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Two Dads Cumming


    I was super excited for Halloween this year. For once, I didn't have to work so I could actually properly participate. But I was also thrilled by the fact that not only did I get to pick out my own costume this year, I got to pick out my father's as well. I couldn't wait for him to see what I had in store!

    This year Halloween was on a Sunday, and we were all invited to a party at Toni's cousins' apartment the night before. There were a ton of different parties we could pick from but we chose that one, mostly because Toni would be there. Toni's cousins Mario and Mateo were fun guys, and their apartment was in the middle of WeHo which pretty much guaranteed a lot of sexy costumes at the party.

    "What're you supposed to be?" my father asked as he got out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist, and came down to the living room at Greg's house.

    "Hold on, I'm not in costume yet," I said. I was wearing a black jockstrap and a collar with a leash around my neck. I bent down and reached for the leather pup mask that was on the couch. "I'm a puppy," I said to Dad as I slipped the mask on, my voice coming out muffled through it.

    I had several friends and acquaintances who enjoyed getting into pup gear, either as a sexual kink or just for fun. This was my first time trying it on and it seemed appropriate; Halloween was often the gateway for gay people to try out new things.

    "And you are a… dog catcher?" my father turned to Greg next.

    "Bingo," my boyfriend replied. There was really nothing setting Greg apart as a dog catcher other than the large hand net he was holding (which we'd gotten at a fishing supply store). Just like me, he was nearly naked, wearing only a pair of tight boxer briefs which he'd settled on after trying on a bunch of underwear, which now lay in a pile on the couch. This particular pair made his bulge look amazing; I just knew every thirsty eye at the party would be aimed at him and I couldn't wait to show him off.

    "And that's all you're wearing?! Jeez, now I'm worried about what you have picked out for me," my father said, wiping what was either water or sweat off his forehead.

    "Don't worry, you're gonna look great. I have something special for you. Here," I said, handing him a large paper bag which contained his costume.

    "It's heavy," Dad noted before opening the bag and reaching in. The first thing he pulled out was a black leather harness.

    "You know what that is?" I asked him.

    "Yes, I've seen some guys wearing them at clubs here," he said. He'd only been to a gay club a handful of times, but he was already catching on. "It goes on your chest."

    "Precisely. Let me help you put it on," I said, taking off the puppy mask and walking up to my father to fit the harness on him. It took us a while since I didn't know which side was the front either. When I put it on him I moved slowly, caressing his furry, salt-and-pepper chest. It felt very sensual, standing so closely face to face, both of us almost naked with our body heat radiating onto one another's bodies. As I buckled the harness, I noticed Dad's nipples hardening and I brushed against them with my fingers a few times more than necessary. Finally, I gave them a playful pinch. Looking down, I could swear the front of Dad's towel was moving. My own bulge was definitely pulsing, my cock throbbing in the pouch of my jock.

    "What's next?" Dad asked and reached in the bag again. He pulled out a pair of leather boots that went halfway up to his knee.

    "You put those on last," I said. "Keep diggin'."

    "Okay," Dad put the boots aside and reached back in the bag. "A… leather hat?"

    "It's called a Muir cap. Put it on," I said, immediately impressed to see my father with the cap on. He looked so fucking sexy, he had no idea!

    "There's more," he said and took the last item out of the bag: a pair of brand new leather chaps. "Hahahaha," my father laughed. "What am I, a cowboy?"

    "No! You're a leather daddy!" I said loudly. "Granted, it's more of a lifestyle than a Halloween costume, but in your case this is a good occasion to try it. Put 'em on!"

    My father unwrapped the towel from around his waist, exposing his cock which definitely seemed to be semi-erect after the brief nipple-teasing earlier. He put the chaps on, and I let out a sigh of relief. I had picked the perfect size!

    "That's it?! I just go with my wang hanging out?" Dad laughed, swinging his cock left-to-right so it smacked against his thighs. The chaps were, of course, crotchless and left his cock, balls, and ass exposed.

