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You Like Your Daddy's Cock?

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    I never had a wild, MTV-style spring break in my college days, so I owed it to my son for finally providing me with the experience. Thanks to Ethan's friends bailing on their arrangement, Cory and I ended up being the ones accompanying my son down to Miami, along with a few more guys we'd found to fill up the house.

    "Wild" was an understatement, considering all the shenanigans we got up to in Florida. One of our housemates was my old high-school friend Taylor, from my hometown of Phoenixville. Taylor now lived with his husband Owen – a gorgeous personal trainer – in New York City, and the two had next to no reservations when it came to sex. It happened to be their fifth anniversary while we were down in Miami, and on that day they took all of us to the city's largest gay bathhouse, which was a first for me. The trip was full of firsts, like my first time at a naked beach, or the first time I saw Cory fuck another guy. 

    So it was with a heavy heart that we left Miami. Coming back to the daily grind in Philly felt stifling after a week-long vacation. A few days of work were enough to undo any relaxation I'd achieved down in Florida, made only worse by the fact I had to catch up on work from while I was away. I was already looking forward to the weekend!

    That Sunday, Cory had to work once again, and Ethan had a study group he was meeting with. 

    "A study group right after spring break?" I asked him on Sunday morning as he had a quick breakfast. He was already dressed and ready to leave the house, whereas I was in my boxers, drinking coffee and thanking God that winter was finally over in Philadelphia.

    "Yeah, our Calculus professor decided to give us the midterm after the break. Seemed like the best news in the world two weeks ago. Now, not so much."

    After Ethan left, I enjoyed a quiet moment of nothingness. I watched some TV, smoked some weed, and refused to put on my watch all day. I had a couple of beers and decided to order a pizza, since I knew I wouldn't feel like cooking all day. When I got bored with everything on TV, I decided to play some porn. The weed made me lose track of time, I had no idea whether I sat in front of the TV for an hour or six (turns out, it was the latter). Next thing I know, Ethan was back from his study group, surprised by the state he found me in.

    "Damn, Dad! I'm no neat freak, but this room is a proper pigsty. You managed this in one afternoon?! I'm impressed."

    I looked around at the empty beer bottles, the blunt roaches, the half-empty pizza boxes and bags of potato chips. Ethan was right: it was impressive. I chuckled.

    "Shhhhh!" I said dramatically. "Don't ruin Daddy's high."

    "You ordered two large pizzas for yourself? Fucking pig. Move, make some room," my son said, coming to sit next to me on the couch and helping himself to a slice of pepperoni. I scooted, with my hard cock bouncing in my underwear. "What're we watching?"

    "Porn," I answered, chuckling again. 

    Ethan seemed to have no objection to this. He loudly scarfed up his slice of pizza while watching the screen, then went to fetch us a couples of beers, as well as the weed and papers. After he returned to the couch, he decided to make himself more comfortable. He peeled his hoodie and T-shirt off, exposing his developed pecs and abs, along with the cum gutters just above his low-ride jeans. Next, he kicked off his sneakers as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off, which left my son in his boxer briefs and socks. He sat back down on the sofa next to me, rolling up a joint and passing it to me after lighting it and taking a hit. We went back and forth a few times, smoking and sipping beer until we'd finished the joint together.

    Finally, we both settled into a comfortable, silent high, watching the porn scene playing on the TV. It currently showed two good-looking, beefy, dark-haired guys and an equally attractive smooth, blond twink. The dark-haired men were sitting next to each other on a sofa, much like my son and I were right now, and the blond was on his knees in front of them, stroking one of the hard cocks while sucking the other, and then switching. He was an excellent cocksucker, even though he looked barely 18 (if I remembered correctly, the opening credits had said this was his first film ever). 

    This continued for a few minutes, until one of the dark-haired guys on screen stood up and positioned himself behind the twink. He rubbed his thumb over the boy's tight, smooth hole and then pushed it in, producing a loud moan of pleasure from the twink. That moan grew louder a minute later when the thumb was replaced with the dark-haired guy's lubed and spit-covered cock. 

