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My Boyfriend and My Two Dads




    "Honey, I'm home!" I said loudly before I'd even opened the door. After having breakfast with my dads, they'd decided to run some errands, so Will and I had some time to ourselves. I wanted to start undressing as soon as I was in through the door, but I'm really glad I didn't.

    Will wasn't alone. He was sitting with a girl I'd never seen before, and he looked like a child who'd just been caught stealing.

    "Hey," I said to the two of them apprehensively.

    "Eric, hello," my fiancé replied. It's always so weird to hear the person you're with call you by your first name, at least it was for me.

    Will stood up, and I could swear I saw him wipe his palms against the shorts he was wearing. Since he seemed in no rush to introduce me to his visitor, I introduced myself.

    "I'm Eric," I took a step forward and offered the girl my hand. Was she a coworker of his?

    "I'm Jordan," she smiled charmingly and accepted my hand. She seemed much more relaxed than Will.

    "This… This is my sister," Will said. "My half-sister."

    "Oh, that's right!" I said, still shaking Jordan's hand. All of a sudden she seemed vaguely familiar. I'd seen pictures of her, but back when she was a kid. This was the first relative of Will's I'd ever met! 

    "You guys have the same mom, right?" I asked. 

    "Yup," she nodded, and sat back down.

    "Nice to have you here."

    "Thank you. Sorry for coming by unannounced. I just happened to be in Boston and figured I'd surprise Will."

    Oh, he looked surprised alright.

    "How long are you here for?" I went with the most basic question I could think of.

    "Just a few days. I'm starting school in New York in the fall, so I moved there earlier this summer. My roommate's from Boston and she was driving here to pick up a few things, so… here I am," she raised her hands and laughed. She sure seemed bubbly. 

    "How nice," I said, looking at Will and trying to gauge his reaction.

    An awkward moment of silence followed.

    "Umm, anyway. I gotta go," Jordan reached for her purse. "My friend's waiting for me. But I'll see you tomorrow?" she turned to Will.

    "Yeah, sure."

    Jordan and Will exchanged an awkward hug and she headed out.

    "It was nice meeting you," I said, walking her the few feet to the door and saying goodbye. 

    "Well, she seems nice," I said to Will when it was just the two of us. "Unless…"

    "Unless what?" he still seemed dazed.

    "You don't seem too happy to see her."

    "No… I mean, I don't know… I just wasn't expecting her. Or anyone. I gave my mother this address last year when she needed to forward me some mail, but I never thought one of them would show up here!"

    "And that's… bad?"

    "I just…" Will sat on the sofa and I went to sit next to him. "Seeing someone from my past takes me back to a time that, quite frankly, I'm glad is over. My family's not like yours, Eric, on neither side! It's bad enough I'm gay and marrying a guy. If they found out you have two gay dads they'd probably think I'd joined some weird gay sex cult."

    "Well, in their defense they wouldn't be completely wrong," I hoped this was a good time for a joke. Judging by Will's reaction, he disagreed.

    "Honey, c'mon," I took his hands in mine, "who cares what anyone thinks?! You're a grown man now. You pay your own rent. If anyone disapproves of what you do and wants to talk behind your back, who cares?"

    "I care!" Will pulled his hands away. "Eric, you don't understand. Ever since we graduated we've been living your life. I've just been 'the addition to the family.' Where I come from is completely different."

    "And whose fault is that?! You're the one who won't talk about it or let me meet anyone."

    "You know what, you're right. Where's that video of your dad fucking you? I'll send it over to my parents, I'm sure they'd love to get to know you better."

    I was stunned.

    "Will, where the hell is this coming from?"

    He sighed, and we both took a break.

    "Today's just been very triggering," Will got up and turned away. "I'm going for a walk. I'll see you later."



    I walked through downtown Boston listening to music. I followed the Freedom Trail: a red line in the pavement connecting the city's most historic buildings. I didn't really care about the monuments; I just appreciated having a path I could follow. When I got to the Common, I nearly ran into a shirtless jogger, and it took me a second to realize it was Eric's cousin.

