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Take That, Son!


    On the last day of the year, my son left Greg's house to go buy some last-minute groceries before tonight, leaving me alone with his boyfriend. Since there wasn't much to do, Greg suggested a mid-afternoon drink, which I gladly accepted.

    After mixing us a couple of cocktails, Greg handed me mine, and then served me some new information about my son.

    "You know Eli's thinking of going to mixology school?"

    "What?" I asked, confused.

    "He and I had a conversation about his future," Greg said, making himself comfortable next to me on the couch. "He said he wants to stick to bartending. But if that's the case, I think he should aim higher than working for tips at a gay bar. There are courses he can take – they usually last a few months – where he learns about cocktails and all these fancy wines... Then he can really build a career out of it."

    Truth be told, Eli's decision not to go to college never sat right with me but as always, I didn't want to interfere with his life. I never knew what his long-term plans were, but it felt good to know he had Greg on his side. Even the language Greg used – "He and I had a conversation about his future" – solidified the type of pseudo-father-son relationship the two of them had. 

    "Thank you for looking out for him," I said. 

    "Don't mention it. He does a good job at looking out for himself. I'm sure he'll be great at whatever he does."

    "Sometimes I worry about him," I admitted. "I was pretty much his age when I got married and got a job at the company I'm with to this day."

    "Ha! Well if it makes you feel better, I was an utter mess in my 20s."

    "You?! No way!" I said incredulously. Somehow I found this hard to believe.

    "Oh, yes. Hell, I still thought I was straight! You know I was still a virgin by the time I was 25?"

    "No!" I laughed out loud. "Somehow, I pictured you fucking everything in sight as soon as you could pop a boner."

    Whatever was in my cocktail must've been strong, because it loosened my tongue and had me saying things without thinking about them.

    "Nope," Greg winked at me. "I was dying to make my dad happy at that age. My whole world revolved around it. He was the reason why I went to law school, and dated all these preppy girls that he would approve of. Then, when I graduated I finally said 'Fuck it!' and started to let loose. I had fun with some girls who were on the wilder side, but it was very soon after that that I realized I was gay. My father and I didn't talk for almost five years, until he finally came around."

    "Wow." I was speechless. I always thought of Greg as entitled, the kind of person who got everything he wanted. I never considered something like this in his past.

    "So you see, compared to me, Eli has the best dad in the world," Greg smiled at me.

    "Aww," I blushed, and put my drink down so I could give my son's boyfriend a hug.

    The moment Greg and I shared didn't keep me in good spirits for long, however. As soon as Eli returned to the house, the two of them were back to their favorite activity: fucking. And of course, instead of doing it in the privacy of Greg's room, they were going at it right on the couch in the living room.

    "That does it," I thought, fuming. It was one thing for them to be "open" around me, but this felt like they were rubbing it in my fucking face by this point! The fact I myself hadn't had sex in so long didn't help either. I decided to storm out of the house and go see the only other person I knew in LA: my new buddy Toni.

    I had enough alcohol in my system to feel fired up, but not so much that I couldn't drive responsibly. I took Greg's car and made my way to Hollywood. I cooled down a bit as I sat in LA's infamous traffic, which was even worse tonight since it was New Year's Eve.

    Toni had invited me to a party his cousins were throwing in WeHo. When I got to their place, I saw that everyone at the party was young and beautiful. It was the type of crowd that would normally make me feel insecure and intimidated. But not tonight. After a single drink, I pulled Toni into one of the bedrooms and pushed him against the door as I closed it, immediately starting to make out with his face, more passionately than I can remember doing in a very long time.

    "Whoa, Daddy, you alright?" he asked. Even though he barely knew me, he could tell this wasn't my usual form of behavior. 

    "I'm fucking fantastic," I said, going in for another kiss but not before ripping the 18-year-old's shirt off his chest. Toni responded to my kisses with an intensity that was well beyond his age. After we took each other's shirts off, I started to kiss down my Latin lover's neck until I found myself sucking on one of his nipples.

     I'd NEVER moved this fast with a woman before... much less with another man. But I was frustrated (both sexually and otherwise) and horny and it was as if I wasn't myself. As if I was someone else. As if I was... Greg.

    "Get on the bed," I barked an order at the young boy, who seemed all too eager to obey.

    "Yes, Daddy," he complied, and lay on his back on the bed, shirtless.

    "Other way!" I said, and watched him flip over so he was on all fours, his fat ass poking out in the air in the tight jeans he was wearing. 

    "Have you been fucked before?" I asked authoritatively. It was truly as if a spirit had taken over my body. But I knew Toni wanted me; he'd been dropping hints ever since we met. This just might be my chance to do it for the first time, in a city where I knew next to no one.

    "Y–Yes," the young man answered. 

    "Good. So you know what to do: take your pants off!"

    I watched as Toni kicked his shoes and his jeans off, going back on all fours in his underwear... a white jockstrap.

