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No Questions, No Limits, Pt. II


    Working from home had many benefits, but it came with its downsides as well. It could feel extremely isolating, and today was one of those days. As I stood by the window looking down at the street, I felt miles away from anyone else. December was in full force by now, and the Boston Common had few people out for a walk in this weather. Usually, with everyone here, this apartment felt like a hotspot of sex and debauchery. Right now, it felt like a designer-furnished prison cell.

    Which is why I almost jumped up in joy and clapped my hands when I heard a knock on the door. I was just in my underwear and wondered if I needed to put anything else on, but I decided there was no need for that when I saw that it was my nephew on the other side of the door.

    "Nathan, hi!" I said enthusiastically while opening the door. "C'min, c'min. Can I get you some hot coffee? Warm you up from the cold?"

    "Hey, Uncle Dave. Sorry, no time." My face flushed when I heard my nephew say that. "I just wanted to drop this off."

    In his hands, Nathan was holding a couple of cardboard boxes. 

    "It's Grandpa Nate's old things," he told me. "The stuff I got from Mom's house."

    "That's right." 

    The family mansion passed on for generations now belonged to my oldest sister. I would've been mine, if I weren't...

    "You sure you don't wanna come in?" I asked my nephew again, almost pleadingly.

    "I'd love to, but I'm training with the police. We're not starting until 1 today, which... oh god, look at the time," Nathan checked his watch after handing me the boxes. "Gotta go. See you soon, Uncle Dave."

    "See you," I said and kicked the door shut with my foot.

    I took the boxes to my room and left them on the floor before opening one of them up. I should've known this wasn't a good time for it, not when I was already in a funk. On top of everything in the box were old photographs of Grandpa Nate, my favorite grandparent, and indeed: my closest family member growing up. I flipped through faded photos of Grandpa Nate at Yale. Of his wedding with my grandmother. Of my father's birth. And then, there it was: a photo of 6-year-old me sitting on my grandpa's lap, both of us donning the biggest smiles I've ever seen. It brought tears to my eyes and I quickly put everything away and closed the box.

    I walked back to the large windows in the living room. The apartment across the street caught my eye. A few days ago, Eric had taken the lead in our CUMpetition by getting loaded up by a father and son in that very apartment. In the days since, I'd only had sex with Sven and Brady, which meant I was falling behind. It was increasingly obvious I wasn't going to get any work done today... so I might as well be productive in another way.

    I logged in to a couple of apps and set my status to "Taking Loads Today 💦." After a few minutes, I started to comb through the messages I got. I was pretty good at telling the difference between time-wasters and genuine fuckers, so I texted those back. Pretty soon, I had several men interested to "cum by" this afternoon.

    The first was a discreet married man who worked in the Financial District nearby. He was on his lunch break and said he didn't have a lot of time.

    "As long as you cum inside me, it doesn't matter," I texted.

    Right before the man showed up, I decided I wanted to do this in Eric's bed. After all, I was in this CUMpetition with him. My son couldn't help but have a smug expression on his face a few days ago when he told me the story of how he took Junior and Foster's loads, so I thought I'd pay him back by telling him how I took loads in his bed this afternoon.

    The married man showed up and less than a minute later we were in Eric's bed. No muss, no fuss. He didn't want to kiss, so I went down on my knees and sucked him off until he was hard. He kept all of his clothes on, his pants and underwear were just down to his knees. His dick was quite small but very thick, and had an unruly bush of pubic hair all around it. Soon I was on my knees on the bed, on the side I knew my son slept on. The top asked for lube, but I told him to just slide it in; I could take it. As thick as he was, my hole managed to open up with fairly little resistance when he started to slide in. What followed was one of the shortest fucks of my life: less than a minute and barely a couple of thrusts back and forth, and the man was moaning and dumping his load inside of me.

    "I'm sorry," he apologized while zipping up. He probably thought I was unsatisfied after such a brief fuck.

    "That's alright." I'd gotten what I wanted.

    The man dashed out the door, and I took my phone again. The second fucker who showed up ten minutes later was an Asian tourist who barely spoke a word of English. He moved fairly quickly as well; I think he was trying to tell me that someone was waiting for him downstairs but I wasn't sure. He was good. He was hard in less than a minute and managed to easily slide into my hole, which was pre-lubed with cum already. He fucked me for a good ten or fifteen minutes while my head was buried in my son's pillow, breathing in Eric's scent. 

    "Inside?" the fucker asked when he got to the edge.

    "Yes, cum inside me. Fill up my guts."

