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I'm Gonna Fuck Your Son Now


    During the time that Isaac spent at my house, there were multiple occasions when my son stayed the night in Isaac's room, in bed with him. Whenever that happened, I went to bed knowing that at that exact time, Isaac was probably fucking my boy. I evened the score by fucking Eli in my bed as well; amused by the notion that Isaac and I were fucking each other's sons at the same exact time, just a few doors from each other.

    Sometimes I awoke in the middle of the night, Isaac's words replaying in my dreams. "He was a virgin when I met him. Never been fucked. Took to my dick like a pro, however. Just a big a slut as Eli. To this day, I'm the only man who's ever fucked him. Every time we fuck, he begs me to cum inside his hole. To fill him up with my spunk. And he gets his wish. Each and every time, in this very bed. I've fucked him every time we were both here, while you were sleeping in your room. I've made him moan and beg for my babies. Yeah, your son's a cock-loving cumdump, alright." I'd startle myself awake and sit up in bed, looking at Eli snoozing peacefully beside me. I could finally understand what it was like for Isaac, having me fuck his son in his own house, practically rubbing it in his face. I was getting a dose of my own medicine so I couldn't be mad about it. And I wasn't. In a way… I was kind of turned on. Having Isaac describe my young son as a "cumdump" was so wrong that it actually made me horny, as fucked up as that may be.

    The evening of Eli's cocktail party, Isaac didn't spend the night with my son. Instead, he spent it in my bed with me and Eli. It wasn't our first time sharing a bed all three of us together, and somehow I had a feeling it wouldn't be our last either. I was the first to wake up the following morning, and after a shower I went downstairs to make breakfast. It was a Saturday and I took my time, moving slowly around my kitchen, fully nude. After a while, I was joined by Eli's father, who came down the stairs just as naked as me.

    "Good morning," I said to Isaac.

    "Mhm. Is that coffee I smell?" he said sleepily. We sat down at the kitchen table and had some coffee and food until Isaac was finally properly awake, when we heard a knock at the front door.

    "Who could it be this early?" I said, checking my watch. I walked to answer the door, where I saw my son, still dressed in the clothes from last night.

    "Hello, Daddy," Toni said to me drunkenly.

    "Are you… just back from last night's party?" I asked.

    "Yes. Sorry, I forgot my key," he said, stepping into my house. Here I was thinking he'd spent the night at his own place.

    Toni gave me a quick kiss on the lips, which I assumed was meant to land on my cheek but he'd missed. My son followed the smell of coffee to the kitchen, where he gave Isaac an even bigger kiss, playfully wrapping his hand around Isaac's exposed cock as well.

    "Do you want something to eat?" I said to Toni, going into dad mode.

    "Nah, we had tacos after the party," he said without looking at me. Toni's full attention was aimed at naked Isaac and his daddy dick. I knew I should go upstairs and leave them alone, but I was fascinated by the sight of my son's hand pulling on Isaac's cock – something I'd never seen before. Besides, why should I be the one to leave? We were in the kitchen. If they wanted privacy, they could go up to the guest bedroom.

    However, none of us left the room. I stood leaning on the counter, watching as Isaac and Toni made out, completely ignoring my presence. Isaac's cock started to grow in my son's hand as they kissed deeply, and the older man's hand slowly moved down Toni's back and stopped as he cupped one of the ample ass cheeks. My son was wearing some very tight pants that made his butt look incredible, with the seam barely visible because it was so deep between his glutes. If he'd been wearing briefs or a jock, the lines would have been very apparent. So he was either going commando or was in boxer briefs... and I'd never seen any boxer briefs in Toni's laundry.

    The two lovers finally stopped kissing, and my son gasped like he was out of breath, burying his face in Isaac's neck. My boyfriend's father looked at me with the textbook definition of a shit-eating grin plastered on his face. I suddenly knew that he'd been waiting for a moment like this, and I wondered what I was in for.

    I realized I was gripping my coffee mug so tightly that I could have cracked it. The coffee was cold now anyway, so I set it down. I was using one hand to support myself on the counter, and the other hand, now empty, started to reach for my cock. I was no longer soft, the sight in front of me was definitely starting to affect me. But I paused, and moved the other hand to the counter as well. If Isaac wanted to make a little game of this, I didn't want to give in too quickly.

