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Double Blowjob


    Since it was such a sunny Sunday, everyone in the Dad Squad decided to ditch our weekly class today and meet at Central Park instead. As we all got more comfortable with fatherhood, the need for Daddy & Me classes diminished, but we were all very determined to continue to meet up to touch base and organize play dates as much as possible. Most parents seem to complain about the toll parenthood takes on their social lives. Ironically, becoming a dad was the best thing that could've happened to me when it came to making friends. After knowing them for a few months, I loved everyone in the Dad Squad and I felt grateful to have guys like them in my life as my support group. 

    After a couple of hours at the park, Deacon and Gill were the first to leave because their twins were getting fussy. Cole and his daughter left next. I met up Girl Rory at the park and handed off Phoenix to her, and I took a short walk with my buddy Payton, whose son was strapped to his chest.

    "What're you doing for the rest of the day?" Payton asked as we left the park.

    "I'm meeting my brother for lunch. I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks so we're catching up."

    "Aw, that's nice," Payton said, and fifteen minutes later we were in front of the restaurant, where Taylor was standing waiting for me. The three of us chatted for a while until Payton turned to leave. I saw my brother checking out Payton's ass very noticeably as he walked away.

    "What is it about being a dad that makes men sexier?" Taylor asked, pretty much drooling over my friend.

    "I wouldn't know – I was sexy before I had a kid as well. C'mon, let's go in, I'm starving."

    At the table, our first topic of conversation was Owen, who was out with his dad getting the fitness studio ready, even on a Sunday. 

    "Kevin's going back to Minnesota in a couple of days, so Owen's using him for free labor as much as he can before he leaves," my brother filled me in.

    "And how's Owen doing?" I asked.

    "He's okay. Told me to say hi. He misses you."

    I felt all warm and fuzzy inside hearing that.

    "Having Kevin crash on our couch kinda reminds us of the days when we had you around," Taylor continued. 

    "Yeah. We had fun, didn't we?" I smiled, thinking back nostalgically.

    "We're still having fun," Taylor smirked. "Remember what happened before Valentine's Day?"

    "Yeah," I nodded. I knew my brother was referring to me sucking Owen's cock a couple of weeks back. Taylor and I hadn't spoken about it yet. It didn't feel like the kind of conversation to have over the phone, and this was our first time meeting in person since it happened.

    "It was your first time sucking someone's dick, wasn't it?" my big brother asked.

    "Yeah," I nodded again.

    "Well, if you ever wanna talk about it or anything, you know you can always come to me."

    "I can come to you for blowjob tips?" I joked, trying to keep things lighthearted.

    "That too. I have a LOT of experience," my brother winked at me.

    "But for real..." I said, trying to gather my thoughts before continuing, "I've been thinking about what happened. And it doesn't even matter to me that I sucked someone's dick, as much as the fact it was OWEN'S dick. You know what I mean?"

    "I think I do, but continue," my brother left me room to speak.

    "Well, if it was someone else, I don't think I would've done it. But with him... and with you... with all three of us... You know things have been lately. We've been super close since I moved to New York and... Owen's told me multiple times that I feel like a brother to him, which is so flattering, since he's wanted to have a brother his entire life. I guess what I'm tryna say is... I'm very fond of your husband, Taylor."

    "Well, that's something every sibling likes to hear. We just have an interesting way of expressing it," he laughed.

    "So you're not upset?"

    "No, not at all. To tell you the truth it... was kind of a turn-on, hearing what happened."

    Hearing my brother admit that made me blush for whatever reason, and I looked down at my plate, smiling. I wasn't sure how to respond, but thankfully Taylor asked me another question.

    "Does Jordan know?"

    "Yeah, I told her."


    "Well, I told her the whole thing when we were high, which may not've been the best idea, cuz she didn't believe me at first. We talked about it the next day as well and she's cool with it."

    "Really?!" Taylor seemed shocked, but did his best not to show it too much.

    "Yeah. I've told you, our sex life is quite... unconventional as well. She has no problems with stuff like this."

    "Well, she sounds like a keeper."

    "Yeah, I've been thinking the same thing. She met Phoenix's mom the other day and they really get along. Plus you know I went to college with her brother, so it feels like we have that extra connection as well. I don't know, we'll see where things go, but for now I'm quite happy."

