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Primal Need


    "You know, I fucked your son as well? Yeah. He was a virgin when I met him. Never been fucked. Took to my dick like a pro, however. Just a big a slut as Eli. To this day, I'm the only man who's ever fucked him. Every time we fuck, he begs me to cum inside his hole. To fill him up with my spunk. And he gets his wish. Each and every time, in this very bed. I've fucked him every time we were both here, while you were sleeping in your room. I've made him moan and beg for my babies. Yeah, your son's a cock-loving cumdump, alright. That's it! Take my load, just like your son did. I've bred your boy so many fucking times. Now it's your turn, you fucker!"

    Isaac's words echoed through my mind many times during the summer. Words he had said while his cock was up my ass, flooding my guts with his sperm. 

    It came about very spontaneously, me getting fucked by my boyfriend's dad. It was Father's Day, and Isaac and I were alone at my house. My bed felt empty without Eli in it, so I decided to go snuggle up with his dad instead. It wasn't until I found myself in bed naked with Isaac that I started to feel an overwhelming urge to feel his cock inside my ass. 

    I'd known Isaac for over a year, but my connection with him felt stronger than ever since I found out I was also a father. I always did my best to appear strong in front of everyone, but the truth was that discovering I had a son really shook me. When I crawled into bed with Isaac, when he put his arms around me, I felt safe. I felt like I could be vulnerable. I felt like I could let him do what no man had ever done before: fuck me.

    In the midst of our fuck, Isaac confessed that he'd also deflowered my son. Hearing it was a shock but it was also… a turn-on. Hearing Isaac call Toni names like "cock-loving cumdump" would upset any father, but I was willing to bet that's exactly what my boy loved being called. After all, I was the one fucking Isaac's son every night, filling him up with my spunk, and on occasion making sure Isaac knew all about it. It's funny how things had come full circle.

    After our Father's Day fuck, Isaac had to go back to Ohio, and I was left in LA to deal with the fallout. I chose to start by confronting my son and having a chat with him. It happened over lunch at our favorite restaurant one day.

    "I know about you and Isaac," I told Toni. "I know that you guys have been… having sex."

    "Oh good, so he told you?" my son seemed relieved. "Dad, I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, I just didn't know how."

    "That's okay," I assured Toni. "I just wanna know… Are you in love with Isaac?"

    This was probably a deeper question than my son was expecting. He looked down at his plate and took his time before answering.

    "I care for him a lot," Toni admitted. "But… He lives in Ohio and it's not like he can just move to LA and be with me. So…"

    "I mean, Isaac's qualified enough to find a job here if that's what he wants to do," I noted. "Besides, Eli is moving here permanently soon. So you never know."

    "Yeah, well, I don't wanna get my hopes up. As long as Isaac's in Ohio, I don't wanna get overly attached to him," said my son.

    "That's very mature of you," I said proudly.

    After lunch, Toni and I walked back to the office. Since Toni was interning at my law firm for the summer, I was seeing a lot more of him on a daily basis, which made both of us happy. The highlight of my workday was now the lunch break, which I almost always spent with my son. After a few weeks, as July neared its end, Toni started to make plans for his 19th birthday.

    "My mom's coming over and we're having a big party at my uncle's house with that whole side of the family," Toni said. "But that's all on Saturday. On Sunday I'm free if you… if you wanted to do something," he said humbly during our lunch break one day.

    "I'd love that," I smiled and took my son's hand. "What did you have in mind?"

    "Nothing special, I just wanted to spend the day with you, just the two of us."

    "Of course," I agreed. By this point, Eli had quite a few friends in LA, mostly people from his bartending course, so I knew I could count on him to keep busy with someone else for a day. 

    The Sunday after Toni's birthday, he came to my house so we could spend the day by the pool. Like planned, it was just the two of us. We were both donning very tiny speedos, as if in a competition who can show more skin. It was the first day of August and the weather was scorchingly hot, so after a couple of hours by the pool we had to retreat to the house and crank up the A/C.

    Toni and I went back inside and headed to two different bathrooms to take a shower. I came back to the living room in a pair of white boxer briefs, only to find my son wearing a red jockstrap and nothing else.

    "Hope you don't mind," he said with a cheeky smile. "It's the underwear I wore here. It's my favorite pair."

