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Father's Pride


    "There we are. Watch your step."

    "Oh," I said, surprised. The first thing I noticed after walking into my son's place with my suitcase, was another suitcase that was already there.

    "Greg's here as well," Eli filled me in. "He usually gets a hotel room when he's in Chicago, but he decided to stay with us this time around."

    "Aha," I said, looking around the tiny studio apartment, surprised that my son's boyfriend would give up a luxurious hotel room, which he could undoubtedly afford, to stay here.

    "Hope you don't mind the couch," my son led me to the "living room area," which was mere feet away from his bed.

    "I don't know, I don't wanna impose..." I said, suddenly feeling awkward. "I didn't know Greg would be here. You boys deserve your space."

    "Nonsense. All the hotels here in Boystown are all booked up. Besides, Greg knew you'd be here. He changed his mind about the hotel after I told him you'd be coming for Pride."

    "He did?" I wondered what was going through Greg's devious mind. "And where is he now?"

    "He's downstairs, right around the corner. The parade's already started. I told him to have fun while I pick you up at the airport. Do you need anything else, or shall we go join him?"

    I could tell my son was eager to go outside, start drinking, and join a party that obviously meant a lot to him. With a rainbow sweatband around his right wrist, a crop top, and cutoff jean shorts, he looked very… "visibly gay," I think is the term these days. As much as I supported his lifestyle, even I was surprised to see him show up at the airport to pick me up like that. Luckily, he wasn't the only one; many people everywhere waved rainbow flags and wore flamboyant outfits, feeling more confident than they would most other days of the year.

    "I need to grab a quick shower, honey," I said to Eli. "But you can go. You said you'd be right around the corner, I'll join you in a few minutes."

    "Okay, Daddy," my son said and came in to give me a kiss on the cheek, landing dangerously close to my lips, before heading out the door.

    I stood in the empty apartment, feeling overwhelmed already. I could hear the noise of thousands of people celebrating in the street, but I felt disconnected from it. Eli calling me "Daddy" rang through my mind. That's not something he usually called me anymore… And now Greg would be sleeping here as well? 

    Absentmindedly, I reached for my bag and pulled out a laptop.

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    It was barely past noon. Somehow, I wasn't surprised to see that my son and Greg were already exchanging texts like these.

    I stared at the three dots on the computer screen as Greg typed his next message. I was holding my son's old MacBook, the one I'd asked him to leave with me so I could get it recycled. I never did. Instead, I kept it, and my son forgot all about the fact I could still access his messages on it. I knew I shouldn't be doing this no matter what. But somehow, the temptation was too damn big.

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 11.59.23

    I felt my cock stir in my shorts, turned on by Greg's confidence. I waited to see if there'd be more messages, but my son must've reached Greg. They were probably making out in the street this very moment. Greg's hands were probably already on my boy's ass…

    I shut the computer and hurried to the bathroom. My son's constrictive shower didn't make for a very pleasant experience, so I was in and out of there as fast as possible. I went through my bag, threw on a baggy gray T-shirt, and looked at myself in the mirror.

    With my hair still wet and slicked back, it didn't look half bad. Maybe I should put on some of my son's product that was in the bathroom? I styled my hair and gave myself a smile and a wink in the mirror, feeling uncharacteristically attractive. Looking down, I realized my monochromatic T-shirt would look so boring compared to what everyone else was wearing…

    I'd looked at Greg's suitcase, lying open on the floor. It'd caught my eye as soon as I walked in. I didn't want to snoop, but on the very top of it there was a T-shirt with the word DADDY on it in huge, rainbow-colored letters. Normally, I'd never do something like this without permission, but hey, this was a special occasion. Greg was likely halfway drunk already; he'd probably find this hilarious rather that rude.

    I helped myself to Greg's shirt and left the apartment, texting my son to see where they were.

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    "Hey! It's Daddy!!" my boyfriend interrupted our kiss and shouted. I couldn't tell who he was talking to but I wasn't thrilled about the interruption. I was just getting into it! I was starting to get hard in the crowd of people around us, none of which blinked an eye over the fact that Greg and I were sucking each other's faces off.

    I turned around to see who Greg was shouting at, and I was surprised to see my father approach us wearing one of Greg's shirts. 

