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Pleasure to Meet You

    I never knew what to do with myself during the holidays, now that I lived on my own. The first day was easy; I enjoyed taking my time running errands and then relaxing. Day two was when the restlessness started to kick in. "God damn it," I thought. A week and a half of this.

    It was the Sunday before Christmas. I dragged my feet to the kitchen first thing in the morning, and made some coffee and toast. I sat on the dining room table and opened up the computer which was already there. Facebook knew the person I cared most about and he was already on the top of my newsfeed: my son, Eli.

    I smiled, looking at the new profile photo he'd just uploaded. Fuck, when did he get so big? He was 21 and had his own life in Chicago now, but in my mind he was still my little boy. I guess that'll never change.

    As if he knew I was looking at his profile, Eli messaged me that very moment.

    "Morning, Dad. We're about to leave soon, so we oughta be there round 2 or 3."

    I checked the time. It was about a five-hour drive to me in Columbus.

    "Okay," I typed. "Love you."

    "Love you too, Dad 🥰"

    I looked at the rest of his photos. When he said "we" he meant him and his new boyfriend. Almost every picture in the album was the two of them. Only, I felt weird calling Greg my son's "boyfriend." At 43, Greg was just two years younger than me, and there was nothing about him that resembled a "boy."

    I'd never met Greg. Indeed, I'd never met any of my son's love interests. All I knew was that he was from Los Angeles. He'd met Eli on a recent business trip to Chicago and things must be pretty serious between them if they're trying to make this work long-distance.

    I scrolled through one photo after the other, trying to solve the mystery that was Greg. I wasn't a fashion guy, but I could tell everything he wore was expensive. I wondered if he was born into money, or made it himself. We might be the same age, but we couldn't look more different. His skin, his smile, his muscles, all looked immaculate. 

    I opened up Greg's profile next, for maybe the dozenth time in the past few days. From what I could see without being friends with him, everyone he socialized with looked like him: wealthy and obnoxiously handsome. "He better not be some rich California asshole playing with my boy," I thought and slammed the computer shut angrily.

    A few hours later, I was staring out my window anxiously. Eli had texted me they were almost here. When I noticed the coffee mug in my hand shaking, I wondered why I was so nervous. Could it be because I was meeting a boyfriend of Eli's for the first time? Or was it because that boyfriend was Greg?

    When I saw a black Range Rover pull up in my driveway, I put my mug down and got ready to open the door. I was happy to see my son was smiling as he got out of the passenger seat. He looked happy. Greg got out from behind the wheel. It felt weird to see him in person, right outside, after weeks of looking at photos of him.

    "Hey, Dad!" Eli gave me a warm hug on my threshold. "We made it in time to light the candles."

    "Yes, you did. Come on in."

    "Dad, I'd like you to meet Greg. Honey, this is my dad."

    "Isaac, nice to meet you," I introduced myself and offered Greg my hand.

    "Pleasure to meet you, Isaac," Greg gripped my hand and gave it a strong, confident shake. He flashed me his smile, and I felt like he was some sort of celebrity. He looked like those people you see on TV but never in real life.

    "C'mon in," I said, trying to sound as casual as possible and closing the door behind them. 

    "Is that your car out there?" I asked Greg, fully aware my son couldn't afford what looked like a brand-new Range Rover on his bartender salary.

    "No, I rented it for the week. I'm flying back to LA after this," Greg said. Even when he talked, he sounded like a news anchor or something.

    I invited them into my living room and offered them something to drink. They both opted for coffee. We spent the next half an hour talking about how they met (Greg went to Eli's bar on his first night in Chicago) and how they were making things work long-distance.

    "It's a lot of work," Greg smiled at me again, "but he's worth it."

    He put his hand on my son's knee and gave it a squeeze. Eli smiled and went to give Greg a kiss. What started off as a quick peck developed into a more passionate kiss, right in front of me. I felt a bit awkward, but didn't say anything.

