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Fraternal Cum


    Early that Saturday morning, I was woken up by the sound of my son crying. There was a warm, smooth body that smelled of shea butter in my arms, and she got out of bed first.

    "I'll do it," Jordan said, and went to take care of Phoenix.

    "You sure?" I mumbled, half-asleep.

    "I'm sure. Go back to sleep."

    "Thanks. I love you."

    "Love you too," she planted a kiss on my lips and I drifted back to sleep with a smile on my face.

    An hour later, while Phoenix was asleep, Jordan and I fucked each other's brains off while trying not to make any noise. As I came inside her, I wondered what it might be like to have a baby with her, and how things would be different. All sorts of thoughts went through my mind while she showered and got ready to meet her study group.

    "Have fun at your mom's party," she said. "Wish her a happy birthday from me. And say hi to your brother and his husband."

    "Will do."

    "And hey, whatever happens between you and your brother-in-law... Just promise you'll give me all the dirty details after."

    I smiled, and replied "I promise."

    After Jordan left, I paced around the apartment, contemplating the future. Ever since I'd googled "gifts for my girlfriend" before Valentine's Day, I'd been getting ads for wedding rings and articles like "Is It the Right Time to Propose?" I was starting to wonder the same thing. But there was one person I wanted to talk to about that first.

    "Will! Hey!" I said, holding my phone in front of my face.

    "Hey buddy. Look who else is here," Will said over FaceTime and cuddled his husband Eric. They were both lying in bed naked, possibly just having had a Saturday-morning fuck as well.

    "How are you guys?" I asked my college buddies. Even though we often promised to talk more and get together when we can, life always seemed to get in the way. But there's never a right time for anything unless you make it happen. Since Will was Jordan's half-brother, I wanted to talk to him even more now that things were getting serious between us two. However, this was too important a conversation to have over FaceTime; I wanted us to do it in person.

    "We should really meet up sometime soon. Maybe hit up P-town again," I suggested, thinking back on the trip we'd all taken two years ago.

    "We definitely should!" Eric said enthusiastically. "Maybe not P-town, though. Winter's not over yet in Massachusetts!"

    "Yeah, I'm getting sick of it at this point," Will added. "We should take a few days off and meet someplace warmer."

    We chatted for a while and threw some ideas back and forth, until it was time for me to get up and start getting ready to leave the house. I told Will and Eric that I'd be in touch soon and we could decide on a location for our trip then. I took a quick shower before bringing Phoenix to his mom's place, and then taking the subway to Taylor and Owen's.

    My brother and his husband had rented a car for us to drive to Mom and Dad's. We're lucky we made it alive, since my brother decided to give Owen road head while Owen was driving, which made for a nail-biting experience from the backseat (but also, a sight that'd given me a boner). At our parents' house, I was surprised to see that Mom's birthday party – which I'd expected to be a small family affair – was actually a free-for-all for the entire neighborhood. There were already a few people at my parents' house, and more kept showing up as the afternoon progressed. 

    I didn't have many friends in Phoenixville anymore. My friends growing up had either moved out or were too young to attend my mother's birthday. I humored some of the older neighbors, even though I found our conversations quite boring, and after a while I set out to look for Taylor and Owen and see what they're up to.

    I found Taylor talking to a high-school friend of his that looked vaguely familiar.

    "Rory, you remember Brandon?" my brother asked. "And this is his son, Ethan."

    That's right! Brandon was as close to celebrity as our hometown got. He was the "world's youngest dad," who'd made news nationwide when he got a girl pregnant when he was only 10. Even now, it felt weird to stand here next to Brandon – who was my brother's age – shaking his son Ethan's hand, who was just a few years younger than me.

    "Yeah, hi," I greeted them. "I haven't seen you in forever. What're you guys talking about?"

    "Spring break," Ethan answered with a cute smile.

    "Spring break?"

    "Yeah, he's in college now, so you know how that goes," Ethan's handsome young dad said.

    "Shut up! You're in college already?!" I asked in awe.

    "Yup, freshman year," Ethan nodded. "I was gonna go to Miami with a bunch of friends but they all bailed on me. And we already put the deposit down for a house and everything. So now I'm going down with my dad and my uncle instead."

    "They were just telling me about it," my brother interjected, "and I'm thinking of joining them with Owen. Our fifth anniversary's coming up, and I've been looking for someplace warm for the two of us to get away to for a few days."

    "Wait, how big is this house you're renting?" I asked. "Cuz I might know a couple of guys from Boston who are interested. We were just talking about a vacation somewhere sunny."

