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    Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. It meant the beginning of the holiday season. When Eli was little there was so much for us to do; and after he grew up and moved away it meant that he would be coming back home to visit me. And this year, for the first time, we would also be hosting my son's boyfriend for Thanksgiving. 

    Even though I didn't like thinking about it, a part of me felt like I was losing Eli to Greg. It was fun to join them in Chicago for Pride, but now when I thought about it I couldn't get the sounds of them them fucking out of my mind. Eli and I went for MONTHS without seeing each other after that; our longest stretch of time yet. Finally, he called to invite me to a short trip to Sydney with them, that Greg was going to for work. We had a great time, but if anything, the whole trip just showed me how grown-up my son was now. I was happy to see Eli "make it without me." But the selfish part of me wanted to freeze time and have him be my little boy forever.

    I still had Eli's old computer, which gave me access to his messaging app. Every day, I fought the temptation to open it up and go through his texts; specifically, his texts with Greg. It wasn't easy, but I resisted! More often than not, the texts turned very sexual. I knew I shouldn't be invading my son's privacy in any way, especially not this most intimate of ways. So I buried the laptop in my bottom drawer, and fired up my own computer instead. There, I saw newly posted pictures of Eli and Greg online, having dinner at some fancy Chicago eatery. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and I knew that Greg had flown there from LA earlier today. Tomorrow, they would be renting a car and driving over to my house. So after looking at their photos (smiling the whole time) I got up to check if everything around the house was ready for their visit, for the fifteenth time. 

    "Hi, Dad!" my son jumped in my arms like a little kid, knocking the wind out of me for a second.

    "Hey, Pops," his boyfriend came in next, giving me a hug and a strong pat on the back. I still wasn't used to hearing someone barely a year younger than me calling me "Pops," but I wondered if I'd ever get used to it. 

    "Whoa, you didn't make all of this, did you?!" Greg asked as he walked into the dining room and saw all the food on the table. 

    "Yup," I nodded. In a weird way, I felt proud that I'd managed to impress him.

    "Well, jeez. Thanks, Pops," Greg winked at me, looking like his usual mischievous self.

    "Let me help you set up the rest of the table," my son offered and walked to the kitchen to get more of the dishes.

    "Eli, you okay?" I asked with some concern. "You're walking kinda funny."

    "I'm fine," he said a little too quickly before disappearing into the kitchen.

    "He's okay," Greg reassured me. "I just came in his ass this morning and he wanted to keep it in, so I popped a little butt plug in there."

    He said that sentence with the same casualness as if saying "we dropped by Starbucks on our way here." HOLY SHIT!

    "Aha," I nodded, trying to remain nonchalant but feeling sweat running down my face. 

    "It made hitting bumps on the road lots of fun on our way here, if you know what I mean," Greg grinned.

    "Yeah. I– I'm gonna go help Eli with those dishes."

    After everything I'd witnessed with my son and his boyfriend, I wasn't at all surprised to be woken up in the middle of the night again to the sounds of them getting it on in Eli's room. I'd fallen into a deep food coma early on, but after a few hours of sleep I was awoken by moaning and grunting from the other side of the wall.

    "Was this your bed when you were a kid?" I could make out Greg's voice asking my son. Greg sounded just slightly out of breath, as if he was doing some physical work. I had a pretty good idea what that was.

    "Aha. I always had a big bed. My dad would come and read me stories here before sleep."

    To hear better, I got out of bed and pressed my ear against the wall. It was as if my body was moving by itself; I wasn't even controlling it. My curiosity got the better of me.

    "Fuck, that's so hot! I love fucking you in the same bed your dad read you stories in."

    "Fuck yeah, Daddy," came a moan from my son. Sure enough, they were currently fucking. Looking down, I realized I was hard as a rock in my boxers. I heard a smacking sound which I imagined to be Greg's ball sack slapping against my son's thighs as he fucked him, and it made my erection throb and start to drip precum. I wrapped my hand around my cock, wondering what it would feel like if there were a tight hole wrapped around it instead.

    My eyes were closed, and my ears alert. In my mind, I could see images of Greg and Eli in his childhood bed as if I were in the room with them.

    "Your father knew you had my cum inside you during dinner today," came Greg's voice from the other side of the wall again.

    "Ahhh. Oh, yeah?" Eli moaned.

    "Yes. I told him. I told him I fucked you before we left Chicago and then plugged you so that my load stays inside you all day."

    "Ahhh, mmm, Daddy."

    "Yeah, you like that, you little slut? Having my babies inside you while you're eating dinner your father worked so hard to make?"

    "Yes, Daddy."

    My heart started racing. This was reaching extreme territory for me. I know that some people enjoy dirty talk, but hearing my son being called a slut and taking Greg's "babies" inside him made me uncomfortable. But then why was my cock harder than ever?

    "Ah, fuck I'm close!" Greg grunted. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum inside you."

    "Yes, Daddy," my son whimpered. "Cum inside my hole. Breed my hole, Daddy. Breed me."

    I unwrapped my fist from around my cock. I'd been squeezing my erection this whole time without even paying attention to it. I could feel myself get SO CLOSE to the edge, but I stopped, instead listening to Greg unload inside my boy, breeding him.