    "Well, yes, if you want to. Alternatively, you could wear a jockstrap," I said.

    "Oh, I'm definitely wearing underwear if you expect me to leave the house," he said. I was disappointed to hear that, but maybe I'd been pushing it a bit too much.

    "I also got you a couple of nice cigars," I said and I handed them to him. "Figured they'd go with your costume."

    Dad helped himself to a black jockstrap from the pile of underwear on the couch. He put it on and tucked the cigars in the waistband before slipping on the boots. Finally, his costume was complete.

    "Let me look at you," Greg requested, coming to stand right in front of my dad. "Damn, Isaac! You look great."

    "You think?" Dad asked and went to a nearby mirror to look at himself. I could tell that he liked what he was seeing! He admired his reflection and stuck out his chest, which now seemed somehow more impressive with the harness on.

    "Watch out, LA, there's a new dom daddy in town," I said, smacking my dad's bare ass and giving him a quick kiss before we left the house.

    Greg drove us to WeHo and we miraculously found street parking a couple of blocks from Mario and Mateo's apartment. We got out of the car, and now that I was no longer sitting down it was time for the final part of my costume.

    "Dad, can you put this in my ass, please?" I asked out by the car, handing my father a rubber pup tail. It was insertable, with a large bulb-like end that went inside your ass and a longer, thinner tail end.

    "Out in the street?!" Dad asked in shock. "Can't it wait until we get to the party?"

    "No, I wanna show up with my costume complete," I insisted. "C'mon, we're in WeHo, look around."

    Around us, plenty of people were wearing super revealing, slutty Halloween costumes. Granted, none of them was having objects shoved up their asshole right in the street, but that would probably commence later in the evening.

    My father took the tail from me. Looking around to make sure there were no cops or children nearby, he shoved it up my hole as I stuck my ass out, leaning against Greg with my hands on his shoulders. My boyfriend just had a shit-eating grin on his face, amused to see me and my dad do this.

    "Woohoo, Daddy! Can I go next?!" a twink shouted as he passed us by with his friends. We had a good laugh and headed to Toni's cousins' apartment.

    I'd had plenty of butt plugs and dildos up my ass before, but never a pup tail. It felt different and… fun! I especially enjoyed the way it wiggled as I walked, not to mention the looks I was getting. Walking in the middle between Greg and my father, I felt like I had the two sexiest dads in all of California.

    We got to the apartment and knocked on the door, loud reggaetón playing inside. The door was opened by a person wearing a distressed wedding dress and a blue wig, and it took me a moment to realize it was…

    "Toni?!" I said, looking at him up and down.

    "Hi, come on in!" he said, giving Greg and me a hug as we entered. 

    "What are you dressed as?" my father asked as Toni greeted him with a kiss. 

    "I'm the Corpse Bride, from the movie," my boyfriend's son replied.

    "Never seen it," Dad shook his head.

    "And you're… Tom of Finland?" Toni guessed.

    "Yeah, kinda," I answered on my father's behalf. "He's a leather daddy. At least for tonight," I winked.

    Toni took us to say hi to the hosts. The twins were apparently dressed as Mario and Luigi (just to fuck with everyone, Mario was dressed as Luigi and Mateo was dressed as Mario) but their costumes consisted of nothing but green and red jockstraps, hats, and fake facial hair. They were already tipsy and immediately shoved drinks in our hands as well. I asked for a straw so I could drink through my mask as I started dancing, enjoying the sensation of my tail plug in my ass more and more as I got used to it.

    We walked around the apartment, mingling with the 50-or-so guests. At one point, Toni took us to one of the bedrooms, where he whispered in my ear "That's the bed where your dad fucked me for the first time."

    There were several other people in the bedroom but they started to clear out. By the time a drinking game started in the living room, everyone else left the bedroom, leaving me alone with Dad, Greg, and Toni.