    "It's big enough for at least eight people," Ethan answered my question. "Maybe more."

    I looked to my left and made eye contact with my brother, who had a mischievous grin on his face. It was time for another trip with our buddies, and we all knew what that meant. I could see the wheels turning in Taylor's mind already, just as our father came out holding a birthday cake and chants of "Happy birthday, dear Angela" started to fill the room.

    Later that evening, Taylor, Owen, and I all stumbled into the bedroom we always shared here at my parents' house, the bedroom Taylor and I grew up in. None of us were drunk (we had to keep it together around the parents, to some degree) but we were all a little tipsy and giggly. It was early for us to be turning in, but with the long drive followed by hours of socializing, it had been a big day.

    It seemed like the bedroom door had only been shut for two seconds, and Owen was already naked and sprawled out on one of the beds. He let out a deep breath, sounding both relaxed and tired.

    "Phew, such an exhausting day," my brother-in-law said, scratching his balls and tugging on his cock, which even in its soft state looked big and thick. Then again… upon closer inspection, I realized Owen wasn't fully soft. He was quickly chubbing up, growing harder with each stroke of his large hand. It seemed to attract my brother's attention as well.

    "Which one of you wants to take care of this?" Owen surprised me with his question, indicating down to his dick and looking at both Taylor and me.

    "Be my guest," my brother said to me, pointing to his husband's cock.

    "Wh– What?" I asked, trying to wrap my mind around this. 

    "You already blew him once. Apparently, you did a damn good job, as well. Show me," Taylor said, with just a hint of authority in his voice.

    "Aight then, I'll show ya," I said with a cocky grin, feeling my nervousness disappear. I walked up to the bed Owen was lying on, taking off my clothes in the process until I was as naked as he was. I stood over him, watching him jack that monster cock of his, which was now rock hard.

    "Go for it, bro," Owen encouraged me with a captivating smile. I got down on my knees and took him in my mouth. It felt both familiar and new. Once again, I knew I couldn't be doing this with just anyone, but this was Owen. A man I loved dearly, just like I loved Taylor. As for my brother, when I turned to look at him on the other bed, he was already naked himself, stroking his dick while watching me suck his husband.

    "Mmm, that's so hot. You guys are so fucking hot," Taylor said, tugging on his balls while sliding his fist up and down his boner. Owen put his hands in my hair and combed it with his fingers, before gripping it (the way I often gripped girls' hair while fucking them) and pulling on it just enough to make me moan out.

    "That's it. Fuck my brother's face," Taylor said as Owen did just that. He started to thrust back and forth inside my mouth – aggressively, as was his style, but still keeping in mind that I was fairly new to this. As for me, I tried to do the best job I could. I covered my teeth and attempted to relax my throat as much as possible. Owen's cockhead was already hitting the back of my mouth; his musk filling my nostrils. 

    "Fuck. This is just what I needed," Owen said in between grunts of pleasure. 

    "Enjoy it, babe. You deserved it," my brother said to his husband.

    While Owen's rock-hard cock invaded my mouth, my own dick was just as hard in between my legs. For now, I was ignoring my erection, not even touching it. Somehow, I knew there would be more to this evening and that I'd have a chance to cum later, so for now I just focused on bringing my brother-in-law to the edge with both my throat and my hands. Owen was so extremely turned on to be doing this that it didn't take him long to start moaning and saying stuff like "Fuck, I'm close."

    "Mmm, yeah. Uhnn, fuck, I'm getting close," Owen continued to grunt. "I'm gonna cum. I'm cum!" 

    "Fuck yeah. Now paint my brother's face with your load!" Taylor suddenly ordered. Still with a tight grip on my hair, Owen pulled me off his cock and moved his other hand to it, stroking fast and already moaning. This was about to be a brand new experience for me, and even though I only had a moment to consider it, I found myself beyond excited for it. 

    I closed my eyes, and then felt a warm blast of cum hit my cheek. It was quickly followed by another on my forehead, then another across my nose and eyes. I let out my own moan at that point, and when I opened my mouth a spurt of cum shot right inside and landed on my tongue. Instinctively, I opened my mouth wider and I was rewarded by the sensation of Owen's cockhead pressed up against my lips. I extended my tongue to meet it and it moved forward an inch or so, guaranteeing that the rest of my brother-in-law's sperm shot straight down into my throat.

    "Oh fuck!" I heard Taylor's voice exclaim. "That looks so fucking hot. Holy shit!"

