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In Your Genes


   On New Year's Day, I woke up in a stranger's bed, with a warm body in my arms. For a moment I wondered where I was, until the smell of sex reminded me of last night's events.

   Toni, the young teenager who I was spooning from behind, still slept peacefully. I realized that I had a morning boner currently wedged between his asscheeks. We were both stark naked, sticky with sweat and cum.

   I lay that way until I couldn't ignore my bladder anymore. I gave Toni a kiss on the back on his neck, and carefully got out of bed, heading to the en-suite bathroom to take a piss. Even though I tried to keep it down, when I was back in the bedroom I saw that Toni was awake.

   "Good morning, Daddy," he said while stretching and yawning.

   "Hey," I replied with a smile.

   "You seem to be in a good mood this morning," he wrapped his hand around my cock, which was still hard, and pulled me in closer to him.

   Just then, my stomach grumbled. It was late in the morning, and I wasn't used to skipping breakfast.

   "Somebody's hungry," the young man put his other hand on my hairy belly, and rubbed it tenderly.

   "Yeah. Whose bedroom is this, anyway?" I asked.

   "One of my cousins. I'm sure they're sharing a bed in the other room. Listen, what do you say we go downstairs for some breakfast?"

   "Is anywhere open?"

   "I'm sure we'll find something," he said. Then, Toni kissed the head of my cock, before getting out of bed, taking a piss, and getting dressed.

   We exited the apartment quietly (the living room was a mess with empty bottles and used cups) and found a bakery which was open. I insisted I pay for our pastries and coffee, and we walked a bit until we found a bench where we could sit and have our breakfast. Los Angeles was eerily empty, with only a few dog walkers and a couple of joggers who were probably getting an early start on their New Year's resolutions.

   "Thank you for last night," I said somewhat formally.

   "'Thank you'? I wasn't doing you a favor," Toni laughed. "I had fun. Although, I feel like I need to apologize for something."

   "What?" I asked, taking a sip of coffee. It was kind of chilly out, and I savored its warmth.

   "I lied to you last night. About having sex before. This... this was my first time."

   I was shocked, but did my best to hide it.

   "Why did you feel the need to lie?" I asked calmly.

   "Because I didn't want to scare you off. I didn't want you to feel like you needed to do anything extra, or worry about me, or anything. I just didn't want it to make a difference."

   For some reason, it DID feel like it made a difference, being this boy's first time. But I was hardly one to talk.

   "It... It was also my first time," I admitted. "Not in general. But with another man."

   "Really?!" Toni's eyes got wide. "Well, Daddy, you were excellent! You must have a lot of practice with girls."

   "Ha. Not really, no," I smiled humbly.

   "Then, do you watch a lot of gay porn? Cuz you definitely knew what you were doing."

   "No, no porn," I shook my head.

   "Wow. So it comes naturally. Must be in your genes or something."

   I took another sip of coffee and pondered that statement.

   "Can I ask you something?" I said.

   "Of course, Daddy."

   "Why do you call me that? 'Daddy'?"

   Suddenly, Toni turned slightly red and looked down at the sidewalk.

   "I don't wanna embarrass you or anything!" I quickly added. "I know it's quite... common between gay men. I don't have anything against it. I'm just curious."

   It took another moment or two before the cute Mexican boy answered.

   "Well, where I'm from, we call people 'papi' or 'mami' all the time, just as a term of endearment, it's not even sexual or anything. So when I translate that in English, to me it makes sense. But honestly, it's not even just that. You see... I never knew my dad. And I always wanted to. My best friend growing up – oh my god, I was obsessed with his father! He had this mustache and a really hairy chest, a big strong belly. Even before I knew about being gay or anything like that, whenever I saw him shirtless or a couple of times I saw him in his underwear, I would just stare. What's the term...?" – he snapped his fingers a few times – "Lusting! I was lusting over him."

   We both smiled.

   "Now," he continued, "I know I'm into men, and I always notice men who are a bit older. No offense!"

