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    "So how did it go? Did you blow those loads?" my father Sven asked from behind the wheel, a big suggestive grin on his face.

    "Yes, Dad, we blew our loads," I answered, getting into the backseat of the car with my husband. Will and I had both left work early today to go to the fertility clinic and drop off our "samples."

    "Did they have any nice magazines in there for you?" Sven asked as he joined traffic. I imagined him and my father 25 years ago, in a room similar to the one I had just been in, jerking off into a cup while using some old porn mags, the only resource at the time.

    "Actually, we went into the room together," I said. "They let us 'extract the semen' from each other as long as we were careful."

    "Ha. Wish your father and I had thought of that back in the day. Now, are we all headed home?"
   "No," Will chimed in. "I'm gonna ask you to drive me to Dorchester first. My dad just rented a room there, and I told him I'd visit."

    "You sure you don't want me to come, babe?" I asked, taking Will's hand in mine and putting it on my thigh.

    "Yeah, it'll be fine. I've got this now," Will reassured me.

    It was a Thursday evening, after-work rush hour, so we got stuck in traffic before we could drop Will off. When he left the car, I gave him a kiss and I moved to the passenger seat so I could sit next to my dad. We struck another traffic jam as we headed home, but at least it gave Dad and me some time to talk.

    Eight days had passed since we all met Will's dad Larry at The Falcon. In that time, Larry had checked out of his hotel and found a room to rent, just like he'd said he would. Since today was the first of the month, he was moving in. 

    "He's renting a room in a house with three other guys, all of them college students," I filled my dad in. 

    "So basically a frat house?" Sven laughed.

    "Sounds like it. But he's determined to stick around in Boston until he's patched things up with Will."

    "And how does Will feel about that?" Dad asked.

    "Fine, I guess. Maybe sort of confused. He still hasn't told him about the baby; he's telling him today."

    Although I could talk about Will and Larry for hours, there was something else weighing on me that I really wanted to talk to Sven about.

    "Dad, there's something you should know," I said. "David and I did something last week and I asked him not to tell you because I wanted to be the one to break the news. I've just been busy with Will and the baby stuff and everything…" I started rambling. 

    "Honey, what is it?" Sven asked.

    "Well, last Wednesday at The Falcon, when Dad and I said we were out taking a walk… we were actually in the men's room, fucking. And this time… I fucked him," I confessed. 

    "Oh. Okay," Sven said, stingy on words.

    "Is that all?"

    "Ha! Well Eric, I don't know what you want me to say. Was it good?" he asked, making eye contact with me as we stopped at a red light.

    "Yeah. Yes, it was. It felt… different than when the roles were reversed," I replied.

    "And why did you wanna wait until you had a chance to tell me?" Dad asked.

    "I'm not sure. Like, it felt like the right thing to do. I still remember that night at the hotel when I got back from Berlin. The night you and I…"

    "Fucked for the first time," Sven finished the sentence for me.

    "Precisely. And I felt like a new bond was forged between us then, as sappy as that sounds. And now, doing it with David, I kinda… I kinda felt like you. Is that weird to say?"

    "Felt like me how?" Sven asked, visibly amused.

    "Well, I know that you're usually the top when you guys are fucking. I used to be more of a bottom when I was younger, but lately that's been changing. And I remember you telling me that I'm 'turning into a daddy' on Father's Day…"

    "So you're a top daddy now, is that what you're tryna say?" Sven asked, still amused by the conversation.

    "Not precisely. It just felt good to fuck Dad, that's it. And he and I have talked about it since and he agrees that at that moment, I reminded him of a younger you as well."

    "You're moving in on my territory, huh? Tryna steal my husband?" Sven said, and we both laughed because we knew this was all ridiculous. Thankfully we were almost home, where we would be joined by my other dad as well, so we could all talk about this as a threesome.

    When Sven and I got to the apartment, David announced that we'd be getting takeout tonight. 

    "You didn't get a chance to make dinner?" I asked, kinda disappointed since I loved my father's cooking.