    "C'mon, I'll show you my room," Eli said to Greg when he was done sucking his face.

    "Oh shoot, I forgot to make your bed," I said. "I'll grab you some sheets."

    The three of us all headed upstairs. Eli took Greg to his room and I went to my bedroom next door.

    I closed the door to get to the closet where I kept the spare sheets. Even with the door closed, I could hear Eli and Greg talking through the wall.

    "So is this the room you had as a kid?" Greg asked.

    "Yeah. Mom and Dad had the room next door, but after the divorce she moved to Florida."

    "Is this still the same bed?"

    "Yup," said my son's voice.

    "And have you ever been fucked on it?"

    "No. Not yet," I heard Eli answer, followed by what sounded like more kissing. 

    I looked down and realized I was clutching my fists, digging my fingernails into my hands.

    "Dad, c'mon, it's almost sunset!" Eli shouted from downstairs.

    "I'm coming!" I replied from my bed.

    After overhearing Greg and Eli I'd decided to give them some space, so I just hung out in my room. They were still in the honeymoon phase and could obviously use some time alone, and who could blame them? They only got to see each other occasionally, which probably made things more… passionate when they did so. I just hoped my son knew you could hear stuff through these walls, and that he'd be considerate.

    As for me, I didn't want to say anything; partly because I didn't want to make things weird, but also because I always tried extra hard to assure my son I had absolutely nothing against him being gay. 

    I went down to the living room, where I saw Greg sitting on the couch and my son holding two menorahs.

    "C'mon, it's time to light the candles," he said to me.

    "Barukh ata Adonai…" Eli and I recited while lighting the candles, then went to sit down next to Greg.

    "You know, I don't know too much about Hanukkah," Greg said.

    "Wait right here," my son jumped off the couch and headed upstairs, leaving me alone with his boyfriend.

    At first I felt weird being left alone with Greg, but that only lasted a few seconds, until he started talking to me. He was incredibly charismatic; there was just something about him that made you feel comfortable and made you open up to him. A few minutes later, my son was back in the room, holding a bunch of books.

    "These are from when I was growing up," Eli said, handing Greg the pile of children's books and sitting down in his lap. "Do you remember getting me these, Dad?" he looked to me.

    "Yes. Some of them were mine from when I was a kid."

    I watched Eli and Greg flip through the books, perfect for explaining Hanukkah to children and goyim. I sat back and smiled. Yes, it was weird to see my son sit on another man's lap when he'd previously only sat on mine; but I was happy to see him so enthusiastic about sharing something with Greg. Greg was smiling, and caressing my boy's back.

    "Maybe he's not so bad after all," I thought.

    "Ah. Ooh. Mmm, yes. Ah, Daddy. Daddy."

    I woke up in the middle of the night in a haze. I must've been dreaming. I heard my son's voice, calling me "Daddy," something he hadn't called me in years. It took a few seconds for me to wake up before I realized it wasn't a dream. The sound was real, and it was coming from Eli's room.

    "Yeah? You like that?"

    "Ahh, fuck yeah, Daddy."

    I lay dumbfounded in bed. My son and his boyfriend were having sex right on the other side of the wall. They weren't even trying to keep it down; I could hear almost everything.

    "That's okay, nothing wrong with that," I tried telling myself. Okay, Eli calling another man "Daddy" while having sex with him was a bit weird to me, but not unheard of. What I did next, however, was less ordinary.

    For some godforsaken reason, I got up and put my ear to the wall. Like this I could hear even clearer.

    "Fuck yeah!"

    "Mm, fuck me, Daddy."

    "Yeah. You daddy's little boy?"

    "Yes, Daddy. Fuck me."

    "Good boy."

    The moans, grunts, and verbal exchanges continued. It took me a few minutes to even realize I was standing there in nothing but briefs and I was getting cold. What the hell was I doing?

    In my white briefs, I realized my cock was rock-hard.

