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Movie Night


    Being in LA with my dad kind of made me feel like I needed to be his babysitter. He didn't know the city, and most importantly: he was reluctant to get behind the wheel of any of Greg's cars. Since each of them probably cost more than Dad's house, he preferred to let me be the one who drives.

    I didn't mind this new role as tour guide and caretaker, however. For all my life, Dad had been the one holding my hand. Now it was my turn. Sure, our relationship had kind of changed in the past few months but I didn't mind, and I hope Dad didn't either. After all, I never expected to get fucked by my boyfriend while my father was lying in bed right next to me. To reach for his cock and make him cum all over the sheets. To fall asleep minutes later, covered in each other's jizz. 

    Growing up, due to the fact that it was "just us guys" when I was at Dad's house, we could be quite open when it came to walking around in a state of undress or joking about sex. He did his best to give me the birds and the bees talk from a gay perspective after I came out. As a horny teen, I started to get careless at times (like most teenagers). I still remember letting Noah, my high school best friend, jack both of us off during movie night once, until we shot our loads there on the couch while my dad was dozing off on the chair right next to us. 

    I guess that should've been an early indicator that I enjoyed... the riskier side of things. For the remainder of high school, I got into all sorts of trouble with Noah, as well as with his older brother Jacob. Dad never noticed, or if he did he never said anything. Thinking back now, he couldn't have NOT noticed, but I guess he never wanted to embarrass me. I mean, I would definitely do the same if I had a kid.

    Greg seemed to pick up on that dynamic as soon as he met my father, and my boyfriend was eager to see just how far he could push it. Greg LOVED putting me in compromising situations. Having me suck him off in the back of cabs. Sit in his lap and take his dick in the back row of a movie theater. Or in bed... right next to my own father.

    "Dad, I love you," I said, feeling a sudden surge of overwhelming affection. It was the last night of Hanukkah, and my father and I were just done lighting the candles on the menorah he'd brought from home.

    "I love you too, Eli," Dad smiled and came in for a warm, tight, reassuring hug, the kind only a father can give.

    "Dad, if I... ever do anything that you don't like or it makes you uncomfortable... just tell me," I said, still enwrapped in my father's arms.

    "Like what?" he asked, squeezing me.

    "Like... anything."

    My father let me go and looked deep in my eyes.

    "You're perfect just the way you are, honey," he smiled reassuringly. "I wouldn't change anything. Now c'mon, let's go eat. I made latkes for everyone."

    Because my dad had so many vacation days left over for the year, we'd agreed he'd stay in LA until the new year. Christmas at Greg's was calm and cozy. He finally got some time off work and we stayed in his house, ate a lot, and watched holiday movies. In a way, it felt like being with my parents before the divorce... just the three of us, being a family.

    A couple of days after Christmas, we were getting ready for yet another movie night in the living room.

    "My turn to pick," my boyfriend announced. "And no more holiday movies! I'm fucking sick of them."

    I thought Greg might pick some major blockbuster (possibly featuring some Hollywood actors he knew in real life), so I was surprised when he went for an indie drama instead. A few minutes in I saw that it revolved around a gay couple, which is probably why Greg picked it.

    My boyfriend and I made ourselves comfy on the couch, with dad sitting on an armchair next to us ("Just like that time with Noah..." I remembered.) We all wore shorts and T-shirts, and I definitely preferred this to the layers of clothing and the blankets I'd have to throw on at home this time of year.

    The movie was... unique. Oh, who am I kidding: it was boring as fuck! The budget was probably like $500 for the whole thing. I appreciated the effort, but I just couldn't get into stuff like this. Still, we were more than halfway in so we might as well finish it. Besides, having Greg to cuddle with made everything much more bearable.

    My boyfriend seemed to be paying a bit more attention to the movie than I was. Still, he was good at multitasking, and all throughout the evening his hands kept roaming all over my boy, sneaking inside my shirt and stroking my bare skin and pinching my nips. My dad seemed enraptured by the film, but I had a feeling he was only looking at the TV so he wouldn't look at Greg and me.