    "Not today, I was out most of the day," David said and gave me a kiss on the lips while Sven shook all his clothes off.

    We sat around in the living room and talked about the hot sex that David and I had at The Falcon. When the food arrived, we ate in front of the TV. All three of us were on the couch, David and I in our underwear and Sven naked, all in one big cuddle pile. It reminded me of days in the past, when it was just the three of us.

    My fathers, of course, didn't hold back from plenty of touching and kissing as soon as we were done eating. And this time, I wasn't going to sit aside anymore and just let them do it. Instead, I climbed on both of their laps, my back facing the TV, and I gave David and then Sven a big sloppy kiss, until we ended up in a passionate threesome kiss. 

    "So tell me more about what happened last week?" Sven asked seductively, and we knew exactly what he was referring to.

    "Well, your son here is quite the fucker," David said, all of our noses pressed together. "He worked my ass out real good. He knew just what he was doing and how to do it. As soon as his hard dick was out his pants, he just told me to sit on it. No questions. Direct orders."

    "Yeah, well I learned from you guys," I said, feeling a sense of pride. Throughout the years, David's submissive tendencies didn't escape me. Of course, at first I had no idea what that was about; it didn't even register with me. Hearing my fathers occasionally refer to each other as "pig" or "daddy" seemed funny more than anything when I was little. It wasn't until I got into sex – and kinky sex at that – that I started to connect the dots. 

    While we all kissed on the couch, Sven started to pull down David's briefs. Now that both of my parents were naked, I took a moment to admire their bodies and most of all: their dicks, both of which were semi-erect and growing by the second.

    "Turn around," Sven told David authoritatively. David obeyed and crawled around on the large couch until his ass was facing us. "Nice hole, ain't it?" Sven slapped my father's ass and asked me, looking me in the eyes.

    "Fuck yeah, it is," I agreed, trying to sound as "tough" as possible. This role was still somewhat new to me, and even I needed some getting used to it. As much as I'd learned from my dads, I still wanted to find myself in this world of kink and not be a carbon copy of either of them.

    Sven spread David's asscheeks open, exposing my father's asshole, which looked recently shaved. If I remembered it correctly, David's hole at The Falcon was moderately hairy, and I wondered if he shaved it since then in anticipation for something like this to happen. Sven and I made eye contact, and we both knew what was about to happen next.

    Licking my lips, I dove right in and started rimming David's hole. I'd done it at the leather bar as well, but this time I had my other parent here, assisting me and holding David's ass open for easier access. That was, until Sven let go of one cheek to say "Good job, Son" and pat the back of my head, combing his fingers through my hair. 

    Encouraged by this fatherly praise, I slipped my tongue even deeper inside David's chute, making him squeal out loud, just like a pig. I slid my hand in between his thighs and reached around for his cock, which by now was fully hard and dripping precum on the couch cushions like a leaky faucet. I could feel it as soon as I wrapped my fingers around David's sensitive cockhead. Tempted by it, I pulled my face out of David's ass and let Sven take over. Meanwhile I brought my head to the front and buried it in David's crotch, taking his dick deep in my mouth.

    "OH FUCK!" David shouted, overwhelmed by the sensation of getting his cock sucked by me at the same time as getting his ass rimmed by my father. 

    "Bet when they jerked off in a cup, they never thought this would be happening one day," I suddenly thought, which put a smile on my cocksucking face for a second. 

    With David's dick in my mouth, I reached up with my hands and started tweaking his nipples with my fingers. Although not as sensitive as Sven's nips, they still sent a bolt of pleasure down to David's cock, which started pulsing and ejecting more precum in my mouth. By now I was rock hard as well, my cock begging for release from its cotton prison.

    I pulled down my underwear and put one hand on my boner, stroking it. I worked on myself for a few moments until I got a better idea. I took David's dick out of my mouth, I looked up to him, and I said, "Now suck my cock."