   I laughed. This boy was adorable, and I appreciated his honesty. Really, I had asked the question because I was trying to understand more about my own son, and his relationship with his daddy-slash-boyfriend. Meanwhile, I was ignoring one thing: I'd also called Toni "son" last night, multiple times.

   "Can I see you again soon?" the young man asked.

   "I don't know. I'm going back home to Columbus tomorrow."

   "Where is that?"

   "In Ohio."

   "Is that nearby?" he asked hopefully.

   "No," I shook my head, "not really."

   I took his hand in mine and gave it a strong squeeze. I could tell my answer had made both of us sad.



   When I got back to Chicago, I decided to take every shift that was available at the bar. After a long holiday in California, I was going broke. Greg always offered to "help me out," but I turned him down. He picked up the check whenever we were together; the least I could do was pay my own rent.

   I worked six days a week for a couple of months, until I finally decided to take a few days off for my father's birthday in March. I took the bus to Columbus by myself. When Greg asked if he should fly in, I said "thank you, but no." Dad and I had barely spoken to each other since leaving LA, and I wanted us to spend some time alone.

   My father seemed happy to see me. We went out for dinner at the same restaurant where he and Greg spent Dad's birthday last year. After quite a few drinks there and a joint on the way back, I was tipsy by the time we returned to Dad's house.

   "Too bad your waiter wasn't there," I teased my father as we both plopped ourselves down on the couch.

   "What waiter?" he asked.

   "The one who sucked you and Greg off last year."

   A surprised expression appeared on my father's face.

   "You know about that?!"

   Oh, shit! Of course I knew about it; Greg had not only told me but also shown me the video. But Dad and I had never talked about it!

   "Yeah, I know," I tried to sound as casual as possible. "No big deal, hey. Besides, I've seen you get a blowjob from a guy before. Remember the guy that was driving through Columbus on my birthday? I watched him suck you off on this very couch," I said. The drinks and weed had made my tongue even looser than usual.

   My father blushed and looked down at his lap.

   "Yes. That was... quite a night."

   "Dad, it's okay," I reached over and took his hand in mine. "If you wanna have experiences with other guys or whatever... It's cool. You're a single man, why not explore all your options?"

   Next, my father took a deep breath and I could tell he was about to confess something.

   "Eli... Um, speaking of that. When we were in LA... On New Year's Eve, I... I had sex with a man for the first time."

   Before I knew it, I was screaming out the first two words that came to mind: "Mazel tov!"

   My father started to laugh as I gave him a hug, and I joined in laughing as well.

   "I'm sorry, I know that's a weird thing to say," I added. "But I'm genuinely excited for you. Like, I always think it's a good thing to play around and experiment and see what you like. How was it?! Did it go well?"

   "Yeah, yeah, it went alright," my dad chuckled. "It was... much better than expected."

   "Do you think it might happen again?"

   My father pondered for a few moments before saying "I am... open to the possibility."

   "Oh, Daddy, I'm so happy for you!" I gave him another hug. "Now, who was it? How did you meet? Tell me all about him."

   I felt like a high-school girl gossiping with my best friend. Dad smiled before answering.

   "We met at a restaurant. This 18-year-old. I think he's what your people call 'a twink.'"

   "Apparently my people are your people now. Welcome to the family!"

   My father started to blush. I felt a sense of pride, seeing him this way.

   "So tell me more, what happened on New Year's Eve?" I prodded.

   "Well, as you might remember, you and Greg were busy... expressing your love for each other in the living room –"

   "Ha! Yes we were," I said, reaching down to adjust my balls. Greg and I had spend that whole night fucking. Just the memory of it was giving me a hardon now, after weeks of being away from my boyfriend.

   "And I didn't wanna get in your way so I called up my friend," Dad continued his story, "and I headed over to West Hollywood."

   "Oh my god, my dad's hanging out in West Hollywood already! Continue."

   "Well, it was a party, at someone's apartment, so we went to one of the bedrooms, and..." he trailed off.

   "What was it like hooking up with an 18-year-old? Cuz I'm gonna go out on a whim and assume you haven't hooked up with any 18-year-old girls lately."