    "I woke up like that," I told myself. I must've had a sexy dream, and I woke up like that. It had nothing to do with my son in the other room.

    I held my breath, not making any noise so I could hear better. I continued to hear my son moan. "He's the one being fucked," I realized, as the sounds of two bodies slamming into each other came from the other side of the wall.

    "Why the fuck am I so interested?" I continued to ask myself, as precum started to leak onto my briefs.

    It's been quite a few months since I last had sex. That must be it! I was so fucking horny, that any mention of sex was enough to get me riled up. 

    "Fuck, Daddy."

    "Take it. Take it!" Greg's dominating voice said loudly.

    Or could it have to do with my son's boyfriend, his age, him being Eli's "Daddy" now? Hearing my son say that word again?

    "Good boy. Take daddy's cock," came from the other side of the wall.

    Holy shit, I could probably cum right here and right now, without even touching myself. I closed my eyes and couldn't hold back anymore. I reached for my dick.

    As soon as my hand went inside my underwear and my hard cock found its way between my fingers, it was like two pieces of a puzzle perfectly clicking together. It felt warm, and pleasant. And maybe… maybe the fact this was so taboo made it that much hotter.

    I continued to listen carefully to my son taking it up the ass while I stroked myself. The grunts and smacks only got louder, as if the two didn't know or didn't care that somebody could hear them. Or that that somebody was Eli's dad.

    After a while of me completely losing myself in the moment, I heard my son's boyfriend grunt louder than ever. In my mind, I could see him thrusting faster and harder, violating my son's hole. He was close, I could tell. I accelerated my strokes as well, imagining us doing it at the same pace.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna cum," he yelled.

    "Fuck yeah. Breed me, Daddy," my son moaned.

    "Fuuuck!!!" Greg shouted. I bit my lower lip, trying not to make any noise as I shot my load, eyes tight shut. My jizz landed all over the wall, just as Greg's cum shot inside my son's ass.

    "Morning, Dad."

    "Morning? It's almost noon!"

    "Yeah, we needed a little lie-in."

    "I bet you did," I thought to myself, looking at my son who'd just come down in the kitchen. He was wearing nothing but a pair of briefs, much smaller and tighter than what I usually wore. I could see his slender body was slowly but surely developing some muscle. He'll need it if he's gonna have Greg on top of him; that man was huge.

    "Why am I thinking about this?" I silently reprimanded myself, and continued to read the news while Eli helped himself to some food, parading his perky ass in my kitchen. A short while later, Greg joined us.

    "Holy shit!" I thought, having to hold myself back from shouting it out loud.

    Just like Eli, Greg had pranced down in his underwear. Seeing him nearly naked was breathtaking, regardless if you were into women or men. Fully dressed, he looked handsome and youthful and charismatic. Naked, he was a fucking sex bomb.

    "Hey honey," he went up to my son and slipped his tongue in his mouth. Their kiss, once again, went over the limits of what would be considered appropriate, definitely in front of family. The fact they were both in their underwear made it even more obscene. I swear I could see both of their cocks stir as they made out, hands roaming all over each other's bodies. But why the fuck was I even looking?!

    Greg's hand continued to go down my son's spine and inside his briefs. Holy shit! Next thing I know, he was giving Eli's ass a squeeze as if it was no big deal to do it right here in front of me.

    "Ahem!" I coughed loudly, which made Greg turn to look at me. Still, his hand lingered inside my boy's undies for a few more seconds.

    "What'd you have planned for today, Pops?" Greg addressed me unabashedly. 

    "Um, I… I was gonna go buy some things before everything closes for Christmas," I replied, taken aback by Greg's manner of addressing me. 

    Greg accepted the bowl of cereal my son handed him and jumped up to sit on the counter.

    "Cool. D'you feel like going shopping, or do you wanna stay in?" he asked my son with his mouth full of cereal.

    "Stay in, Daddy," Eli answered flirtatiously, and took a few steps to Greg to give him a kiss.