    "Nice," I complimented him, licking my lips. If I wasn't mistaken... it was the same kind of jock my son wore when we went to Chicago Pride together earlier this year. I remembered the moment Eli, Greg, and I shared at Eli's apartment that night: my son wearing nothing but his jockstrap, and his boyfriend worshipping his body in front of me. "And this ass. Look at this ass!" Greg had said to me while kneading my son's asscheeks right in my face, forcing me to watch.

    I looked at Toni poking his ass out on the bed, and as I started to unbutton my pants I realized I was already rock hard. It was the sight of the hot body in front of me... but also, maybe, the memory of my son in that very jock.

    "That's a gorgeous fucking ass," I said, pulling my pants down and stepping out of them. 

    "Thank you, Daddy," Toni arched his back even further, wiggling his behind for me. 

    I put two fingers in my mouth and got some saliva on them, before placing them in between Toni's cheeks and pressing against his hole. I felt it pulsing. It was smooth, and tight... and eager to be filled.

    "You want Daddy to fuck you?" I asked with a deep voice.

    "Oh yes, Daddy," Toni moaned, and his hole started to pulse even faster and open wider. 

    "Nice little boy hole. So nice and smooth and tight," I found myself saying, before realizing those were the exact words I'd heard Greg say to my son when we all shared a bed at the hotel in Chicago. 

    "It's all yours, Daddy," Toni whimpered, burying his head in one of the pillows. Without intending to, the boy sounded just like my son as well.

    I continued to rub Toni's asshole with one hand, while wrapping my other hand around my hard cock and starting to stroke it. I was leaking precum, and I spit on my hand for added lubrication. I wondered if Toni could take me without any lube.

    "You want Daddy's cock? Think you can take it?"

    "Yes, please, Daddy, put it inside me," he begged, and I decided to give it a go.

    I looked down at my hairy cock and slowly moved it up against the boy's pulsing hole. 

    "Ah, Daddy!!" he let out his loudest moan yet just as my cockhead slipped inside him. And that's when I realized... this is probably what Greg felt when he slid inside my son.

    "Fuck!" I grunted and pushed forward aggressively.

    "Ouch! Slowly," Toni asked of me. I pulled out an inch or two, waited for his hole to relax, and started to thrust back in, this time moving slower.

    We were going straight to fucking. There was no sucking, no jerking off. I didn't need any of that. This was my first time fucking a guy and it felt... good!

    "Take Daddy's cock," I said as I continued to go almost balls-deep now. Under different circumstances, I may not know what to say during a time like this. But after listening in on my son and his boyfriend fucking so many times, it now felt like they'd taught me some lessons.

    "Yes, Daddy! That feels so good! Just please go slower!" Toni begged. Apparently, he didn't have all the experience my son did when it comes to taking cock. That's alright; he's a few years younger anyway. All of a sudden, I started to wonder what it would be like for me to teach him, to train him, just like Greg had done with Eli.

    "Okay, baby. Daddy's gonna go slow," I promised, and felt Toni relax his hole. I lay down on top of him and he tilted his head back, and we started to kiss. As we made out for several minutes, I thrusted back and forth inside his hole gently, making us both moan out in pleasure.

    "Better?" I asked with one hand on his throat, gently choking him, just like I'd seen Greg do to Eli.

    "Yes. Ahhh, Daddy, that feels good."

    I felt proud to hear that. Even though it was my first time, I was learning quickly.

    Toni and I fucked for two whole hours. The first half of it was slow movements and lots of kissing. After a while, we both started to pick up and go faster and rougher with each other. Meanwhile, the party raged on in the other room, which was just background noise for us. Nobody came to look for Toni and his older cousins were probably very well-aware of what we were doing.

    "Five minutes to go!" someone screamed in the living room. I looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand, and it said 11:55.

    "Yes, Daddy!" the boy underneath me moaned as I held him down with my hand on his back, thrusting faster and faster inside his ass. And this time, even though I was going faster... he was enjoying it. 

    Once again, the visual of Greg fucking my son just like this flashed through my mind. From behind and with his head in the pillow, Toni could pass for Eli pretty well.

    "Take that, son!" I suddenly said, and thrusted even quicker back-and-forth inside his hole.

    "Ah, ah! Give it to me, Daddy!"
    "Here it comes. Daddy's gonna breed you!" I caught myself using that word for the first time, just like Greg did to my boy. "Get ready, son. I'm gonna cum inside you. Take my load...
    "10, 9, 8..." people were starting to shout in the other room.

    "Fucking hell!" I exclaimed, feeling myself nearing the edge and fucking Toni's ass faster than ever. 

    "7, 6, 5..."

    By now, the boy was able to take all my cock and moaned for more, eager to feel my daddy seed inside his guts.

    "Cum inside me!" he begged.

    "4, 3, 2..."

    "Here it comes, son," I grunted. "Daddy's gonna breed you."


    "AAAHHHH!" I moaned out loud, and dumped my load inside the ass that looked so much like my own son's.

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