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Grand Opening, Pt. I:
Closer than Any Brothers


    When my younger son Rory first told me I was going to be a grandfather, I was equal parts thrilled and shocked. Rory had been living in New York City for less than a year and he wasn't even seeing anyone, as far as his mom and I knew. He was still crashing on his brother's couch, but apparently that didn't stop him from successfully sleeping around.

    Rory and the mother of the baby – a girl named Aurora who ironically enough went by the nickname Rory as well – decided not to be a couple. Of course, as a parent, a part of me wished things had gone a different and more traditional route, but this was the way of the world today and I respected their decision. Aurora was young and healthy and the pregnancy went by as smoothly as possible. It was a flip of a coin that decided the baby boy was going to have our family name as opposed to his mother's. As for his first name, the young parents had settled on something unique: Phoenix.

    I didn't get to see my grandson as often as I would've wanted since he grew up in New York and my wife and I lived in Pennsylvania, but we still made as many trips as possible. Before we knew it, a year had gone by and we were all in NYC for Phoenix's first birthday, which took place in Aurora's apartment. By this point, both parents were dating other people. My son was together with a college student named Jordan, who I was introduced to at the party for the first time; and apparently Aurora also had a girlfriend. Again, this was all a tad "unconventional" compared to what I was used to, but everyone seemed happy so I had no complaints.

    Phoenix's first birthday will go down as the most memorable party I've ever been to, probably until the day I die. It played out like one of the soap operas my wife likes to watch. First, soon after the birthday candle was blown, my son went on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend Jordan. I was one of the only people in the room who wasn't shocked by this, since a couple of weeks earlier Rory had called me to have a father-son chat, where he revealed he's thinking of proposing. But then, Jordan made sure I got my fair share of surprise.

    "Rory, I've been waiting a couple of weeks to tell you this since I found out," she announced, "and I can't imagine a more perfect moment than right now. I… I'm pregnant."

    My wife started crying and hugging me as I stood still, trying to process the new information. Soon, congratulations were made all across the room. It was decided that the wedding would take place within a few weeks, before Jordan got to the more demanding advanced stage of her pregnancy. My elder son Taylor helped out by securing the wedding location: a small b&b on Fire Island in New York, that was entirely booked out for the wedding party. It was a medium-sized ceremony that nonetheless seemed very humble and low-key, just like Rory and Jordan wanted it. 

    At the time, Rory was still sharing an apartment in Brooklyn with his roommate Ian. Right after the wedding, Ian moved out and went to live with his boyfriend Cole ("Is everyone in New York gay?" I sometimes wondered) and Jordan moved in with Rory, converting Ian's old room to a baby room.

    But that wasn't all there was to celebrate in New York. After a very, very long and arduous process, Taylor's husband Owen was finally opening his own gym. At the end of the summer, we were all invited to the grand opening. My wife and I made our way to New York once again, always happy to get a chance to catch up with Phoenix and our sons. Attending a party at a gym was… interesting. All of the workout equipment was there; as well as a pop-up bar, a DJ booth, and a catering crew. Even the gym's shower area looked like a little night club. I found it interesting that Owen had decided to go with gang showers without any sort of partitions for privacy. It was something that wasn't uncommon when I was younger but that you hardly ever saw anymore. As I watched my two sons and Owen drinking and dancing at the party together, I could tell there was much more to these handsome boys' lives than I was aware of.



    Before my brother came to New York, I was worried he might be a cock block while crashing on our couch. Ha! I'd never been more wrong about anything ever. Since Rory came around, my life had been more exciting than ever, and that included my sex life! It was like every month there was a new trip, a new adventure. This year, we'd already gone to Miami during spring break with a bunch of our kinky buddies. Staying in a house full of mostly gay men… well, let's just say multiple loads were blown every day. That was followed by Rory's bachelor party, which included both a straight and a gay strip club. Finally, our time on Fire Island for my brother's wedding was even sexier. While everyone else enjoyed an intimate ceremony, us and our pervy friends were getting intimate in a whole different way at the b&b behind closed doors.

    Even though he was now a married man, Rory wasn't weighed down by the shackles of monogamy. At the grand opening of my husband's gym, Rory had a story to share with Owen and me.

    "You see my buddy Payton over there?" Rory said to my husband and me, pointing at his handsome friend Payton who was standing a few feet away, talking to his girlfriend. 

    "What about him?" I asked, taking a sip of my drink. We were all standing in the gym's open shower area, which was converted to a mini club for the night, complete with disco ball and strobe lights. 

    "Jordan and I hooked up with Payton and his girlfriend last night," Rory explained. "We just fucked side-by-side, no biggie, we'd done that before. But then… the girls wanted to see Payton and me fuck. So… I fucked Payton for the first time," my younger brother grinned.

    "Holy shit!" I said, eyeing Payton who was looking at us and smiling. He could probably tell just what we were talking about. 

    "How did it go?" Owen wanted to know.

    "Honestly… it was hot but it was a loooot of work. Payton was really tight, so it took a while to get him to loosen up. I still shot a load in him, though," my brother bragged, followed by a devilish wink.