    Owen loosened his grip on my hair and then pulled his hand and cock away from my head slowly. I reached up to wipe cum away from my eyes, and then opened them to the sight of my brother furiously jerking off on the other bed, looking directly at me. Smiling, I brought my fingers to my mouth and slowly licked off his husband's cum while making eye contact with Taylor. I'd tasted my own load a few times over the years and had never been especially impressed by the experience, but Owen's essence tasted so fucking good to me right now. I immediately gathered up more from my face and resumed savoring it.

    "Get over here right now so I can fuck your ass!" Taylor said to Owen, who got up from the bed and walked over to the one where my brother sat. Owen's cock was still hard and oozing cum out of the tip as he shot me a seductive wink before turning to face his husband.

    Taylor laid back on the bed, one hand behind his head and the other one at the base of his cock. My brother's erection stood straight up in the air, and I could see it throbbing and pulsing. He'd been extremely close to shooting his own load just a moment before; I could tell, because my own cock looked the same when I was right at the edge. Not for the first time, I marveled at how similar the size and shape of our dicks were. And also not for the first time, I enjoyed a little competitive satisfaction in the fact that mine was slightly bigger.

    I watched Owen get onto the bed, positioned on his knees with one thick leg on each side of Taylor's lower body. His muscled ass looked incredible from my vantage point, and I could see him clenching and releasing it a little, maybe in anticipation of what was about to happen. As he began lowering his body, I realized with some amusement that even after everything we'd been through over the past two years, I'd never seen my brother fuck his husband before.

    Owen paused for a moment and I saw Taylor's hand moving his cock around. My brother's shaft had been wet and shiny and I realized he was getting his husband's hole lubed up with precum. As he resumed the downward motion, Owen let out a soft moan as he started to take Taylor inside him. My brother let out his own sounds of pleasure as he penetrated deeper, and a few seconds later his entire cock had disappeared from view. Taylor's fingers appeared at Owen's hips, and my brother-in-law started a gentle rocking and writhing motion, pushing himself down and clearly producing pleasurable sensations for them both.

    My cock hadn't softened this whole time; if anything, it was harder now than ever. I finally started stroking myself, massaging my shaft at a leisurely pace, gazing at Owen's broad shoulders and back, noticing how the edges of his tattoos curved perfectly alongside some of the muscles as they flexed with his movements. All I could see of Taylor was his legs, nuts and fingertips, and Owen's body just seemed huge in comparison. It was so interesting, seeing a larger bottom get fucked by a smaller top! They began grinding against one another a little faster, and I found myself looking forward to watching my brother fill his husband's ass with cum just a few feet away from me. As I jerked my cock, I figured I would try to cum right at the same time Taylor did.

    Owen leaned forward and extended his arms onto the bed, shifting some of his weight to them so he could bend down and make out with his husband. This gave me a full view of Taylor's cock sliding in and out of Owen's smooth hole. The new position must have changed something for them both because their moans got louder, or maybe it was the kissing that was turning them on. They went on this way for a while, until my brother surprised me by saying my name a moment later. 

    "Rory," he moaned, "come over here. We need some more lube." 

    I stood up, keeping one hand on my cock as I glanced around the room, searching for where they had tossed their overnight bag. I knew I hadn't brought any, and I was pretty sure there wasn't a bottle stashed in the room somewhere. I was closer to them, and now that I was standing I could see Taylor's face over Owen's shoulder. We made eye contact and there was an intensity to his stare that I hadn't expected.

    "Spit on my cock!" my brother told me, the authoritative tone back in his voice. "I need you to keep it nice and wet for me." 

    Just after he said that, Taylor smiled naughtily, which drew a smile on my face as well. I got right behind them and crouched down slightly, getting my face close to where my brother's cock plunged back and forth inside of Owen. Things were looking pretty wet already, but I wasn't about to debate anyone on this. I was still stroking my cock, and I placed the other hand on the small of Owen's back to steady myself as I crouched. Gathering up a good amount of saliva, I spit right onto the edge of my brother-in-law's hole, making a point to be loud about it so they could both hear me do it.

    I watched with awe as my saliva spread around my brother's shaft and was pushed up inside Owen. Quickly it became impossible to tell what was my spit and what my brother's precum. Finding that the sight turned me on way more than I'd expected, I spit again, and then a third time a moment later.

    "Fuck yeah," I heard Owen say, and I pushed my hand slightly harder into his lower back, to both let him know I was enjoying this too, and to subtly force him down more onto my big brother's cock. I suddenly had a vision of myself standing up and blowing my load right where I'd been spitting, giving them even more lubrication. I felt my cock respond to that thought by letting some precum onto my hand, and I decided I'd wait to cum until Taylor was ready to blow as well, so we could do it simultaneously.

