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Hotel Rooms, Pt. I


    Time seemed to fly as I spent the afternoon at the park in Berlin with Ben. After a week in the city on my own, memories and connections back home seemed to fade more and more. Funny how quickly that could happen sometimes.

    Ben was indeed, like I'd been calling him in my head, a model. He spent his time between London and Paris, often traveling to other places in Europe and the world. He was extremely easy to talk to, and very charismatic. He wasn't quite old enough to be my dad, but being in his mid-30s he was definitely more of an adult than I was, and a sense of admiration for him quickly started to develop.

    "It's probably time to go soon," he said as the weather started to get cloudier. A few people were putting their clothes on and leaving the naked area of the park, only the most hardcore nudists remained.

    "Yeah," I agreed, trying not to sound too devastated. 

    "You got anywhere you need to be?"

    "No. I'm going back home tomorrow," I replied, still sad. "Guess I just need to pack, but I don't have that much stuff."

    "Then how about I take you out?" he offered, instantly cheering me up.

    "Really?" I said with a huge, flirty smile. 

    "Yes. A dinner to say goodbye to Europe before you leave."

    "Sounds good," I tried to sound casual while inside I was freaking out.

    We put our clothes on (the one bad part was that we wouldn't be naked together anymore, but oh well) and waited for the car Ben had ordered for us on his phone. It was a shiny black German car, and Ben held the door open for me.

    "Thank you," I smiled, getting in. I could get used to this.

    It was too early for dinner, so Ben suggested we go for cocktails first. The ride was not long at all, we could've easily walked to the bar. We were there in less than ten minutes.

    The dimly-lit bar was fancy and I was quickly realizing this was Ben's style. Even though he claimed he'd only been in the city a couple of times before, he seemed like he knew exactly where he was going.

    When I mentioned that I had two gay dads (Ben asked if I came to Berlin by myself so I said my dads had also been here, for some reason failing to mention that so was my boyfriend), Ben found this fascinating, as did most people.

    "Ha, interesting," he said. He looked like there was more he wanted to say, but he was holding back.

    "Yeah. I mean, it was never a big deal. People make it out to be much weirder than it is."

    "Yeah. Then, I suppose, you grew up with them so it's something you've known your whole life, not like you found out later."

    I thought this was a weird thing to say and I wasn't sure what he was getting at, so I stayed quiet and sipped my overpriced cocktail.

    "I have a son,[1]" he came out after a moment of silence, "not much younger than you. He'll be 18 soon."

    "And... he doesn't know you're gay or bi or whatever?" I guessed.

    "No. But he didn't grow up around me. He's with his mom and stepdad."

    "Well, if you ever wanted to let him know... I don't know him or you really, but I think you should do it. The worst part is probably in your head."

    "Yes, I agree," he nodded.

    "One thing I learned from my dads is not to be embarrassed about your gayness."

    "Oh really?" he laughed.

    "Oh yes. Trust me, they weren't shy about anything."

    "How so?" Ben leaned in closer.

    "Let's just say they love being intimate, wherever they are," I lowered my tone a little, "so I always saw a lot of that."

    "Really?" Ben continued to look fascinated. 

    "Yeah. Well my one dad, Sven, is a nudist, so I always kinda grew up with that not being a big thing."

    "See, that's the thing," Ben said. "I also like being nude, but if I met my son I'd feel weird about it."

    "Well, back home you obviously can't do it in public like this just anywhere without being arrested. But if you're at home, and you like to be naked, I don't see anything wrong with that. Give him a chance to see how gorgeous his dad is," I decided to be bolder. Ben licked his lips and winked at me.

    "So your dads would like, hook up in front of you?" he asked.

    "Well they wouldn't sit me down so I could be an audience. But if I happened to walk into the room or something, they wouldn't shy away."

    "And what would you walk in on?"

    "Oh, you know... Stuff."

    "Ever caught them fucking?"

    "Yes," I smiled.

    "And how did that make you feel?"

    "Alright. No big deal."

    "Did it ever turn you on?"

    "No," I lied.

    "Not even a little bit?" Ben raised his brows.

    "Maybe. Cuz there's two men fucking. And they're both hot."

    "Yeah? You're a little perv, aren't you?" he said, putting his right hand on my face and making intense eye contact with me. It was almost intimidating, but I found it hot instead.

    "Yes, Sir," I gently nodded my head.

    "Yeah," he said, licked his gorgeous lips again, and put his thumb in my mouth right there at the table.

    Dinner was just a few doors down, at an equally fancy restaurant. I had no idea what to get so I let Ben order for me. He ordered food and a bottle of wine (and later, another one) and by the time we were done eating I felt a wonderful buzz, although I'm not sure if it was the wine or the attractive man sitting across from me.

    "What time is your flight tomorrow?" Ben asked right after ordering us dessert.

    "In the afternoon."

    "So you have all morning to pack."

    Was this another invitation?


    "Then how would you like to spend the night with me at my hotel?"

    I felt like I'd just won the lottery.

    We walked to Ben's hotel which was also in the area. The doorman nodded at us as we walked in. In my casual, cheap clothes I almost felt like a hustler he'd picked up on the street. Not that I cared.

    We rode the elevator to one of the top floors.

    "Take your clothes off," Ben said authoritatively as soon as the door was closed.

    I did what I was told.

    "Good boy," he said and put his hand on my face again, pulling me in for a kiss. I was shorter and had to stand on my toes to reach him.

    "Let's get you something to drink," he said and ordered a bottle of champagne and a few waters from room service.

    "This is so Pretty Woman," I said, twirling around the suite.

    "Just don't expect me to climb up the fire escape," he said and grabbed my face again, which led us to passionately make out for a few minutes until I was hard and dripping precum.

    There was a knock on the door.

