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Summer 2017, Pt. I


    "Here we are. Home sweet home," I chuckled nervously as the rental car pulled up in the driveway. "You ready?"

    "I'm ready, baby," Owen smiled at me from behind the wheel, "but are you?! You seem nervous. You're sweating."

    Owen reached for the stack of McDonald's napkins we had lying on the dash (we'd grabbed breakfast from the drive-thru before leaving New York this morning) and he started patting my face dry. He was right: I was covered in sweat, and it wasn't just from the fact that it was a hot summer's day. 

    "I... I've never introduced a guy to my family," I stuttered, "so yeah, I guess I'm a bit nervous."

    "It'll be fine," he reassured me. "I'm sure we'll get along great. We'll just talk about what a good boy you are."

    He scratched the back of my neck behind my ear, making me close my eyes in pleasure and calm down immediately. 

    Owen and I had been together a little over a year, but it felt much longer than that. After only a couple of months of knowing each other (and the best sex of my life), the opportunity presented itself for us to move in together. I knew people from back home thought I was rushing into things, but they didn't understand that time in New York City flowed differently. If life gives you a rent-controlled apartment in Hell's Kitchen, you say yes first and figure out the details later.

    So in a short amount of time, Owen and I became a bona fide couple that lives together. Not that there was much else traditional about us. We still fucked with other guys, and enjoyed an unconventional power dynamic.

    "I miss my chain," I said in the car, rubbing my bare chest, where a heavy padlock usually hung from a steel chain around my neck, that only Owen had the key for.

    "Aww. It'll be back soon enough. Come here," Owen pulled me in and started giving me nuzzles and kisses. 

    "Thank you, Sir," I moaned in pleasure.

    "Besides," Owen whispered devilishly in my ear, "this is still on."

    He reached between my legs and, through my shorts, grabbed the chastity cage I was wearing on my dick. Another little thing only he had the key for.

    "Mmm, yes," I whimpered, feeling my dick fill up the confines of the cage. 

    "C'mon! Let's go meet Mom and Dad," he said and we left the car.

    The first person Owen met was neither my mother nor my father, but my little brother Rory, who answered the door. They shook hands, after which I gave my brother a hug in the doorway. I could still feel my caged cock tingle between my legs, and it felt extra kinky, experiencing it in my parents' house.

    Owen, who'd grown up in suburban Minnesota, felt right at home in my hometown of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania; even though he'd never been to this part of the country before. He spent the afternoon talking to my mom, who gave him all of the local gossip ("And the Osbornes across the road, their daughter moved to Texas after she had a baby at 13. Huge scandal.") Owen humored her and asked follow-up questions, even though I knew he was only doing it to be polite.

    I smiled as I witnessed their coffee klatch. I was used to seeing Owen in a leather harness, huffing poppers and spewing obscenities while mercilessly fucking my (or another man's) brains out. Now here he was in my parents' painfully middle-class living room, having my mom's homemade strudel and indulging her in conversation. For some reason, it only made him sexier, seeing this side of him!

    "Hey. I'm going to the store to pick up a few things. Wanna come?" my brother interrupted my thoughts, reaching for the keys on his way out of the house.

    "Sure, I'll come. Owen?"

    "And miss out on Angela's stories?" he replied, making my mother blush. "No way. You guys go ahead."

    Rory and I left by ourselves and got into my father's car.

    "So how's school?" I asked the obligatory first question that you ask a college student, as my brother started the car. 

    "It's alright. It's been... a fun year," he smirked.

    "You still living with Big Mike?"

    "He just graduated. So I'm getting a new roommate this year."

    I fondly thought of my brother's ex-roommate, who I'd hooked up with once when I was visiting Rory's dorm. 

    "Owen seems nice," Rory said from behind the wheel.

    "Yeah, he's great," I nodded.

    "Good to see that you guys are still going strong."


    "Any plans of... taking the next step?"

    "What do you mean?" I asked, genuinely confused.

    "Well you know, like, getting married and stuff."

    I laughed out loud.

    "No," I answered, still laughing. "We're not that kinda people. I don't see us getting married."

    "Well, never say never. Anyway, where's Owen sleeping tonight, in your bed or on the couch?"

    My parents' house only had two bedrooms; my brother and I had shared a room growing up. I think my parents expected Owen to take the couch while he was here, but I wasn't particularly keen on that idea.

