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Santa Daddy


    "Good morning."

    "Mmm, good morning," I replied, stretching in bed, and allowing my boyfriend to take me in his arms. It felt so good to finally have some time off and to do this. 

    The past few weeks (well, the past few months, really) had been extremely busy at work for both Will and me. We hadn't realized just how little time we would have for each other once we started working full-time. Still, after mooching off of my parents for a year, it felt great to finally be making our own money. I'd actually be able to buy them Christmas presents without having to ask them for money this year!

    Today was the first day Will and I had off for the holidays. We were looking forward to a whole week of nothing but lying in bed, being lazy, and eating a lot. And sex. Lots and lots of sex.

    We'd started that morning already. Cuddling turned into kissing, which turned into me sucking Will's cock, which turned into him shoving it up my ass and starting to fuck me.

    "Good morning, boys," my dad David let himself into our room without knocking, as per usual. I guess it was his apartment after all. 

    "Morning, Dad," I replied while my boyfriend's dick fucked me from behind. We were under the cover, but it was more than obvious what we were doing. 

    "I'm making breakfast. Any requests?"

    "N– Mmm," I moaned. "No, thank you. Anything's fine."

    "Okay, then. It'll be done in a minute. You guys joining us soon or d'you need a while?"

    "Oh, we'll be done quick," Will reassured him from behind me. His dick thrusted back and forth inside my ass as he talked to my father. "It's been a while, we'll only need a minute."

    "Okay," Dad winked at us and left the room, leaving me to cum all over the sheets as Will filled my guts with his nut.

    "Is Brady not joining us?" I asked, sitting down at the table.

    Normally, my dads' teenage boyfriend spent Monday through Friday in his dorm as his school required, and spent the weekends with us. 

    "He's off to see his mom for a few days," David replied while filling my plate, "but he'll be back for Christmas."

    "Oh, really?"

    "Yeah. It was a part of their deal: if he goes there for Thanksgiving he gets to spend Christmas here."

    Lately, it had been difficult to keep track of who's coming and going out of this apartment. The fact that it was located in the busiest and most central part of Boston meant there were always new guys to play with, locals as well as tourists. Both Will and I and my dads were in open relationships, so there was often somebody over for some sexy fun.

    "Morning, boys," my other dad Sven walked into the kitchen. Fresh out the shower, he was naked and still had some water dripping down his muscular body. As soon as he walked in, he filled the room with the aroma of his shower gel.

    "Morning, Dad," Will said as Sven walked over to him and gave him a kiss. I smiled, looking at their tongues wrestle for a while right next to me.

    For months now, Will called my parents "Dad" as well. It'd taken him over a year to feel like a part of the family, but I think we were finally getting there.

    "No kiss for me?" I protested cheekily.

    "Oh, hush, boy," Sven said and leaned forward to stick his tongue in my mouth as well.

    My dads and I always said hello by kissing; but it'd been a quick peck, like most family members do. Since Will and I graduated college and moved in with my dads, the quick cheek peck first turned into a peck on the lips, then a full-on French kiss.

    Not that we had that much time for kissing, unfortunately. In addition to spending less time with Will, I also barely got to see my parents at times, even though we all lived together. Sven's promotion to the Boston office meant he had a lot more work to do. David had started working on a new book. Since he did academic writing I wasn't really sure what it was about, but it seemed to take up a good amount of his time as well.

    "Have you heard from Rory?" Will asked me, checking his phone even though there were no new notifications.

    "Not lately, why?"

    "I texted him a few days ago and he still hasn't replied. That's unlike him."

    "True. Maybe he's busy, going home for the holidays?" I said.

    We didn't text with our college buddy Rory every single day, but we were definitely doing it more often now since we got a chance to catch up in Provincetown this summer. We'd lost touch for a while after college, but now, after what happened in P-town… it felt like we were closer than ever.[1]


    I wasn't a fan of shopping right before the holidays, but I was definitely a fan of all the men who came out to do some last-minute shopping. Strolling through the major department store close to our apartment, I was less looking at the stuff on sale and more looking at all the hot dads with their kids, and the men with visible bulges outlined in their sweatpants, and the men trying clothes on in the middle of the store because the fitting rooms were too busy.