   "Uh, not since I was 19!" Dad laughed. "So it was... different. But I figured he has more experience than I do, so no need to worry. Turns out, the poor kid felt the need to lie. He was a virgin, even though he told me he wasn't."

   "This story just keeps getting better!" I clapped my hands. Next, I reached down to my bulge and readjusted again. Listening to my father talking about fucking an 18-year-old virgin was putting all sorts of visuals in my head.

   "Hold on," Dad interrupted. "I need to take a piss before we continue."

   As he got up to go to the bathroom, I reached for my phone and quickly texted Greg: "Dad had sex with a guy in LA!! 🍆🏳️‍🌈👨🏽‍🤝‍👨🏼"

   I waited a few moments, but Greg didn't see the text immediately. While waiting, I went through our latest messages, which included a photo of Greg jerking off, followed by a text saying 'your Daddy's cock just for you.'"

   I was getting hard in my jeans. The buzz I was feeling made me even hornier than usual. Soon, I had a full-on boner. Just as I started to wonder if I had the time for a quickie wank, I heard the downstairs toilet flush. A few seconds later, Dad was next to me on the couch.

   "Where were we?" he said.

   "We were talking about your getting some ass in LA. Just to make sure... you were the one fucking him, right?" I asked.

   "That is absolutely shameless of you to ask. But if you have to know: yes, yes I was," he laughed.

   I was feeling horny, and brazen, and drunk enough to ask things I'd never normally ask my father.

   "Have you ever... fucked a woman in the ass?"

   Dad and I made eye contact, and for a second I thought he wouldn't answer my question, maybe even scold me for asking. But it was his birthday, and he was in a good mood as well.

   "Yes, yes I have. Not in a while, but it's happened."

   "Way to go, Dad!"

   The skinny jeans I was wearing were doing a horrible job at hiding my erection. When Dad looked down at my lap, he noticed I was boned up and quickly looked back up at my eyes.

   "Sorry," I chuckled. "I was looking at some pics Greg sent me and they got me going."

   "No worries," my father replied, as cool as ever.

   My hand wandered down to my crotch again, and I was now slowly stroking my boner through my jeans. Dad was sitting right next to me, facing my way, but not saying anything.

   "So tell me more about your 18-year-old fuck buddy," I requested.

   "What do you want to know?" he asked, his voice sounding a bit... nervous.

   "How did things go between you? What happened when you got there?" I asked, still stroking my cock, squeezing it with my thumb and forefinger now.

   "Well... We were in one of the bedrooms at his cousins' apartment. We started kissing. He was a good kisser. Everyone else was in the other room but we ignored them. We took each other's shirts off, and started kissing down..."

   Damn! My father's first gay sex happened at a stranger's apartment, filled with people he didn't even know. And he just went for it. The thought made my cock harder and without really thinking about it I was pulling down my zipper.

   "Ahem," Dad cleared his throat, looking down at my crotch, before continuing. "I was kissing down– I was kissing down his neck and chest, until I had one of his nipples in my mouth..."

   I'd taken my cock out, and it was now poking out of my jeans, upright like a pole. I wrapped my fist around it and started pumping up and down. I loved hearing other people's naughty adventures... and my father's story was really doing the trick for me tonight.

   "I asked him... I told him to get on the bed," Dad continued. "He was wearing a jockstrap. A white one, just like the one I saw you wear at Pride."

   "No way! This one?" I said and I slid down my jeans until they were around my ankles. I had my favorite white jock on, which I'd worn on many occasions, including in front of my dad at Pride.

   "Yes, just like that one. It... It's nice."

   "Thanks, Dad," I smiled, and I got up off the couch to give him a little fashion show. I showed off in front of him, letting him get a good view of my jockstrapped ass as I flexed my glutes for him, before turning around and placing my hard cock in his face, with the front of the jock tucked under my shaved balls.

   "He... He got down to his jock and I took my clothes off," Dad continued. Now, he was reaching down between his legs, rubbing his own bulge as he spoke. Meanwhile, I continued to stand, even if that meant my cock was just inches away from my father's face.

   "What did he look like? What did he look like in his jock?" I asked, working my dick up and down with my fist. I was producing so much precum by now, that you could hear the smacking, lubricated motion as I jacked off.

