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Double Blowjob, Pt. II


    Rory's babies had a tendency of being born first thing in the morning. It felt like just yesterday we were rushing into the hospital, awaiting the birth of his first son Phoenix. Now, a year and a half later, we were back here as Rory's wife had gone into labor.

    I tapped my foot while I stood in the hospital elevator with my husband and his dad Stephen. With all of the excitement of childbirth, none of us was even acknowledging what happened last night: Stephen watching (and jerking off!) while I fucked my husband's ass right in front of him. I was fairly certain that my sperm was still inside Taylor's ass right now. If he could get pregnant, we'd probably be on baby 16 by now.

    "Any minute now," Rory told us when we met him in the waiting room. He seemed frazzled and excited, and I didn't blame him for not spending too much time with us before returning to the delivery room to rejoin his wife and his mother, who was also there.

    "Sooooo… how do we kill time?" Taylor asked as "any minute now" turned out to be over three hours of waiting. None of us wanted to leave, but waiting around at the hospital was truly getting tedious. When Phoenix was born at this very hospital, I'd killed time by giving expectant-father Rory a blowjob. Now, Rory wasn't around to do that with, but since I was in a cocksucking mood I figured I might as well tend to the other Johnston brother.

    "Come with me," I whispered to Taylor, and he and I snuck off to the single-stall bathroom where I'd sucked Rory's dick a year and a half ago. When he saw me pulling him into a public restroom, my husband knew exactly where this was going. The bathroom door hadn't even closed behind us yet and Taylor and I already had our tongues in one another's mouths, kissing passionately while rubbing each other's growing bulges. 

    "Do you want a blowjob?" my husband offered, nibbling on my lower lip.

    "I thought I'd do you instead," I said. "You know, this is the same bathroom where I sucked your brother's dick for the first time?"

    "Well then, we gotta keep up with tradition," Taylor smirked, placing his hand on my shoulder and pushing me down until I was on my knees, my nose pressed up against his crotch.

    I took a big whiff as I pulled down Taylor's sweats and breathed in his musk. Unsurprisingly, my husband was freeballing today. All the kissing and rubbing was already having an effect on his cock – by the time I took it in my mouth, it was already almost completely hard! I nursed on the flared cockhead, swallowing Taylor's precum and getting him to peak arousal… just as the bathroom door opened.

    I panicked for a moment, worried about what might happen and kicking myself for forgetting to lock the door. I looked at the doorway and instant relief washed over me when I realized it was Taylor's dad Stephen standing there.

    "I saw you come in here and… you were taking so long that I got worried," the older man said.

    With his son's hard dick still in my mouth, I looked at Stephen's face. Somehow, I wasn't buying his excuse. I had a feeling he knew exactly what we were doing here; otherwise why would he walk in without knocking? He was hoping to catch us like this.

    "You better shut the door," I said to Stephen after taking his son's cock out of my mouth with a loud plop. "But you can come in if you want."

    I had a feeling my husband would not object to this invitation. One look up at Taylor's smirking face and I saw that I was right. I closed my eyes and got back to work on my husband's engorged and dripping member. I heard the bathroom door click shut, and then there was silence, aside from the wet sounds of what I was doing. For a moment I thought Stephen might not have come in after all, leaving us to ourselves. But just as a sense of disappointment was about to set in, I heard the sound of the door locking. Taylor and I were several feet from the door, so I knew it had to be Stephen securing our privacy.

    He took a few steps, which echoed off the tiled walls, and then I sensed my father-in-law's closeness as he moved to stand right next to his firstborn son. Knowing he had an up-close view now, I made a show of slowly taking Taylor's whole cock down my throat, and then sliding back and almost all the way off, his cockhead in my mouth and getting a thorough tongue bath. As soon as his father had entered the room, my husband had started producing a ton of precum. I felt my own cock throb and shoot out some of its own juice.

    After everything that happened, I was happy for my husband and his dad. My own father and I had been pretty sexually open around one another since my teens, and I knew Taylor had always been a bit envious of our dynamic.

    Opening my eyes, I was treated to the sight of my father-in-law groping his hard cock through his jeans. His erection was clearly visible (he favored pants that fit snugly, something I'd always appreciated). Feeling excited, I reached out and placed my hand next to his and gripped Stephen's cock along with him. Our fingers touched for a moment and then he withdrew his hand to let me have full access. I was also pleased to see that he'd reached an arm around Taylor's back and shoulder, almost pulling his son into a half-hug. There was no hesitation there, which just made me even hornier.

