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Two Cousins Cumming


    This year, Thanksgiving Day was spent with my closest family: just my husband and my two dads. I helped David prepare the turkey and all of the side dishes, feeling more domestic than ever before in my life.

    "Just think, next year we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with your little one," David said, smiling and visibly looking forward to the arrival of his first grandchild.

    "I love you, Dad," I said, feeling just as emotional as he was. I walked up behind him and gave him a tight hug, out bodies sticking to each other. We were wearing nothing but tight briefs and my cock found its way perfectly between Dad's asscheeks, which were impressively perky for a man his age. He flexed his glutes, using them to squeeze my dick tightly, which made me smile as well as pop a semi at the same time.

    "I think we can take a short break from cooking," David stated. Before I knew it, he was turning around and squatting on the floor, pulling my briefs down in the process. My half-hard cock sprung out, almost hitting my father in the face. The look on his face was that of a kid that had walked into an all-you-can-eat candy store. My dad licked his lips, diving in and taking my pierced cock in his mouth, bringing it to a state of full erection in no time.

    "What's going on here?" my other dad Sven strolled into the kitchen naked, walking in on his husband deep-throating my cock. 

    "I was just telling Dad how much I love him," I replied. "And well… it's always better to show it than say it, right?"

    "Aww. And d'you love me too, Son?" Sven smirked, his big dick swinging between his thighs as he walked toward us.

    "You know I do, Daddy," I answered, basically salivating at the sight of Sven's uncut schlong, which seemed to only get bigger with every step he took.

    "Well why don't you show me how much you love me as well?" Sven's suggested, and I was all too happy to do so. I pulled my hard cock out of David's mouth and I gave him a smile as I helped him get back up on his feet. Then, I bent over and took Sven's hefty balls and hardening tool in my hand, barely holding on to them due to their size. Sven's large hand slid down my spine, and I felt David's hands on my asscheeks, spreading them open. 

    At the very same moment as I took Sven's dick inside my mouth, my other father drove his own tool inside my ass. I relaxed my hole, allowing David to comfortably penetrate it. Meanwhile, I took Sven's monster dick in my mouth and throat, showing both of my dads just how good of a cocksucker they'd raised.

    "Impressive," David said and he began thrusting back-and-forth inside of me. He knew better than anyone that it was no easy feat to deep-throat his husband's giant dick. "Without even gagging a single time."

    "He gets it from his dad," Sven said affectionately, and I felt him leaning in to give David a kiss over my back. Both of my dads' hands roamed all over my bare back as they made out while spit-roasting me and I felt like I was in heaven, sandwiched between them as we showed our love to one another. 

    Daddy David's dick drove back and forth inside my hole, leaking so much precum in it that there was no need for other lube. Sven was feeding me an equally generous amount of pre-jizz, shooting it straight down my throat and motivating me to work even harder until I got to taste his load.

    I wouldn't need to wait long. All three of us were so turned on that within moments, David began breeding my ass, shooting my little siblings all up inside me. Turned on by the sight of it, Sven placed his hands on the sides of my head and started to ruthlessly fuck my face, like I was nothing but a sex toy here for his pleasure. Deep in my throat, he blew his own load, making me swallow every last drop. From opposite ends, my two fathers' cum shot into my stomach, meeting in the middle and marking me as their boy.

    The weekend after Thanksgiving was sort of a Thanksgiving, Part II. We threw a large dinner again, this time attended by my dads' young lover Brady, Will's dad Larry, as well as my cousin Nathan. 

    "Where were you on Thursday?" I asked my cousin. "I thought you'd be here."

    "I was in western Massachusetts," he replied coyly as he and I sat alone in my bedroom, keeping away from the kitchen where everyone else was currently occupied.

    "What's in western Massachusetts?" I probed further.

    "Sam's mom and his family," Nathan explained.

    Sam was Nathan's boyfriend, who he'd been seeing for a while. I knew they were getting serious, but not "take you home for Thanksgiving" kinda serious. 

    "Nice. How did it go? Did you get along with everyone?" I asked.

    "It went well. Obviously, meeting Sam's mom is very different from meeting Sam's dad," Nathan smirked. Sam's dad Ben was a bona fide perv, who I'd met years ago in Berlin. This felt like a good time to tell Nathan the story so I told him about our 2018 euro trip – the summer after Will and I graduated college, when we traveled to Spain and Germany with my two dads, and how I met Ben at the infamous nudist section of Tiergarten park in Berlin.

    "It's funny, Sam and I have been talking about going to Europe someday soon. What's the name of that park? It sounds like fun," my cousin smiled.

    I smiled back, even wider. When he first moved to Boston almost two years ago, Nathan seemed so shy and conservative – especially compared to me and my wacky family! However, in the time since, we'd definitely rubbed off on him, particularly when it came to sexual openness and adventurousness. 