    All of this was giving me a major boner in my tight jeans, making it hard to walk and drawing quite a few looks to my crotch. When I noticed an employee following me through a couple of aisles, my first thought was that he was tailing me to make sure I wasn't doing anything "inappropriate." However, when I noticed his attention was focused on my crotch (and the fact he had a very cute face) I stopped by a wrack of shirts and turned to him.

    "Excuse me… Said," I read off his name tag, "does this shirt come in a larger size?"

    "Hello, sir. No, I'm afraid it does not," he answered, checking the tag. "But I think it would fit you. You should try it on."

    The smile on his face and this bold suggestion encouraged me.

    "And where can I do that?" I smirked.

    "Right through here, sir," he said and brought me to a corner with two fitting rooms. This area seemed rather secluded; there was no one else there, and the fitting rooms were surprisingly unoccupied.

    "I'm worried it might be too small," I said, taking my jacket off and hanging it in the dressing room, while Said stood on the other side of the open door.

    "You won't know until you try. Besides, it'll just show off your muscles… sir."

    He smiled again, and I licked my lips.

    I pulled up the tight sweater I was wearing and slowly took it off, exposing my torso to Said. Even with the sweater on he could tell I had a good amount of muscle, but seeing me shirtless made him lick his lips as well, I noticed.

    "Can I have that?" I asked, reaching for the shirt he was holding, but making no effort to close the open door.

    "Of course," Said said and passed me the shirt. He stood there without closing the door or turning away.

    I put on the tight button-up, feeling it stretch over my back. Slowly, I started buttoning it from the bottom up, feeling Said's gaze on me and relishing the attention. It went fairly easily until I got to the middle. My pecs were making it impossible to close the shirt any further.

    "Let me try," Said offered, and stepped into the cubicle. He managed to close one more button. Standing so close, our faces were right next to each other. He was an inch or two shorter than me, and I knew he could feel my breath on his face.

    Next, he reached inside the shirt and tried tucking my chest in. In doing so, he grazed my pierced nipple, sending a further jolt to my dick. I was now fully hard, my cock begging to be released from my jeans.

    Just then, two men who looked to be father and son appeared and got to the fitting room right next to mine. It startled Said, and made him close the cubicle door, shutting us both inside.

    "You're the same size as your brother, try it on," I heard the father say in the cubicle next to us. Through the large gap between the floor and the divider, I saw someone's shadow move as he took his clothes off to try something on.

    "I don't think it's gonna close any further," I looked down at the shirt I had on and said quietly.

    "Yeah, your chest is just… too big," Said's eyes kept going up and down between my pecs and my eyes. I flexed my pecs for him, making them bounce in the shirt, which almost made him drool.

    "Let me help you take that off," he offered.

    He started unbuttoning the shirt very slowly, like this were a romantic scene in a movie. I knew he could smell my musk, standing so close to me. Finally, he got to the bottom.

    "Keep going," I whispered. "There's a few more buttons."

    The young salesman licked his lips. He knew what I meant. He reached for the top bottom of my jeans and unbuttoned it. The next three buttons came undone easily, pushed open by my hard dick which jumped out like an unleashed beast.

    Said stared down in shock; maybe at the fact I wasn't wearing any underwear, or that I had a Prince Albert on, or maybe at just how big and thick my dick was. Either way, he went down on his knees and swallowed all of it in his mouth.

    "Mmm," I started to moan, closing my eyes as I felt my dick piercing hit the back of the young man's throat. Next to us, I could still hear the father and son talk about whatever it is they were trying on.

    Said continued to blow me for several minutes, slurping louder and louder and jerking me off more vigorously. I hadn't even noticed it, but the voices from the next cubicle had stopped talking. When I reopened my eyes, I noticed two sets of knees get on the floor. Suddenly, two hard, cut cocks popped into view under the divide.

