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He's a Good Cocksucker, Ain't He?

This story is a sequel to Dad's Best Buds

It was available to  Silver & Gold Supporters  in the summer of 2020


   "There's our new roommate. Welcome!" Jeffrey welcomed me at the door of his Manhattan apartment.

    "Well, he's your problem now," Dad patted me on the back. "Farewell."

    He turned around, pretending to leave. He was joking, but for all I cared, I wouldn't mind if we only did a quick goodbye. I wanted my life in New York to start as soon as possible!

    I'd spent all summer looking forward to this. After a lot (and I mean, a lot) of looking online, I finally found a room in a small apartment in Brooklyn shared with two other people. The room wasn't available for another two weeks, but Dad's buddy Jeffrey invited me to come stay with him until then, and I was thrilled to take him up on it.

    Jeff now lived with his partner Mitchell. Since his nephew Ben had moved to Europe, Mitch decided to give up his apartment and move in with Jeff. So, for the couple of days that Dad was spending here after driving me all the way from Minnesota, he would be sharing the pull-down couch with me again; just like we'd done last year.

    I gave Jeff and Mitch a hug, and put down the largest one of my suitcases. 

    "You're getting fucking strong!" Jeff squeezed my biceps admiringly. I was happy to flex for him and show off just how ripped I was getting, now that I had no more schoolwork and spent all day at the gym.

    "No shit, look at those abs," Mitch joined in on the flattery, complimenting my teenage body right there in front of my father. "I can see them through your fucking T-shirt."

    He was right, he could. Granted, after carrying that suitcase up three flights of stairs in the middle of August, my shirt stuck to me like I was in a wet T-shirt contest.

    "We have a surprise for you guys," Jeff said, right as I was starting to catch my breath.

    "Surprise, motherfuckers!" a deep voice came bellowing merrily from the other room. My dad's best friend Scott came walking out toward us.

    Dad and I had no idea Scott would be here. However long he was here for, he'd definitely made himself comfortable. He came out wearing nothing put a pair of black briefs, which looked so old and worn that I wouldn't be surprised if they were older than I am. His big, burley, hairy body looked as sweaty as mine in this heat.

    "C'mere, boy," he came up to me first and enwrapped me in a bear hug. Not many men could squeeze me so hard that I found it hard to breathe, but Scott managed to do that.

    Scott and I got much closer a couple of months ago in Vegas. I was now in on all the dirty little deeds he and Dad did as college roomies, and I felt much closer to both of them.

    After hugging me for several seconds (leaving me even wetter than I was), Scott moved on to hug my dad. 

    "Gettoffme," Dad pretended to fight him off, but I could tell he enjoyed the show of affection. "The fuck are you doing here anyway?"

    "Well, remember that woman I met in Vegas?"

    Scott looked at me with a grin; I'd been there to watch him score with her, hiding away in the bathroom and spying on them fucking.

    "She lives in New York as well. Figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and come see her and hang out with you guys for a couple of days."

    After that, I was pretty much the center of attention. Everyone wanted to know about my new apartment, what kind of jobs I planned on applying for, and if I was ready for all the "hot boys" in New York. 

    Just a couple of years ago, Dad's buds were teasing me about "cute girls." It was good to know that now that they knew I was gay, they did the very same with boys, without blinking an eye.

    For the rest of the day, most of us were too tired to do anything, so we just hung out at the apartment and had dinner together. After dinner, Scott got dressed and ready for his date.

    "Don't wait up, boys," he said on his way out. A part of me felt disappointed that I wouldn't be there to watch him have sex with that woman again.

    As tired as I felt, it was nothing compared to Dad. He was ready to pass out all throughout dinner, and went to sleep shortly thereafter. With him asleep in the living room, Jeffrey, Mitch, and I all retired to their bedroom to watch some TV.

    The apartment was swelteringly hot, even with the evening breeze coming in through the open window. Pretty soon, we were all in our underwear. Since there was no other piece of furniture for us to sit on, we all lay on their bed.

    Even near naked, the three of us continued to act casual. Jeff offered me some wine, which seemed to be a part of their nightly ritual. We drank, watching whatever shitty show was on TV. Frankly, I wasn't interested in it in the slightest, and apparently, neither were they. Before too long, they were making out and running their hands all over each other's sweaty bodies.

    "Don't let me stop you from anything," I said.

    "You haven't before," Jeff said, referring to the time I'd caught the two of them fucking at the restroom of a gay club and joined them. Again, I was in awe and thrilled to see how much more confident Jeff had become since coming out.

    "Yeah, it's no big deal," Mitch said, crawling a few inches closer to me. "After all, I've already had your cum inside me."

    "Well, technically, I came on your ass, not inside."

    "We need to fix that then," Mitch continued to crawl forward, and brought his face right up against mine.

    After several experiences with men, and a ton of gay porn, I'd learned to recognize the look a guy had when he was begging for dick. It was precisely the look on Mitch's face.