    "I'm happy for you too, little bro," Taylor moved his chair closer to mine so he could reach over and give me a hug. I smiled, feeling very content in that moment. "Why don't you bring her over for Mom's birthday next week?" Taylor suggested.

    "What do you mean, 'bring her over'? Bring her over where?"

    "Oh, didn't I mention? Owen and I are thinking of driving back home for Mom's birthday, just for the night. Why don't you guys come along?"

    "Jordan's got midterms, so I'll be very surprised if she says yes. But I might join."

    "Sure," Taylor said. "Mom will be happy to see you. And you know how she feels about Owen."

    "Oh yeah, she loves him."

    "Yeah, well, hopefully she doesn't end up sucking his dick next," my brother said, and I had the best laugh in a very long time, attracting half the restaurant's attention.



    Getting to know Kevin a little better these past few weeks was really enjoyable. My relationship with my own dad had always been good, but I hadn't come out of the closet until a few years after I'd moved away from home. He'd been supportive of me but sometimes I felt like he didn't quite understand that aspect of my life. Which wasn't a big deal for me. We got along great and I was looking forward to seeing him soon for my mom's birthday.

    But Kevin had a different vibe. He had been there for my husband during Owen's coming-out as a teen. So he "got it" in a different way. Kevin was like another dad to me I guess, but one that had always known me as a gay man, which was really cool.

    For the first time, I'd gotten a few chances to hang out with Kevin, just the two of us. While Owen was out doing work, his dad and I were left with a few afternoons and evenings by ourselves. One day we walked around the city to a few touristy spots he'd never been to. Another evening we went to a sports bar, drank beer, and shouted at the TVs. Last night, we'd gotten high at the apartment and watched an old movie. At one point toward the end, I'd started to nod off and Kevin put his arm around me, prompting me to put my head on his shoulder. With almost any other older guy, something like that would lead to me sucking his cock within the next half hour. But this felt very paternal and friendly, and I enjoyed it more than I expected. I slept like that for a little while, until Owen returned home.

    As for tonight, Kevin was out with Owen at the studio, mounting stuff on the walls and painting some of the walls. I know Owen wanted everything to look absolutely perfect, and I smiled thinking about him fretting about the smallest details that only he would ever notice. When they finally came home, they were both sweaty.

    "Why didn't you shower at the studio?" I asked, which is what they usually did when they worked there. "Is the water off?"

    "No, but my son insisted we jog home on our way back," said Kevin. "On top of all the work we did. I'm telling you, he's tryna kill me for the inheritance money."

    "Don't joke about that," said Owen, immediately stripping his clothes. "I just thought we could use some cardio. I'm gonna go grab a quick shower."

    My husband stood in front of us buck naked, and came to give me a kiss before heading to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Kevin was still standing there trying to catch his breath after the run.

    "Go take a seat, Dad. I'll get you some water," I said. It wasn't until I was walking to the kitchen that I realized I'd just called my father-in-law "Dad."

    In the living room, Kevin was sitting on the couch with his shirt off, using it to wipe some sweat from his chest.

    "Thanks, son," he said with a smile and he took the water from me and drank half of it in one gulp. I'd seen Kevin shirtless before, and his beefy, hairy body always attracted my attention. This time was no exception. I went back to watching the show playing on TV, but kept stealing glances of my half-naked father-in-law out of the corner of my eye.

    When Owen came out of the shower a few minutes later, drying off his naked body with a towel, Kevin got up and headed to the bathroom next. My husband went to the kitchen to grab a beer and then plopped down next to me, putting his arm behind my head and pulling me in for a long kiss. We paused for a moment and looked into one another's eyes. He had that look on his face and I knew what he needed. And if I'd hadn't known, his growing cock would have clued me in pretty quickly. My man had worked hard today making his dream into a reality and I was more than happy to reward him.

    As I slid down onto the floor in front of Owen, I felt the automatic need to hurry, since Kevin probably wasn't going to take a very long shower. But then I chuckled, thinking back to the last time Owen's father walked in on me deep-throating his son's cock not too long ago. I'd been so turned on by that, I'd blasted my own cum on the floor while Kevin looked on.