    "The name's Tiergarten," I said to Nathan. "You should definitely go if you can. Oh my god, I still remember the first time I went there. I was 15. My cousin Tobi, who was a year older, took me there."

    "Wait, what?!" Nathan asked. "Who's this cousin Tobi now?"

    "He's my German cousin, on Sven's side of the family. Tobi's dad is Sven's brother. We were all in Berlin at the time, and Tobi was already hooking up with some guys there. Back then, I knew that I was gay but I still wasn't out to my parents. That's how they found out, actually: David walked in on me and Tobi jerking off together that summer."

    "Hold on, hold on, let me see if I got this right…" Nathan said to me. "When you were 15, David walked in on you jerking off with your cousin Tobi, who was 16…"

    "And I admitted to my parents that I was into guys, yes," I nodded.

    "Wow. Must've been a shock to David when he caught you," said Nathan. "I mean, to catch you jerking off with another guy, and your cousin of all people…"

    "Yeah, it was a shock, but this is David we're talking about," I laughed. "He got over it quite quickly."

    "So you and Tobi went to that park… Tiergarten together?" Nathan said.

    "Yes, he took me there, he wanted to show me the place. But we didn't get naked with everyone else," I said. "We just spied on people. Most of the men were just lying around naked minding their own business. But there was also a more discreet cruising area where people went to have sex. Tobi and I spied on them for a bit, as much as we could get away with it."

    "Wow!" Nathan seemed amazed. "You and I certainly had different experiences growing up. I cannot imagine going to a place like that or doing something like that. Even at this age, let alone as a teenager!" he laughed.

    Creeping around Berlin's cruising areas with my German cousin was something I hadn't thought about in quite some time. And now here I was, sitting with yet another cousin of mine, sharing my sexy stories with him… and getting aroused by doing it. I reached between my legs to adjust my hardening cock, even though my cousin Nate was still looking at me.

    "So…" Nate continued, "when you and your cousin Tobi went to spy on these guys… were you jerking off?"

    "We were," I admitted with a smirk, still rubbing my boner through my pants.

    "Whoa. Jerking off with your cousin…" Nathan said, trailing off and never finishing the sentence. There was no need for him to finish; I could already tell how he felt. One look down between his legs revealed that he was sporting a hard dick as well.

    "You've never jerked off with a cousin?" I asked Nathan nonchalantly.

    "No!" he laughed. "You'll find that's something most people haven't done."

    "Well, there's a first time for everything," I winked at Nathan while unbuttoning my pants and pulling down the zipper. Nathan smiled and blushed at the same time, repeatedly glancing at my bedroom door which was only halfway shut. The idea of being caught by another family member certainly added a thrill to the situation. 

    Even though he seemed slightly nervous, my cousin was also clearly turned on, and not just from my stories about Tobi. As I pulled my already-hard cock out and slowly began to stroke it, Nathan's fingers tugged down his own zipper and – after a brief hesitation – he began mirroring my actions. His eyes were locked on my cock, which only made me hornier. While this wasn't the first time he'd seen it, I figured it was probably the first time he felt like he could openly check me out. Deciding to give him a little more of a show, I unbuttoned my pants and slid them off my legs, only letting go of my increasingly wet dick for a few seconds.

    My shirt soon followed the rest of my clothes onto the floor. I leaned back onto my pillows and I spread my legs, smiling as my cousin devoured me with his eyes and started stroking his cock faster. Nathan had a nice body and a part of me hoped he'd follow my lead and strip down. But I also loved being naked around men that were fully clothed, especially when they had their dicks out; the fact that that man was currently my cousin only made it pervier and more exciting.

    Nathan remained seated near the foot of the bed but reclined back a little more, allowing his cock to point toward the ceiling, showing me every inch of its impressive length. Strikingly-sized dicks sure seemed to be common on both sides of my family. I knew Nathan preferred to top and as I admired his hardon I pictured him nailing Sam's ass, sliding his thick shaft in and out of his boyfriend's stretched hole.

    "What kind of stuff did you guys see?" Nathan asked, now seeming much more comfortable with what we were doing. "While you guys jerked off and spied on the guys in the park?"

    "In that cruisy area, guys were doing everything, really," I replied, thinking back on how thrilling that day had been. It wasn't just the thrill of seeing sex happen or the naughtiness of jerking off out in public, though both those things were exciting enough on their own. The whole dynamic of watching men who knew they were being watched, who loved having an audience – it was mind-blowingly hot, and an idea that had never quite clicked in my teenage brain before that fateful day.