    "A little tight on you, ain't it, Dad?" I teased him. The shirt clung to Greg's every muscle when he wore it. On Dad, it exposed half of his hairy belly.

    "Hey, you're not the only one who can rock a crop top," he said to me, handing out the drinks he'd gotten for everyone on his way here. 

    With the gay, gay, gay music blasting and the sun shining brightly (making more than half the guys take their shirts off) and with my father and Greg here, I felt happier than I'd ever been. If only life could be like this forever.

    "You know that doesn't mean what you think it means?" I leaned in to talk to Dad over the music, my lips touching his ear, and my finger pointing at his chest.

    "What do you mean? Having a son doesn't make me a daddy?"

    "Oh, you're a daddy alright, but it has nothing to do with me," I winked and patted his chest, as we tapped our plastic cups together.

    I was happy for Dad. Even if he was 100% straight (something I wasn't so sure of anymore) he deserved to experience Pride with all its debauchery. He already looked more confident and joyful than I'd ever seen him.

    As for Greg, he couldn't keep his hands off me, and I wasn't complaining! I was already getting tipsy and it was making me horny as a motherfucker, especially in this atmosphere. 

    Greg and I spent pretty much the entire time making out and running our hands all over each other's sweaty bodies. The shorts I was wearing with no belt on kept sliding down, exposing the waistband of the white jock I had on underneath, until they were halfway down my ass. Squeezed in tight with a bunch of gay guys just like us, no one had an objection.

    The DJ changed, and now the music was even better! (Okay, granted, maybe I was just drunker and loving everything.) The crowd got denser. Greg was on my left and Dad right behind me, all of us squeezed in together. With the music so loud we couldn't talk, so we just danced and drank. I was surprised to see my old man had some moves! Further proof that Pride just brings out the best in everyone.

    I wasn't too busy looking at Dad, though. Most of the time, my face was right against Greg's as he buried his tongue deep in my mouth. His right hand was on the back of my neck as we kissed, before it started to move down. With my back sweaty, it quickly slid down to my lower back, gripping the waistband of my jock and pulling it like a leash.

    For a brief second I wondered if Dad, standing right behind me, could see what we were doing. I got a flashback of the time in high school I'd asked Dad if I could get some jockstraps, and how surprised he was. "Jockstraps? But Eli, you don't play any sports?" It all made me smile now.

    Greg and I continued to kiss. He let go of my jock, only to put his large hand on my asscheeks and start kneading them. Fuck! He knew it drove me insane when he did this to me in public in front of everyone. We stopped kissing for a few moments to catch our breath. I continued to dance. Greg's fingers moved to the cleft between my cheeks, getting closer and closer to my hole.

    People passed us; acquaintances we knew said hi to us and we greeted them back, all the while Greg was playing with my ass. I was so turned on, it was making me weak. I dropped the empty cup I was holding to the ground. Greg brought his drink close to my lips and let me have a sip. With him holding the cup, some of it spilled down my neck and chest. 

    "You like that, baby?" he asked in that seductive fucking tone of his. I wasn't sure if he was referring to the drink or his hand on my ass, but I nodded yes to both.

    I could feel my boyfriend's fingertips on my asshole. My knees were starting to shake. I did a small squat, almost sitting down on his hand as if it were a barstool. Greg took the hint, propped me up, and slipped his middle finger inside my hole.

    "Aaah!" I moaned out loud enough for the people around us to hear even over the loud music. Most of them couldn't see that Greg was finger-fucking my ass, though. I wasn't even sure if my dad could. And I didn't even care.

    "Mmm," I moaned while moving, simultaneously dancing and fucking myself on my boyfriend's finger in the middle of the street. A couple of minutes later, I could feel his index finger slip in as well; he was now using two fingers to tease and please my hole.

    "Back that ass up," he leaned in to tell me. I obeyed, bumping into the person behind me.

    "You like that, baby?" Greg asked after a minute or two of fingering me that way.

    "Aha," was all I managed to say.

    "You do, don't you? Back it up some more." He sped up his hand movements, fucking me faster.

    I pushed my ass out, bumping into whoever was right behind me.