    I tossed and turned for the remainder of the night, unable to fall asleep due to my blue balls, but also because of everything going through my mind. I couldn't help but wonder: just HOW dirty did my son and his boyfriend get? I knew I shouldn't be invading their privacy like this, but they were in MY house. And they were so loud, unbothered to keep it down even a little bit when they knew I was on the other side of the wall. Especially Greg. It was almost as if he... WANTED me to hear. For some fucked up reason, that thought made my cock even harder, and I felt it pulsing for hours in bed until I finally fell back asleep early in the morning.

    I woke up a few hours later to a text from my son saying they'd gone out for some Black Friday shopping. My dick was still rigid, as if I'd swallowed a whole bottle of Viagra. It led the way as I went to the bathroom and took an uncomfortable piss. I washed up and made my bed. Passing Eli's room, which was open, I noticed his bed was messy and thought I'd go in and make it for him. And that's when I saw it.

    Eli's butt plug (or was it Greg's butt plug?) rested on the nightstand, right next to a photo of an 8-year-old Eli in a baseball uniform and me. My hard cock pulsed again, dripping more precum in my boxers which by now had a huge stain in the front.

    "I just came in his ass this morning and he wanted to keep it in, so I popped a little butt plug in there," I heard Greg's words in my head.

    I picked up the sex toy and examined it. It was covered in dry semen.

    "You like that, you little slut? Having my babies inside you while you're eating dinner your father worked so hard to make?"

    I knew it was wrong, but every time Eli and Greg were around it brought out this side of me. I pulled down my boxers, stood in my son's room fully naked for a second, before lying down in his bed. The bed in which I read him stories growing up. The bed in which he'd gotten bred by another man a few hours ago. 

    I held the small butt plug in my hand, confident that I'd be able to take something this size. Once again, it was as if my body was moving without me controlling it. But a moment later, I was lifting my legs up in the air, and inserting the toy inside my hairy hole.

    "AH!" I squirmed in pain for a second, but then relaxed. Just like that, the plug started to slide in. It felt... warm. My son had had it inside him all day yesterday. I'm sure they never washed it after using it. Greg's jizz was smeared all over it. And now, I could feel it invading my insides, filling up my hole.

    I pushed the plug in slowly, until it was all the way in. And then, just as I took the final millimeter, cum started shooting out of my cock uncontrollably! I'd been hard and horny since the middle of the night. There was so much cum and it shot out so strongly that it went over my head and landed all over my son's headboard and his pillow. 

    "FUCK!" I grunted out loud. The echo filled the empty house for a couple of seconds and it surprised me to hear just how loudly I'd roared.

    With my right hand pushing the plug in, my left hand stroked my cock as it continued to cum, covering my son's sheets with jizz. It took me a good five minutes just to catch my breath after I was done, and then a couple of minutes more to slowly pull out the plug. I inspected it and it seemed clean, so I left it back on Eli's nightstand. It was the perfect crime. Well, except for my load all over his bed. For a moment I wondered if I should clean it up somehow. Then again, the bed was already messy. The sheets were visibly dirty with my son and his boyfriend's sweat and cum from the night before. A little more ejaculate wouldn't make a difference. Even if it came from me.

    That weekend, Eli and Greg drove back to Chicago, leaving me all alone in my house again. At least I wouldn't have to wait long until Hanukkah and my son's next visit. Or so I thought.

    "Dad, can we talk? Kinda urgent," I got a text from Eli a few days later while at the office. I rushed into an empty conference room and rang him immediately.

    "What's wrong?!" I panted.

    "Nothing. Oh my god, I'm so sorry to worry you. I'm just looking at some last-minute plane tickets and I wanted to check before I book anything, 'cause they're going quickly."

    "Plane tickets for where? Are you flying to Columbus?"

    "No, see, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. This year... I'm spending the holidays in California."

    It felt like my whole world crashing to hear that.


    "I'm sorry, Dad. It's just that last year we had Greg over at your house. So this year I figured it's only fair if I go to his."

    I was hurt, and sad, but all I could say was "I understand."

    "Dad, hold on," Eli said and I heard him talking to someone else in the background. Someone else who sounded an awful lot like Greg.

    "Is Greg there?" I asked.

    "Oh, yes, we're at his hotel now. He never left Chicago, we're flying to LA together. But listen, he just invited you to come over as well. What do you say?"

    I was confused. I didn't want to intrude, but I also didn't want to spend the holidays without my son. Plus, I had a lot of vacation days left over; just this morning my boss was telling me that I should use them up before the end of the year. It seemed like a sign.

    "Yeah, okay. If that's okay with him," I said.

    "Great! We're flying there next Wednesday, can you make it to Chicago then? It's the day before Hanukkah so it works out perfectly."

    "Yeah, I can take some time off starting then until the end of December."

    "Awesome. Greg's got a hotel right next to the airport. So get here the day before. We'll spend the night here and leave early in the morning."

    "Wait, we'll spend the night at the hotel? Not your apartment?" I asked.

    "Yes, 'cause this is so much more practical. Granted, we might need to all share a bed but we'll figure it out. Listen, I gotta go. I'm gonna go book those tickets before they sell out. I'll get yours, don't worry. I'll text you later. Love you."

    "Love you too," I said and hung up. As I sat in the conference room, I got the strangest ominous feeling in my gut. I just KNEW something big was about to happen. 

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