    Emboldened by the close contact between father and son, I reached for Stephen's fly. Groping him through his jeans was hot, but I needed to feel the skin of my father-in-law's cock in my hand. I undid the buttons and Stephen's cock sprung out, right into my hand. In the rush to get to the hospital this morning, he seemed to have forgotten to put any underwear on, which saved me some trouble.

    "Going commando, eh Dad?" Taylor said to his father as he grabbed my head tighter and fucked my face a little faster.

    "Yeah, whatcha gonna do?" Stephen replied with a chuckle. "I'm running out of underwear here, I need to do some laundry."

    "You can just borrow some of ours," my husband said to his dad. I felt Taylor's cock throb again in my mouth as he made his offer, and I swallowed the incoming wads of pre-jizz.

    Stephen's daddy dick was thick and heavy, though not quite as long as his son's. Just like his son, he'd already been leaking quite a bit, and with only a few strokes I managed to slick up his entire shaft. My father-in-law moaned as I picked up the pace of my stroking to match the speed at which I sucked off his elder son.

    Then, pulling off Taylor, I looked up into Stephen's eyes for a second before diving down onto his cock while I started stroking my husband. I could taste Stephen's precum, thick and salty, with a different yet similar flavor to his son's. I moaned as I savored it. I was hard as a rock in my pants, with my cock snaking up one side of my legs and pumping out a good amount of its own sticky fluid. It felt incredible, to be sucking off this father-and-son duo side by side. While this wasn't my first time getting sexually involved with a guy and his dad, these two men were incredibly special to me. And I knew this experience meant just as much to them as well – even more, probably, considering they were breaking barriers between them for the very first time! Over the next few minutes, I moved back and forth between the two cocks, stroking whichever one I wasn't sucking at the time.

    "Doesn't it feel good, getting sucked off by a dude?" Taylor asked his dad, sounding thrilled to even have the chance to say those words to him. Stephen paused for a moment and then chuckled mischievously.

    "You say that like you think this is the first time," my father-in-law replied, and if my mouth hadn't been full of his cock I might have laughed, because for once Taylor didn't have any kind of comeback. I think he was shocked to realize that his father might be kinkier than he'd assumed. I'd always suspected Stephen had a naughty, adventurous side; but the events of yesterday and today were beyond what I'd ever expected.

    I was working both their cocks fast now, and I knew the father and son were probably getting close. Who would cum first? I spread the fingers of both my hands to feel their nutsacks. Taylor's was hairier than his father's, and I wondered if Stephen manscaped or if he was naturally smoother. Both of them were tightened up and I knew I only had a few seconds. Pulling off of Stephen, I started working both of them at the same pace with my hands, and brought their cockheads close together, right in front of my open mouth.

    "Oh fuck," Stephen moaned, probably in awe of what he was seeing and what was about to happen.

    "Let's fill my husband's mouth with our cum, Dad," Taylor said, and I saw him lean into his father's embrace a little more.

    I couldn't quite tell who started shooting first, but a second later I felt both cockheads squirting their juices right onto my waiting tongue. A lot more followed from both of them, and I refrained from swallowing right away so that I could savor the taste of a father and son's seed. I knew the taste of Taylor's jizz better than any other, and as I tasted it mixed together with Stephen's, I felt my own load start to coat my hip. I was cumming inside my pants.

    I looked up at the two orgasming men to see them both smiling back down at me, looking extremely satisfied. As their climaxes began to fade and the flow of semen into my mouth slowed, I made a show of how much I had on my tongue before finally starting to swallow the loads. There was so much that it took a few gulps to get all of it down. After cleaning both of them off, I finally let go and moved back to a standing position with their help.

    "That was... fucking amazing," Stephen said, taking a deep breath as he tucked his equipment back into his tight pants. "Thanks, son," he added, looking at me and then at Taylor. I knew he meant that for us both.

    "Thank YOU," I said in reply, "for helping make this a tradition."

    "Tradition?" Stephen asked, looking back and forth between us.

    "I'll tell you later," Taylor said, sounding amused as he zipped up his fly. "Let's get out of here." 

    After a quick glance down the hallway to make sure that three men exiting the restroom wouldn't attract any undue attention, we walked back out to the waiting room. As soon as we got there, a frantic-looking Rory came running in with a huge smile on his face.

    "It's a boy!" he announced joyfully. "I have another son."

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