    "Yes, Sir," my father agreed submissively. He leaned down so he was on all fours on the couch, and he took my prick inside his mouth. Now it was my turn to start leaking precum down his throat! I returned the favor and fed him while he moaned like a satisfied suckling piglet, all the while Sven continued to eat his ass.

    "Nice," Sven popped up to say a couple of minutes later. He watched his spouse blowing my dick for a few moments before spitting on his hand and jerking himself off with his saliva. I knew what was coming next…

    "Ahhhh!" David grunted through a mouthful of my cock as Sven drove his giant dick inside David's ass. I pulled my shaft out of David's mouth, so he was only nursing on my cockhead, his tongue flicking my Prince Albert. He was getting dicked down by two pierced cocks from both ends. By the two men he loved more than anyone.

    "Fuck yeah. You're loving that, aren't you, you nasty pig?" Sven grunted to David as he got into a good rhythm of fucking him.

    "Mhm," David nodded on my cock, taking all of it in his mouth again until my shaved balls were hitting his chin.

    "Fuck yeah. Suck our son's cock while I fuck you," Sven continued, turning all of us on with his commentary.

    While getting my dick sucked, I put my hands on the back of David's head, running my fingers through his hair just like Sven had done to me earlier. "Good pig," I let the words escape my mouth, which made Sven look at me and shoot me an approving wink.

    "Yeah, you fucking pig, suck that cock!" I said more confidently, ramming my dick all the way down my dad's throat and making him gag and choke on it. Saliva came gushing out of David's mouth as I probed further in, but it wasn't anything he wasn't used to. With his monster dick, I'm sure Sven had been even further down David's gullet. 

    "Ah. Ah. Fuck. Take it," came interchangeably from me and my father Sven as we both thrusted back and forth, rocking David's body between us. Since my return from Berlin, things had been escalating between my parents and me; first with Sven and then David. But now, this was our first time just the three of us, Sven and I spit-roasting David, about to feed him our cum from both ends.

    "Ah, fuck. Fuck. I wanna see you cum in his ass," I said while making eye contact with Sven. 

    "I fucking will. Just as you shoot your load down his throat," Sven told me.

    "Deal," I nodded.

    "Hear that, you pig? You're about to get fed. By your boy and your daddy as well," Sven said to David, who just mumbled and nodded as much as he could with my hard-on stuffing his mouth.

    It was as if I could feel my dick growing larger and harder inside of David's throat, getting more and more excited by what was about to happen. I reached that blissful point of climax where I was so close to shooting that nothing else mattered in the world anymore. I made eye contact with Sven again and noticed he was at that precise point as well. My father nodded at me, as if granting me permission to let go and load up his husband's throat.

    "FUUUUUUCK!" I yelled as I felt my jizz filling up David's gullet.

    "Fuck yeah, Son!" Sven grunted at me proudly, and with one final aggressive thrust forward, he squinted his eyes and he started to cum inside my dad's load-hungry asshole. Judging by his moaning, David was in heaven, swallowing my babies just as he took Sven's nut from the other end. I'd cum just recently at the fertility clinic, but I'd been holding in my cum for a full week before that, so I still had a nice load to give.

    "Mmmmm, mmmmmm," David lapped up my cum, this time making sure not to gag and let any of it escape his mouth. Carefully, he swallowed all of his grandchildren, a thought which crossed my mind and made me even hornier, causing my dick to pulse again and shoot out even more jizz down my perverted dad's throat.

    "Fuck, yeah. Good pig. Swallow that down," Sven added, shooting the last of his cum inside David and slowing his thrusting. Finally, we were done. I wasn't sure about anyone else, but I was absolutely spent.

    "Oh my god. I could pass out right now," I said as I took my dick out of David's mouth. David looked up at me and smiled, licking his lips.

    "C'mere," Sven stood up and approached me. I thought he was coming in for a hug, but instead he swooped me up and carried me to their bed, his muscles bulging as he held my body with ease like I were still a little child. Seconds later, he came in the bedroom carrying David as well. 

    "We can all sleep here tonight," Sven announced. "Text Will and tell him to join us when he gets home."

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