    Seconds later, I'd gotten my second load. I sent the man away with a smile on my face, already feeling better. I tried to find my next cum donor, but my luck seemed to be running out. I ended up being ghosted by a couple of guys, and I had lunch and kept busy with some light housework in the meanwhile. Finally, I heard back from a black daddy who was my most interesting candidate for the day. He sent me a couple of gorgeous dick pics, and promised a five-day load. I wanted him as fast as possible, but he said it would have to be after work, so I hoped he wouldn't end up ghosting me as well.

    With nothing else to do while waiting, I started preparing dinner for tonight, chopping vegetables for the cream soup I'd be making. Then, my phone started to ping again. A college kid that just got out of class and wanted to load me up. "I'd love to," I texted.

    I left the food in the kitchen and went to answer the door when he showed up. He was the opposite of the married man from earlier when it came to kissing: this boy LOVED making out! He kept pulling me up when I tried to go down on my knees to suck his cock.

    "I don't have a lot of time," I said, as it was already nearing 5 o'clock, "and I really want your load."

    The boy let me suck him for a couple of minutes even though he was already hard. I went on my knees on Eric's bed again, poking my ass up in the air. On the floor by the bed, I noticed Eric's underwear from yesterday and I smiled. The college kid's cock went inside of me and he started to thrust fast, reminding me of Junior fucking me in front of my son's eyes not too long ago.

    This teen boy had good stamina and fucked me for almost half an hour. I was enjoying myself, when I got a notification on my smartwatch. I glanced at it to read a text: "Done with work. On my way."

    "Fuck, I'm getting close," the college kid announced. It was perfect timing.

    "Cum inside me! Mmm. Fill me up," I moaned in anticipation of his teenage spunk.

    He continued to thrust a few more times, giving my ass a couple of slaps as well right before he started to unload inside of me. He pulled my body back, pulled my face into his, and started kissing me again. His tongue entered my mouth just as his cock filled my hole with his cum. I felt amazing. I was sorry to say goodbye to him a couple of minutes later, but I already had my next cum donor on his way. 

    By now, my hole was feeling both loose and full. I went to look at Eric's bed and noticed all the sweat on his side of the sheets. Just then, a knock had me rushing to the door once again.

    The man at my door was handsome enough to be a model, especially when he flashed that smile of his, but judging by his clothes he was probably just another office worker in the city. He was an excellent kisser, and I walked backward toward my son's room all the while kissing the daddy.

    "Is that your husband?" the man asked when he noticed a photo of Eric, Sven, and me on Eric's nightstand. He loosened his tie and pulled down his pants while waiting for an answer.

    "Yes. My husband and our son."

    "Your son? Holy shit," he smiled. "Handsome kid."

    We kissed some more before I sat on the bed and started to suck the stranger's cock. It filled up my mouth completely even before he was fully hard. I was playing with his smooth balls when I noticed a wedding ring on his finger, making me wonder if he had a wife or a husband back home.

    "This you and your husband's bed?" the man asked as we both started to climb onto the bed.

    "No. It's my son's," I grinned.

    "You nasty fuck."

    "You wanna know just how nasty? I got three loads in my hole, just from this afternoon. All three of them bred me on this bed right before you showed up."

    "Fucking pig," the man grunted. This seemed to be turning him on. "You like getting bred in your son's bed?"

    "I fucking love it," I said, and I realized I was telling the truth. Suddenly, I got a flashback of all the times Sven and I had fucked in Eric's bed over the years. There were too many times to count, but one time came to mind specifically: in our old house, right after Eric moved back from college. My husband fucked me in our bed, stuffing a pair of cum-stained speedos in my mouth. I assumed the cum on them was Sven's, until he told me it was our son's jizz that was in my mouth. Now, I looked down at the underwear Eric had left on the floor by the bed. 

    "That your son's underwear?" my fuck date asked while stroking his cock. I nodded and the man reached down to the floor and, as if having read my mind, stuffed my son's briefs inside my mouth.

    "Take that, you pig!" he said before spitting in his hand and stroking his long cock a couple more times. With all the saliva and precum that was on it, it was well-lubricated. Not that we'd need any, with all of the cum inside my ass anyway. 

    The daddy slid inside of me in one swift move as I bit into the musky underwear. My hole basically sucked his cock in. The more used my hole was, the hornier I got for more. I could feel all the loads being churned inside of me, as my latest top fucked them further and further in. I swallowed saliva, tasting Eric inside my mouth.

    "Yeah, you nasty fuck!" the daddy grunted. He reached around with one hand and stuffed the briefs even deeper in my mouth, invading my senses of taste and smell.

    "Mmm, mmm, mmm," I started to moan. "Cum inside me. Fucking cum inside me," I thought. Again, it was as if the man could read my thoughts and hear me begging.

    "Yeah? Want me to load you up in your son's bed?"

    "Aha," I nodded.

    "Wanna take my nut while sucking on his underwear? Look at you, you got your precum leaking all over his sheets."