    Finally, after an hour of going back and forth, the main couple got together. The two men on screen started kissing passionately, and I expected this to turn into a typical two-minute sex scene that cuts off at the best part. Feeling frisky (and drunk on eggnog), I started making out with my boyfriend and I casually put my hand on his crotch. Giving it a squeeze through his basketball shorts, I noticed Greg's cock was growing rapidly. 

    The action on screen got more intense. The actors started ripping each other's clothes off. I guess the one thing indie movies had over big studio productions was that the sex scenes could get a lot more risqué. I glanced at my dad, who was still looking at the TV. With Greg's dick almost fully hard now, I started to stroke it through the fabric of the shorts.

    The two actors fell into bed, making out ever more ferociously. One of them went down and started sucking the other guy's nipple, while the camera zoomed in on the action. Quite frankly, this looked MUCH hotter than any porn movie, but I wasn't paying too much attention since I was more interested in my boyfriend's large boner in my hand. I looked again at my father, then at Greg, before grinning and getting down in his lap.

    I pulled down the waistband of Greg's shorts and tucked it beneath his balls. I stared at his erection hungrily, licking my lips. From the corner of my eye, I thought I saw my father glance toward Greg's crotch as well for just a brief second. I couldn't blame him if he did; Greg's cock was beautiful, especially hard like this. 

    I gathered saliva in my mouth and went down to take Greg's cock. "Aaah, baby!" he moaned in pleasure, not bothering to keep his voice down. The actors on screen were now moaning as well. While sucking the tip of Greg's dick and stroking his shaft, I looked at the TV to see the two men jerking each other off, only their upper bodies on screen. Then, the camera started to move down.

    "Holy shit!" I said in shock. Greg's dick came out of my mouth with an audible plop, which made Dad turn to look at us. "They're really showing everything!"

    "I guess they are," Greg said with a smirk. Did he know this would happen?? This was such a lame low-budget drama so far, but this sex scene was insanely hot! You could now see both actors' hard cocks on screen, and there was no way they were simulating what they were doing. They were still jacking each other off; when the camera zoomed in you could even see the precum dripping out of the tips of their cocks.

    "Definitely not something you'll see on the Hallmark Channel," Dad joked from his chair. Greg chuckled, and then moaned as I took his cock back in my mouth. He was leaking precum as well by now, and I swallowed it all down with a loud "Mmmm."

    The sex scene carried on much longer than the expected two minutes. It only got steamier and more passionate as one of the actors started to kiss the other man's hairy torso, working his way down to his belly button, his pubic area, and then finally his precum-covered cock. As much as I was enjoying sucking Greg off, I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen by this point.

    I was in disbelief when I saw the actor kiss his colleague's dick before putting it in his mouth. "Now THIS is method acting," I thought as I watched what was turning into a blowjob. Again, this was so much hotter than any professional porn. The angles, the lighting, the attention to detail... it was all different. It still felt like you were watching a serious movie, even if the action was XXX-rated.

    I peeled my eyes off the screen just long enough to look at my dad, who was still watching the TV intently. Just then, I felt Greg's fingers combing through my hair, pushing my head down onto his cock, making me choke and gag loudly (which I'm sure got everyone's attention in the room).

    Feeling intensely turned on, I continued to suck my boyfriend's cock with even more gusto. The blowjob I was giving him was getting loud and sloppy, but I didn't give a fuck. If the actors on screen could push the envelope, so could I. Greg was by now hard like a fucking rock! I took turns blowing then stroking him, all the while occasionally looking at the TV.

    The characters on screen started talking to each other. One of them was a virgin; he was nervous to do it. The other guy assured him it'd be fine. They didn't have no. "No! I want to," the virgin stopped hesitating. Wait a minute. Were they about to show them...?

    "Fuck!" I said as I saw the actor push his hard cock up against his colleague's hairy hole. "They're really about to show them fucking?"

    "I guess so," Greg said as if he didn't already know. Somehow, I wasn't buying it. I gripped his dick tighter and stroked him faster just as the hard cock on screen started to disappear into the other man's asshole.