    "I'm getting hot in this costume. Watch this," Toni said and he whipped the skirt of the wedding dress off. He was now wearing just the top corset with a white jockstrap. 

    "Nice," Greg commented, his eyes lingering on his son's exposed asscheeks for a few seconds.

    Of course, it wasn't long before I removed my pup mask so I could start making out with my boyfriend. Next to us, Dad and Toni were engaged in the same exact activity. Toni removed his wig and walked to the bedroom door, locking it from the inside.

    "Why'd you lock the door?" my dad asked with a smirk.

    "So I could put this in your face," said Toni, climbing onto the bed and getting on all fours with his ass poking out. From where I was standing I could see his hairless teenage hole pulsing, winking at all of us.

    When he saw that, my dad licked his lips and squatted down by the bed. I'd never seen my father and Toni get quite so bold in front of us before, but I guessed Dad's costume gave him increased confidence. Funny how clothes could do that. To see him now, his tongue sliding up and down Toni's gash before going in, you would think he'd been a dominant leather daddy his whole life. And Dad wasn't just feasting on Toni's hole in front of me; he was eating the teen's ass in front of Toni's own father!

    "Y'know, maybe I don't need this underwear after all," Dad said, pulling down his jockstrap to reveal a rock-hard boner.

    "Whoa, Dad!" I gasped, shocked to see my father erect so fast. It often took guys much younger than him a while to get to this level of arousal, but apparently Toni's ass had that effect on my father.

    "You like that?" I asked my boyfriend next, turning to Greg and placing my hand on his bulge. I didn't need to hear his answer because his dick was already answering for him. In my hand, I felt Greg's prick grow more rigid by the second as he stood by and watched his son's hole get penetrated by my father's tongue. Interestingly, I spotted Dad and Greg making eye contact for a few seconds just then, sharing this moment of being here with their sons.

    Just then, unexpectedly, Greg grabbed me by the waist and threw me onto the bed next to Toni. I landed on all fours, my dog tail wagging savagely with my ass up in the air. I felt Greg grab hold of the insertable tail and use it to rummage around my hole, moving it around in circles. Acting quickly, he pulled the tail out and before I knew what was happening, my boyfriend was shoving his hard dick inside my ass!

    "AHH!" I shouted loudly, unprepared for this moment yet turned on nonetheless. It was like Greg wanted to one-up my dad, as if to say "if you're gonna eat my son's ass in front of me, I'm gonna fuck your son in front of you."

    I let my face and my shoulders drop down to the mattress; my asshole relaxing and allowing more of Greg inside me. He held onto the waistband of my black jock and pounded away. When I looked back I realized my boyfriend wasn't even looking at me: he was looking at my father, who was now standing up and fist-pumping his own cock, ready to stick it inside Toni's hole.

    "Mmmm," Toni moaned next to me, his face dropped to the mattress as well. I turned to look at him and I saw the teen's face contorting with pleasure as my father dove inside his ass. This was wild; Dad and Greg side-by-side, fucking each other's sons!
   Next, Greg let go of my jock and took the leash around my neck instead, pulling it so he was choking me while fucking me. We'd done this before and we had a safe sign – me putting two fingers up in the air – but this time Greg was going harder than ever, so much so that I was almost tempted to ask him to slow down. Luckily, he knew when to loosen up the pressure just enough to let me breathe, before picking back up and fucking me ruthlessly right in front of my father.

    "Fuck yeah. You like taking Daddy's dick?" I heard Greg grunt while pulling on my leash.

    "Ggghh. Yes," I struggled to speak as my boyfriend's dick thrusted inside me.

    "You've got a nice, tight little hole," my father spoke next. I didn't even know if he was talking to me or to Toni. Then, I heard him smack Toni's asscheek loudly. Outside the room, the party continued. Every now and then someone would try to open the door, but we continued to fuck side-by-side, ignoring everyone else. This was the bed where my father had sex with a man for the first time. And now here we were, all of us fucking shamelessly in front of each other here.