    I realized, as I absent-mindedly reached down and squeezed my own rock-hard cock through my underwear, that this spit-roasting scene on the TV was very similar to my recent experiences with my son. Ethan and I had done this to two different guys recently: the twink from my son's school gym, as well as just last week with Eric in Miami. Both times, my son and I were looking directly at each other's eyes as we blew our loads – how many fathers can say they've done that with their sons?! Abandoning all discretion, I slid my hand inside my boxers to get a better grip on my hard cock, which was now leaking precum inside my underwear. 

    A quick glance towards Ethan revealed that I wasn't the only one turned on by this scene. My ripped teenage son had his eyes glued to the screen as his hand slowly moved inside his boxer briefs. I decided to throw all caution to the wind and get completely naked. At this point, what were we hiding? We'd spit-roasted two guys together. We'd sat side-by-side on this very couch while receiving blowjobs. Any taboo about our naked bodies and hard cocks was a thing of the past.

    I pulled down my underwear, which took my leaking, hard cock with it until it sprung loose with a loud thud against my abs. The noise got my son's attention and he decided to follow suit. I watched the length of Ethan's shaft appear as he pushed his underwear down and his almost-identical cock slapped against his even better developed abs.

    We sat there watching the action, slowly stroking our boners. I felt pleasure bolting through my entire body, intensified by my high, and I knew that my son must feel similarly. I watched as he worked his cock up and down, rotating his wrist like a fucking pro, focusing on his mushroom head before moving down the shaft. 

    "Where'd you learn to do that?" I blurted out.

    "You mean jack off? A bunch of buddies from school."

    Ethan told me the story of how he and five or six of his friends would get together on several occasions, masturbating together and comparing techniques. He told me the names of the boys who participated, which included two brothers who were a year off. 

    "Damn, I never did this with your uncle," I said, thinking about my older brother Ryan.

    "Well, you're doing it with me now," my son smirked. True; because of the extremely small age difference between us, Ethan and I were always a lot like brothers, as well as father and son.

    The three porn stars were soon blowing their loads, accompanied by loud moans and cusses on their behalf. My son and I managed to hold on and not cum just yet. It was as if we didn't want this session to end. 

    Luckily, another scene started on the TV right after, which allowed us to continue. It showed a handsome, beefy daddy jogging through a neighborhood and entering an exceptionally generic-looking house. The movie cut to the interior, where the actor peeled the wet T-shirt from his body, revealing a well-developed, hairy chest and a narrow waist. He grabbed a cold bottle of water from the refrigerator before he yelled to ask if anyone was home. The scene cut to a young, smooth twink in the shower upstairs unable to hear his "dad." Not getting a reply, the older man pulled down his shorts to show he was wearing a white jockstrap underneath. Even though I didn't have a particular fetish for daddies or bears, I had to admit this man looked gorgeous! Next he picked up his phone and started watching porn on the couch.

    "Cuz that's what you do right after a jog," my son joked.

    "Hey, I've done it before," I winked at Ethan.

    On screen, the young twink was out of the shower and drying himself, before heading downstairs naked. There, he was faced with his "father" – whose cock was poking out of the white jock by now – watching porn and stroking his meat. The young boy stood still and watched, his own dick growing hard.

    "What kind of pervert watches his father get off?" Ethan said sarcastically, bumping my knee with his. 

    "I know, right?" I replied jokingly without missing a stroke.

    The scene continued as the twink made exaggerated facial expressions while spying and jacking off. Soon, the beefy dad caught the boy and invited him to join him on the couch. The dialogue between the two was horrible and sounded as if it was being read directly from a cue card, but the two actors were hot enough to pull it off. My son and I laughed, sitting side-by-side and jacking off together just like the two men on screen who were watching porn. It was all very meta.

    Within a minute, the hairy bear put down his phone and wrapped his fist around his "son's" throbbing cock. The twink reacted with an overly dramatic look of pleasure on his face as the older man started stroking him. I had to admit, although the acting was atrocious, I was completely turned on by the idea of reaching out and wrapping my own hand around Ethan's cock as we sat here stroking. 

    My son took a short break from stroking his dick to light up a fresh joint. I don't know if it was the beer, pot, or my all-afternoon porn marathon, but I threw caution to the wind, reached across the sofa and wrapped my fist around my son's leaking, precum-slathered cock just as he put the joint to his mouth. I never realized how similar our cocks were, not just in size but also feel. It felt familiar yet new at the same time. 

