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Father-Son Double Date


    "Greg… Greg is my father," the teenage boy said, and now I was COMPLETELY lost.

    "What?!" I shouted a bit louder than necessary. To me, Toni was the first guy I ever had sex with, and someone I'd bonded with ever since. As far as I knew, he and Greg had nothing to do with each other. How did this happen?!

    "I… I don't know where to begin," Toni stuttered nervously.

    "Start from the beginning," I suggested, squeezing his hands since I could tell he needed some comfort. I had no idea what this was about, but I cared for Toni and I wanted him to know that. I wanted him to know he wasn't alone. 

    "Well… When she was younger, my mom used to come to LA from Mexico all the time, since her older brother lives here; he's been living here for decades. One day at a party, she met this guy and they had sex. She didn't find out she was pregnant until she went back to Monterrey. She was going to tell the father, but she found out through friends in California that he had just come out as gay in the meantime.

    "So my mom decided it's best for me not to be raised by a gay father, and she never told him. Luckily, in the years since, she's really opened up when it comes to gay people, she's much cooler about it now. She had a few boyfriends when I was little, but none of them stuck around. Growing up, I learned not to ask questions about my father.

    "My uncle here in LA has five kids, so I have a ton of cousins. I would come here as much as possible and a couple of years ago, when I was applying for colleges, my cousins suggested I try UCLA and some other local schools. Well, I got accepted, which meant I'd be moving to California. Meanwhile, I also came out, and it all made my mom realize she needed to tell me about my dad. So she finally told me his name – I didn't even know he was American all my life! When I got to LA I tracked him down, he wasn't hard to find. But I didn't know how to approach him and I was nervous, so I just followed him around for a while, like a creepy stalker. 

    "That's how I saw him come into this restaurant in December to meet you. I thought you were friends. Then when he left, you and I made eye contact and I… felt some sparks fly. I wanted to talk to you because you were a friend of my dad's, but also because I liked you, from the very beginning. But then you went back to…"

    "Ohio," I said. Toni spoke almost perfect English, but had no idea of American geography outside of California. 

    "Yes. And a few weeks ago, I gathered the courage to introduce myself to Greg."

    "And how did that go?" I asked, holding Toni's hands and still trying to wrap my mind around all this.

    "It went… okay? As well as you could expect, I guess. He remembered who my mom was after I showed him an old picture of her. At first I was worried he wouldn't believe me, but he did. I mean, it's not like I want any money or anything. We've seen each other a few times since. We mostly talk about school, that's easy. It my first year so there's a lot to talk about. One day, he mentioned his boyfriend, Eli. I asked him to show me a photo, and you were in it as well. I asked who you were, and I was shocked to hear you were Eli's dad. I didn't know that when I approached you, I swear!"

    "Does Greg know?" I asked.

    "About you and me? No. And please, don't tell him! We're just getting to know each other, and I'm not ready for him to know I had sex with you. You guys are like family, and I wouldn't have slept with you if I'd known that."

    I thought about it for a second. Technically, Greg and I weren't family in any way. Yet, the close relationship that he had with Eli almost made us feel like in-laws already, so I could understand Toni's concern.

    "Okay," I said. "But I gotta make a phone call."

    "What? Where are you going?" the teenager started to freak out.

    "I'm just going outside to make a call. It's okay, I promise I won't tell Greg anything. I'll be right back."

    "Dad, you won't believe what just happened!" Eli said excitedly as soon as he picked up the phone.

    "Hold on, me first. Are you alone?"

    "Yes. Greg and I are at the house talking, but he just left to make us some coffee."

    "Listen, go to the bathroom or someplace you can talk without Greg hearing you."

    "What?! Why?" 

    "Eli, if you trust me, just do it, okay?"

    A few moments later, I heard my son going up the stairs and locking himself in the bathroom.

    "Okay, what's up?" he asked.

    "What did you and Greg just talk about?"

    "Oh god, you won't believe this: Greg has a son!! Like, a grown son he never knew about, who just moved here from Mexico. That's why he's been kinda distant lately. He wanted to tell me in person, and it was difficult keeping it a secret."

    "What did he tell you about the boy?"

    "Well, his name's Antonio and he goes to school here. Apparently he's really shy, but–"

    "It's Toni," I interrupted, unable to hold it in anymore.