    "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," my father and Greg continued to pant and they thrusted faster and faster as if in some sort of competition. I guess maybe they were competing with each other; who could fuck harder, who could last longer, who could out-fuck the other man's son. Men got into all sorts of pissing contests, and this one was one for the books.

    Then, to my surprise, Dad pulled out of Toni's ass. He pulled the teen around by the hair and then shoved his cock inside Toni's mouth.

    "Yeah, you like that, you fucking slut? Taste that! Taste my dick fresh out your ass," my father said in a voice I'd NEVER heard from him. That in combination with his outfit made him seem like a whole new person. 

    "Mmmpfff!" Toni choked on my parent's dick. Dad was now throat-fucking the teen, making it hard for him to breathe… just like Greg was doing to me.

    "Fucking choke on that dick," my father said and then spat down on Toni's beautiful face. "Clean your fucking ass juices off of my cock. Yeah, that's right, see what your insides taste like."

    "Where is he even coming up with this stuff?" I thought as Greg continued to piston-fuck me harder and harder. I could only attribute my dad's new vocabulary to porn that he might've started watching since coming out of the closet. Then again, Greg and I were always verbal in Dad's presence as well; maybe he picked some stuff up from us.

    "Yeah, you pig," Dad spat on Toni's face again. "You're a fucking cock slut, ain't ya? Look at you: barely turned 19 and letting me fuck you ass-to-mouth right in front of your own father. Why don't you tell him how much you love taking cock?"

    Then, my father pulled his dick out of Toni's mouth so the teen could speak.

    "I love taking cock, Sir," Toni said, looking up at my dad with snot, tears, and saliva all running down his face.

    "Not to me, slut, talk to your father. Look him right in the eyes and tell him how much you love taking cock," Dad commanded.

    "I love taking cock, Daddy," Toni looked Greg straight in the eyes and confessed loudly. My father pulled Toni's hair, bending his head backward as the teen continued, "I fucking love it! It's all I wanna do. I wanna get fucked and suck cock every day. I love having Isaac cum inside of me. I love taking his loads."

    As he listened to his son's confession, Greg slowed down the pace with which he was fucking me. All the while, however, his cock only got harder inside of me, throbbing so fast that I thought he might cum any second.

    "Yeah, you want my load? Well you're gonna fucking get it?" my father said and pulled up Toni's ass by the waistband of his white jockstrap. In a matter of seconds, my dad's cock was balls-deep inside the teen again, and both he and Greg were now thrusting faster again. 

    "I'm gonna cum, Greg. I'm gonna cum inside your precious little boy's guts," Dad growled, making eye contact with my boyfriend again.

    "Fuck," was all Greg said, right before he started emptying his nuts inside my ass. I squeezed his dick with my hole, milking it for every drop as my father grunted loudly and started to unload inside Toni's teen ass right next to me. Two fathers cumming simultaneously in each other's sons, filling our guts with their potent spunk. 

    "Daddy. Daddy…" I panted as Greg pulled out of me a couple of minutes later. I wasn't even sure if I was talking to him or my father; probably both. I remained in that position when I felt someone's nose poking in between my asscheeks. At first I thought it was my boyfriend, coming down to lick my freshly-fucked hole, but when I turned around… I realized that it was Toni.

    "Fuck!" I yelled as I felt the teen's tongue on my ass lips. I unclenched my hole and shot out Greg's cum straight in his son's mouth. 

    "Holy shit," my father said when he saw that. He and Greg were now standing by the bed, watching how much their little boys had grown. 

    "Me next," I said when I was done feeding Toni his dad's jizz. I lay on my back and the teen jumped on the bed, squatting over me and pushing out my father's fresh spunk right in my eager mouth. With my tongue out, I took and swallowed every last drop of it.

    "Fucking cumsluts, both of them," my father commented, pulling up his jockstrap while talking to Greg. "Let's go out on the balcony and have these cigars, huh, buddy?"

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