    I wasn't averse to giving Kevin another show today, so I took my time working Owen's shaft with my lips and tongue, teasing him a little to get more of his tasty juices flowing. My husband was getting even more into it than I expected, which told me he was feeling extra horny and pent up tonight. I felt his hand creep to the back of my neck, letting me know that he needed to slide down into my throat. Of course I obliged, and I was so engrossed in my task I didn't even hear when the shower shut off. After my face had been pressed into Owen's smooth crotch for a minute or two, I slid off his cock to take a break and I noticed my father-in-law standing just past the couch, a towel around his waist. He had been watching us, I realized. And just like the last time, my cock suddenly got rock hard. Tonight I wasn't nude myself, but I reached down to pull my swollen dick through the fly of my pants and start stroking.

    As I resumed my work on Owen's cock, I caught my husband glancing over at his father as well, with interest. Kevin's hand was on his own cock through the towel, and I got even more excited seeing that he was hard. The man cut an impressive outline in the towel and I realized I'd never seen him hard. It was funny to be saying that – how many guys ever saw their fathers-in-law hard, after all? – but with the way things rolled around here, it did seem genuinely surprising. I grinned as I realized this was my chance to see just how similar the father and son were in the meat department.

    If my husband was at all surprised to see his dad groping his own cock while watching us play, he didn't let on. After a minute more, Owen looked down at me with a more devilish smile than I'd seen on him in a long time, and I knew immediately what he was thinking. With my husband's dick in my mouth, I nodded while making eye contact with him, letting him know I was down.

    "Why don't you take a seat, Dad?" Owen said to his father, glancing over at him. There was a half a second that seemed to stretch out for much longer than that, and then Kevin moved toward us, and I felt my cock throb even more in my hand.

    During a recent trip to Hawaii, my husband had found himself more or less in a threeway with a father and son. I'd nearly died of jealousy that night when he'd told me the story. I'd done plenty of wild things in my life, but having the chance to do a father and son together: that was off-the-charts pervy and hot! And even though I knew Owen and his dad had messed around with a guy together before, I'd never imagined that I might end up in a moment like this. But here we were, on Kevin's last night in New York, and I wanted all of us to remember every second of it forever.

    Kevin slowly sat down on the couch next to his son, spreading his legs a little so their knees touched. He looked down across Owen's body, and into my eyes while my mouth was still full of his son's cock. I saw excitement in his face, maybe even a little nervousness. But also real affection, which is what made this feel even more wonderful. Kevin was like another dad to me now, and he'd always have a role like that in my life. The fact that he would be willing to share something like this with me meant a lot. I moved my hand to his bare knee, and he put his on top of mine for a moment and smiled.

    Then, my father-in-law slowly opened up his towel. I'd made a point not to stare too much in the past, but now I could look without feeling self-conscious at all. I knew Kevin had a cock that hung low and swung a little when he walked, not unlike his son's. Seeing it hard for the first time let me know the father and son were similar in an aroused state as well. It was almost like seeing Owen's cock on a hairy body, which was kind of wild.

    Unable to resist, I pulled my mouth from Owen and looked up into both their eyes. There was no doubt in either of them. In any of us. I shuffled slightly closer to Kevin, though I still wanted to be able to reach Owen with my mouth so that I could switch back and forth.

    Taking hold of Kevin's cock for the first time was surreal. This cock had made the man I was married to! It had made the very cock I'd just had in my mouth. It seemed very right that I would spend some time worshipping it with my lips, tongue, and throat. So I got down to business with vigor.

    "Fuck, Owen," Kevin said softly after I'd been working his cock with my mouth for a bit. "Now I understand why you say he's the best cocksucker you've ever known."

    "He's amazing, Dad," my husband responded, his voice full of pride. "Enjoy it. Consider it payment for all your hard work at the studio."

    With my mouth full of my father-in-law's cock, I smiled, amused by the notion of my husband offering my oral skills as a form of payment. 

    "I might actually need you to take it easy there, son," Kevin said, and I felt his hand rub across the back of my head gently. I felt my cock react when he'd called me "son" for the second time tonight. "If you keep going like this, I'll be done sooner than I'd like. Why don't you get back to my boy for a little bit?"

    Smiling and moaning at the same time, I looked up at Kevin once more before releasing him and swiftly moving to service Owen's cock again. A string of precum and saliva connected the father and son's dicks as I moved from cock to cock.