    I gave him a dominant stare, which only seemed to turn him on more. I could tell he was silent begging for a kiss so I granted him one, which he accepted hungrily.

    Meanwhile, Jeff lay on the bed and jerked himself off while watching me make out with his boyfriend. Jeff's underwear was on the floor by this point. While kissing passionately, Mitch and I pulled our underwear off as well. Mitch's boner sprung out immediately. I was only half-hard for now. When Mitch noticed that, he decided to fix it immediately.

    He went down and started sucking me off. To get more comfortable, I lay on my back next to Jeffrey, the two of us side-by-side, as I enjoyed the blowjob his partner was giving me.

    "He's a good cocksucker, ain't he?" Jeffrey said, stroking his boner, admiring the show. Second by second, I was only getting harder. The lust these two mature men felt for my fit, teenage body was palpable. 

    "He is good," I agreed, "but what about you?"

    Jeff licked his lips, which had never touched my cock before. I knew he was usually a top, quite dominant at times himself. But I could tell getting orders by someone so much younger than him, a son of his buddy's nonetheless, turned him on.

    "Join him and suck my dick," I demanded.

    "Yes, sir," Jeff smiled, and wasted no more time.

    I spread open my legs wider and kicked back, making myself even more comfortable. I felt like a king, lying in these men's bed as they sucked my cock.

    I didn't know if Jeff and Mitch had ever sucked another man's dick together. Whether it was their first time or not, they seemed thrilled to be sharing mine. They made out with each other while having my cockhead between their lips, which felt amazing. 

    Just as good as the two tongues and two sets of lips, were the four hands roaming on my body. The two men took turns feeling up my muscles, sliding their fingertips through the ridges of my abs, playing with my balls, massaging my taint, and pressing against my asshole. I lay there lazily and let them service me, as if I'd paid them for this.

    This only turned on the two of them more. Even though their dicks remained hard the entire time, they were neglecting them and focusing their entire attention on me. "I could get used to this kinda treatment," I thought.

    "That's right, massage my legs," I barked at Mitch, who'd started kneading my large thighs. While his boyfriend continued pleasing my cock, Mitch went down and massaged my thighs and calves, before moving on to my feet. Even though I was the youngest person in the room, my size 12 feet were larger than either of theirs.

    Next, Mitch surprised me when he put my large toe in his mouth and started sucking it. The sensation felt… weird at first. I wasn't particularly enjoying it. But, as he moved on to the rest of my toes, and gave my foot a firm massage while doing it, I started to get used to it and enjoy it. Besides, having this more experienced gay man slobbering at my feet was quite a turn-on.

    Feeling a slight buzz from the wine, I'd lost all track of time. I had to have been over an hour since the two men started servicing me. As I started to get closer and closer to cumming, Mitch felt it in me and went back to sucking my cock alongside Jeff. Neither of them wanted to miss my cum.

    Kissing each other as well as my dick, all three of us got hornier than ever. Their hands holding my balls and my taint, I looked down at them and started grunting.

    "I'm about to cum. Fuck, I'm about to cum!!"

    Eager, like two animals let out of their cage, they went all in on my dick. My eyes closed and my toes curled, I couldn't tell whose tongue was where and whose hand it was that was stroking me faster and faster. All I could tell was that my load was ready to shoot out. And it did! Right between the two men's lips, as they took turns swallowing it and sharing it between them, sucking out every drop.

    "Fuck. Fuck," I panted when I was done. Jeff and Mitch had given me quite the workout. "Holy shit. Thanks for that," I said, the dominance in my voice toning down.

    "Thank you," they said, still kissing and exchanging my cum between them. 

    "Fuck. That made me so tired. Think I'm gonna go join Dad."

    "Good night," Jeff said, finally swallowing the rest of my jizz that was in his mouth. "Don't worry about us. We'll take real good care of these after all this," he pointed down to their boners, as hard as ever.

    "Night," I said, giving them both a quick kiss and going back to the living room. As soon as I lay down next to Dad, I passed out.

    I had no idea what time it was when a noise woke me up. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. 

    "Great," I thought. "My first night in New York and someone's breaking in?"

    It wasn't a burglar though; it was Scott. I could smell the cologne he'd piled on before his date. I heard him sneak in quietly, take his clothes off, and lie on the floor next to the pull-down couch.

    "Scott! What're you doing?!" I whispered so I wouldn't wake up Dad.

    "Oh. Sorry. Date didn't go so well. I'm crashing here tonight."

    "I meant what're you doing on the floor. Come in here!"

    The sofa bed wasn't too comfortable, but it had to be better than the floor. It wasn't too big either, but it looked like if the three of us squeezed in there would be just enough room.

    "You sure?" he whispered.

    "Man, just hop on."

    And he did. Turns out, I might've been wrong. There wasn't enough room, not without us basically spooning. Still, it's what we did. Scott got in with his back turned to me. As my dick found its way between his hairy asscheeks, I realized he was fully naked as well…

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