    I grabbed my crotch and tried to discreetly adjust my growing cock. Unfortunately this wasn't the kind of party where I could just whip it out and jerk off – our parents were here, as were plenty of our "vanilla" friends. Still, the image of my newlywed brother fucking one of his best buds and cumming inside of him turned me on. It didn't help that Owen had purposefully designed this room to be as sexy as possible, since he anticipated a lot of cruising happening at the gym. In two days, it would be open for business and I couldn't wait to see all the dicking that would take place here. 

    "Fuck. You've made me hard," I admitted to my brother, which only made him grin even more.

    "Lemme see," Rory said, and he placed his hand on my bulge, squeezing my cock through my tight jeans. Now, thanks to my brother, I was sporting a full-on boner. 

    "Are you crazy?! Mom and Dad are standing right behind you!" I berated my younger bro in a way that was untypical. I wasn't usually the sexually conservative one, but this was making me panic. 

    "Looks like you boys need some more privacy," Owen said with a smirk, always happy to stir the pot. 

    "I sure as hell do. Here, feel this," Rory said and he placed my hand on his own crotch, where I felt that he was rock hard as well. 

    "You're fucking crazy!" I said, pulling my hand away and making sure our parents weren't looking this way. Still, as much as I pulled back, my hard dick was telling a different story.

    I looked around the gym, wondering if there was anywhere more private where we could go. However, the whole place was an exhibitionist's paradise. Even the bathroom stalls had huge gaps under the partitions, offering minimum privacy. This was all, of course, purposefully designed by Owen. 

    "Are you thinking of going someplace more private?" my brother read my mind.

    "Well, if we're gonna do something about these boners…" I said, pointing down at our bulges, which were getting obscenely large by this point.

    "I have a plan, I know where we can go. D'you wanna come with us, Owen?" Rory asked my husband.

    "Oh, I'd love to, but I gotta mingle with some of the investors. But whatever you guys do, I want all the sordid details later."

    "Cool. Come with me, and cover up your crotch," Rory said to me. He pulled me away and I was surprised to see he was leading me to our parents.

    "Mom, Dad, can I have the key to your hotel room, please? I left my phone there earlier," my brother lied. I'd seen him use his phone just minutes earlier.

    Our parents had picked a hotel just a block away from Owen's gym, at my suggestion. And now, it was proving to be a good decision. A couple of minutes later, my brother and I were out in the street, walking toward the hotel with hard dicks in our pants, drawing some of the passers-by's attention.

    "You're fucking crazy, you know what?" I said to Rory.

    "I learned from my older brother," he smiled, appearing more confident than ever.

    "And what're we gonna do when we get to the hotel?" I wanted to know.

    "Do something to get rid of these boners, duh. Now's as good a time as any. When I get home Jordan will probably be asleep."

    Now in her second trimester, my sister-in-law Jordan wasn't attending the party tonight. 

    A few minutes later, Rory and I were at my parents' hotel. In the elevator on our way up, my brother placed his hand on my bulge again, teasing me since it was just the two of us. After all of the sexually explicit adventures we'd had together, there weren't a lot of inhibitions left between my brother and me. Initially, things had gone step-by-step, but by now we'd made peace with the fact that we were a part of each other's sex lives. My husband knew that. Rory's wife knew that. And I was excited to see where we might end up next.

    Where we ended up next was our parents' bed. Or at least, the bed they were sleeping in for the weekend. Rory and I fell onto the mattress while kissing and rubbing each other's crotches. As we rolled around and made out in the bed, I could immediately tell which side was our father's. Our mom's side of the bed was nice and tidy, while Dad's was full of the clothes he'd taken off earlier while getting ready for the party. 

    As my brother lay on his back, I pulled off his T-shirt and looked down to admire his muscles and his chest hair, both of which there was more of lately. I was straddling Rory and sitting on his crotch. Even through two pairs of pants, I could feel his boner poking at my ass. We both started thrusting ever so slightly, rubbing our dicks and enjoying the friction.

    "Time to get rid of these," I said and I quickly took off my T-shirt and my jeans. Next, my fingers reached for Rory's fly and I pulled down his pants next. We sat there, me in a jockstrap and my brother naked, since he was going commando.

    "Thought I'd freeball today," Rory smiled at me. 

    "I see," I said and I placed the palm of my hand on my brother's cock, rubbing it up and down and feeling its firmness. Rory responded to the stimulation by letting out a good squirt of precum, wetting my fingers with it. I balled up my hand in a fist and I wrapped it around my brother's boner next, using the precum as lube to start jacking him off.

    "Fuuuuck," Rory moaned, writhing in bed and enjoying the sensation. Meanwhile, I placed my other hand on his ball sack, tugging and caressing it interchangeably. Usually Rory's balls were shaven smooth, but he'd apparently been slacking in the manscaping department lately since his sack was hairier than I'd ever seen it. 

    While I stroked my brother's dick he held his eyes closed, his head turning left-to-right. Finally, he opened his eyes and realized what he had pressed right up against his face: our father's worn underwear, left on the bed.