    Ethan didn't say a word. He continued to take a toke as I slid my hand up and down his cock for the first time ever. As I stroked up, I brushed the tip of my thumb across my son's piss slit, making him let out more precum which dripped down his shaft as well as my fingers.

    My son loudly exhaled the smoke, obviously enjoying the sensation of having his old man – as he liked to call me – stroking his cock. He didn't object either verbally or physically, so I continued, gripping Ethan's cock tighter with each stroke.

    He looked over at me and suddenly reached out for my own hard dick. I removed my hand from it just before his arrived. He wrapped his fist around my cock and mimicked the same motion I was doing to him. We slowly stroked each other like this for a while, alternating our gaze from each other's eyes to each other's cocks. 

    "Oh, Daddy!" the twink moaned loudly on screen.

    "You like your daddy's cock?" the bear grunted.

    "You like your daddy's cock?" I mimicked him, looking in my son's eyes. 

    "Yes," Ethan replied with a smirk, giving my cock an extra-hard squeeze. 

    The sensation was incredible! Not just the physical pleasure, but the emotional connection I had with my son at that moment. I've never felt as close or intimate with Ethan, not even as we were spit-roasting guys together, not even as we were getting sucked off side-by-side. There were no other people involved now: it was just my son and me, direct skin-on-skin contact. It took our relationship to a whole new level; one that very few fathers and sons got to experience.

    At this point, even though the actors on screen were getting louder, we were completely ignoring the TV. I was concentrating solely on the sensations running through my body courtesy of my son, and I was sure he was feeling the same based on how hard his cock was. I slowly rolled Ethan's foreskin up over his wet, engorged cockhead and peeled it back to see a copious amount of precum ooze from his piss slit and run down my hand. I released his cock for a second, leaving his foreskin retracted, and I corkscrewed my wet fist around his slick cockhead, causing him to moan. 

    Like father like son: Ethan copied my actions, and I felt lightning bolts travel through my body. 

    "Fuuuck!" I groaned, louder than the porn actors on TV.

    Ethan reached over and handed the joint to me. I took it from him and put it to my lips as my son moved his now-free hand to my heavy, low-hanging balls. It took everything in me to not totally lose control. I was riding a physical, sexual, and emotional high like I've never felt. 

    I extinguished the joint and returned my concentration to what was between my son's legs. I tightened my grip on Ethan's hard-on and increased the speed of my strokes, which caused his legs to flex and his grip to tighten around my cock. I stared intently at my son's dick, watching the foreskin roll up and down, covering and exposing his sensitive cockhead. I looked down at my own and saw the same thing. Again, the similarity of our cocks felt oddly comforting. 

    I could tell Ethan was getting close and I was right there with him. Not only were our leg muscles flexing, but our breathing also intensified causing our abs to crunch. 

    "I'm getting close," I groaned breathlessly.

    "Me too," my son replied. 

    I noticed movement from the porn on the TV. The twink stood up and kneeled in front of his "father." In one swift move, he leaned down and engulfed the bear's cock down his throat. That was all I needed. 

    "FUUUCK!" I bellowed as my load erupted from my cock. The first blast landed on my neck and shoulder. My son continued to milk me and tug on my balls, as I shot out several more spurts of cum, which landed on my chest and abs, as well as Ethan's arm. I suddenly felt my son's cock pulsate in my hand.

    "Oh, fuck!" my son shouted as his cock exploded for what seemed like an eternity. I thought I shot far until I saw his first rope land across his handsome face and his hair. His second volley splattered across his neck and upper chest, followed by several more which coated his abs and trimmed pubes. The last of it oozed from his piss slit and glazed my hand, which was still squeezing my son's throbbing cock, extracting his teenage sperm. "My boy," I thought proudly. 

    We remained still and silent for a good minute as we caught our breath. 

    "Holy shit!" Ethan finally sighed. "That was intense."

    "Very," I replied as I reached for my underwear to use as a cum rag. After I was done wiping my cum off my body, I handed the underwear to my son, who used it to wipe himself clean. On screen, the bear was now fucking the twink, who was emitting moans of "yes, Daddy!" and "fuck me, Dad!"

    "When're we doing that?" Ethan said, taking a swig of beer.

    "In about twenty minutes?" I joked, laughing out loud and getting off the couch to tidy up a bit before Cory got home.

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