    I heard my brother say something to Owen, too softly for me to make out the words. My brother-in-law immediately responded with a desperate-sounding, drawn-out "Yesss!" so I figured it was probably some dirty talk about getting his ass bred or being loaded up. Turns out I was wrong.

    "Slide a finger in there, Rory," I heard Taylor say next, and I stood up again to look at him, wanting to make sure I understood what he was saying. We made eye contact and he had that same naughty look as before.

    "Put your fucking finger in his ass and make him moan like a bitch," my brother said, his tone making it clear this was not a request. I felt that surge of excitement that only came at those moments when you truly take something to another level, and I switched to stroking my cock with my left hand. I figured this would be easier if I used a finger that was already wet with my own precum.

    I reached down and placed my right index finger at the base of Taylor's cock, as Owen slowed down his motions considerably. He was fucking himself slowly and only an inch or so of my brother's shaft was moving back and forth inside his hole. My fingertip touched the edge of Owen's opening and I pushed my finger firmly against Taylor's cock as I slid it forward, unsure how easy this was going to be. I'd never done something like this before. True to their reputation, my brother and his husband were introducing me to new things, pushing me to new extremes. 

    Once I was just past my first knuckle, I eased up the pressure I was putting on Taylor and immediately felt my finger compressed tightly between his cock and the inside of Owen's ass. Despite the added resistance, I continued inserting it deeper, which produced a low moan from my brother-in-law that seemed to come from deep inside his chest. Just when I thought I couldn't feel any more pressure around my finger, his muscles contracted and heard myself gasp a little in response.

    "Fuck yeah, feel how tight that fucking hole is!" Taylor grunted, and then resumed gently pushing his cock further into his husband, my entire finger now alongside it as he did. 

    "That's hot as fuck," I said, feeling almost light-headed from the rush of what we were doing. I began sliding my finger back and forth inside of Owen at the same pace Taylor was going at. At first I figured I'd match his motions exactly, but quickly it became more natural to do the opposite, sliding almost all the way out when Taylor went in deep, and then pushing back in as he pulled out.

    I couldn't even imagine what this felt like for Owen, but I'd never heard him make sounds like he was making right now. His face wasn't visible to me but I imagined he had his eyes closed and mouth open as he let out a string of high-pitched but loud gasps. At times, the pressure around my finger was extremely intense, but soon it felt like he was getting used to accommodating what I was adding to his experience.

    "Put another one in!" Owen shouted, much to my surprise. This was fucking crazy, but if it's that he wanted, I was more than happy to oblige. I slid my index finger most of the way out, with the tip just inside Owen's hole to keep him open, and then I moved my middle finger up next to it and pushed them both in. The extreme pressure was there again, and I heard more of the same sounds from Owen. 

    "This is so fucking wild, you guys," I said, stating the obvious but unsure of what other words could describe everything that was happening. I had two fingers shoved up Owen's hole, pressed right against my own brother's cock! Taylor was picking up speed again and we resumed with the same rhythm. But it felt much more intense now. One finger had seemed exploratory, almost just a tease. This felt different, I was fingering Owen's ass harder, like I might do before fucking him myself. Except he already had a big cock in him. But he loved being fucked so much, he needed even more.

    I was getting close to cumming, and I still wanted to blow my load right onto my brother-in-law's hole. Trying to figure out if I could position myself right for that, I heard Owen whisper something to Taylor that sounded like "I can handle it. I want it."

    "Take your fingers out, Rory, and get your cock in there instead," my brother said to me, in that same tone that didn't leave any room for questioning. Even so, I felt unsure about what he was telling me to do. Despite what we were already doing, the idea of double penetration hadn't even crossed my mind. Could Owen even handle that?! It seemed like something that only happened in porn scenes, the kind of stuff I only expected to see on screen.

    "Are you... are you sure?" I asked, trying not to sound too sheepish. "Have you ever done that before?"

    "He hasn't," Taylor replied, his emphasis making me realize that my own brother might have taken two cocks at some point in the past. That was a story I'd have to ask about sometime soon. But right now, I was about to create my own mind-blowing tale to tell. I smiled as I pictured the look on Jordan's face when I related this night to her.

    "Do it!" Owen barked, and hearing how much he wanted this made my cock even harder. Which was good, because I knew I would need every bit of turgidity I could muster to make this happen.