    I tapped Said and pointed his attention to the men's cocks, awaiting service. Bending down lower, Said took what looked to be the father's cock in his mouth, while continuing to jerk me off. For the next five minutes, he went from one cock to the next, holding one in his mouth while jerking off the other two at all times.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna cum," I said soon. I said it loudly, not giving a damn who heard me anymore. 

    Said moved his mouth from the son's cock to my own. What I said must've turned the other two men on; I heard each of them say "fuck, yeah," and saw them jerking themselves off faster and faster. 

    Said's attention was now all on me. His expert blowjob was bringing me real fucking close to the edge. Just then, I saw the father and son reach across and start to jerk each other off. This pushed me over the edge. I started shooting my load inside the salesman's mouth.

    "Fuck! Yeah," I grunted, as my jizz went down Said's throat. On the other side of the divide, the father and son had brought each other to an orgasm as well. They were both shooting cum all over the floor, creating a large puddle of white jizz. 

    Said still held my dick in his mouth after I was done cumming, making sure he didn't waste a drop. Meanwhile, the two men had gotten up and gotten dressed.

    "Happy holidays!" I heard one of them say loudly as they left the fitting room.

    "To you too," I replied, a large smile on my face.



    "Brr," I shivered as I entered the liquor store, closing the door behind me, happy to be indoors again. The shop was just downstairs and around the block, which foolishly made me think I didn't need a jacket for such a short walk. Big mistake. Huge.

    I couldn't wait to be back upstairs and in bed with Eric. We'd spent the whole day fucking and watching movies, switching between one and the other. When he said he was in the mood for a drink, I offered to run downstairs and get some. 

    I walked to the wine aisle and decided to treat my boyfriend. I got him his favorite champagne and walked back to the register. 

    "ID, please," the man asked.

    "Shit!" I said, going through my wallet. I'd left my ID upstairs. "Look man, it's freezing outside. You've seen me here before, I live right upstairs."

    "Sorry, I can't sell to you without a valid ID," he shook his head.

    I was pissed off, but knew it was pointless.

    "Fine. I'll put this back," I said, not too keen to go outside, so I walked back to the wine aisle.

    "Hey. I believe we're neighbors," I heard a male voice say behind me as I put back the champagne bottle.

    I turned to see a white man who looked to be in his mid 40s. His hair was all gray which made him look somewhat older, but it looked good with his handsome face. Next to him, a tall Asian man of the same age turned around to look at me, and I realized where I'd seen them before: through the window of our apartment. They lived right across the street.

    "Hey," I smiled. "Indeed, I believe we are."

    "I'm Foster," the first man said, "and this is Angelo."

    "Will," I said, shaking hands with both men, amused by the fact Foster had already seen me completely naked through the window. 

    "I heard you left your ID at home," he said. 

    "I know, it's fucking annoying," I said.

    "Ah, trust me, you'll miss the days when you got carded. But if you want, we can get that for ya."

    "Would you?! Oh my god, that would be great, I got cash and everything."

    "No worries," Angelo said. They both smiled as I handed them the bottle I wanted and the money for it.

    "I'll meet you outside," I said. 

    A short while later, they were out and handed me the bottle on the sidewalk.

    "That was quick!" I said. "Thanks so much."

    "Didn't wanna keep you waiting," Foster smiled, and we all headed in the same direction together. Halfway down the street, it was time to say goodbye.

    "Nice to meet you, Will," said Foster. "If you want, we can exchange numbers, and we might get together some time."

    "Of course," I said, quickly exchanging numbers with the two men and giving them a quick hug before running into the building. 

    "You daddy magnet," I smiled at myself, looking at my reflection in the mirror as the elevator doors closed behind me.



    "Dad, we're gonna watch The Holiday in the living room. Are you coming?"

    "No, go ahead," I shouted from my bedroom, typing away on my computer as fast as I could.

    Lately, I'd been on a roll. I loved that rush when inspiration struck me, as I struggled to type as fast as my thoughts flew. Usually I did academic writing, which was quite different. Lately I'd been exploring something else, unbeknownst to anyone else.