    "Do you wanna go by that gay bar, The Falcon, on our way to the airport tomorrow, Dad?" I heard my husband ask his father as he pulled my face into his crotch. "We can also grab lunch somewhere there."
   "Uhhh... sure," Kevin replied, sounding a bit confused to be having this conversation right now, but Owen knew what he was doing. He knew that sucking multiple cocks while the guys chit-chatted about mundane topics was a huge turn-on for me. For the next few minutes, Owen and Kevin made plans for tomorrow, all the while both of their cocks remained rock-hard.

    "Get back to my dad," Owen told me after a while. Like a good boy, I followed orders and wrapped my lips around my father-in-law's cock again, swallowing his precum. I was playing with my own cock, and I nearly came when I felt Owen's strong hand on the back of my head, pushing me all the way down onto his father. I gagged and started to drool, as Kevin's dick hit the very back of my throat. But even that wasn't enough for me. I suddenly had a naughty idea, eager to see how far I could push things with these two.

    "Get on your knees on the couch," I said, looking up. 

    "Who are you talking to?" Kevin asked.
   "Both of you," I replied with a hunger in my voice.

    They both got up on their knees on the couch and still faced toward me. I reached out and pulled them close enough so that their hips were touching. I positioned myself a little higher by kneeling at the edge the couch, and I was at eye level with their cocks again, taking one in each hand. I heard Kevin gasp as he realized what I was going to do.

    Using their cocks, I pulled the father and son closer to my face, and closer to one another. I wanted to time it perfectly, so that their sticky cockheads would meet on my tongue and I could get a taste of their combined flavor.

    Fuck! This was really happening. A true fantasy come to life, and I wanted to savor this moment.

    Their swollen, wet cockheads pushed up against one another just inside my mouth, and I frantically lapped at their combined oozing. I didn't get it all, not yet anyway. I made sure there was enough left for them to coat one another's dickheads thoroughly. This was a moment of closeness between the three of us, but I knew this was the first time the father and son were experiencing these sensations with one another.

    Owen and his dad both moaned and swore as I rubbed their cocks together, kissing one, then the other, then both. With Owen's smooth cock on my left and Kevin's hairy cock on my right, it was like a before-and-after photo. Each of them was producing more precum now than before, revealing their horniness. 

    I put Owen's nuts in my mouth while jerking off his dad, and then I switched. When I looked up, I saw that they had their hands on each other's shoulders, trying to balance themselves on the couch. The father and son both looked down at me, and from this perspective, they looked more similar than ever!!

    "Fuck, I want both of your cum," I panted. "That family sperm coming at me from both ends."

    "You got it baby," my husband smiled at me.

    "We'll show you what us Morris men are made of," chimed in Kevin. For a split second, I'd been worried that my dirty talk might freak him out, so I was thrilled to see that he was playing along.

    He probably had no idea the effect his words were having on me. I stroked both of their cocks faster, licking the tips, looking forward to my promised reward. Kevin grunted like the bear that he was, sticking his pelvis out further. The daddy was close! I slowed down my stroking of his cock, and sped up on his son instead. I wanted to get them over the edge at the same time, which required some calculation. 

    "He's gonna get your load soon, Dad," my husband said, turning me on even more.

    "Yeah. Look what that cum can do!" said Kevin, and suddenly he started to bang his fists on his son's muscular chest like a gorilla. "See what I made? That's all me right there. Now fucking swallow that cum!"

    With that, Kevin started to blow his load. His first spurt hit my face, but I quickly took his cock in my mouth and felt him continue to unload in there. As Kevin's second and third spurts slid down my throat, Owen started to blow as well. I swallowed his cock as well – opening my mouth as wide as I could – and the father and son continued cumming in me, their family jizz going down my gullet and into my stomach. Without touching my cock, I unloaded all over the floor, enjoying the taste of my husband's and father-in-law's seed in my mouth.

    "Mmmm!" I moaned, getting filled up. I couldn't believe this was happening! For a couple of blissful minutes, I remained there, slurping up every last drop the Morris men were able to give me. And it was a lot! When they were done, I took their cocks out of my mouth and rubbed their cockheads against each other again real quick. They were both a dark pink and super sensitive, so I gave them one last farewell kiss and let them relax.

    "Fuck!" the two men exhaled, sitting back down on the couch, their arms around each other.

    "Well done, babe," my husband complimented me. He deserved a kiss, so I leaned in to kiss him. Before sticking his tongue in my mouth, Owen licked my right cheek. I was surprised he did that, until I remembered that's where the first spurt of his dad's cum had landed.

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