    "You're Daddy's naughty boy, aren't you?" Greg hissed in my ear.

    "Yes, Daddy," I confirmed, hopelessly horny, bouncing up and down on his fingers.

    "Good boy," Greg continued. "You know that's your father standing right behind you?"



    By the time we got back to Eli's apartment that night, he, his dad, and I were all in a great mood. We were laughing, stumbling up the stairs, all of our shirts off.

    "Here, let me do it," Isaac said to his son, after Eli spent half a minute drunkenly fumbling with the keys and still failing to unlock the door.

    While Isaac took care of that, his son and I leaned against the wall and continued making out, as if we hadn't gotten enough of it all day. The action today was un-be-liev-a-ble. Eli let me finger him right in front of his dad and everyone else in the street. While Eli's ass pushed up against Isaac's crotch, I made eye contact with Isaac several times, daring him to say or do something. 

    We were finally in. Eli sprinted for the toilet, taking a piss with the door open. Once again, Isaac and I looked each other in the eyes as we listened to his son's piss stream hit the toilet, until Isaac bashfully looked away.

    All three of us took turns going for a piss and getting down to our underwear. With Eli parading around in his jock, I wanted to get down and start eating that ass of his right then and there. Instead, I walked up to him for another kiss, letting my hands roam all over his body.

    "Look at what a big, horny boy you've become," I said loudly. "Bet your daddy's proud. Isn't that right, Isaac?"

    Sitting on the couch, Isaac looked up at us but did't say anything.

    "Look at these pecs," I continued, worshipping Eli's body as the two of us stood right in front of the couch Isaac was sitting on. Every time I flew in from LA to see him, Eli was more and more in shape. I cupped one of his pecs for his dad to see just how it fit in my hand. 

    "And these abs," my fingers moved down, caressing Eli's slightly-hairy stomach, sliding down the ridges of his six-pack.

    I noticed Isaac's Adam's apple move up and down as he swallowed saliva, still looking up at us. I moved Eli's body to the side so Isaac could get a look of the back of it as well.

    "And this ass. Look at this ass!" I gave Eli a gentle smack, making him laugh. He leaned back to get closer to me, melting like putty in my hands. I continued to squeeze his ass with one hand, while my other hand went round his neck and gave him a gentle choke.

    "Have you ever seen an ass this nice?" I squeezed Eli's asscheek and continued to provoke Isaac. "You're proud of your boy, aren't you?"

    "Yes, yes I am," Isaac replied formally. He tried to maintain his composure, but I could see right through him.

    "Why don't you get up and tell him that?" I said, looking Isaac dead in the eyes.

    After a second of contemplating, Isaac got up. He confidently stood right in front of his son, the two of them face-to-face. Looking Eli in his eyes, while my hands were still on Eli's ass and neck, Isaac firmly said, "I'm proud of you son. And I love you very much."

    "I love you too, Dad," my boyfriend replied gently.

    Just then, the two of them stepped in for a hug. I don't know who did it first, maybe they both did at the same time. They wrapped their arms around each other while I stood right behind Eli. In a quick second, I slipped my finger inside his ass, just like I'd done out in the street.

    "Mm!" I felt him twitch for a sec as my finger slid in. His father just rubbed his back to comfort him.



    I've been to Chicago plenty of times before, but this trip made me feel like I was on a different planet… No, in a different universe.

    The street party we'd gone to was lots of fun. With so many people out in the streets, I soon noticed there were certain sections that were less "family-friendly" than others. Of course, my son and Greg had picked the place that was full of mostly young, good-looking men just like them. 

    Once there, it wasn't even a surprise to see how openly sexual my son and his boyfriend were. Everyone there was near naked, and I noticed multiple men discreetly touching each other's bulges or asses before retiring to some of the bars and clubs, where undoubtedly things went much further.

    Eli and Greg didn't need a place to hide, though. Proud of their love for each other and their sexuality, they put it on display for everyone (including me!). Yes, it was a shock at first to see Greg's fingers slip between my son's asscheeks. "Is he doing what I think he's doing?" I asked myself. But this is Greg; of course he was! Surprisingly quickly, after only a few minutes, this now felt normal. It no longer even fazed me, though I did keep trying to sneak a peek as much as I could.