    What I did next happened impulsively, without planning. I pulled down the back of my shorts and sat in Greg's lap. Even he was caught by surprise by this. Reaching back with my right hand, I gave his boner a few more strokes. By now, it was nicely lubed up with my saliva and his precum. Feeling my own hole pulsing hungrily, I guided my boyfriend's cock toward it. I lifted my ass a few inches, buried his cock inside it, and sat back down on Greg's lap.

    "AHHH!" he shouted in immense pleasure as my hole swallowed up his cock. Now that I was facing the rest of the room, I clearly saw my father look at us. Dad and I made eye contact.

    "Daddy," I moaned as Greg's cock started to thrust inside me. Even I wasn't sure who that word was meant for.

    The men on screen were now fucking as well. The bottom squirmed in pain at first, and his partner reassured him. Greg and I were moving much faster. We were both SO turned on! I know my boyfriend enjoyed pushing buttons (especially where my dad was concerned) so by taking the initiative to do this I was probably turning Greg on more than I'd ever done before. Sure, he and I had fucked in front of my dad just a few days ago at that hotel room in Chicago. But it was dark and late at night; a time when it feels like whatever you do "doesn't count." Now, it was barely 9 PM and all of us were wide awake. Several lights were on in the house and we could all clearly see what was happening. There was no hiding under the covers; there was no hiding anything.

    Greg lay back on the couch and I started bouncing up and down on his lap. I loved riding him like this! I was the one in control as I moved faster and faster, using all the energy in my hips and thighs. I bounced up and down but also back and forth and left to right, feeling Greg's cock move inside me in every possible direction. As it poked the inside walls of my hole, I couldn't help but moan out in pleasure loudly. Meanwhile... I never broke eye contact with my dad. 

    "There you go, baby. Take it!" came from the TV. The bottom was getting the hang of it, and the two were properly starting to fuck now. They were getting louder, but nobody was looking at the screen anymore. All eyes were on me.

    "Oh, Daddy. Fill me up with your cum," I moaned out of nowhere. I couldn't control it; it just came out of me whenever Greg fucked me.

    "Yes, baby. You want Daddy's load?" asked my boyfriend.

    "Fuck yes, Daddy. I want your load deep inside me," I begged, wiggling my hips in every direction. I shut my eyes, getting lost in the pleasure of having Greg inside of me. When I opened them again, Dad's eyes were still on me and we shared an intense moment of looking at each other just as Greg started to grunt,

    "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna breed your hole. Here it comes! Aaarrrhhh, aaahh, YES! Fuck yes!!"

    I felt my boyfriend's cum shooting deep inside my stomach, filling my guts up. I continued to bounce on Greg's lap, my hole twitching and pulsing and milking every last drop of jizz from his balls. Greg came forward, put his strong arms around me, and squeezed my body in a big bear hug from behind. I slowed my movements down but continued to gyrate back and forth slowly, as I felt Greg's breath on the back of my neck, giving me goosebumps.

    The couple of actors were finished fucking as well; it was morning on screen now. Meanwhile, my dad's eyes were still upon me.

    "I'll go get you a towel," he announced matter-of-factly, and got up. As he walked in front of me, I noticed the bulge in the front of his cargo shorts, and it definitely looked full. "Is he hard?" I wondered. 

    I remained sitting on Greg's lap as my boyfriend kissed the back of my neck gently. My father was gone for a couple of minutes, and I was starting to wonder if he was having difficulties finding a towel. When he returned with one from the bathroom, I noticed his bulge was somehow... smaller. "Did he jerk off and cum while he was upstairs?" I thought. "Is that why he was gone for so long?"

    "Thanks, Dad," I said as he handed me the towel. Slowly, I started to lift myself off of Greg's lap. His semi-hard cock plopped out of my ass, followed by a spurt of cum that I couldn't hold in. I used the towel to wipe my hole, and then handed it to Greg to use on his dick.

    "I'm off to sleep then," my father said and headed upstairs, even though it was still so early in the evening.

    "I am NEVER complaining about your taste in movies again," I said to Greg and we both laughed, before sitting back down and finishing the rest of the movie.