    "Nate, hi," I greeted him, taking my headphones off.

    "Will, hey!" he jogged in place, sweat dripping down his torso. "What're you up to?"

    "Not much, just… walking around."

    "Where's everyone else?"

    "Home, maybe, I don't know," I said. Then I remembered I was the first person here that Nate came out to, so I decided to be honest with him as well. "Eric and I had a fight."

    "Ah," he squinted his eyes looking at me, shielding his face from the sun with one hand. Sweat dripped down his arm and got caught in his hairy armpit close to my face. "Listen, why don't we get out of the sun for a bit? Find a shady spot?"

    We walked through the Common side-by-side. There were plenty of tourists and parents out with their children, but the park was large enough that it didn't feel too busy. We found a large tree to sit under and I decided to take my shirt off as well.

    "So what was the fight about?" Nate enquired.

    "Remember how you and I talked about how crazy it is to become a part of David and Sven's family? Like, it's amazing. But it takes some getting used to. Well, my sister showed up today, out of the blue. I haven't seen her in years, and now she's here. And she met Eric, and it felt like two of my worlds colliding. And I didn't like it. I felt safer when it was all... separate."

    "I get what you mean," Nate said. His recent workout regime was yielding results: he looked fitter than ever. "Is your family anti-gay?"

    "Well they're not in the Westboro Baptist Church, but… they ain't thrilled about it either."

    "Is your sister younger or older than you?"

    "Younger. She's in college."

    "Well, your parents might not be cool, but can't you give her the benefit of the doubt? I mean, why would she come meet you and Eric if she didn't approve?"

    I sighed, looking out at the park and the people walking and running around. Nate leaned back and lay on the grass on his back, with his hands under his head.

    "You're right," I agreed. "I just wish she would've told me she's coming. What the fuck is up with people showing up unannounced?! First you, now her…" I joked, making eye contact with Nate and smiling at each other.

    I leaned back to lie down as well, bumping Nate's elbow with the back of my head. He opened his arms and I ended up lying on his bicep. I turned to look at him and I could smell the scent he was emitting.

    "Thank you," I said, "for the chat."

    "No problem. We gotta look after each other. We'll be what, cousins-in-law soon?"

    "Yeah, that's a thing, right?" I laughed.

    "Hey man, regardless of what, you'll always go down as the person I had the craziest introduction to."

    I thought back of the way Nate and I met, when I was drunk and thought he was Eric.

    "Yeah. That was pretty hot. I mean, funny!"

    Nathan wasn't as "out there" as his uncle or cousin, so I didn't want to make this awkward. Even though lying here on his arm felt pretty good.

    "That's okay. It was pretty hot," he smirked. I wasn't sure if he was still squinting, but I could swear I saw him wink at me. "I'm just glad it didn't get you in trouble with Eric."

    "Nah. He and I hook up with other guys occasionally. It wouldn't have been a big deal."

    "Oh," Nate said. He looked down, which made me do the same. He seemed to be wearing nothing underneath his basketball shorts, and his bulge was growing like a balloon being blown.

    I looked around the park. There were hundreds of people around, but no one was super close to us. Deciding to be daring, I put my hand on Nate's crotch.

    "That okay?" I asked, already squeezing and rubbing his growing dick.

    "Well… we're not family just yet. Guess that makes it okay." He definitely winked at me this time.

    Nate and I scooted a bit closer. Getting arrested for public indecency right before my wedding wasn't exactly high on my to-do list, but this moment felt too horny to just let by. I continued to rub Nate's cock, which was now almost rock-hard. Doing it in the fresh air, with the sun shining, felt amazing! Pretty soon, he was leaving a precum  stain on his shorts, and it continued to grow as I jerked him off. 

    I saw Nathan lick his lips, the smell of his sweat filling my nostrils. I wanted to bury my face in his armpit right here, but instead I went in for a kiss. Nate was receptive and kissed me back, shoving his tongue in my mouth just like the night when we met. "This has to be genetic," I thought. Everyone even distantly related to David or Sven was an excellent kisser. Not to mention, a freak.

    "I'm gonna suck you off," I whispered in his face. 

