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No Pulling Out

Pride 2008



    When our son Eric was in the 6th grade, his best buddy Niles Williams moved away and went to live in New York with his family. Like any kid who's just lost a best friend, Eric was inconsolable. In an effort to cheer him up, his father and I promised to take him to New York to visit the Williamses. As soon as the school year was over, Eric started nagging: "When're we going to New York?" I looked into it, and with NYC Pride coming up, I figured that might be a good time to go.

    Niles's family used to be our next-door neighbors and they lived in a large house just like ours. Now, they were living in a small two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, which meant we would be staying at a hotel while in the city. We flew to New York and I insisted on taking the subway to our hotel, only so Eric – who was in the city for the first time – could get the authentic New York experience.

    "I've forgotten how many hot guys there are in cities," Sven leaned down to whisper to me. I was sitting on the subway with our son sitting next to me, but since there were no more empty seats, Sven was standing up. Next to him, there was a hot skater boy who looked to be 19 or 20 with a skateboard under his arm. Since it was a hot day he was riding the train shirtless, something all of the other passengers seemed unperturbed by, with his T-shirt tucked in the back of his white baggy basketball shorts.

    But his shirtlessness wasn't the most surprising thing to me: it was the fact the boy was clearly freeballing! Standing in front of me and Eric, with his crotch almost completely in my face, I could plainly see the skater's cut cock through the thin white material, swinging back and forth like a pendulum with the movement of the train. Thankfully, I was holding a backpack in my lap which hid the erection I was starting to get. I even caught Eric looking at the hot guy's bulge a few times, making me wonder what was going through my son's head.

    For months now, I'd had some suspicions that Eric might be into boys and that there was maybe something more than just friendship between him and Niles. My husband had vetoed conversations about this topic, since he thought Eric was too young and he didn't want to embarrass him, or worse yet: make him feel some sorta pressure to be into boys just because we were gay. So I'd agreed not to ask Eric anything about it for now, but I observed his reactions in situations like this to see if they might reveal anything about the future of our son's sexuality.

    The skater boy got off the train in a couple of stops… and I needed to get off as well. I rubbed my hard cock under the backpack, making sure nobody but my husband could see me. Sven winked at me and adjusted his bulge for a quick second. Suddenly, I felt the urge to pull down my husband's jeans and start sucking his cock right here and now, not giving a damn who sees us. I closed my eyes for a second and pictured Sven's giant dick filling my mouth, his piercing tickling the back of my throat. Luckily, it was a long train ride to Manhattan, so I had enough time to fantasize and then let my dick get soft again, so I wouldn't be caught with a raging boner in public.

    We checked into our hotel and dropped our stuff in our room, which came with a king size bed that the three of us would be sharing. My husband took all of his clothes off immediately, announcing that he was getting into the shower. Meanwhile, our son got online and started messaging with his friend, making plans for all of us to get together.

    A short while later, we were walking through Downtown Manhattan with Niles, his parents Dolan and Yasmin, and his teenage brother Bryce. With the Pride parade happening today, the city was even crazier than usual. The kids were fascinated by the bright colors and loud music and they jumped around, as Yasmin – who was a photographer – took pictures of them.

    The last time Sven and I were at NYC Pride was before Eric was born, and we'd spent the day fucking in one of the alleyways as the parade went on. Now that we were here as family men, it was a lot less exciting, especially as time went by and we started to get tired. Unlike last time, there'd be no coke for us today.

    A couple of hours later, we wanted to go sit down somewhere, but the kids wouldn't hear of it. So, Yasmin suggested she look after the boys, and we could go relax somewhere with Bryce and Dolan. Since our hotel wasn't too far, we decided there's no better place to relax than in the privacy of our hotel room.

    As soon as we were in our room, Sven had his tongue in 18-year-old Bryce's mouth. After a few seconds, I went to join them and exchanged a hot kiss with the teen as well. While they were our neighbors, Bryce had an affair with my husband and me, something his parents knew about and allowed. Dolan and Yasmin were very open minded people; both of them bisexual. 

    Sven and I made ourselves comfortable on the bed and we invited the father and son to take a seat as well. True to himself, my husband took all his clothes off and poured us all a drink, and we talked about our hottest experiences from Pride. We told our story from the last time we were in New York, and Dolan had quite a few hot stories as well, involving both men and women. One of them was about him getting fucked in the middle of a gay bar a few years back, and he almost blushed while telling it in front of his son. Only Bryce, who was still young, had no sexy Pride stories yet.

    "Well, there's still time," Sven said, pulling on his cock.

    Bryce looked at my husband, and then at his father, and then he finally said,

    "Dad, I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna…"

    "Suck my dick," Sven finished the sentence for him. 

    "Go right ahead," Dolan granted his son permission, and before he was done Bryce's lips were already on Sven's dick, kissing the tip as he stroked the shaft.

    "He's been talking about you guys," Dolan said to me, pointing at this teenage son.

    "Oh yeah?" I asked with a smile.

    "Yeah," Bryce took Sven's dick out his mouth to answer. "I mean, there's a ton of hot guys in New York, but I miss you two."

    "I can see why," his father added, admiring the size of my husband's cock, which was now growing thanks to Bryce. Back home, we'd taught the teen how to fuck, get fucked, and suck dick. He was always more of a bottom until the very end, right before the Williamses moved away, when Bryce really started to show his top side.

    "So, when's the last time you've gotten fucked?" my husband asked.

    "A few days ago. Why?" said Bryce, still stroking Sven's dick.

    "I wasn't talking to you," Sven explained and turned to Dolan instead.