    I'm not sure if he did it on his own or was prompted by some subtle nudge from Isaac, but Toni shifted position and then slid like syrup down Isaac's body until he was on his knees in front of the older man. In an equally fluid motion, he took Isaac's cock into his mouth and began eagerly working it down his throat. There was still a tenderness between them but this felt very raw and primal. There were no lollipop licks on the head or teasing of Isaac's shaft. Toni wanted that whole cock in him and was going right for it. And he accomplished that with impressive speed, moaning as he pressed his nose into Isaac's pubes.

    Issac was whispering to Toni in a deep voice, little things like "That feels so nice, Son" and "You suck Daddy's cock so good." When I moved my hand back to my crotch and felt it brush my fully hard cock, I knew the time for holding back was done. I started to stroke myself slowly, not wanting to push myself past the edge before I was ready.

    After a few minutes of alternating between looking up at me and looking down at Toni, Isaac slid his hand down the back of my son's unbuttoned shirt. Then Toni raised his arms and allowed Isaac to pull off the shirt and toss it aside. The older man's hand returned to my son's back and began to move further down toward the waistband of his tight pants.

    Toni must have undone the front button because the waistband suddenly became a little more loose, enough for Isaac's hand to slide down the back, right in between my son's asscheeks. The pants were still so tight that I could make out every detail of Isaac's fingers as they moved, and it was very apparent that he was inserting his middle and index fingers into Toni's teen asshole.

    My son moaned through his mouthful of cock as Isaac penetrated him, though not giving any sign that the intrusion was at all uncomfortable. I continued to stroke myself as I watched this hot scene unfold in front of me, my cock now slick with the precum that I'd begun to copiously ooze.

    After working a third finger in for a minute or two, Isaac pulled his hand out of my son's pants and helped the teenager up as they both stood. Toni was only upright for a moment though, as Isaac gently lowered him down onto the table, face-down. Toni's pants came off and were tossed over by his shirt. As I'd suspected, he hadn't worn underwear when he'd gone out the night before.

    Isaac quickly had his hands on my son's hips and met my gaze again.

    "I'm gonna fuck your son now," he said, in a very matter-of-fact tone. "Gonna give him what he needs." And then, he pushed his hard cock down so it pointed right at Toni's hole and slid into him with a swift motion. All the way, with no hesitation. Toni gasped and cried out, more in surprise than pain. His eyes were closed and a satisfied smile slowly spread across his face as he lay with his head to one side, cheek pressing into the table. He was letting out soft moans as Isaac started thrusting in and out of him slowly. This clearly was what he'd needed, I thought to myself. Isaac's words had been echoing through my mind and now the proof was right before my eyes. My son, who I'd only just met a few months ago, really was a cock-loving cumdump. And I had no doubt that I was about to watch him get another load deposited inside him. 

    Just then, I remembered that very first weekend I'd met Isaac and stayed at his house in Columbus with Eli. In truth, that weekend had sealed the deal in my mind about whether Eli and I would work in the long term. I'd already been head-over-heels for him, and with his dad in the picture I'd figured maybe we'd even be able to play out some of my kinkier fantasies – fantasies that I'd been fostering for a couple of years, ever since I'd met my ex-boyfriend Ben's 18-year-old son Sam. I started fucking Sam and I secretly wished his father would join us, but that never happened. Things with Isaac and Eli though had been much more extreme, ever since day one. 

    The events of that first Columbus trip now very vivid for me, I decided it would be appropriate to give it a repeat performance, now that the roles were reversed. I only hoped that Isaac would appreciate the parallels.

    Feeling turned on in a way that I hadn't in a long time, I began jerking my cock faster and took a step closer to what was happening on my kitchen table. Isaac and I locked eyes and the intensity made my erection throb in my hand. I hadn't cum in over 24 hours, so I knew I already had a good load built up. But there was a heavy, almost uncomfortable feeling coming over my lower body suddenly. It felt like blue balls, like I'd been edging for hours. A very physical sense of desperation for an orgasm.

    Isaac must have seen something in my eyes, that I was getting close. He picked up the pace of his fucking, which only increased the volume and frequency of Toni's whimpers and groans.