    I pulled my fingers out of Owen's ass as Taylor slowed down his thrusting, but I kept my hand resting on my brother's cock as I got myself in the right position, centered between both their spread legs. I slid my fingertips back inside, and my palm was now pressed up against Taylor's balls and the root of his cock. I couldn't help but curve my hand around a little tighter as I pushed the fingers in deeper, to make sure Owen was still open enough for what was about to happen. For a moment, I was almost jerking off my brother as he fucked his husband. This was getting beyond anything I'd ever dreamed of doing, and I knew I probably wasn't going to last long if we managed to achieve this. I'd already stopped stroking myself and was gripping the base of my cock tightly with my left hand.

    Stepping forward, I placed my cockhead against Taylor's shaft and slowly slid it forward until it met my two fingers that were inside Owen. Trying to be quick but not too aggressive, I pushed my dick inside at the same time I withdrew my fingers. For the first second or two, it seemed easy, as the softer tissue of my cockhead was compressed and sliding along Taylor's dick. But as soon as my shaft started to go in, things changed and it felt like someone's fist was squeezing my cock as tightly as it could.

    "Unhhh!" I heard Owen cry out, and I saw him bury his face into Taylor's neck. My brother placed a hand on the back of his husband's head, to comfort him as he got used to what must be an overwhelming experience. We held still for a few seconds while Owen tried to relax. The tightness eased up slightly, but it was still close to the point of being uncomfortable. I focused on my own sensations, and the warmth that was accompanying this pressure. It always felt amazing being inside another person, but feeling another cock – my brother's cock! – pushed up against mine like this... it added a whole new dimension. I realized I could feel Taylor's pulse through our shafts. His heart was beating fast, as was mine.

    Something changed, though I'm not sure if it was in Owen's mind or his muscles. Probably both. But there was less pressure all of a sudden, and I could hear him breathing deeply. Taylor started pushing inside Owen again, and I kept myself still while he eased his cock deeper. When he was done, I started to imitate him and push in further as well. 

    The feeling was absolutely incredible. Feeling Taylor's cock sliding against mine, coming back out as I pushed my own deeper into Owen... there was nothing I could compare it to. I couldn't imagine anything else feeling quite like this. This was a peak experience, something I knew would be etched deeply into my memory. And then somehow it got even better.

    I knew I wasn't cumming yet, but at first I wasn't sure what was happening. Then I understood that my cockhead, extra sensitive due to the tightness, was rubbing against Taylor's as he pulled out and I pushed in deeper. It added something electric to everything, and I knew my brother felt it too. Only when Taylor's wet shaft was brushing against my balls did I realize that I'd pushed all the way inside Owen. I savored that for a moment, but then it was my turn to start pulling out while my brother pushed back in. That moment happened again when our heads had the brief contact, and I got that same jolt.

    This was it, I realized. This was what was going to put me over the edge. That totally unreal sensation, which took me back to the time I'd first started jerking off, when everything felt so overwhelmingly new and deeply thrilling. And just like back then, I knew I wasn't going to last long.

    I started thrusting in faster and I felt Taylor match my speed. Those magic moments were coming faster now as our cocks rubbed together more vigorously. All three of us were gasping for breath and moaning, and I couldn't tell whose sounds were whose. We were all lost in this pleasure, feeling like one body with three parts, working toward a single goal.

    My left hand was on Owen's hip and I was steadying myself by placing my right hand between his shoulder blades. I felt fingers brushing mine and I didn't have to open my eyes to know it was Taylor's right hand, reaching up from beneath Owen. We gripped each other tightly and I knew we were going to cum at the same time like I'd been hoping for earlier, though I hadn't expected it to happen this way.

    My brother cried out a mix of sounds and obscenities and I felt his cock throbbing against mine as they continued to slide together. I knew I was shouting similarly and I started unloading, feeling Taylor doing the same thing. There was somehow more warmth inside Owen than before; both our loads filling every bit of space around our fraternal cocks. We'd stopped thrusting back and forth now, both of us pushed in as deep as we could go, letting loose and filling Owen with the cum of two brothers.

    Taylor's hand was gripping mine tightly – almost as tightly as Owen's ass was gripping our cocks, it felt like. And it was only when that grip started to ease up that I realized our mutual climax had ended.

    "Holy shit," Taylor whispered, letting out a long breath.

    "That was..." I said softly, at a loss for words as I relaxed my body more onto Owen's back. Our cocks were still right where they had been, and despite the tight fit, I don't think any of us wanted this moment to end. We breathed together quietly for a bit, and my brother and I kept holding hands.

    "I love you," Owen said softly. And I knew that he was talking to both of us. 

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