    Oh, and that fucker knew exactly what he was doing! Greg kept looking at me, trying to gauge my reaction, daring me to do something. One of these days…

    "Isaac! Relax!" I told myself, lying on Eli's couch in the dark. My drunk brain was on overdrive, and I needed to calm down if I wanted to get any sleep tonight.

    Soon enough, it wasn't my own brain anymore that was keeping me awake. Right after Eli and Greg had gotten into bed, they started making out. "How aren't they exhausted by this point?" I thought, as I heard their passionate moans and kisses coming from my son's bed.

    I slipped my hand under the sheet that Eli had given me to use as a cover. In my underwear, my cock was reacting to the noise coming from Eli's bed.

    "Fuck it!" I thought, letting my hand slip inside my boxers and start stroking my dick. I was tipsy, I was horny, and I was sick of overthinking things.

    On their bed, Eli and Greg just kept getting louder and louder. Whether they thought I was already asleep and couldn't hear them, I had no idea. I listened to my son's moans increase, as Greg's dominating voice confidently said, "Suck my dick."

    "Fuck!" I thought, feeling my dick leaking precum over my fingers. Mere seconds later, I heard the unmistakable noise of Eli going down and putting a cock in his mouth. It was enough to paint a vivid picture in my mind even though I couldn't see what was going on in the dark room.

    For several minutes, I jerked myself off while my son sucked Greg's cock. I slipped my other hand under the cover and pulled my boxers down, tucking them under my balls, as I went harder and harder on my own dick.

    I was getting close. Fuck, I was getting close. But, wait… the noise seemed to have died down completely. 

    I stopped stroking, trying to focus on whatever was happening on the bed. I could still hear some movement, but the slurping and sucking noises of a blowjob had stopped.

    "Ahh!" I heard a soft moan, shortly followed by a louder one. 

    Some whispers. Some movement. And then…

    "Ah, fuck!" a sigh of relief came from my son.

    "HOLY SHIT! They're fucking!! They've actually just started fucking!"

    That sigh was enough to let me know; it made me picture Eli's hole clench and relax as Greg's big dick went inside it.

    I shouldn't be surprised, not anymore, not after everything else that'd happened. But I couldn't help it! It felt electrifying. Out of breath, my heart raced, pumping blood and sending it straight to my dick and balls. My cock pulsed in my hand all by itself, oozing precum like a leaky faucet.

    "Mm. Mm. Ah!" my son started to moan as his boyfriend fucked his ass. He was trying to keep it down, but I could still hear everything. Then again… "why should i?" I thought of his text earlier. Maybe he wasn't even trying to keep it down…

    Holding my cock tightly, my hand wasn't even moving and yet my dick felt on edge.

    "Have you ever seen an ass this nice?" Greg's words rang back in my mind, as I continued to picture what was going on in their bed. That fucker! This is exactly what he wanted.

    "Fuck! Fuck yeah, baby. Good boy. Oh, fuck," Greg's grunts echoed clearly round the room. I wondered if he was doing it for Eli's sake… or mine.

    I heard Greg's balls slapping against his thighs and my son's ass. I heard Eli moan. And finally, I heard Greg grunt: "Fuck, I'm about to cum!"

    "I'm about to cum!!" he repeated, louder. Now, I was certain he was saying it for me to hear.

    My fist gripping my cock even tighter, my heart beating out of my chest, my toes curled, and I heard Greg exclaim: "Fuck. Fuck yes! Aw, baby. Fuck!"

    The same exact moment, my dick took Greg's words as a permission to cum. My load started spurting out, shooting all over my hand and the sheet, as Greg continued to grunt and moan out. For over a full minute, he and I shot our loads at the same exact time. My cum landed all over the sheet. And his in my son's ass.

    Loud exhales and cuddles came from the bed next. I tried to breathe out as silently as possible. The sheet over my body was a complete cummy mess, as were my boxers. I kicked the sheet off and pulled down my underwear, letting them both drop to the floor. I fell asleep on my son's couch completely nude, knowing he'd wake up to see me this way in the morning.

This chapter is followed by "Beach Bonding 5: Down Under," a special crossover with My Boyfriend and My Two Dads. Check it out:
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