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    "Holy. Fucking. Shit!"

    My jaw dropped as my dad Sven, my boyfriend Will, and I walked into our new apartment.

    "How much did this fucking place cost?!" I looked around, taking a few seconds to decide what to focus on first. I walked to the large living room windows overlooking the Boston Common right across Tremont St. "Holy shit," I repeated. "We're richer than I thought."

    "You are broke as a joke," Sven patted me on the ass through my jeans, coming to stand next to me at the window. "This is all your father's, with some participation by me."

    My other dad David had been here for a few weeks already. He and Brady came first and waited for all the furniture to arrive, and got the place ready. Since Sven had to wrap up his projects at work, Will and I stayed behind with him, which also gave us an opportunity to avoid moving in the infamous Boston winter.

    "So you like it?" David asked. He and Brady stood on the side, smiling. They were in their underwear, my dad pale and furry in contrast with Brady's smooth dark-skinned bod. 

    "Looks amazing. You guys did a great job!" Will said, twirling around the living room, and I agreed. The furniture, some from our old house and some new, looked very elegant. Since this place was much smaller than the house I grew up in, there was a lot less "stuff," which made it look less cluttered. Less like a home, it looked more like an art gallery. Not necessary my choice to live in long-term, but for now it looked phenomenal. 

    David took us to see our new bedroom. Will and I jumped on the bed as soon as we saw it, and kissed while my dads looked at us proudly from the doorway. Then they took us to see the bedroom they'd be sharing with Brady. I still wasn't sure what to call him (was he their boyfriend?) but we got along well the past few months and I was happy he was here.

    "Did you hear back from any of the schools?" I turned to Brady.

    "Any day now," he crossed his fingers. He'd applied at several colleges in Boston, and was likely to be accepted by more than one. He'd told his mom he wanted to come to Boston early to get to know the city and get a job, and that he had a safe place to stay "with friends," so she let him come even though he was still 17.

    "This view is marvelous," I walked back to the living room and looked out at the large park again. There was still some snow on the ground, but the sun was shining brightly and melting it fast. The other window in the room just faced the building opposite, a far less impressive view.

    "It's a good time of year to be here," said David, who'd grown up in New England. "And Provincetown's just a ferry ride away. We'll definitely go there this summer."

    "Dad... thank you." I walked up to where he was standing and gave him a peck on the lips, hugging him.

    "Yes. Thanks for everything, Dad," my boyfriend chimed in. He came forward and gave my father a kiss as well, only instead of a peck I clearly saw their tongues go in and out of each other's mouths, their eyes closed, as I stood right next to them.



    Eric and I were very determined to get jobs as soon as possible. After everything his parents had done for us, it was the least we could do. We were strategic about it and made lists before we even arrived to Boston. So once we were there, it only took us a couple of weeks to both land internships. Eric's was in the South End and mine across the Charles River in Cambridge, but the new apartment was so centrally located commuting to work was a breeze. The internships were barely paid but luckily, after a few months we were both offered permanent positions.

    We all had a party when Brady got his college acceptance letters. He was accepted in a few schools but decided to go with Boston University, mostly because of the scholarship he was offered, that would cover a good part of his tuition and his housing.

    "But I don't need housing!" he said. Apparently it was mandatory for BU freshmen to live on campus, something he didn't know before. "Whatever. I'll pop in and out and I'm sure I'll spend more time here anyway."

    "You're welcome here anytime. But school comes first," Sven said paternally. "There's a reason why living on campus is mandatory. You need to build connections with people there. But don't worry: your daddies are always here for you," he gave Brady a sweet kiss.

    I was grateful to have Brady here with us. It meant that I was no longer the only "outsider" in the family. As close as David and Sven and I had gotten, I couldn't shake the feeling I didn't belong. It wasn't anything they did, really. They seemed super apologetic when they had to miss my birthday, and when they got back they threw me a party and showered me with gifts I didn't deserve. It was all too good to be true. Meanwhile, my contact to both my mom and dad was waning by the week, becoming virtually nonexistent. 

    "Dad" was a word I had reserved for David and Sven now. Calling them that, in front of Eric as well, filled me with joy. A part of me found it weird and couldn't relax for a while at first, but then it completely disappeared. 

    One summer Saturday, when Eric had to work and I didn't, his alarm woke both of us up. I felt my hard dick stir under the cover and reached for Eric as he was getting out of bed. 

    "I can't honey, I'm gonna be late."

    We both took our new jobs seriously so I understood, and didn't complain.

    "By the way, before I forget," Eric said while putting his clothes on. "I talked to Rory last night."

    Rory, Rory... I was still sleepy and it took a while to register. Ah Rory, our college suitemate!