    Last year, when my husband told me he'd had sex with our son, I tried to act like everything's fine. Eric seemed okay, and the world didn't stop spinning. Still, it gave me recurring nightmares for months. But they weren't nightmares of my son being violated in any way, or nightmares about my husband cheating on me. It was about me feeling... excluded. About a bond that the two had shared that I wasn't a part of. And what was I supposed to do, go "Hey son, since you had sex with your other dad, you gotta do it with me now as well"?

    I stopped typing for a second, looking at the Manila envelope on my desk. I tapped its untempered seal a few times. Inside was the information of who Eric's biological dad was. 

    I stood up rapidly, and shook my head. Quickly, I put the envelope back in a drawer before the temptation took over. I started pacing around the room, like I often did while I was writing.

    The book I was writing was about Eric. About being Eric's dad. About the unconventional way of raising him, and the bright young man he'd grown to become.

    But mostly, it was about exploring my emotions about the role I played in my own family. As gay as we were (and we were really fucking gay), I still somehow felt like I was the mother in the family. The one who usually had to play the womanly role. Which was fucked up, because I didn't even think women had to play the womanly role.

    I'd never thought of myself that way, but lately I couldn't get it out of my mind. Maybe it's what happened between Sven and Eric that pushed me to think that way. I felt like they were in some "boys' club" that I was excluded from.

    But it wasn't just Sven. Looking out the window, I thought back to the week we'd spent in Provincetown at the end of the summer. Especially what had happened in the restroom of that bar… Eavesdropping on my son while he was being fucked by that man, standing right next to Eric without him even knowing… I knew it was sneaky of me, but there and then there was something preventing me from leaving.

    As for Sven, it seemed like I wasn't the only one going through some changes. It wasn't unheard of for me to fuck him, but lately he'd been asking for it more and more. Again, I thought of the foursome we'd had in P-town and how different Sven was during that… It felt like we were both exploring some new roles. Who knew where this would go.



    🎶 Santa Daddy, just slip a sable under the tree 

    For me, been an awful bad boy

    Santa Daddy, so hurry down the chimney tonight


    Santa Daddy, a '54 convertible too, light blue

    I'll wait up for you, Dad

    Santa Daddy, so hurry down the chimney tonight


    Think of all the fun we ain't missed

    Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed… yet

    Next year I could be just as bad

    If you check off my Christmas list 🎶


    Everyone in the room clapped, as I finished the performance sitting in Sven's lap, pulling off the fake Santa beard he had on so I could give him a proper kiss. He squeezed my ass through the tight red shorts I was wearing; as his husband, his son, and Will cheered us on.

    "Nice one, Boo," David complimented me.

    "Good song. But I'm even more impressed by those heels."

    "Oh yeah, I'm taking these motherfuckers off," I laughed, as Sven reached down to unbuckle the platform stilettos off my feet. They were red and glittery and obnoxiously festive, and obnoxiously uncomfortable. 

    I sat in my naked daddy Sven's lap and we continued to make out. In his lap, his dick got hard and started poking my leg, so I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking it slowly.

    "This is the best Christmas ever," I thought, as David went around refilling everyone's cups with more eggnog, and Eric and Will made out on the couch. After a while, I got up to go to the bathroom and help David out in the kitchen. When I was back in the living room, I saw Will had taken my spot in Sven's lap, who was rocking the Santa beard and hat again.

    "Sorry, my turn," Will winked at me, as he took Sven's tongue in his mouth and continued stroking his dick.

    I sat down next to Eric, who was lounging lazily on the couch and watching the two of them rather than the Christmas movie that was on TV.

    "You leave Santa for a minute, and another elf takes your spot in his lap," Eric said. I could tell by his voice that he was a bit tipsy. I put my arm around him.

    "How are you, Brady?" he asked, slapping my knee like an older brother (which is what he was beginning to feel like).