    "I'm gonna nut inside your cumdump of a son, Greg," Isaac said in his deep and sexy voice. "Leave a thick daddy load deep inside him. You ready for it?"

    The look in Isaac's eyes made it clear that the question was definitely not directed at Toni. I nodded, and felt my heart racing. Isaac started grunting and breathing faster, and he reached forward and grabbed a handful of my son's hair at the back of his head. He pulled backward so that my son was looking forward instead of down at the floor, and for a moment Isaac looked like a cowboy riding a horse, reaching forward to grab the reins. Fuck, he was riding my son's ass right in front of me!

    Toni's eyes were open but a little glazed over. He focused on me for a few seconds and I knew he registered that my cock was barely a foot away from his face as I continued to jerk it at a rapid pace. But his eyes quickly rolled back and drifted away from me again as he got lost in everything he was feeling. His mouth was open, his jaw slack, and he'd been continuously moaning in time with each thrust Issac made. Toni was in a fuck trance, a state I'd put many boys in over the years. It happened easily with the ones who absolutely loved bottoming, who really craved having their ass filled with cock and cum. Knowing my own son was a boy like that... fuck I was so turned on, and so close to blowing my load.

    Issac growled and started to curse, and I looked up to find him staring at me and looking cocky as fuck. He was unloading inside my son, I knew. Filling his guts with my boyfriend's little siblings. Laying claim to my boy's deepest place while I watched. Now, I was the daddy watching his son get used in my own kitchen. The same way it probably had that first day for Isaac, something clicked in my brain right then.

    Shifting my weight to brace myself for what was coming, I pointed my cock directly at my son's face and began to spray him with my seed. I'd known that this would be a big load but I hadn't expected the intensity of this climax. I counted three, four, five jets of cum hitting my boy's face before I had to close my eyes for a few seconds. It was all so much to take in. I lost count of how many spurts came out of me, but when things finally slowed down I was able to take a breath and look down again at my teenage son.

    Toni's face was absolutely drenched in jizz… my jizz! It was in his hair, across his forehead and cheeks, dripping from his nose and chin. He'd closed his eyes when he realized what was happening and somehow the load had missed that area. His moans had slowed down and quieted into softer whimpers as Isaac's thrusts slowed to a stop. My son opened his eyes and stared at me sleepily, mouth still open and some of my cum dripping from his lips and visible on his tongue. He was just catching his breath as Isaac, still holding Toni's hair with one hand, wrapped his arm around my son's midsection and pulled him upright and then backward against him.

    Isaac had seated himself in the chair again and brought Toni to rest with my son straddling his thighs and resting his back on Isaac's hairy chest. His cock was still balls-deep in my son, something I could clearly see as they both leaned backward in exhaustion. Isaac's hand began to slowly rub Toni's stomach, right below his navel. My son's smooth balls were pulled up tight to his body and I could see cum dripping from his foreskin as his half-hard cock flopped around. The puddle of jizz on the table made it clear that we'd all gotten off during this incredible moment.

    I tugged at my softening cock, milking out a few more drops of cum as I watched the two lovers relax and cuddle while enjoying the end of their fuck. Isaac reached an arm around Toni and brought a hand to his face, slowly pushing parts of my thick load into my son's mouth. Both of them were staring at me while this was happening. Toni sucked Isaac's fingers clean each time and then opened up to get more. After a minute or so, my son's face was clean and all three of us were smiling, with Toni clearly ready to fall asleep, still feeling all the alcohol he'd consumed the night before.

    Isaac stood up, pulling his cock out of my son's stretched-out hole and taking the boy in his arms, all in one smooth motion. I knew he was going to take Toni to his room and put him to bed. On the way toward the stairs, they passed Eli who had just woken up and was as naked as the rest of us.

    "Morning, Daddy," Eli said to his father, as they both paused and leaned in for a quick kiss on the lips. I saw Eli glance at the semi-conscious Toni in his father's arms and smile lovingly at both of them. Isaac headed upstairs and Eli sauntered over to me.

    "Morning, Daddy," he repeated, giving me a kiss that lasted a few seconds longer than the one he'd given his father. I stepped back to the counter to make my boyfriend a cup of coffee.

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