    "Oh. Come on in," Ben opened the door and invited the person in. I wasn't sure whether to run and hide, but I stood still. A young delivery boy, not much older than me, came in pushing the cart with the drinks. 

    "Good evening, Sir," he said when he saw me, trying to maintain his cool and suppress a smile, as a drop of precum leaked from my cock head and hit the carpet.

    "There you go," Ben tipped the guy and he left. 

    "I knew you were a little perv," he said and I couldn't stop smiling. He popped the bottle open and filled two glasses.

    "Have a sip and then drink some water," he instructed. "I don't want you to be wasted while I'm fucking you."

    "Oh, so you're gonna be fucking me?"

    "Oh, and how," he grinned and we clinked glasses.


to be continued...



    By the time Eric's plane landed, it was close to midnight. Instead of driving all the way home in the middle of the night, we'd decided to get a hotel room close to the airport and spend the night there, then leave bright and early in the morning.

    We'd only spent a week apart, but my son looked so much more mature somehow when I saw him walk out of the arrivals gate. Maybe it was all in my mind, but I was really starting to register that he was an adult man now, not a boy by any metric.

    I'd foolishly failed to book a room at the hotel, thinking "it's a big hotel by the airport, they're bound to have rooms." Turns out, because of a few flights being canceled, the only rooms they had left were single-beds. 

    "That's fine," I said and handed my card to the receptionist while Eric waited behind me with his luggage.

    "Here we are," I said when we got to the room. It was small and ugly, but it'd do the trick.

    "I'm gonna go take a shower," my son said, taking all his clothes off in front of me and heading to the bathroom.

    I should've gone straight to sleep, that was the whole point of getting a hotel in the first place, but I was too tempted to check Grindr first. Living in the middle of nowhere there was no one attractive for miles sometimes, so I always took advantage to check it out when traveling. 

    The grid of unknown torsos titillated me instantly, and my dick jumped while I could hear the water running and my son showering with the bathroom door open. 

    The hottest torso belonged to a guy just a few feet away, probably staying at the hotel. He was 32, 6'3", had darkish features, and arms and chest even bigger than mine. According to his profile, he was "Versatile."

    I got a few messages from other guys, but none of them interested me. Eric was out of the shower and towel-drying himself next to the bed and I was about to put my phone away, when Mr. Versatile texted me: "Hey."

    "Hey," I wrote back.

    Eric kept talking to me about his time in Berlin while drying his chest, his legs, and his dick in front of me, but I was only half-paying attention. The other half of my brain was distracted by the scorching-hot naked pics Mr. Versatile had just sent me.

    "Are you tired?" I asked Eric, hopeful that I might get an opportunity to sneak out without having to do any explaining. The photos had made my dick swell to its full extent, and once I got this horny there was no turning back.

    "No, not really."

    "What? It's the middle of the night in Berlin."

    "I know, but I didn't get any sleep the night before, so I slept on the plane pretty much the entire time."

    He was done drying, so he got in bed with me. I felt his left leg brush up against my right under the cover.

    "Can you host?" I texted Mr. Versatile.

    "No. Wife n kids here."

    "Too bad," I typed with my right hand while stroking my dick with my left. Eric had pulled out his phone, probably checking his social media. 

    "I'd love to fuck that ass of yours tonight," I wrote, prompting the guy to send me a series of hole pics that made me feel even more voracious. 

    Fuck, I thought while stroking my dick. It was tenting the cover and making it pretty obvious what I was doing right next to my son, but it's not like I could get up and go to the bathroom without him noticing.

    "What room r u in?" the hot guy wanted to know.

    "727," I said, "but I can't host either. My son here."

    I spent the next 15 minutes of so sexting with the guy, while my son lay next to me. He either didn't notice or didn't care that I was jerking off right next to him. Either way, neither of us mentioned it.

    Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Both Eric and I looked at each other with genuine surprise.

    "Who is it?" I yelled out. There was no answer, so I got up to answer the door, hiding my nakedness behind it as I opened it.

    On the other side, wearing nothing but a pair of black boxers tenting in the front, was Mr. Versatile.

    Before I had a chance to say anything I heard a voice behind me.

    "What are you doing here?" I heard Eric say.

    "You guys know each other?!" I said loudly, while the guy stood at the door with a smirk on his face. 

    "Can I come in?" he said with an Eastern-European accent. 

    I let him in through the door and shut and locked it behind him. I'd just realized I was still hard as a rock.

    "How do you know each other?" I repeated my question.

    "We don't," Eric explained. "We were just talking... on Grindr."

    So that's what my son was doing on his phone! I burst out laughing. My cock shook up and down as I chortled uncontrollably, and the other two joined in. The laughter in the room was contagious and we all shared the same energy.

    The guy took a step forward and kissed me while we were still laughing. His rough stubble scratched my face as we fought who would shove their tongue further down the other man's mouth. 

    "This has always been a fantasy of mine," he said, looking at me then Eric. "A father and son."

    Eric and I exchanged a look. Neither of us seemed to back out. He was now also standing and I could see he had a hard-on as well. 

    The guy pulled down his boxers, revealing a gorgeous, uncut cock. 

    "What's your names?" he asked, in typical Grindr fashion, after we'd already seen each other naked.

    Eric and I told him our names, and he smiled. 

    "I'm Nikola," he said, walking over to Eric slowly and starting to make out with him as well. 

    I watched my son make out with the buff giant, who put his large hand on Eric's ass.

    "You're a bottom, right?" he asked.

    "I can be," Eric answered flirtatiously. 

    "Then how about this," Nikola said, putting his arm around Eric and guiding him closer to me. "I want Daddy to fuck me, while I fuck you tonight."

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[1] Ben's son Sam is the main character of Model Dad, Model Dad: Like Father, Like Son, and "Flight 2F6"

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