    "Antonio, it's Toni. The 18-year-old I told you about. The one I had sex with."

    "WHAT?! What kinda fucking coincidence is that??"

    "It's not really a coincidence, but it's all a mess. Listen, have you told Greg I had sex with a guy in LA?"

    "Of course I did," my son replied.

    "Did you ever tell him the name?"

    "No, it's never come up."

    "Good. DON'T TELL HIM! Toni doesn't want him to know, not just yet."

    "What?! Doesn't he have the right to know?"

    "The right to know about his son's sex life? No, not really. I mean, you and I may be a bad example, but most people don't talk to their parents about stuff like that."

    "But, Dad… what're you gonna do?"

    "For now, I'm gonna go back inside the restaurant cuz Toni's waiting for me. I just wanted to make sure you don't blurt anything out in front of Greg. Promise me, okay?"

    "Okay, okay, I promise. But, Dad… Greg wanted us to all have dinner with his son this weekend. Like a father-son double date thing."

    "We'll cross that bridge when we get there," I sighed, before hanging up the phone and turning around, looking at Toni through the restaurant window. He looked devastated, and I knew I couldn't leave him like this. Quickly, I used the airline's app to push back my flight to Columbus by a few days, and I sent my boss a short email saying I'd be working remotely. I couldn't leave Toni in his time of need. He might be Greg's son but in a way, he felt like my boy as well.

    Sunday evening, I met Greg's son "for the first time." Toni showed up at Greg's house and we pretended to make introductions. Even though I wasn't happy to have to keep a secret, I gotta admit a part of me found all this exciting. 

    The four of us had dinner and talked about Toni's new life in LA. He told us he lives in a dorm but often stays at his cousins' apartment in West Hollywood. I already knew that, since that was the apartment where he and I had sex on New Year's.

    It was weird seeing Toni in this new light, but it was even weirder seeing Greg. He was like a whole different person! He was on his best behavior, and definitely trying to impress. He'd hired a chef for the evening, who'd cooked up a veritable feast. Greg was all prim and proper, as if he was going to be receiving a rating at the end of the night; a dad score from 1 to 10.

    After dinner, we moved to the lounge and Eli and Toni got to talking about their favorite bars in LA. Greg used the opportunity to invite me out for a cigar, which I found unusual, but I was happy to get a chance to speak to him one-on-one.

    "Are we celebrating?" I asked as Greg held up the light, helping me light my cigar.

    "Isn't this what dads do when they get a child?" he asked, semi-jokingly. "Feels appropriate."

    "Listen… I don't know how you feel about all this," I said, "but maybe congratulations are in order. Being a dad to Eli is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I know things didn't work out for you the same way, but I do feel like you being a father is something to be celebrated."

    "Thank you for that, Isaac," Greg replied, putting his hand on my shoulder. "I… I'm not gonna lie, I'm all over the fucking place. I've had a few weeks to process this and it's still not sinking in. But every day, it gets a bit easier. And Toni… he seems like a nice kid."

    "Yes. Yes, he does," I said, trying to ignore the images of my cock cumming inside Toni's ass which were flashing through my mind.

    "And he's gay as well, which is nice I guess. I get to show him around the scene once he's old enough to go out," said Greg.

    "Is he… is he seeing anyone?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

    "No, I don't think so. He mentioned some guy who lives out of state weeks ago, but I don't wanna pry. Of course, I wanted him to meet Eli, and you as well if you could make it, since we're all like…"

    "Family," I finished the sentence for him.

    "Yes, family," Greg nodded, and I swear to God that was the most sincerely emotional I've ever seen him, almost teary-eyed.

    "C'mere," I said and pulled him in for a hug, father-to-father, careful not to burn his shirt with the nice cigar he'd given me.

    The father-son double date went better than anyone anticipated, especially as the night wore on and everyone got more relaxed. Eli and Greg sat side-by-side and cuddled a bit while talking to us, but they were nowhere nearly as affectionate as I knew they would be if Toni weren't here. 

    Meanwhile, it was difficult for me to keep my hands off the teenager, and I could see it in Toni's eyes that he felt the same way. After all these months apart we were finally in the same room, and we had to pretend we didn't even know each other, while his father and my son hugged and kissed in front of us, rubbing their affection in our faces.