    "Probably more blowjobs than anything else," I continued sharing. "Most of the guys were coupled off, and there were a few in small groups. But I remember one dude who we'd seen in the sunbathing area earlier, who was there on his own. When I noticed him again where we were, he'd gotten on his knees right in the middle of it all, and was sucking off a bunch of guys. Basically anyone who walked up to him, he'd go down on their cock, usually making the whole tool disappear down his throat. He'd work each guy for a little while and then turn his head and move on to the next dick."

    "Jesus," Nathan said, picking up the pace of his stroking. "Just a big old cockwhore, offering his mouth up to anyone right there in the park?" This was the first time I'd heard my somewhat reserved, conservatively-raised cousin use any kind of vulgar term like "cockwhore," and I felt my dick throb in my hand when he said it.

    "Yep," I replied. "He clearly wanted to suck as many guys as he could, and he'd definitely come to the right place. People seemed to know him, and I remember Tobi saying that the dude was a regular there. It was probably part of his weekly routine."

    "Would he..." Nathan began to ask, pausing for a second like he was trying to pick the right words. "Would guys blow their loads in his mouth?"

    "Sometimes," I said, "but it seemed like they had to be ready to cum when it was their turn. There were always at least three or four guys waiting, so he didn't spend too long sucking any one guy. I could tell some guys unloaded down his throat, but others were just nutting on his face while his mouth was full of some other dude's dick."

    "Fuck, he was just craving it, huh?" Nathan said, sounding like he was really getting turned on by everything I was describing.

    "Yeah, and I know that feeling," I replied, making eye contact with my cousin. "There's almost never a time when I'd say no to sucking a dick. Doesn't matter who, or when or where. I'm always ready."

    Nathan responded with a soft moan that turned into a sigh, holding my gaze for a moment before closing his eyes, a smile on his face. Very subtly, so much so that I wondered if it was even conscious on his part, he angled his cock in my direction. True to the words I had just spoken, I quickly slid off the bed and into position, naked on the floor in front of my fully-clothed cousin. Waiting half a second until the right moment in his stroking, when his fist was at the base of his cock, I leaned forward… and took his cockhead in my mouth.

    Experience had taught me not to go for the whole thing right away in these moments, lest I get the surprised guy's knuckles slamming into my nose before he realized my head was there. But my cousin pulled back his hand almost instantly, clearing the way for me to let the dickhead slip down my throat, several inches of his shaft following behind it. My nose was brushing up against the metal teeth of Nathan's zipper after that, and I heard him gasp at the sensation of suddenly being balls-deep in his cousin's mouth.

    "Oh fuck, Eric..." Nathan exclaimed softly, trailing off before any other words could form. I felt him recline further back onto the mattress, giving me full license to do whatever I wanted. And what I wanted was his cum in my belly. I'd long ago stopped counting the number of dicks I had sucked in my life thus far. But I was pleased to add another mark to the tally of family members' cocks that had passed between my lips. The thrill of that taboo never seemed to get old, no matter how many times it happened.

    Unlike me, Nathan was unused to doing this with family members, of course. I could tell he was going to release his load soon. I had hoped to feel his big hands in my hair, forcing my head down onto him harder, but that would probably be something that came later, when this inevitably happened again in the future. I felt my own load brewing as I pictured myself going to visit Nathan and Sam one day, our kids playing out in the yard as I serviced them both side-by-side in their living room.

    As Nathan's cock swelled in my mouth, letting me know I was about to get my prize, I noticed how similar it felt to my father David's. No surprise there, but the realization really did something to me as I thought back on all the times I'd swallowed my dad's load. I figured Nathan probably didn't know that my two dads and I were that close, and in this moment I longed to tell him, if only to see his reaction. But for better or worse, my mouth was full of his cock so that moment would have to wait. For now, Nathan started cumming… and I was at work swallowing his load down my jizz-thirsty throat.

    The combination of everything I was doing and thinking about put me over the edge as well, and I jerked out a sizable load of my own onto the floor next to my bed while I dutifully lapped up my cousin's seed. Nathan was still shooting down my throat as I squeezed the last drops from my pierced cockhead, and I let out a moan as I realized that I was getting a pretty huge load from him. I wondered if this was a built-up nut? Maybe he hadn't had much alone time with Sam the previous day. Or perhaps having his cousin blow him, with our family in the next room, was responsible for all the cum I was getting.

    When things started to cool off, I slowly pulled my head back, making sure to give the head of Nathan's cock some extra attention with my tongue, which he seemed to appreciate, given the additional moans it elicited. I stood up and smiled at him, licking my lips and reaching down to the floor for my pants. My cousin remained on the bed, a goofy grin on his face and his softening cock resting across the front of his pants.

    "So, did you ever go back to Tiergarten and suck a bunch of cocks, like you saw that guy do?" he asked, sounding flirty and much more relaxed now.

    "That'll have to be a story for another day," I replied teasingly, holding my hand out for my cousin and helping him get off the bed.

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