    "I'm good. Mom gave me shit for not staying there for Christmas, but I wouldn't miss this for the world," I said, looking at Will and Sven go at it with heaps of passion.

    "And how's school?" Eric asked, less focused on me and more focused on the sight in front of us as well.

    "It's okay. Classes are going good. I think my roommate's happy to have the room all to himself every weekend."

    "You guys get along?"

    "We do. He's also gay, I don't know if I mentioned."

    "You did."

    "He's nice. Name's Sam. He's already met your dads.[2] You should meet him sometime." 

    "Sign me up," Eric said, but he didn't look like he was invested in our conversation anymore. He was licking his lips and looking at his boyfriend and his dad starting to make out more and more passionately. It obviously turned him on. I looked down and saw him tent up in his sweats.

    Just then, David came back in the room with some more food that everyone ignored. He seemed to hesitate for just a second, before walking up to Santa Sven and getting into a threesome kiss with him and Will.

    "Fuck," Eric said, watching his dads made out with his boyfriend. His dick pulsed in his pants, and without asking, I reached over and pulled down the waistband. Eric turned to me and smiled, giving me permission to carry on.

    I leaned down and took my "older brother's" dick in my mouth. As if he could read the fantasy swirling through my mind, Eric asked, "You like that, bro?"

    "Mhm," I nodded, mouth full of his dick.

    The three other men in the room were kissing so loudly that I could hear them even over the sounds of Eric moaning right next to me. It wasn't easy to look up and see what they were doing while I was sucking Eric's cock, but every now and then I would glimpse over. 

    Over time, I saw David and Will take off what they were wearing, as did Sven (which was only his Santa hat and beard). Then, Will bent down over the armrest of the couch, and the two daddies got behind him.

    "Hey, baby," Eric said, lying back on the couch, still fucking my face. With Will leaning down over the armrest, his head was nearly in Eric's lap now. As I sucked his dick, I noticed Eric's hand reach over and caress Will's face.

    I looked up, continuing to stroke Eric's dick, which was by now wet with my saliva and his precum. I didn't want to miss the show right next to us. David and Sven were stroking their hard dicks. They stepped forward, and then David, and later Sven, started to fuck Will.

    I hadn't seen Will bottom too many times, but he took it like a champ, considering David and Sven's (especially Sven's) dicks were nothing to laugh it. As Will moaned in both pleasure and pain, his boyfriend reassured him.

    "Shh, it's alright, baby," Eric said, still caressing Will's face. I couldn't even imagine what it must be like for Eric to see his dads, the parents he grew up with, taking turns fucking his boyfriend. But I didn't need to imagine anything; the answer was clear and it was right in my hands.

    Eric's dick was harder than I'd ever seen it. It pulsed in my hand as I stroked it faster and faster, turned on by how horny Eric was. He moaned; Will moaned; the two daddies moaned and grunted as they fucked him. "Oh fucks" and "fuck yeahs" came from everyone.

    "Mmm, that feels so good," Will moaned out. His face looked like he was about to cry but he was clearly enjoying it.

    "Yeah, you like that?" said Sven, who was fucking him. Will continued to moan, unable to get another word out, so Sven really started going at it like a jackhammer. 

    "Smack! Smack! SMACK!" I heard his balls hit Will's thighs faster and louder. Will's eyes were almost white, turning in the back of his head. I knew exactly what it was like, being drill-fucked by Sven.

    "Aah, I'm about to cum," came a muffled moan from Will. Sven started to fuck him faster. Next to him, David was jerking himself off. 

    "Me too, baby," Eric said, and I accelerated my strokes as well. As both boys moaned, on the verge of orgasm, I took Eric's dick in my mouth and felt his warm cum hit my throat. I guzzled it all down, while Eric and Will yelled out in ecstasy, cumming simultaneously. 

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[1] Rory is the main character of My Brother and His Husband; the trip to Provincetown is Beach Bonding

[2] Sam is the main character of Model Dad and Model Dad: Like Father, Like Son. He meets David and Sven in Model Dad: Like Father, Like Son, Chapter 1: The Morning After

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