    "I can tell, I've seen you wear it before," I said, looking at my son's body up and down, remembering the time I caught him in bed wearing this jock with a morning erection poking out.

    Then, Toni turned his back to me and stretched, and I couldn't help but wonder if he was trying to… show off for me. Living in LA all my life, I was surrounded by plenty of pretty boys; and I think I'm not being biased when I say Toni is up there with the best of them. His body looked fit and healthy the way only a 19-year-old's could. His ass consisted of two perfect bubbles, made ever perkier by the straps of the jock he was wearing. I found myself staring at it way longer than any father should stare at his child's bare behind.

    "So… have you been seeing anyone lately?" I asked my son while adjusting my bulge (which had begun to grow). Was there a guy – or many guys – filling that perky ass of Toni's lately?

    "No, not really," my son replied, taking a seat next to me on the couch. "I mean, I've kissed a few boys," he smiled and blushed, "but there's been nothing serious."

    "That's not… because of Isaac, is it?" I ventured to ask.

    "Nah. I mean, he and I text pretty much every day, but it's not like I'm not pursuing other options just because of him," Toni explained.

    "Son… I need to be honest with you," I said, placing my right hand on Toni's left knee. "Isaac and I… When he was here… He and I had sex a couple of months ago. On Father's Day, to be precise. I don't know if he told you."

    "No, he didn't," my son said. Thankfully, he looked amazed but not angry. "You fucked Isaac?!"

    "Actually… he fucked me," I admitted. This only seemed to amaze my son more.

    "Dad, for real?!! Wow. I didn't know that you… Well, I didn't know that you like to get fucked," my son said, blushing even stronger than before.

    "It was my first time," I explained.

    "Wow. So both of us lost our virginity to the same man. That's… kinda cool."

    "Haha, yes, I guess it is," I laughed and patted my son's naked leg.

    "So… how was it?" my son asked me next, sounding like a buddy asking a salacious question. Although I was glad my son felt comfortable around me, I was still a bit hesitant about going into details of my sex life with him. Then again: Isaac already shared a ton of dirty details about Toni with me, using the dirtiest words imaginable. I already knew all about my son's insatiable appetite for cum. 

    "It was… good. It was interesting," I smiled, squeezing my son's leg for comfort. "Isaac was good, as you already know. I love Eli, but it felt good to lie in bed with someone more mature, someone my age, someone who could… take control," I admitted.

    "Aha," Toni looked at me intently, listening carefully, adjusting his own bulge. I looked down for a brief second to see his bulge growing as well.

    "And we… talked about you. Isaac mentioned you while we were fucking. He said you were… a good fuck," I paraphrased.

    "Really, you were talking about me?! What else did he say?" my son asked excitedly.

    "Not much, just that… you guys like to do it a lot. And that you've done it all over my house," I chuckled.

    "Guilty as charged. Sorry about that," Toni smiled, and I noticed his cock throbbing in his jock. He must've at least had a semi by now. 

    "No need to apologize, Son," I assured him, my hand sliding higher on his thigh. "It's good to have a healthy… sexual appetite."

    "If by healthy you mean overactive, then sure," my son chuckled. "Honestly, Dad, I'm like, horny all the time."

    "Well that's how you know I'm your father. You got that from your old man," I said.

    "Seriously. Like, look at this, I'm sitting here with you and even just talking about Isaac is… giving me a boner," Toni said, looking down at his dick which was by now poking out of the confines of the red jock once again.

    "To be honest, I'm not fully soft either," I admitted, taking my hand off of Toni's leg and grabbing my junk with it. The added stimulation made my already-rising cock rise even faster. When I took my hand off my package, it was clear I was sporting a woody in my boxer briefs. 

    My son and I looked at each other's crotches, and then made eye contact. Finally, we bursted out laughing.

    "We can… you know, take care of these," I suggested, grabbing my bulge once again and shaking my cock through my underwear. Within a few seconds, I was so hard that my cockhead was peeking out through one of the legholes, on full display for my son.

    "Yeah, let's go for it," Toni reacted all too eagerly. A moment later, the waistband of his jock was pulled down and tucked under my son's balls, and I got a full view of his uncut, hard cock.

    "Your mom never got you circumcised," I stated the obvious, admiring my son's tool while rubbing my own. 