    I stared at my iPad without taking in a single word. It was one thing for him to call him that when they were alone, but here he was doing it right in front of me.

    "Hmm. Have you been a good boy?" Greg laughed.

    "I've been very good, Daddy," Eli continued to flirt, his ass swaying from side to side.

    "See, I don't think you have. I think you've been a bad boy."

    "No, Daddy, I swear. Let me prove it."

    "Mm, and how are you gonna do that?"

    With that, the hushed whispering stopped, but I heard more movement. Curious to see what was going on, I turned around and I couldn't believe what I was seeing: my son, bent down, sucking his boyfriend's cock while he still sat up on the counter.

    "You don't mind, do ya?" Greg smirked at me, while Eli's head bopped up and down.

    "N– No. I'll leave you to it," I started to pick up my stuff and leave.

    "No need," Greg said sternly. "Finish your breakfast."

    I sat back down, never breaking eye contact with Greg, noticing the smirk on his face.

    "So, Isaac," he continued casually while running his fingers through my son's hair, "are you single or are you seeing anyone?"

    "S– Single."

    "How come? Maybe we can help you meet someone. We'll go on a double date."

    "I… I… " I stuttered, looking down at my son sucking Greg's cock, then back up to Greg's grinning face. "I'm too busy to meet anyone."

    "Still, it must get lonely up here alone. No one to help you… blow off steam," Greg said.

    "Y– Yes."

    "Why don't you do that now? I know you want to."

    I looked down and realized I was so hard that it was visible through my jeans. Normally, I would be horrified if this happened. But something about Greg persuaded me to let him lead. And he'd suggested I… blow off steam, as he put it.

    I got up and slowly started unbuckling my pants. When he heard the noise, my son looked up to see what was going on. In that split second, I saw Eli smile, and I saw just how thick the dick that he was sucking was. 

    "Holy fuck. I guess I'm doing this," I thought, as I slowly started to stroke my cock.

    "That feels good, doesn't it?" Greg asked in his usual sultry voice.

    "It does," I admitted.

    "This feels even better," he said, pulling my son up by his hair then pushing his face down in his own crotch. Eli gagged and my fatherly instinct stepped in, to help him; but he didn't need any help. Within a second he was back to sucking Greg's thick cock, savoring it like it was the sweetest thing on Earth.

    "Yeah, he likes sucking Daddy's cock, don't you boy?" Greg continued.

    "Mhm," Eli nodded.

    "Yeah, he's a good cocksucker."

    I continued stroking my dick, while hearing Greg talk about my son. I had no idea why I was allowing this to continue, other than I was horny, and Eli didn't seem to have any problem with it either.

    "Ahh," I jerked suddenly, the pleasure more intense than I'd realized.

    "Don't come yet," Greg ordered me. "Boy, do you wanna swallow Daddy's cum? Your real daddy?"

    "No," I shook my head, but my arm was still stroking.

    Eli took Greg's cock out his mouth and looked to me.

    "No," I pleaded, but continued to jerk off. It was like my mind and my body were going in opposite directions.

    Eli crawled the couple of feet it took to get to me and opened his mouth wide.

    "Oh fuck," I thought, as cum started to erupt out of my cock. I grabbed my dick tight and instead of aiming it at the floor, I aimed it right at Eli's face, and his wide-open mouth.

    "Mmm," Eli swallowed my paternal jizz and licked his lips, then used his fingers to get the remainder off his face and suck it down.    

    "Good boy. Now, come get your reward from Daddy," Greg said, and my son ran to him like an eager puppy dog, and swallowed all the cum out his thick dick as well.

    "I… I think I'll head to the store then," I said, pulling up my jeans in a daze.

    "Bye, Pops," Greg smirked at me.

    "See you later, Daddy," Eli smiled and winked at me.

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• Eli makes an appearance in It's What Brothers Do

• Greg is a recurring character in Model Dad

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