    "Fuck. Is this Dad's?" Rory asked as my hand pumped his rod.

    "Aha," I said. "How's it smell?"

    To that, Rory picked up the boxer briefs which our father had worn earlier, he sat up, and he  pressed them against my face. I took a huge whiff, sniffing my dad's underwear for the first time in my life. I had several gay buddies who'd done shit like this growing up, but for me this was a first. The fact that my little brother was here with me, suffocating me with our father's aroma, only made it so much hotter.

    "Mmmm," I moaned, leaking precum into the pouch of my jock. I continued to work my brother's dick and balls, inhaling our dad's intimate smell, imagining his cock in these very boxer briefs. Rory was pressing the underwear so hard against my face that I was quite literally suffocating, but I didn't pull back until I absolutely couldn't take it anymore.

    While I caught my breath, Rory curiously brought the boxer briefs to his own face, sniffing at them like a dog, at first holding them a few inches away but then pressing them right up against his nose as well. I looked on at my pervy brother smelling our dad's underwear, wondering if Rory would ever do anything like this a couple of years ago, before moving to New York.

    As soon as my breathing was stable again, I leaned in for another kiss with Rory. This time, we kept our dad's boxer briefs in between our noses, inhaling the musk while making out with each other. The smell that our father had left behind had an effect on me that was much stronger than any bottle of poppers. I pulled out my rock-hard dick, tucking the waistband of the jock under my balls. As I inhaled and stroked my brother's erection, Rory reached down for my dick as well and started to return the favor. 

    We jacked each other off for about five minutes like this, sniffing on our male parent's used underwear, forgetting any sense of propriety. Rory and I had both had a few drinks at the party, but nowhere nearly enough to justify this type of deprived behavior. 

    "I wanna suck your dick," I said, suddenly aware that we didn't have unlimited time. Our parents thought we were only here to pick up Rory's phone; what if they showed up and found us like this? It would be the end of our lives as we know them.

    Still, aware of the risk, I brought my face down to my baby brother's crotch. I licked my lips while eyeing his boner close-up, focusing on the tempting dollop of precum currently leaking out of Rory's piss slit. I watched his dick hole open and close, winking at me. I licked my lips one last time and I dove in.

    Up to now, Rory's and my most extreme sexual adventures always included my husband as well. Whether we were spit-roasting or DP-ing Owen, he was always there to help bring the two of us closer. Not that Rory and I needed any help in that department anymore. We were closer than any brothers had ever been. I closed my eyes and I took my bro's dick deep in my throat. The next wad of precum to come out of Rory's piss slit went straight down my gullet.

    "Fuck, that's nice!!" my brother grunted, combing his fingers through my hair and grabbing a fistful. Next, Rory started flexing his glutes and thrusting back and forth, fucking my throat and going deeper and deeper with each ram forward. Our father's musk which was trapped in my nose moments earlier was now being replaced by the smell of my younger brother, whose pheromones intoxicated me and allowed for my throat to open up even wider, making for a more pleasurable sex toy for Rory to use.

    "Khhhhhh!" I gagged on my brother's cock but I couldn't pull back because his hand was still pushing down on my head. My eyes began to tear up and with tears running down my cheeks I continued the blowjob. I felt myself becoming thirstier by the second; thirsty for my own brother's seed. My brother's seed which had impregnated two women by now. I wanted to feel it sliding down my throat; I wanted to savor its taste as it traveled down to my stomach. I took a deep breath through my nose and bobbed my head up and down Rory's rod, squeezing it with my lips and feeling it throb.

    "Fuck yeah, Taylor," I heard my little brother say. Not so little at all, judging by the monster trunk currently throbbing in my mouth. I jerked myself off with one hand and held Rory's balls with the other, all the while accelerating the movement of my head. I could feel my brother's balls tightening; he was ready to shoot. Ready to shoot inside my mouth. Ready to feed me his cum.

    "MMMMMM!!!! MMMMMM!!!" we both simultaneously moaned out as my bro's cock exploded with jizz. As Rory's latest batch of babies slid down my gullet, I squeezed my cockhead and bust my nut. I tried to contain my jizz from going everywhere but I couldn't help but blow all over the sheets our parents would be sleeping in. Meanwhile, wad after wad of my brother's cum kept filling out my stomach, finally quenching my thirst like nothing else could.

    "Wow!" Rory sighed a minute later, after he was done cumming and I'd pulled his dick out of my mouth. "Phew. That was fun. But let's go back to the party."

    We got up and got dressed. I used a towel from the bathroom to clean my jizz off the sheets the best I could, hoping my parents wouldn't notice. Thankfully it was on Dad's side of the bed, and he was much less attentive than my mom. 

    "Don't forget your phone," I told Rory, since that was what we were here to "pick up" in the first place.

    "Oh I won't. Look," he said, and he picked his phone up from the nightstand. Only then did I realize Rory's phone was set up to record the entire blowjob.

    "You made a video?!" I asked, pleasantly shocked.

    "Well Owen said he wanted every sordid detail. And what better way to give it to him?" Rory winked. 

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