    "Oh, me? Haha, I don't even know. It's been a while. Unless you count sex toys, cuz my wife and I…" Dolan trailed off, letting us use our imagination on what he and Yasmin did with their toys.

    "Toys are nice and everything, but nothing beats a real dick," Sven said. I could see where he was going with this. "How would you like to get fucked today?"

    "By that?!" Dolan chuckled, pointing at Sven's monster cock, which was now fully hard.

    "No. By your son," Sven replied coolly.

    There was a silence in the room, as if everyone waited for Sven to say "I'm kidding!" But he wasn't, so he didn't.

    "Haha. I dunno," Dolan chuckled uncomfortably.

    "I'm down if you are," his son chimed in. Bryce was obviously the braver of the two and the less inhibited one, which was funny because Dolan was already pretty free of inhibitions himself. But was it enough for him to get fucked by his boy?

    "You can do it there, right up against the window," Sven said, pointing at the floor-to-ceiling windows. We were on the seventh floor, with the parade walking right downstairs in the street. "It can be Bryce's first Pride fuck."

    The added kinkiness obviously intrigued Dolan. I could see the gears turning in his head. He was horny, I could feel it! He and Bryce made eye contact, and finally the dad cracked: "Oh, what the hell! Let's do it."

    I played some music, and all of us took our clothes off. Sven got up and slowly guided a naked Dolan to the window, both of them facing outside.

    "Lean down," my husband said sultrily and pushed down the back of Dolan's head until he was looking down with his daddy ass in the air.

    "C'mon. Get your daddy nice and ready," Sven turned to Bryce. The teen obeyed without blinking an eye. Two seconds later, he was squatting behind his father, spreading his dad's asscheeks open and looking into his hole.

    "Go on. Eat his ass," my husband continued giving instructions, standing next to the father-and-son duo and stroking his dick. From where I was sitting on the bed, I could see that Dolan's crack came with some fine hair in between his cheeks. This didn't seem to bother his son, who licked his lips and dove in, placing his tongue on his dad's asshole.

    "Mmm, fuck!!" Dolan moaned just as the crowd down in the street made a loud noise as well. He leaned his upper body against the window and let his son have full access to his hole. Bryce seemed to take advantage of it, shoving his tongue deep inside his father's ass.

    "Fuck yeah, good boy!" Sven encouraged the teenage ass-eater. By now I was sporting a boner as well and started stroking while I watched the show, wondering if anyone down in the street could see this high up and notice what was happening. 

    After a few minutes of rimming, Bryce got up to stand behind his dad. It was then that I noticed Bryce was hard now as well, obviously ready to dive into someone's ass. Today, it would be his dad of all people.

    "Here, some lube," Sven offered, pulling out a small bottle from one of our bags. He squirted a generous amount on his own hand, and used it to stroke Bryce's dick, before reaching for Dolan's ass next and making sure it was nice and wet and ready for a dicking.

    "Holy fucking shit, we're really gonna do this," Dolan panted as he felt his son's cockhead brushing against his asshole.

    "Yup. No pulling out now," Sven growled in Dolan's ear, while holding Bryce's hard dick and pushing it inside. Both of the Williams men moaned out in pleasure, making me leak out a good amount of precum, which I used to jerk myself off as I watched.

    Up until recently, Bryce was a virgin, and to this day he'd only topped a handful of times. And now, here he was, getting to experience the inside of his dad's hole! Both of them leaned against the window, looking out at Manhattan as the strong June sun shone on them. At times like this, this really seemed like the best city on Earth.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck," Dolan moaned as he took his boy's dick. He was always a fairly "manly man," and just hearing him moaning like this was a turn-on. I was sure it had the same effect on Bryce, who kept going harder on his father's ass, getting ready for the ultimate reward.

    "You gon breed him?" Sven asked the boy, almost growling with horniness.

    "You fucking bet I will," Bryce growled back, thrusting faster and faster inside his dad.

    "Oh fuck!" Dolan moaned again, turned on by his own son's promise to breed him. From what I could see, Dolan's dick was hard as well, wagging up and down against the window as he got fucked.

    "Fuck yeah. Blow your babies inside him," Sven said, jumping on the bed and getting into a 69 position with me.

    My husband and I started sucking each other's cocks, occasionally looking at the father-and-son duo fucking. A few minutes later, Bryce started thrusting so fast that it was obvious he was gonna cum. Sven and I took a break from 69-ing and watched.

    "Fuck, it's coming. I'm cumming. I'm gonna CUM!" Bryce exploded. 

    "Fuck yeah! Breed your daddy's ass," Sven barked, and we watched as the teenager shot his sperm in his father's hole, filling his guts. A few seconds later, Sven and I blew our loads in each other's mouths, tasting the sweet cum that had made Eric.

    "Fucking hell," Dolan finally panted a few moments later as his son's dick plopped out of his ass. When they moved from the window, I saw a pearly white load of cum running down the window pane. Dolan had blown his nut while getting bred by his son.


Pride 2021


    "Dads," our son Eric announced. "We wanted to tell you… We've decided to… We've decided to follow in your footsteps and become parents. We looked into our finances, and we wanna go with a surrogate and have a baby. Just like you."

    To say I was shocked was an understatement. I looked at my husband, wondering if he'd just heard the same thing I did. Across from us, sitting on the couch in our living room, Eric and Will looked on with smiles on their faces. They weren't kidding.

    "I… I don't know what to say. CONGRATULATIONS!" I finally pulled myself together and walked around the coffee table to give the boys a hug. "I… I… I"m gonna be a grandfather."

    "Yup," Eric said. "The next generation is coming."

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