    For the past week or so I'd been texting with Toni, the teenage boy who I met at a restaurant here. He'd recently moved to LA to start college. His English was so good that it took me several minutes to realize he didn't grow up here but in Mexico. It took me much less than that to realize he was gay. I guess raising Eli had given me a good gaydar.

    The conversation between Toni and me that afternoon flowed very well. We ordered cheesecake and milkshakes (strawberry for him, peanut butter-chocolate for me) and before I knew it, it was starting to feel like a date, even though that wasn't my intention. A while later, my son texted to ask me to meet him at a store nearby.

    "Is that one of your friends who were here?" Toni asked when I looked at my phone. For some reason, I just couldn't get myself to tell him that the young man I had lunch with was my son. Looking back, I probably didn't want Toni to know I had a son as old as Eli. 

    "Yes," I answered. It wasn't technically a lie. Eli and I were friends... among other things.

    "I hope to see you around before you leave town," Toni said with a sweet smile that I just couldn't turn down. 

    "I'll try," I said and exchanged numbers with him.

    "See you soon, Daddy," was the last thing the boy said to me, followed by a wink.

    "What am I doing?!" I asked myself as I walked to meet Eli. Why was I flirting with that boy? I tried to deny it to myself at first, but that's what it was! He saw me with Eli and Greg, and probably assumed I was gay as well. I should just tell him the truth; I shouldn't be stringing him along. But for now, the truth was... that I really enjoyed that conversation. And the wink. And... being called "Daddy."

    So I spent a few days texting back and forth with Toni, using more emojis than I ever had in my life so far. He was nice and funny, and seemed to genuinely enjoy talking to me. He had family here that he spent Christmas with, so I didn't get to see him again during the holiday.

    As New Year's approached, I couldn't stop thinking about the movie night with Greg and my son. It's like every time the three of us were in a room together, something happened to escalate things even further. So it was nice to have someone like Toni to chat with and get my mind off of my son and his boyfriend even for a little while.

    On New Year's Eve, Eli was off driving around town making some last-minute purchases for tonight. Greg and I spent the afternoon together, having a drink. It reminded me of my birthday, which I got to spend alone with Greg. He and I didn't get a lot of time without Eli around, and I realized that I really appreciated it when it happened. I loved Eli with all my heart, but when Greg and I were alone it was nice to talk to someone my own age. Someone who's been through a lot, like Greg has. I realized I'd judged him too soon, for being rich and beautiful and successful. I thought he always had everything handed to him on a silver platter since birth, but as he and I spent more time together I realized that wasn't the case.

    When Eli returned home, he jumped straight in his Daddy's arms. I went up to my room (well, the guest bedroom) and texted with Toni for a while. Fifteen minutes in and I realized I'd had a smile on my face the entire time while we were texting. The boy invited me over to a New Year Eve party at his cousins' in West Hollywood, but I had to turn him down because I was spending the night with Eli and Greg.

    When I went downstairs, I heard a noise coming from the living room even while I was still on the stairs. It was unmistakable: my son was getting fucked by his boyfriend, right on the couch where I'd seen them do it last time. 

    "That does it," I figured. I walked to the living room with determination. I was right: Eli was on the couch, this time on all fours, while Greg was standing next to the couch, fucking him from behind.

    "I'm going out," I announced coolly. "I'm gonna need one of your cars," I said to Greg.

    Greg seemed absolutely shocked to hear me say this, especially in this tone of voice. I could tell he was in shock not only because of the expression on his face, but because for a few seconds, he actually stopped fucking Eli. And he never stopped.

    "Um, sure," Greg stuttered, his hands on my son's thighs as he slowly started to thrust back and forth again. "The keys to the BMW are in my pants there on the floor."

    "Mmm. Are you gonna be back by midnight?" my son moaned. 

    "I'm not sure."

    "Well, have fun then," Greg added.

    "Thank you." I helped myself to his keys and let him and my son get back to business. 

    I followed the GPS all the way to West Hollywood. I met Toni's cousins, a beautiful pair of twins named Mateo and Mario. I had some champagne and pulled Toni into one of their bedrooms. And for the first time in my life, I had sex with another man, cumming inside Toni's boy hole right at the stroke of midnight.

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