    "Do you mind if he sleeps in our room? All three of us?" I asked my brother.

    "Nope. Fine by me," Rory replied.

    Later that evening, Owen and I were in Rory's room, getting a few things out of our bag and changing into loungewear before going to watch a movie with everyone in the living room. We almost always slept naked at home, and neither of us owned much in the way of pajamas, but we certainly had lots of sweats and comfy clothing. Owen opted for a tank top and a pair of fairly thick sweatpants. I knew he was very well-hung and usually preferred clothes that showed that off, so this was as modest as my boyfriend got.

    As I took my cargo shorts off to put on a pair of cotton sweat shorts, Owen walked up to me and put his large hand on my caged cock.

    "I think we should take this off for a while," he said sternly.

    "Yes, Sir," I mumbled in pleasure. Blood was already starting to rush to my cock.

    "But before I release you... I need a release first."

    Hearing that, I dropped to my knees immediately. Owen lowered his sweats and pulled out his cock, which was already half-hard (which was almost its natural state, anyway).

    I took a big whiff, smelling my partner's groin. Doing this here, in my childhood bedroom, only added to the thrill. I leaned forward and took Owen's hardening cock in my mouth, pleased to hear him moan softly as I got him wet enough to slide down my throat. My own cock swelled as much as it could in its cage, and I whimpered at the mix of sensations I was feeling. I mashed my nose into Owen's crotch as he stretched my throat to the limit, and when I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me into him, I got shivers down my spine. This is where I loved to be.

    The door to this room didn't have a lock, so I knew we'd have to be fast. The risk of being caught usually got me very excited, and both Owen and I loved to have fun in public places. But I didn't necessarily want one of my parents catching me like this; sucking cock while kneeling on the floor, naked from the waist down, a weird contraption on my own cock. 

    My brother, on the other hand... was a bit of a different story. Rory and I had always been very comfortable around one another, so the idea of him walking in on us right now was actually kind of a turn-on, and I felt my trapped cock throb again.

    Owen got to the edge pretty quickly. I knew he was horny (he pretty much always was) and he was probably also aware that we needed to be quick. After a few minutes, he let out a muffled "fuck" and I felt him unloading. I didn't have a choice but to swallow; he was already deeper than that. It always felt amazing when he'd cum like this down my eager throat.

    I stood up and let myself breathe normally again as I wiped my mouth and grinned. Owen leaned in and kissed me, then produced the key for the cock cage and unlocked it. I felt a sense of relief as my cock sprung out, immediately getting hard. I wanted to keep playing, but I knew my family was waiting for us. I'd only just slipped on my sweat shorts when my brother opened the bedroom door, knocking at the same time.

    "Hey, just seeing if you guys are still gonna watch the movie with us," he said, poking his head in. Owen and I smiled at one another — only a moment earlier, Rory would have gotten an eyeful if he'd done that! 

    "We're coming," I said with my back turned to the door so my brother wouldn't notice the boner in my shorts. Rory left, and Owen put his hand on my cock and gave it a squeeze while saying "Oh, yes we are," and followed Rory to the living room. I took a few deep breaths, waiting for my erection to go down a little bit, before joining the rest of my family.

    We all got settled in front of the big TV. My parents were on one couch, Owen and I on the other one, and Rory was on the floor with a big pillow. The summer evening was getting cool and we had some windows open, so I grabbed a big throw blanket for my boyfriend and I to snuggle underneath. This was a first for me: cuddling with my man on the couch while my family was around. But it felt good! The nervousness I felt this morning had faded away. "I'm sure we'll get along great" – Owen was right when he'd said that.

    Pretty quickly, Owen put his big arm around me and pulled me in close, with my head resting on his collarbone and the top of his chest. This is how we sat on the couch at home and it felt nice to do it here too. His hand would move down my back every now and then to rub it, and every time he did that I'd start to get hard. I guess a few deep breaths weren't enough to fully get rid of my horniness.

    I started to realize I hadn't cum since yesterday morning, and I knew I'd need a release before going to sleep tonight. I wondered how we'd manage that if we were sleeping in the room with Rory. I briefly imagined Owen fucking me in the garage or the backyard, but that only got me more excited. Luckily, the thriller we were watching was actually pretty good, and distracted me enough to help me calm down for the time being.