    I looked down and indeed: my hard cock was swinging back and forth as I got fucked, spraying precum all over my son's bed like a hose.

    "Ahhh!" I moaned in anticipation of my latest load. I'd spent all afternoon being a cum dump in my own son's marital bed, taking loads from men whose first names I didn't even know. No questions, no limits. And when my son got home, he would lie in the precum I'd left on his sheets as evidence.

    I sucked on Eric's briefs as those thoughts crossed my mind, and a few minutes later a fourth load of cum was being added inside my guts. As the man's large cock started to pull out, I tried to keep all the loads safely inside of me but I miscalculated. My hole must've been looser than I anticipated. As the stranger's cock plopped out of me, I let a large amount of mixed baby batter spill out of my ass.

    "Fuck. You're leaking all over," the man said as I let more of the cum ooze out of me, my hole pulsing uncontrollably. 

    "You gon clean it up?" he asked as he helped me get up off the bed.

    "Nah. I'll think I'll leave it there," I took Eric's underwear out of my mouth and replied, looking down at the mess we'd left on my son's bed.

    "You really are something, you know that?" the man shook his head and started to put his clothes on. We exchanged one last passionate kiss before we said goodbye and I checked the time. Shit! Sven and the kids would be home soon. And I still had dinner to make.

    I pulled my underwear up and went back to the kitchen, where I continued making the soup. All the while, a big goofy grin stayed on my face. 

    Luckily, everyone seemed to be running late tonight. I started getting texts saying "I'll be there soon" and "Don't start dinner without me." The soup was already poured in five bowls, and I hoped it wouldn't get too cold.

    With time to kill, I thought back to my cum-filled afternoon. "Take that, sonny boy," I thought, smiling to myself. With some of the cum still inside my ass, I closed my eyes and started to finger my hole with my left hand, before bringing my fingers up to my mouth and sucking the strangers' cum off them. Meanwhile, my right hand reached into the front of my briefs and wrapped itself around my growing cock. I'd been hard on-and-off all afternoon, too focused on receiving other men's loads to worry about blowing my own. Now, it was finally time. I could feel it building inside of me faster than I could control, my balls begging to be emptied.

    "Fuck!" I pulled my dick out of my underwear. It was all happening too quickly. I was still standing at the kitchen counter and instead of turning away I got another idea. I pulled one of the soup bowls nearer and shot my load directly in it. I moaned and cussed and tilted my head back. When I looked down, I saw my own jizz mixing with the soup in the bowl.

    "That one's for Eric," I said out loud to myself with a grin on my face.



    Returning to school meant reconnecting with those friends who didn't spend the summer in Martha's Vineyard. But there was one person I was eager to see more than everyone else put together.

    David was out of sight this summer, but there wasn't a single day when he was out of mind. It was a confusing time for me. On the one hand, I was grateful to have some "time off" to gather my thoughts. On the other, I missed him ever so terribly.

    The worst part was that I had no one to talk to about this. I'd realized that whenever I had a problem I couldn't talk to anyone about, I always turned to David. So what do I do in this case?

    Everyone else in my life always thought it odd that he and I socialized so much in the first place. Of course, they'd never say it out loud; we were polite New Englanders after all. So how do I tell anyone that David professed his love for me? That he kissed me? And that... that I enjoyed it?

    David and I never spoke of the kiss. We hardly spoke at all ever since. He spent the summer in Columbus, volunteering at a summer school for children in his community. A week into being back at Yale, and we still hadn't made eye contact a single time.

    "Can we talk?" I asked him after class one day, almost ambushing him.

    "Okay," he agreed and we went to a nearby grassy clearing. The sun was still shining bright, making me yearn to be back on the island. Suddenly, I got an image of David and me there together, our toes in the sand and our hands clasped together. A fantasy that would never be.

    "How was your summer?" I asked, and we spent some time catching up in a manner that felt much too formal to me.

    "How is Claire?" David finally asked me. I turned to him but he wouldn't make eye contact.

    "She's alright. We're alright. I... didn't ask her to marry me."

    "Oh," David finally turned to me. As I looked in his deep brown eyes for the first time in months, I felt grateful. "How come?"

    "I talked to my parents and told them it's not the right time," I answered. "I think it should wait until after I've graduated."

    "And what did they say?"

    "They tried to discourage me from waiting so long."

    "Aha," David said cryptically and looked straight ahead again.

    I turned around, eyeing our surroundings. Even though there was no one nearby, we were still in public and needed to be careful. I knew it wasn't wise, but I couldn't help myself. I rested my hand on David's shoulder and put one arm around him, pulling him in closer. I felt his long fingers comb through my hair. And the next moment, with all caution foolishly thrown to the wind, we were kissing again right there and then. 


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