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"Beach Bonding" is a special crossover story that takes place between

Chapters 23 & 24 of My Boyfriend and My Two Dads and

Chapters 8 & 9 of My Brother and His Husband

At 11,000 words, it is by far the longest chapter I've written to date.

The main characters of both stories find themselves in Provincetown at the same time, and they find a way to send summer off with a bang together. It contains multiple sex scenes and narration by each of the eight men.

The story is instantly available for Supporters of any tier.

Here are a couple of teasers to give you a taste...


    "Holy shit, it's busy here!"

    I couldn't believe the size of the crowd as I came out of the car, shutting the door behind me. Looking at Provincetown on the map before arriving, it seemed like such a small place. But with all the people (mostly men) all around it felt like I was in the middle of Times Square.

    I soaked in the sunshine and the view, stretching my arms and legs. I'd just spent two and a half hours in the backseat with my boyfriend Will and my dads' boyfriend Brady, while my parents got to stretch out in the front. 

    They'd insisted we leave Boston early in the morning, and I was starting to see why. We'd managed to avoid the worst of rush hour; more and more cars seemed to roll up in the tiny seaside town by the second.

    "Check out all the hunks!" Will came up to me and gave me a kiss, squeezing my ass in the parking lot playfully. 

    And there was a lot to check out. Even though it was still early, hundreds of men roamed the narrow streets, shirtless or in muscle-revealing tank tops. All of them were visibly gay or queer; it reminded me of our last year's trip to Sitges. Provincetown was also a "gay village," especially in the summer when the tourists swarmed in. There was a rainbow flag masted to almost every house. Seeing all of them waving in the breeze made me feel more at-home than I would've thought possible.

    "This is our inn," my dad Sven got out of the driver's seat and pointed to a small building next to the parking lot that looked like a residential house. With its gabled roof and sliding sash windows, it looked quaint yet eccentric, its timber outsides painted pastel blue. 

    The inn only had four rooms, and we'd booked two of them. Will and I would be sharing a room right next to my dads and their teenage boyfriend.

    "How the hell are we gonna find Rory in this crowd?" I looked out into the street from our second-story window as soon as Will and I entered our room. Every small café and shop downstairs seemed to be buzzing with customers.

    "Where is he now, anyway?" Will asked, dumping our bags on the floor.

    "They're driving through Connecticut," I checked my phone. Rory had shared his location with me for the day. "It's a much longer drive from New York, I don't envy them."

    It was a wonderful coincidence our college suitemate Rory had planned to be in Provincetown at the same time with his brother and his brother's husband. I hadn't seen Rory since graduating college last year, and I couldn't wait to catch up. 

    "It just gives us more quality time alone," I heard Will say, as he came up behind me and gave me a tight hug. I backed my ass up and could feel the emergence of an erection in Will's pants. A few seconds later, he undid his zipper.

    "Right here?" I grinned, looking out into the busy street. "In broad daylight?"

    "We gotta christen the room," Will nibbled my ear... (continues)


    It took Owen several attempts to get the door to our room open. We all giggled and shushed each other as he fumbled with the keys before finally getting it unlocked.

    Once in the room, clothes were off as quickly as possible. We were all eager to get in bed, and we walked between the bathroom and bedroom taking turns to brush our teeth and use the toilet.

    I was the first to get in bed, passing out on one side of it in my boxers. A few minutes later, my brother came to lie on my right, with Owen taking the other side of the bed. They were both naked, the way they usually slept.

    I was in a state of half-sleep so I couldn't tell how much time had passed, but after a while I woke up to Taylor and Owen whispering to each other. I opened my eyes slightly. The room was dark except for some light creeping in through the window.

    I lay on my back and tried to go back to sleep. On my right, I felt movement followed by the sounds of people kissing. My brother and Taylor were obviously trying to get it on... (continues)

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