    About halfway through the movie, Owen's hand was on my back and started to creep lower, which got my attention (as well as the attention of my cock). I felt his fingers touch the waistband of my shorts and then move past it. I figured he wanted to palm my ass cheek, which he often did at home while we watched TV, so I shifted to sit more on the other side of my body, leaning against him more. I was surprised to feel one of his fingers rubbing lightly on my hole. He made small circles slowly, which made me melt into him and sent blood rushing to my cock once again.

    We were covered by the blanket and his movements were subtle, so even if someone looked over at us, no one could tell anything was going on. Just as I was wondering if he was going to be bold enough to do it, Owen slipped his finger inside me. He knew how I loved to have my hole worked over, and as one finger probed inside me I felt another continue to rub at the edge, which always sent waves of pleasure through me. I was starting to get a little warm, and Owen took advantage of that, pulling out for a moment to rub my sweaty lower back and then returning his newly-moistened fingers to my hole. This time, he pushed two in and I let out a little grunt as he did. The sound of the movie kept anyone else from hearing me, and I heard Owen make a soft sound, sort of a chuckle. He was enjoying this immensely, and I knew he'd happily be doing it without the cover of the blanket if I'd told him it was okay.

    We settled into a rhythm for a while, with him slowly pushing his fingers all the way in and then almost all the way out. I was breathing heavier and loving this moment we were having. Rory had shifted position on the floor a few times, and suddenly he sat up and scooted backward, right up against the couch Owen and I were sitting on. My boyfriend had stopped moving his hand when Rory had begun to move closer, leaving his fingers pushed deep in me. My brother settled into position, sitting against the couch, right next to my legs. His head was barely more than a foot away from my ass and Owen's hand. With the blanket covering everything, Rory had no idea anything was happening, and he remained focused on the movie.

    Once my brother was settled, Owen resumed his ministrations, keeping his fingers all the way inside me and focusing his effort there. I realized that my cock had begun leaking precum when Rory had moved closer, and I could feel the spreading stickiness inside the front of my shorts. I'd been rock hard for at least the last ten minutes and I knew that wasn't going to change anytime soon. Owen's fingers found my prostate and I inhaled sharply as a new level of pleasure hit me. The movie was nearing its climax and I realized that I was as well. Owen took advantage of the loud music and whispered to me softly.

    "You good to go all the way?" he asked.

    "Mhmm," I responded softly in affirmation. There was no way I was getting off this train. The fact that my brother was right next to us on the floor, and my parents just across the room, only made this more intense. I had stopped following the events of the movie, but the building intensity of the music matched my own feelings perfectly. Owen picked up the pace with everything he was doing: various combinations of in and out, pressure and release. It was driving me wild. I tried to keep my eyes looking at the TV even though they weren't focused on anything at all, when I really wanted to close them and let out a long moan.

    I noticed Rory turn his head toward us, and I looked down at him. Had I moaned without knowing it? Could he tell what we were doing? He just smiled at me though, that smile I knew so well. He turned back to the TV a moment later, and I felt his hand move to my bare shin, touching me right below the hem of the blanket. He gave it a squeeze and then left it there. It was a completely innocent gesture, I knew he was just happy to be here with me. But feeling him touch me in that small but tender way, with everything else I was experiencing, put me over the edge.

    My hole tightened around Owen's fingers and he stopped moving them and in and out, focusing on pushing that magic spot that was pulsing inside me. I started cumming inside my shorts, and it took every ounce of strength I had to keep still and stay quiet. My eyes were closed and my mind was blurred by what was happening. I was vaguely aware that my muscles were all clenched, and Rory's hand responded by gripping my shin a little tighter. After five or six spurts of cum, I started to come back down to earth and opened my eyes, still breathing heavily, and sweating profusely. Rory and my parents were still watching the screen, unaware I'd just had an insanely intense orgasm right there on the couch.

    That had felt incredible. I couldn't recall if I'd ever cum solely from being fingered before this. And I certainly had never cum with my parents in the same room. I couldn't believe we'd actually done this, but I loved that it had happened. Owen slowly and tenderly withdrew his fingers from me, and pulled the back of my shorts back up. I knew my shorts were a mess and I wondered how I would navigate standing up with everyone else around. I guess I'd have to wait for them to leave the room before I did.

    As the credits began to roll on the screen, my father sighed with content and turned to look at us.

    "Well that was great," he said with a smile.

    "Yeah, it was," Owen agreed in a friendly tone. "It was lots of fun." It was all I could do to keep from laughing.

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