   "He looked great. He had a great ass!"

   "Greater than this?" I turned around again, poking out my backside.

   "You're my son, so you're always my #1," my father said, making me smile. "But he also had an amazing ass. Made me hard as a rock."

   "You seem pretty hard right now, Dad," I mentioned, looking down at his crotch. "Why don't you let it out?"

   My father considered my proposal for a moment, before taking me up on it. He unbuttoned his pants, and pretty soon his thick, hairy cock was out in front of me.

   "Damn, Dad! No wonder you could score with someone that hot. With a tool like that, you'll be very popular with lots of boys," I said, making my dad blush for the third time tonight.

   We jerked off like that for several minutes, Dad sitting on the couch and me standing in front of him, until I finally asked, "So what position did you fuck in?"

   "We started off doggy style. He was on all fours on the bed and I put a couple of fingers inside him to make sure he's open. And next: came this," he pointed down to his boner.

   "Fuck!" I moaned, jerking off faster while checking out my father's cock.

   "I need some lube," he said and started to get up, probably with the intention of going to his room.

   "Wait," I pushed him back down on the couch. "No need."

   I was leaking so much precum by now, that I figured I might as well share. I rubbed my cockhead with my right hand until I got it nice and wet. Next, I wrapped my hand around my father's cut cock, getting my precum on there in up-and-down stroking motions.

   "Mmm," Dad moaned, looking down in amazement, but not doing anything to stop me. "Thanks, son."

   "So you started to fuck him..." I said, continuing to slide my fist up and down my father's erection, feeling it pulsing inside my hand.

   "Yes. I put my cock inside him and started fucking him while he screamed, "Oh yes, Daddy!'"

   "Fuck! He called you Daddy?"

   This made my cock bounce, and almost made me cum handsfree.

   My father looked up and made eye contact with me. Suddenly, a discreet smirk appeared on his face and for a second, I could swear I was looking at Greg's face instead of my father's.

   "Yes, son," he said, then looked down to notice my cock bobbing up and down. Since I had my hand round his cock, Dad spontaneously decided to return the favor and wrapped his fingers around my dick.
   "Oh, fuck!" I moaned out. "What happened next?"

   "I fucked him. I fucked him for hours. We went slow, then faster and faster. 'Take Daddy's cock," I told him as I slammed balls-deep inside of him."

   "Balls-deep inside of his virgin hole," I said, jacking Dad's cock faster and faster.

   "Yes. His 18-year-old virgin hole," my father grunted in a tone of voice I'd never heard from him. His grip tightened around my cock and he started speeding up as well.

   "Please tell me you bred that fucker," I said. I was finding it hard to speak, or even stand. My knees were getting weak, and my heart beat like crazy.

   "You bet your ass I did!" my father let out another deep-voiced grunt. If I had my eyes closed, I might've guessed it was Greg who said that. Dad's grip got even tighter around my cock, and he stroked faster and faster.

   "It was seconds until midnight," Dad spoke as we both jerked more intensely. "He was screaming 'Yes, Daddy!' Then I shouted, 'Take that, son! Daddy's gonna breed you! Get ready, son. I'm gonna cum inside you.'"

   "AHHH, FUCK!!!" I shouted as I started to blow my load. Unable to control myself, I was surprised to see it land all over my father's face, but I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to. I didn't stop, and neither did he. He continued milking me, gripping me even tighter, closing one of his eyes with my jizz dripping down his eyelid. Meanwhile, I never let go of his cock. Just seconds later, I felt it pulsing in my grip as he let go as well, shooting his load all over my bare leg.

   We stroked on and on for over a minute, until every last drop of cum had shot out. Then... we both started to laugh.

   "Mind getting me a tissue or something?" Dad asked, squinting with one eye closed.

   But I got a better idea. I leaned down, stuck out my tongue, and starting at my dad's cheekbone, I licked my cum off his skin. I licked him like this several times, until all of my jizz was off his face.

   "Greg will be so pissed we didn't get this on video," I said, and started to laugh again.

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