    "Nah. I'm glad she didn't, but I also really like cut dicks… like yours," Toni pointed down to my thigh, where the head of my hard cock was poking out of my underwear and leaving a trail of precum on my leg.

    Keen on impressing my son, I pulled down my boxer briefs and took out my schlong.

    "Dad… Wow. Just wow," Toni looked visibly impressed.

    "Yeah, it's what your old man's working with," I said, slowly starting to stroke my big dick up and down, making sure not to block Toni's view of it. 

    "I see why you have no trouble attracting all those younger boyfriends," said Toni, jerking off with his eyes stuck to my tool.

    "Not all of my ex-boyfriends are younger than me," I corrected him. "But yes… I like someone more youthful."

    "I'm the opposite, I like them more mature," my son said. "I don't know if Isaac told you, but I… called him 'Daddy' while we were fucking."

    "Yes, he mentioned it," I said to Toni. "There's nothing wrong with that, it's quite common. Eli calls me that as well."

    "I've noticed. I've overheard you guys fucking on a couple of occasions," Toni made eye contact with me and grinned.

    "Oops. Yeah, I tend to get pretty loud when I'm–"

    "Breeding?" my son said and stuck out his tongue, making both of us laugh. "I've noticed. Once I've even… I even watched."

    "You watched me and Eli?" I asked, gripping my cock tighter and pumping faster up and down. From what I could tell, Toni picked up the speed of his stroking as well to match mine.

    "Yeah. I watched him give you a blowjob in the hot tub."

    "And what made you do that, Son?" I asked, dripping out a huge wad of precum all over my hand. The thought of my son spying on me while I got my dick sucked brought me closer to the edge. Talking about it seemed to have the same effect on Toni, who was tugging on his balls with one hand and stroking his dick faster with the other, making his foreskin slide up and down his shaft.

    "Well, your boyfriend's really hot," Toni told me, "and honestly… so are you, Dad. So I wanted to watch. Are you mad?"

    "No, Son, I'm not mad at all," I said, letting go of my prick and putting my right arm around Toni instead. I gave my son a hug, and my hand ended up on the side of his neck. Since my hand was wet and sticky with my precum, my discharge stuck to my son's neck as I caressed him. I grabbed my cock with my left hand instead, continuing to jack off.

    "Who knows, maybe someday you'll get to watch me suck Isaac's dick," my son smiled, going so hard on his dick that I could tell he was about to nut.

    "Maybe, Son. Maybe," I said, stroking my son's neck with one hand and my own cock with the other. It finally pushed me over the edge: I started cumming all over my abs, in full-frontal view of my teenage son. 

    "Wow, Dad!" Toni exclaimed, watching my load land all over my belly. Seconds later, his dick was spitting out a fountain of cum as well, shooting so high up that it landed on Toni's chest, his shoulders, as well as my arm which was hugging him.

    "Fuck yeah, Son, empty those nuts," I grunted, blowing my load while watching my only son do the same. Side-by-side, we fulfilled this most basic, primal male need. Visually stimulated by each other's cumshots, we continued to shoot out wad after wad of jizz, showering our naked bodies with our essence.

    Finally, after a minute or two, our orgasms began to subside. We still stroked and exhaled loudly, ready to pass out after such an intense sensation.

    "We need a towel," I said, looking at the mess we'd made all over ourselves.

    "And I need a nap after that," my son noted.

    "Come. Let's go to my room," I suggested. "I got a jizz rag there we can use to clean ourselves up, and then we can take a nap."

    We stood up, dropping our underwear to the floor and leaving it there. Toni walked in front of me, up the stairs, and I smacked his ass playfully, like a football coach to a player. In my bedroom, I pulled out my cum rag and instead of cleaning myself up, I decided to be a gentleman and wipe the jizz off my son's torso first. Toni stood still like a mannequin and allowed me to clean him up. When I was done, he said,

    "Your turn now." He took the rag from me and cleaned up my body, taking his time and moving slowly. After he was done with my torso, he squatted down and started wiping my inner thighs, grazing my balls with his fingers. Then, he cleaned up my nut sack (even though there wasn't much cum on there). Finally, Toni took my cut, semi-hard cock in his hand and wrapped it in the small towel, getting every drop of cum off of it.

    "Thank you, Son. Now let's get some sleep," I said and cuddled up naked in bed with my boy.

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