of, and I knew we wouldn't get into any trouble. I felt every man within eyesight look at us, and I cherished the attention. Putting my hands on Sam's asscheeks, I gave them a juicy squeeze before starting to spread them apart, giving whoever was lying in front of us a view of my son's hole.

    "I love you, Dad," Sam interrupted our kiss for only a second.

    "I love you too," I whispered back, before shoving my tongue back in his mouth and continuing to knead his cheeks.

    It was almost noon. The sun was becoming unbearably hot, but there was no stopping Sam and me. I felt his sweat drip down his body and stick onto mine. I continued to reach toward the crack of his ass with my fingertips. My middle fingers were almost touching his hole.

    "We need to get out of the sun soon, find some shade," I said reluctantly, not wanting to interrupt the moment.

    "Not before I give you a proper thank you," my son said and reached with his hand down to my dick. The few men fortunate enough to sit close to us were able to see Sam's hand wrap itself around my dick and give it a strong squeeze before starting to stroke it.

    "Mmm," I reacted, my toes curling. The sun was slowly making me weak, which only seemed to make my cock more sensitive.

    "Yeah. I'm gonna make you cum right here at this fucking beach," Sam grunted quietly.

    "You're turning into one nasty motherfucker, you know that?" I smiled. I couldn't say much after that; Sam sped up his motion, filling me with ecstasy, bringing me closer to the edge than I had realized.

    "You know you're the best-looking man at this beach, right, Dad?"

    "Oh, shush."

    "You are. Everyone's looking at you. And I'm gonna let them see you shoot your load."

    "You fucking pig," I whimpered. My son, the sex pig.

    "Show them your baby-making jizz that made me. C'mon, Dad," he grunted in my ear.

    "Fucking hell, Sam," I moaned weakly, holding onto his asscheeks and spreading them open as far as they'd go. My whole body shivering, I felt it coming. 

    "Ahhh!" I tried to hold back from yelling out too loudly as cum started shooting out of my cock and landing on both my and my son's bodies.

    "Fucking nice," I heard a stranger sitting nearby say to his friend. 

    "This is my boy!" I wanted to scream in front of everyone at the beach proudly, to let them know if was my kinky son doing this to his father. Instead, I continued to moan and grunt in pleasure, as I spilled shot after shot of my seed, sticking between our two bodies like glue.

    "Ahhh. Good boy," I said, completely spent, a minute or two later. Sam was still stroking my cock but he was doing it slowly, knowing I was super sensitive post-orgasm. We stayed in that same position, him on top of me, cuddling without a care in the world.

    "Lemme take a sip, 'cause I'm parched," I said ten minutes later, and my son finally slid off of me. He handed me my drink, and we both took a swig.

    We laughed about the cum sticking to our bodies. It was quickly covered in sand, and we brushed it off.

    "Holy shit," I heard my son say quietly.


    "Look at that guy's cock!" he whispered discreetly in my ear.

    He was pointing at the man lying right in front of us. Not that I needed a pointer; I knew exactly who he meant. This guy was hard as a rock and had to have been over a foot long! I've seen some huge dicks in my life, but the sight still left me speechless.

    "I may be the best-looking, but I'm definitely not the biggest guy at the beach," I said to Sam a moment later, after I'd regained my ability to speak.

    "Do you think he got hard watching us?"

    From where the guy was lying, he'd probably gotten a prime view of my son's ass as I played with it, and gotten a glimpse inside his hole. I looked at him, trying to gauge his age. He was probably a couple of years older than me, but not much more than that. Making eye contact, the guy smirked at me. The fucker knew we were talking about him!

    I smiled back, and that's all the invitation the guy needed. He got up, reached for his own cooler that he'd brought, and took out a bottle of beer.

    "Excuse me," he said, walking toward us, his hard dick shamelessly bopping in every direction. "D'you have a bottle opener?"

    "Of course," I said. "You brought beer but no bottle opener?"

    I enjoyed teasing the man. Next to his towel were two empty bottles he'd already finished.

    I looked up at him as he came to stand next to me and my son. From where Sam and I were sitting, his huge cock was right at our eye level!

    "You know, I must've lost it in the sand," the guy teased back.

    "Oh no, how sad," I reached for our own opener. The guy held his bottle right next to his dick, as if pressing it against it. When I reached up for it, he didn't move, so it gave me a good opportunity to graze his hard-on before taking his bottle to open it.

    "I'm Ben," I said, feeling the man's precum on the back of my hand. "And this is Sam. My son."

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