    "He mentioned something about Provincetown and I told him we're all going there at the end of summer as well," Eric tied his shoes. "So we'll see him there."

    "Cool," I yawned. "Who's he going with?"

    "His brother and his brother's husband."

    "Rory's brother's gay as well?!"

    "Yup," Eric laughed.

     "So it'll be, five plus two," I did math out loud, "seven of us gay guys, plus him. Poor Rory."

    Eric kissed me and was out the door soon. I tried to fall back asleep but I couldn't. I was still hard as fuck, horny, and wide awake now. I got out of bed and walked around, my morning glory pointing forward like a compass arrow showing the way.

    I went to look out the window, hoping the people in the street couldn't see me from this high up. The sun shone bright now and the Common was wonderfully green. I savored the view for a few minutes, closing my eyes and letting the sunlight hit my naked body. My dick pulsed a couple of times, dripping precum on the hardwood floor.

    When I opened my eyes and turned around, I realized someone was indeed looking at me! Maybe the people in the street couldn't see this far, but the neighbors on my right definitely could. 

    A man who looked somewhat younger than David and Sven stood in what seemed to be his kitchen, preparing food. He could probably sense my embarrassment and panic when I noticed him, so he smiled reassuringly and gave me the thumbs up. In the background, I noticed another man about the same age walk by shirtless. The first man picked up the plates and walked away, joining whom I assumed was his boyfriend or husband.

    I smiled to myself and walked away from the window. The door to the master bedroom was wide open, so I peaked in. Instead of three men on the bed like usual, there was only one. 

    I walked in and noticed David sleeping by himself. I pulled up the cover and lay in bed next to him. Just like me, he was naked. I hugged him from behind, my erection positioning itself between his ass cheeks. 

    "Mmm," he stirred and wiggled his ass. I wondered if he even knew, or cared, which one of us was in bed with him.

    "Where are Sven and Brady?" I asked quietly.

    "Out shopping," he mumbled.

    I hugged him tighter, taking in his manly morning smell. I ran my fingertips through his hairy torso, and under his armpits. 

    "Did you stop trimming your body hair?"

    "Mhm. It's been a few weeks." 

    He was much furrier than when I first met him. The hair was soft to the touch and I enjoyed stroking him. 

    I got some of his armpit sweat on my fingertips, and David pulled my fingers up to his face. His eyes still closed, he took a whiff, then put my fingers in his mouth.

    My cock stirred again. As I got his saliva on my fingers, I left a few drops of precum on his lower back, in the fine hair over his ass crack.

    David felt my erection and reached back with his left hand and gave my dick a squeeze.

    "Mmm, Dad," I moaned, and closed my eyed.

    "You like that, Son?" 

    "Yes, Daddy."

    "You're my boy now," he said, not bossily, but gently. Lovingly.

    "I am, Dad. And I'm so happy."

    "You know what would make your daddy even happier?"


    David took his hand to his face and got some saliva on it. He then rubbed it on his asshole and gripped my dick again.

    I took the hint and positioned myself so the head of my dick was right next to his hole. Another spurt of my precum added lubrication.

    So far I had never fucked, nor been fucked by either Sven or David. We'd cuddled naked many times, and there was the time I sucked Sven off at the club in Berlin, but that was it. Fucking was a line I never, ever, thought we'd cross. Things had turned out to be so different than what I'd imagined when Eric suggested moving in with his parents a year ago. 

    I pushed my dick forward and David's hole accepted it all too willingly. I was used to some pressure when fucking, especially without proper lube, but David's ass sucked me in like a vacuum cleaner. His son didn't have time to let me fuck him this morning, but the father had stepped in. I wondered if Eric's hole would ever get this wide, after enough fucking.

    I barely had to move; David backed his ass up, riding my dick and fucking himself with it. We both lay on our sides, eyes closed, as my fingertips roamed his naked body. 

    "Harder," he said when I pinched his nipples. I'd tried to be gentle but I should've known David can take a lot more.

    I pinched them harder, and David backed his ass up even further, taking every last millimeter of my dick. I opened my eyes and kissed the back of his neck. I noticed clothes on the floor. I assumed they were Sven's. The realization of lying on his side of the bed while fucking his husband came to mind.

    "I'm so horny, Daddy. I really needed to unload this morning."

    "Do it, boy. Cum inside your dad. Breed me. Shoot your load!"

    I didn't need asking twice. I started to pump back and forth as David's movements intensified as well. Mere seconds later I was depositing my big morning load in his willing hole, feeling it fill out. I yelled out as he grunted "Attaboy" at me. 

    "Shh, stay there," he said when he felt me try to pull out. I obeyed, and we both fell back asleep with my dick and my nut still in his ass. 

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