    "What, here? Nah, c'mon," he said, looking around, but I could tell he wanted it just as much as I did.

    In the distance, we could hear children playing and splashing in the Frog Pond. A few dogs barking around. Nate's place was just a few minutes from here. But this was so much more fun.

    We kissed again, as passionately as if we were lovers, and I pulled out his dick from his sweaty shorts. I'd never seen Nate's cock, but I'd wanted to ever since I saw his bulge in those speedos he wore at the beach in San Francisco. Although it wasn't particularly long, I loved how thick it was. I checked our surroundings again, and when it seemed safe (well, as safe as it got) I quickly went down, taking Nate's dick in my mouth.

    "Holy shit dude, we shouldn't be doing this," Nate said, but he started to fuck my mouth ever so slightly. His crotch was sweaty after his run in the sun, and inhaling his pheromones made me even fucking hornier!

    Nate ran his fingers through my hair. I hadn't gotten a haircut in a couple of weeks (I was waiting until right before the wedding) so my hair was a bit longer than usual. He grabbed a fistful of it and shoved my face between his legs, making me gag and choke on his dick. He might be David's nephew, but he could be an aggressive fucker like Sven when he wanted to, so it seems.

    "Come up, come up!" he interrupted me and quickly tucked his cock away. A male jogger ran past us. If he noticed anything, he didn't react. As soon as he was out of sight, I reached for Nate's cock through the cotton fabric again.

    "Man, you wanna keep going?!" he said incredulously. 

    "Well I can't leave you with blue balls," I smirked. "We gotta look after each other. We'll be cousins-in-law soon."

    I saw Nate smile, and went in for another kiss with him. We made out for a couple of minutes while I stroked his dick, before I went down to take it in my mouth again.

    Whether it was the risk of doing this in public, or the fact he was getting head by his cousin's fiancé, Nate seemed to be as hard as it gets! I felt his balls contract as I tugged on them, and I slurped the precum that was on his sensitive cock head. After I'd swallowed all of it, I took his cock in my mouth until the tip of it was hitting my throat.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna cum down your throat," Nate panted, his hands back in my hair, pushing and pulling my head as he was face-fucking me. I felt his urgency and let him have his way. Trying not to gag loudly, I took it all deep and then finally I got my reward. Nate's cum started shooting down my throat. He tried not to make a sound while unloading in my mouth, but I could feel how hard that was for him.

    As soon as he'd done unloading, less than a second later, he pulled my head up and started kissing me. With some of his jizz still in my mouth, I spit it out so he could taste his own load. We exchanged it back and forth while kissing several times. All of my worries from earlier were long forgotten.

    That evening, Eric's dads cooked dinner for Eric and me. The two of us apologized to each other for this afternoon.

    "I'm sorry I took it out on you," I said. "That wasn't nice."

    "No worries. You were right. I mean, if you are upset about your sister being here you're entitled to feel that way."

    "I think I was just being paranoid," I said as the four of us sat around the table. Of course, I had no problem having this conversation in front of David and Sven. "I know it sounds weird, but having someone from my past here… it felt like she was gonna kidnap me and take me back there or something."

    "Are you gonna see her again while she's in Boston?" David asked while passing the salad around.

    "Yeah, we're going for lunch tomorrow."

    "And honey," said Eric, "I'm not saying you should or you have to, but… If you wanna invite her to the wedding, we can squeeze in one more."

    "I'll think about it."

    "Okay. Let's change the topic then," Eric smiled and turned to David. "Why didn't you invite Nate over for dinner?"

    "We wanted to talk to you two," David said, taking a break to chew and swallow his food. While he was quiet, I chimed in.

    "Speaking of Nate…" I said, and filled everyone in on our action at the Common earlier.

    "Look at Nathanael!" Sven laughed. "So much for being a goody two-shoes."

    "Oh please, you guys would corrupt the Pope if he came to live with you," I said. "What did you want to talk to the two of us about?"

    "Your bachelor party," David answered, and exchanged a naughty, devilish look with his husband. "Pack your bags, boys. We're going to Vegas!"

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