    "I better call a cab, it's getting late," Toni said at one point after midnight.

    "Why don't you stay here?" his father offered. "I've got more than one guest room. Isaac's staying in one of them, but you can also crash here. We'll have breakfast in the morning and then you can go to school."

    "Well, my classes aren't until 2 PM tomorrow, so I guess I could do that," Toni said, shooting me a naughty wink behind his father's back and I had an ominous feeling I knew exactly what was gonna happen.

    True enough, an hour later we all headed to bed, and ten minutes after I was in my room I heard the door open and someone sneak in.

    "Toni?" I whispered in the dark.

    "Yes, Daddy," the teenager's voice replied. I didn't know what to say to that, especially now that we knew Greg was Toni's real father.

    My son and his boyfriend were in Greg's bedroom, either asleep or likelier than not: fucking. I'd managed to keep my hands off Toni all evening, but now that he was sliding into my bed in the dark, my cock rose to full hardness immediately. 

    "Mmm. I missed your cock, Daddy," the teen wasted no time and wrapped his hand around my manhood under the sheets, before coming in for a passionate kiss. I'd been waiting for this since New Year's, and I never would've guessed that the next time this would happen would be at Toni's father's house.

    We quickly got rid of the underwear we were wearing and started to roll around the bed naked, kissing and grabbing each other's dicks and asses.

    "You think my father and your son are fucking right now?" Toni suddenly asked me, and I felt my boner pulsing in his hand.

    "Yes," I replied truthfully, and went back to kissing him. Greg's bedroom was far enough that we wouldn't be overheard, so we got more and more passionate. Before I knew it, my cock was in Toni's mouth and he was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. If this whole ordeal taught me anything, it's that you never know what might happen, so you better take advantage of today.

    "Turn around," I said to the teen and laid him on his stomach on the bed. I spit in my hand and started to lube up my cock. "Has anyone else fucked you since we did it?" 

    "No. No one else."

    I was still his only, which made me feel special. I felt precum leaking out of my dick, which I mixed with my saliva as lube before placing my prick next to the boy's asshole.

    "Daddy's gonna fuck you just like he did months ago. And shoot his load up your ass," I grunted, dropping my body weight on top of Toni.

    "Fuck, Daddy, yes please. Fuck me," he squealed as I started to push my cockhead inside his tight hole.

    "Yeah? You want me to fuck you in your father's house? Right under his roof?" I whispered to Toni. After all the times Greg fucked my son in my own house, it was only fair I return the favor.

    "Yes, fuck me," Toni begged as inch by inch I pushed deeper inside of him. Soon enough, I was in balls-deep and thrusting like an animal, using energy I didn't know I possessed. I'd seen Greg fuck my son several times now, and all those images flashed through my mind. All of a sudden, they felt like tutorials he was giving me, showing me how to do it. How to give it to his own boy, his own cock-hungry son. 

    "Fucking slut, you need that, don't ya?" I grunted as I thrusted forward, my balls slapping Toni's thighs. I was surprising myself with the type of verbal phrases I was coming up with, but it felt right. And Toni seemed to be in his element as well.

    "Yes, Daddy, I need it. I need your cock up my hungry pussy, dropping a load there," he said, taking me aback with his choice of words as well. 

    "Well then that's that you're gonna get," I growled and thrusted harder as the boy begged me to breed and seed him. His moans of "Yes, Daddy" sounded just like Eli's when he got fucked by Greg. 

    Violating Toni's hole felt like some sort of payback, and I only got rougher with him. Thankfully, he loved it and only begged for more. I assaulted Greg's son's hole as revenge for all the times I heard Greg fuck Eli, all the times they did it in front of me, all the times they rubbed it right in my face. I wished Greg was in bed with us so he could see this; so he could see me fucking his boy. 

    "Mmm, fuck, I'm gonna cum," I grunted, feeling my balls tightening. 

    "Breed me, Daddy. Shoot inside me," Greg's son moaned, and I granted his wish. I started to shoot my babies inside the horny teen's ass, filling his guts with my DNA and marking him as mine.

    "You're mine. All mine," I whispered in Toni's ear while unloading inside him, biting the side of his neck and kissing his ear.

    "Yes, Daddy. All yours," he surrendered. 

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